Twelve-step programs are an important part of the recovery process and the basis of many treatment programs.  

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the first 12-step program, offers simple tools for living and overcoming addiction – and has been adapted for other addictions, such as Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

By Substance

The original 12-step program for people in recovery from alcohol abuse. The site provides a list of central offices and groups in the U.S. and Canada, meeting contact information, a description of the 12-steps and traditions, a listing of AA literature and a bulletin board.

Some people with drug use disorders prefer AA to NA (narcotics anonymous) or CA (cocaine anonymous).

Shows people with any addiction how to recover using The Big Book of AA. It provides information about the original AA Program and gives full online access to The Big Book. It also helps connect people with Big Book sponsors who practice the original program format.

Describes the 12-steps and traditions and provides CA literature. Under Meetings, referral phone numbers are listed by state in the US, with contact numbers provided for 26 other countries and a link to Online Meetings.

Includes basic information on the CMA 12-step fellowship, the 12 Traditions, CMA meeting schedules, a 24 hour helpline at 855-638-4373, a blog and speaker recordings.

Uses the basic 12-step recovery program founded by AA. Their web site covers the 12-steps, the 12 traditions, online pamphlets on various aspects of marijuana addiction, a meeting directory by geographic area and a list of online meetings.

A 12-step program for people addicted to drugs, based on the AA model. The site provides basic information on the program and NA literature. Use Find a Meeting and Local Helplines and Websites to locate NA meetings in the US and 35 countries worldwide.

This fellowship offers group support for nicotine recovery using the 12 Steps adapted from AA. Their web site has a Find a Meeting locator by state or country for in-person, phone, or online meetings, email and pen pals. NicA publications are available in 17 languages on the site.

A 12-step fellowship program geared to those recovering from addiction to prescription medications. It discusses the 12 steps and 12 traditions and has a meeting locator for in-person and online meetings. Free online recovery guides and manuals are available. Their book, There is a Solution, is available on Amazon ($12 paperback and $6.99 Kindle).

General 12-Step Resources

Presents both the complete audio version (in streaming audio) and text version of the original book "Alcoholics Anonymous" written in 1939, the basis of all the 12-step programs.

Provides information, tools and resources for working a 12-Step program. It gives you worksheets to write down your thoughts, beliefs, and past behaviors to help you complete the steps. It also explains each step and has a forum conversation on each one. There is a Newcomers Guide with tips, videos on the science of addiction, and an online meeting finder.

Special Services

Lists ASL and text chat meetings. Information about ASL-interpreted AA meetings can usually be provided by local AA central or intergroup offices listed in the phone book. If there is no local AA office, the Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Office keeps an updated list of over 580 U.S. and Canadian AA central offices.

Links to deaf and hard of hearing online AA, NA and Al-Anon meetings.