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Addiction, Recovery and Yoga (
In this professionally made documentary film people speak candidly and compellingly about their addictions, working the 12-step program, and how yoga helped them in various ways with their recovery. The film is made by a senior Iyengar Yoga teacher and yoga therapist. In English and Spanish.

Addiction Unscripted (
This online publication is dedicated to stories, interviews, articles, news, opinion pieces, personal narratives, and science and technology related to addiction and recovery. The goal is to decrease the stigma and social discrimination that exists around addiction. Stories have been submitted by talented voices in the field of addiction and recovery and the site is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. They would create a private profile and then upload their story. New writers first must get approved by the editorial team and then their content is posted within a few hours. Once approved new stories are automatically posted. The site is monitored at all times to ensure the integrity of the content.

HBO - Addiction – The Films (
You can view this feature-length documentary film, ADDICTION, online. It is the centerpiece of the HBO Addiction project. The Centerpiece Documentary brings together the nation's leading addiction experts with award- winning filmmakers and consists of nine separate segments covering important aspects of addiction. The Supplementary Series presents 13 videos while the Complementary Series includes 4 more, all on different aspects of the addiction experience.

RecoveryAudio (
A well-organized AA Speaker recording database on the Internet, they provide over 6000 tapes available for download. It was launched in February 2014 by a person in recovery in order to categorize and provide a searchable database of AA speaker tapes so people can find and immediately listen to a relevant recovery message anywhere, anytime, and on any platform (especially mobile devices). The format allows summaries/tagging of speaker tapes so that site visitors can participate in continued categorization of recordings, building greater content depth over time.

Recovery Coast to Coast (
This nightly addiction-related talk show is available nationally. Sponsored by the Alliance for Recovery, it runs from 10 p.m. to midnight Pacific time, and is available via streaming audio. The show features in-studio interviews as well as listener call-ins and testimonials from people in recovery. Past shows can be listened to online or downloaded as an mp3 file.

StopAndThinkRadio (
An addiction recovery site that features streaming interviews with the focus on 12-step-based recovery, hosted by an attorney who is in recovery.

Take 12 Recovery Radio Shows (
This online radio show broadcasts six shows a week on the 12-step approach to recovery and relapse prevention. All shows are archived on the site.  Recovery talk and recovery music are featured.

Yoga Recovery Online (
Presents online yoga recovery videos by Kyczy Hawk, founder of Yoga and Recovery and creator of SOAR (Success Over Addiction and Relapse) program. Classes can be selected by style of yoga, length of sessions (from under 30 minutes to over an hour) and level of difficulty from beginners to advanced. Sessions are coordinated with the 12 step program. Classes start at $5.00. Monthly subscriptions are available for $8.00.


Updated May 16, 2018