Nioctine Recovery Resources


Quitnet (
Launched in 1995 by a smoking cessation counselor, this well-established online quit smoking community includes simple smoking cessation tips, an extensive online Quitting guide, message forums, chat rooms and Q-mail to share experiences, strategies and successes. It also provides listings of local counseling programs.

Local Quit Smoking Programs and Support Groups
Many local hospitals and clinics offer quit-smoking programs. You can also contact the American Lung Association (ALA) to find a "Freedom From Smoking" program in your area or join their online program that takes you through learning modules that help you prepare to quit, guide you through your first quit day and the first few weeks of being smoke free.


Freedom from Smoking Online  (
American Lung Association’s web-based smoking cessation program, Freedom From Smoking. Click “Join now” to begin.

Nicotine Anonymous (
Nicotine Anonymous is a 12-step fellowship program based on the recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Their web site has a meeting locator by state or country and online information in English and fifteen languages.

Quitza (
Quitza is a social support network for people quitting smoking. It also includes personalized progress tracking technology that allows users to see accurate and real time statistics about their quit attempts displaying both short term data (such as the amount of cigarettes not smoked or the amount of money saved) and long term data (their statistical risk of getting heart disease, stroke or cancer, or how much longer they will live on average). This allows users to track their progress and benefits so they are motivated by seeing small gradual improvements in a long process of recovery.

Self Help Works (
LivingFree is a cognitive-based online program consisting of 12 sessions over 4 weeks, about 35-40 minutes each. This includes live training videos, interactive quizzes, exercises and other support tools and activities. You quit after session 3. The cost is $199.00 for a one year access to the program.
This National Cancer Institute web site provides detailed step by step guidelines on how to quit smoking.   It also includes links to the smoking quit-line, to telephone support by state,  and to instant messaging via a live chat service with a National Cancer Institute information specialist during specified hours of operation.  The site also offers free online guides to quitting targeted to different populations.

WhyQuit (
WhyQuit combines four online approaches to smoking cessation: motivation not to start smoking and to quit smoking; education on risks, benefits and strategies; support groups and online forums; and a free stop smoking video library hosted on UTube. The site was developed by a health educator and nicotine dependency counselor.

Updated January 11, 2018