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202 Teen Programs (
This resource for parents of troubled adolescents offers a unique method of finding professional help.  You complete an online form on the child's behavior and it is sent to over 202 different types of agencies.  You specify how and when you wish to be contacted, and the providers contact you.  This program provides information on a variety of treatment options including residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy programs, Christian based programs, boarding schools, boot camps, military schools, and psychiatric hospitals.  The goal is to help parents become familiar with the different treatment choices available and select programs that are best suited to the child's needs. The cost is $79.

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens (
Provides referrals to boarding schools appropriate for teens struggling with substance abuse, learning disorders, and other behavioral issues. The schools are thoroughly checked for their credentials, staff background, substance abuse counseling services, and other relevant information.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches
This residential treatment center has a special program for adolescents.

Drug Strategies: Treating Teens (
Drug Strategies is a non-profit research institute supported by major foundations. This web site is a companion to the publication Treating Teens: A Guide to Adolescent Drug Programs designed to help parents, teachers, judges, and counselors make better choices about teen substance abuse treatment.

This section provides a searchable database with extensive information on 144 teen substance abuse treatment programs across the U.S. that implement the nine key elements of effective adolescent treatment determined by the Drug Strategies' panel of specialists.

ECHO MALIBU is a private residential facility for youth ages 12-18 with chemical dependency or co-occuring disorders. ECHO's program concentrates on enhancing physical health through nutrition, biofeedback, acupuncture and yoga; on building emotional health through individual, group and family therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and expressive therapies such as drama, music and art provided by licensed and certified therapists; on supporting spiritual growth; and on developing the interpersonal skills necessary to lead healthy social lives. ECHO's individualized educational plan consists of on-site therapeutic classrooms in a safe, sober environment and one-on-one tutoring offered by The University of California Los Angeles.

National Youth Network (
Since 1990 the National Youth Network has served as a resource for youths, parents and professionals by providing education and information on programs and services available for adolescents with substance abuse and other emotional/behavioral problems. Their wide range of services include online self help and assessment information, telephone assessments with a masters level clinician, and directories of therapeutic options including wilderness programs, outdoor therapy, boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, nonpublic day schools, outpatient and day treatment, and summer camps and programs.

Newport Academy (
Newport Academy is a comprehensive, residential treatment program for adolescents with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. With separate programs for both girls and boys, the complex issues involved in treating adolescents are dealt with through a multi-disciplinary approach that is highly individualized and holistic, addressing psychological, biological, spiritual, social and educational needs. Residents continue their education in a tailored and structured academic program that consists of class room instruction for 4 hours each day.

SAMHSA Locator (
Select the geographical area of interest (a particular city, county, zip code, state, or the entire U.S.), then click on "To select facilities according to services offered", then scroll down to Special Programs/Groups, and choose Adolescents.