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Intervention America: National Resource on Recovery (
This drug education and outreach program provides a Sober Living Directory organized by state and then by city. Access is free.

Oxford House (
Oxford House, a publicly supported, nonprofit corporation, is a network of drug free, democratically run and self-supporting houses or apartment complexes. It was established in 1975 to serve as the next step in the process of alcohol and drug recovery, focusing on sober community living as an effective and low cost method of preventing relapse. Their website includes a U.S. state directory of over 800 active facilities.

U.S. States


Carla Vista Sober Living  (
Carla Vista has more than 20 homes located in residential communities in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska and Nevada. All of the homes are structured to create safety and success including resident drug and alcohol screening, weekly reporting system to outpatient aftercare providers, building an active alumni network, two house meetings a week, daily 12-step meetings and having a sponsor, placement services to help residents get a job within two weeks of admission, and more. There is a minimum stay of 90 days but many people stay between 6 and 9 months.

Cost: Weekly rent $175 plus additional move-in costs, $15 monthly supply fee, $175 refundable deposit

Foundations Recovery  (
With two homes in Mesa, AZ Foundations Recovery is committed to changing the lives of men in early recovery and supporting them over the longer term. They provide safe and comfortable accommodations that stress honesty and integrity in client’s actions and daily lives while focusing on their individual program of recovery. The house requires clients to be active in a 12 step program, working with a sponsor, and being a positive, contributing member of the house.

Cost: Early sobriety house is $125 per week, the graduated house is $150 per week


The Sober Living Network (
This nonprofit organization identifies and quality assures sober living homes in coordination with local county sober living coalitions in Southern California. Coalition member homes are inspected to assure they are healthy, safe, well managed, ethical and are good neighbors. The Network offers a Sober Living Referral Service (Toll-Free) and resource links to quality recovery homes and sober houses in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County, San Bernardino, San Fernando and Antelope Valleys including the cities of West Los Angeles, Dana Point, Hollywood, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Torrance, Newport Beach and many others.

Blue Oak Hill Northern California Sober Living (
Located on eight acres in Mendocino County, Blue Oak Hill is a small sober living home that provides a 12-step, abstinence-based individualized approach to sobriety for young adult men who have previously completed initial residential detox and treatment. They emphasize working with one's hands to acquire creative and employable skills for a long-term career. The opportunity to work with wood, concrete, auto mechanics, plumbing, electrical, brick, tile, landscaping, hydroponics, food preparation and animal husbandry are all available.

Cost: $2900/first month, $1900/month thereafter includes room, board, and shop materials for projects.

BlueCove Homes Sober Living Residences (
These residences for men and women are located in San Francisco and Las Vegas. They provided a level of structure and access to added recovery services including recovery coaching, private therapy services, outpatient treatment and more.

Cost: $500–$850/month for double rooms, $1200–$1400/month for private rooms


Carla Vista Sober Living  (
Carla Vista has more than 20 homes located in residential communities in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska and Nevada. All of the homes are structured to create safety and success including resident drug and alcohol screening, weekly reporting system to outpatient aftercare providers, building an active alumni network, two house meetings a week, daily 12-step meetings and having a sponsor, placement services to help residents get a job within two weeks of admission, and more. There is a minimum stay of 90 days but many people stay between 6 and 9 months.

Cost: Weekly rent is $175 plus additional move-in costs, $15 monthly supply fee and $175 refundable deposit.

Sobriety 1st Sober Living, LLC  (
This is a 12 step based program, with 8 homes for both men and women in the SE Aurora Colorado area. Homes provide a well structured program where residents must meet a healthy list of requirements, including mandatory daily 12 step meetings, having a sponsor, passing random drug and alcohol screenings, curfews, chores, following strict house rules and program requirements. Residents are required to work, actively seek employment, be a student enrolled in an accredited academic or trade school, or be actively engaged in one or more volunteer programs. Those who are permanently disabled and on federal, state, or local assistance are required to become involved in service to the home or the community. The program is based on fellowship and support. Houses are single family homes with a minimum of 2 per room.
Cost: $165/week plus $20/monthly supply fee

Cost: $200/week plus $25/monthly supply fee, $155 intake fee


Eden Hill Recovery Retreat (
Located in northwestern Connecticut, this transitional living program for women is a twelve-step based structured aftercare program with individual counseling and attention to total mind-body health. The program helps each person develop a life plan for re-integration into their home community. There is a 30-day minimum length of stay and accommodations for 12 women.  Fee includes meals, individual psychotherapy once a week and psychotherapeutic groups three times a week, exercise facilities on the premises, membership at a local fitness facility, and a weekly meditation class. All residents are required to attend daily 12-step meetings and participate in maintaining the living space.

Cost: $4500/month for a double room and $6000/month for a single

The Gorham Fellowship (
Located in Bridgeport, CT, The Gorham Sober Living House provides a clean, safe and structured environment to help men in recovery begin to transition back into the community. They provide experienced 12-step guidance, regular family contact, on-site house management, strong connections to Bridgeport's recovery community, and referrals to work, school, volunteer and other community resources. Single, double and triple occupancy rooms are available.

Cost: 4 beds per room is $90 a week; 2 beds per room is $120 a week; single room is $150 a week

Nexus Sober House (
These sober homes for men and women provide a safe and structured environment focused on relapse prevention following detox or primary residential inpatient treatment.   Residents are required to obtain a sponsor and attend 12-step meetings on a daily basis for the first 90 days minimum.  Each resident completes an intensive weekly group therapy program and is encouraged to be employed, volunteer or attend school within 30 days.  A house manager who is in recovery is available 24 hours a day.

Cost: Single room is $1,500 per month, double/shared room is $1,000.00 per month

The Step Up Inn (
This sober living home in West Haven, CT is dedicated to giving women the structure and support they need to succeed. It has 12 beds and is located in a quiet and safe neighborhood one block from town near the beach and walking and biking paths. No medications or alcohol are allowed on the property. A 60-day minimum is required (the time when the chance of relapse is greatest). There is a mandatory morning meeting on recovery and life skill issues.  Residents are encouraged to volunteer and attend 12-step meetings in the community. Mandatory breathalyzer and urine tests are required.

Cost: $1200 per month per bed. No deposit is required. Scholarships rooms are available with 4 beds in a room.

Turnbridge (
Turnbridge is an extended care and sober living community in Connecticut for young men and women ages 17 - 34 who have completed primary treatment for alcohol and chemical dependency. Firmly rooted in the 12-Steps, their three phase approach toward independent living is designed to gradually expose residents to the challenges of early sobriety while providing them with the physical, emotional and spiritual tools needed for lifelong success. Residents are offered mixed martial arts, a music recording studio, regular recreational activities including skiing, paintball, camping, and boating and support of their academic and career goals.

Cost: Phases I & II are $14,300/month, Phase III - Sober Living is $6,200/month. Psychiatric and other clinical services are billed separately.


Associate Recovery Communities (ARC) (
This sober home combines the 12 steps and individualized therapy to assist in continuing recovery after leaving an inpatient facility. With 7 homes for both men and women, these are the first sober homes on the west coast of Florida accredited by the Florida Association of Recovery. All residents must attend a 12-step meeting daily and obtain a sponsor within the first 2 weeks; work, attend school, or volunteer; and agree to random drug testing. Recovery Coaching and support services are available through Recovery Epicenter Foundation.  This costs $1000 per month above living costs.

Cost: $550--$650 per month; $150-$175 per week.

Christopher House of Hope (CHOH) (
Located in West Palm Beach Florida, this sober living home has over 60 beds for both men and women. CHOH also serves the state and local courts, helping to transition nonviolent offenders back into a productive role in society. The 90-365 day program provides a safe and sober environment, job readiness classes, legal assistance, counseling, life skills classes, computer skills classes and more. Referral to the home is through an approved CHOH agency.

Cost: $150 a week once the resident is employed

House of Principles (
Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, there are two sober housing facilities for men in townhouse-style residences.  Treatment is faith-based and relies on the 12 steps and the 12 principles. The minimum lease is six months.  A 24/7 house manager is on site and access is provided to Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs; family, legal, or individual counseling; group therapy sessions; educational groups about recovery and addiction; hands-on life skills training; transportation to and from 12-Step Meetings, and more.

Cost: $848 for 30 days plus $300 minimum deposit, rental reductions possible

Lamb House for Women (
This non-profit Christian faith-based sober recovery home for women in Broward County, Florida offers a safe and supportive recovery environment that builds a bridge between substance abuse treatment centers and long-term sobriety. It is based on the belief that through Jesus Christ, a woman in recovery has the opportunity to find a “new life.” Their goal is to help each resident discover a relationship with Christ, a reconciliation to God, and the strength of the Holy Spirit to guide them. Lamb House is certified by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR).

Cost: $100 to $125 per weekk

Mission Unity Recovery Housing
Located in Port Charlotte, Florida, this sober housing program directed by an addiction specialist offers different levels of housing. First Step housing is dormitory style living in a supervised environment for the person newly in recovery. In Three Quarter Way housing residents share a single family home with two residents in each room with minimum supervision. In Graduate Housing residents live in a single family home with one person per room and mentor a newly recovering person. The program is based on the 12 Step program and focuses on both the physical and spiritual aspects of addiction and recovery.

Cost: $150/week

Pathways To Peace - Recovery Residence (
Pathways to Peace offers two highly structured sober living homes—one for men and one for women—in the historic district of West Palm Beach, Florida. Residents are required to be part of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in addition to participating in family therapy and addiction and co-dependency education. Supervised on-site 12-step meetings and daily off-site 12-step meetings are also required, as well as working with a sponsor.   Residents must commit to a lease for a minimum of three to six months, find a job and be willing to volunteer when not working or while seeking employment.

Cost: $300 deposit; rent is $450 for first 30 days, $400 a month after that.


Breakthrough Recovery Outreach, LLC (
Located near Atlanta, Breakthrough Recovery Outreach has a transitional living facility for people recovering from alcohol and substance abuse based on a 12-step, structured environment. Residential programs last from 3 months to one year. The Sober Living Program is designed for clients who have a minimum of 90 days of recovery and are fully committed to remaining sober. Clients are expected to be engaged in productive work or school, attend 12-Step meetings, submit to random drug screens, have a 12-Step sponsor, participate in individual psychotherapy for a certain period of time, and adhere to curfews and community housing rules and regulations.

Cost: Rent starting at $725/month

Hope Homes Recovery Services (
Located in Atlanta Georgia, these homes provide a safe, community-based sober living experience for adult men and women that is designed to bridge the gap from early recovery to independent living. The program is based on 12-step principals and is supervised by professional staff. Their goal is to empower those in recovery by teaching healthy life skills that can support their ongoing progress. They have 2 service levels to better meet the needs of residents.

Cost: Level 3 (Supervised) $2600/month; Level 2 (monitored) $2100/month


Rising Sun Sober Living (
Based in Boise, Caldwell, and Lewiston, Idaho, Rising Sun provides sober living in separate housing for men and women. The purpose is to give individuals in recovery the opportunity to adjust to life and work
while living in a clean and sober environment surrounded by supportive people in recovery. The program is based on the Big Book of AA and supports a spiritual outlook that encourages residents to attend 12-Step meetings, read the Big Book, get a sponsor, get into service and take advantage of the fellowship available to them. Certain locations have meetings on site - as many as three per day.

Cost: First month’s fee is $450 including a one-time processing fee. Thereafter, fees are $400 monthly, $125 weekly or $225 bi-monthly.


Indy Sober Living (
Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, this sober living home for men stresses a Christ-centered recovery program based on accountability and making positive life changes. At the core of the program is Celebrate Recovery, a 12 Steps program completely based on the Bible, with each of the steps grounded in scripture. This 16- room home on 5 acres houses 18 men. There are 3, 6 and 9-month programs.

Cost: $89/week and $89 deposit.

Progress House (
Located in Indianapolis, Progress House sober housing serves up to 76 men who typically stay from 90 days to one year.  In 2014, they opened Next Step, independent apartment sober living housing 48 residents, all of whom have successfully completed Phase I & II at Progress House. Sober living at Progress House includes a 12-step immersion program. They provide a structured, 3-Phase spiritual, sober living environment that focuses on the healing of the body, the transformation of the mind, and the awakening of the spirit. Typical length of stay ranges from 90 days to 12 months. The house provides three meals per day plus laundry facilities, a serene Chapel, a computer lab, a library, workout gym, TV lounge, and game room. The house is staffed 24 hours per day along with the support of a professional staff, all of whom are in long-term recovery.

Cost: $185 per week


Liberty Ranch (
In the Grove Ridge community in Kings Mountain, Kentucky, The Liberty Ranch is a long-term, 12-step based, structured, recovery home in a luxury setting for both men and women. It offers 30, 60, 90 days and longer residential stays. Participation in 12-step meetings and sponsorship is mandatory. Programs include daily goals, daily readings and meditation at breakfast, peer meetings, in-depth study of the 12-steps, and one-on-one self help discussions. Experienced staff members provide constant reinforcement of the 12-step principles and their applications in daily life.

Cost: 30 days $5,000; 60 days $4,500/month ($9,000 total), 90/$4000 per month ($12,000 total). Pricing options are flexible and all inquiries are handled on a case by case basis.

Women's Triangle Recovery House (
This sober living home run by a non-profit organization is located in Madisonville, Kentucky for women 18 years of age or older. The newly renovated house has 10 rooms and 2 1/2 baths and can accommodate up to 8 women. The home focuses on providing emotional support, spiritual guidance and encouragement.

Cost: Rent is $100.00/weekly. A $200.00 intake fee and $200.00 rent for first and last week of occupancy due prior to moving in.


The Light of Truth Center, Inc. (
Located in Baltimore, this non-profit organization is dedicated to providing safe and supportive housing for women recovering from addictions. LTC is a Seal of Excellence Organization credited through Maryland NonProfits. They have a 3-year accreditation from CARF International. Level 1 is a halfway house that can accommodate 5 women in 3 bedrooms. Women need to have completed a treatment program of six months or more, have a sponsor and/or obtain one while in program, make daily 12-Step Meetings, and participate in aftercare. Level 2 is permanent supportive housing for 7 women consisting of 7 single rooms and a Manager’s suite. A woman must be presently in recovery for 8 months to 12 months, employed for at least 6 months to 1 year and have a sponsor. Residents are admitted to the program through a referral process from a professional case manager/social worker or an organization.

Cost: Level 1: $350.00 a month; Level II: The Program Fee is $450.00 a month

Wakefield House (
Located in Frederick, Maryland, Wakefield House is a 12-Step recovery home for men and women guided by spiritual principles and managed by house members and the owners. There is a strong emphasis on healing through attention to daily activities and safe and supportive family interactions. Most house members participate in community based counseling programs and there is a 12-step meeting once a week at the house. All women in the house must be actively working a 12-Step program.

Cost: Rent is $140.00 a week plus a $200 security deposit. Help is available if needed. Private and shared rooms available.


Brook Retreat (
Located on the south shore of Massachusetts, Brook Retreat provides structured sober living for men and women. Using the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as a means to recovery, the facility has a 24/7 staff presence, a comprehensive schedule and program of action including meditation, Big Book Interpretation, writing, job search skills, guest speakers, and more. The men’s program is located in Plympton, MA. The women’s program is located in Weymouth, MA. The average length of stay is 6-9 months.

Cost: $1750/month

CJO House (
In Attleboro, MA, CJO House offers a structured environment for recovering male addicts to help them develop a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. The home is MASH certified (a Massachusetts voluntary certification program for sober homes). Programs include weekly 12 step meetings, a weekly in house meeting with a substance abuse specialist and career and job counseling. The director is a Substance Abuse Counselor with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Cost: $170/month

Vanderburgh House (
In Southbridge, Worcester, Holden and Dudley, MA, Vanderburgh Houses offer semi-structured recovery-focused homes for both men and women in recovery. Applicants must have 14+ days sober, and it's helpful to have completed a treatment program. Requirements include active involvement in self-directed treatment, particularly frequent AA /NA meetings

Cost: starts at $120/week

Whitman House
174 Schoosett Street | Pembroke, MA 02359 | 781-249-6395
This sober home for men in Whitman, Massachusetts is designed to help recovering alcoholics and substance abuse addicts transition back to a normal living situation by providing an affordable, safe, comfortable and structured living environment for its residents. There are 2 apartments with 3 single bedrooms each for a total of 6 beds.

Cost: $175/week for each bedroom, utilities included


The Doorway to Recovery (
This not for profit, faith-based program with homes in Michigan (Farmington Hills, multiple homes in Detroit, Livonia, Plymouth, Redford, and Westland) provides a structured program for men and women in recovery. A major part of their program focuses on peer support, therapeutic counseling, work search and career skills, and 12-step recovery.

Cost: $136/week (single room)

Living The Principles (
In the Southgate and Canton/Westland area of Michigan, these two recovery homes for women in 12-step programs offer a supportive family environment with a focus on life skills and relapse prevention.

Cost: $100-$100/week and $400 per month.  A $25 deposit is required. Financial assistance may be available.

Moving Forward Sober Living, LLC (
Supervised housing for men and women in recovery located throughout Westland, Michigan. These separate residential, apartment-style settings house two people per room. Based on a 12-step philosophy, residents attend in-house groups meetings, must have a sponsor and undergo random drug testing. The focus is on being part of a supportive community of recovery.

Cost: $105/week

Structured Living, LLC (
In Ann Arbor, Michigan, these eight homes for men and women provide sober living 3/4 housing with daily 12-step group meetings and mandatory onsite drug and alcohol testing.  Residents are required to work, volunteer or attend school. For residents facing legal issues such as driving under the influence or possession, they work closely with local and state courts to help clients avoid prison through alternative sentencing options that include living in a well monitored and structured sober living environment. They also offer an in-house intensive outpatient treatment program to help residents maintain their sobriety for an additional fee.

Cost: $535/month including all utilities and services.  One-time fee of $300.


The Anthony House (
These two sober houses for men are located in Maplewood, Minnesota. Their goal is to teach men in recovery to work together and to get back to living without drugs and alcohol. Based on the 12-step program, residents must meet regularly with a sponsor and attend a minimum of two outside 12-step meetings each week. Residents also have to work, attend school or volunteer at least 30 hours a week. A minimum six-month stay is required. The house is a member of the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes.

Cost: A shared room $495/month; single room $575/month, $400 deposit required

Como House (
In St. Paul, MN these three sober living homes for men provide a healthy drug and alcohol-free environment. Requirements include attending at least three 12-step meetings a week and regular meetings with a sponsor, attend weekly house meetings, and maintain a full-time job, school or volunteer schedule. Como House is a member of MASH, Minnesota Association of Sober Homes.

Cost: $550/month + $25/month supply fee, and first month $300 Sobriety deposit. Monthly program fees include utilities.

Crossroads Aftercare Program (
In Minneapolis, MN, Crossroads is a home-like recovery residence for men and women who have completed treatment for chemical addiction. It provides a supportive, therapeutic place to live while adjusting to life without addiction. They have a 3-Phase Program designed to transition clients from the structure of in-patient treatment to building a sober support network. Residents are assisted in finding employment, volunteer work, or school. Monthly fee covers the person's stay and onsite individual counseling sessions with state licensed drug and alcohol counselors and group support meetings.

Cost: $730 per month with an additional $160 deposit upon admission.

Empire House (
A women's sober house in Plymouth, MN focusing on community support and the 12-step program while residents work, volunteer, or continue their education. A minimum 90-day stay is required, as well as sobriety for at least 30 days.

Five Stars Recovery Center (
Serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas, CD Recovery Services provides group residential sober housing for people in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Ten semi-structured sober homes for men and women are licensed by the State of Minnesota. Requirements include 90 days minimum commitment, at least 30 days sober or completion of an inpatient or outpatient treatment program; at least 3 days a week of a 12-step program and a sponsor within 14 days, and a 40-hour a week day job. 

Minnesota Association of Sober Homes (
The Minnesota Association of Sober Homes is the only established organization of sober home owners in the state of Minnesota. Member houses have been inspected and certified to uphold health, safety and house management standards. Their website provides a directory of certified homes.

The Retreat (
The Retreat operates six long-term residences in St Paul, MN that serve as transitional, self-governing sober living facilities for men and women. The Retreat Residences give individuals the opportunity to put into practice the principles of recovery embodied in the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and to become fully immersed in the recovery community. Men and women are housed separately and work closely with sponsors to create a safe and supportive environment, establishing a solid foundation for recovery. Each resident commits to living at The Retreat Residence for a minimum of six months.

Cost: between $550 and $825 per month

Sober MN (
Sober MN operates two sober homes in Minneapolis, MD for gay, lesbian, bi, and trans gender people based on the 12-step model of recovery.  Requirements include atte3nding at least three 12-step meetings a week, meeting regularly with a sponsor, attending weekly house meetings, maintaining a full-time job, school or volunteer schedule and being sober for at least 30 consecutive days.

Cost: $500–$600/month, plus one month’s deposit.

Trinity Sober Homes (
This non-profit sober home is for men over 40 who desire spirituality as the basis for their recovery. Located in St Paul Minnesota, they are a Catholic sober-living residence.  Trinity Sober Homes offers community living and spiritual coaching for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts of all faiths.

Cost: $835 a month which includes monthly Spiritual Coaching Sessions.  A deposit of $500 is required.  There is a $75 application fee.

New Hampshire

Newfound Recovery Residences (
In Northfield, NH, this sober home provides an alcohol and drug free environment for women with substance abuse problems who have already been through detox, treatment, rehab, a peer program or are currently sober for a period of time and cleared through an MD. Residents must continue to work a rigorous 12 step program of recovery and are welcome to stay for extended periods to work on the skills needed for healthy long-term recovery. The home has 10 beds. Everyone is expected to seek community support via local 12 step groups and to work, attend school, and/or volunteer.

Cost: $225/week if paid weekly and $200/week if paid four weeks in advance – plus a non-refundable one-time entry fee of $200.

New Jersey

B Houses Sober Living (
B houses are operated by trained, certified and licensed professionals in the field of addiction. Located in Monmouth and Ocean County NJ, they have separate men’s and women’s sober homes and a co-ed house which are certified by the New Jersey Alliance of Recovery Residences. Residents must have 30 days or more of sobriety. B-Houses promote active participation in the relapse prevention program Coming Full Circle Loud N Clear 501©(3).  B-Houses also work directly with local businesses to guarantee employment within the first few weeks.                                     

Cost: $185 weekly, $740 monthly

Haley House (
This 14-bed transitional living home located in Blairstown, NJ offers a self-pay, 12 step-based program for women 18 years and older in recovery who make a 3 month minimum commitment. The program is designed to help residents transition smoothly to a full and sober life.  Haley House is licensed by The State of NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Addiction Services. Residents benefits include individual counseling, group therapy, educational and job assistance, life skills training, and alumni and aftercare services.

Cost: $5,100/month. $5,400 is due on admission for first 30 days and a $300 non-refundable deposit.

New York

Harrison House (
Six sober homes on Staten Island provide furnished rooms in a safe drug and alcohol free environment. Long and short term occupancy are available. On call staff includes an MD, nurse practitioner, clinical social worker, interventionist and therapist.

Cost: Rooms start at $500/month

Hazelden’s Tribeca Twelve: Addiction Recovery Dorms (
The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's Tribeca Twelve residence is a state-of-the-art structured sober living community in NYC for men and women who want to strengthen their addiction recovery skills and develop healthy new routines and interests.  This is an appropriate living situation for men and women who are transitioning out of inpatient rehab as well as those in an outpatient addiction treatment program.  The private residence accommodates 30 residents, with six men or six women on each of the five floors. Tribeca Twelve is ideal for young adults attending college or planning to return to college. Features include 24-hour on-site staffing, counselor-facilitated morning and evening support groups, individualized recovery coaching and life planning, on site 12-step meetings, and more.

Cost: $6,100/month, minimum 3-month commitment.

The Penthouse Sober Living Residence (
Providing integrative sober living and addiction recovery services for executive men in and around the New York City area, this residence holds a maximum of 11 men. For someone coming out of treatment and seeking structured transitional sober living the service includes food, housing, oversight and daily structure. For someone in need of higher care such as medication management, private therapy, intensive out-patient treatment, or life/recovery coaching, the cost will vary depending upon their initial assessment. The average length of stay is 4 to 6 months.

Cost: $3,500 – $6,500/month.

Valley Spring Recovery Services (
Valley Spring Sober Living is a 10- bed residence in Manhattan with both independent and shared room options. When you enter the program you receive a needs assessment to determine an individualized sober living program; Bi-weekly case management meetings with the director, a credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselor; Transitional coaching; Transportation; Clinical referrals; Prepared gourmet meals; Random drug test / breathalyzers; and Intervention support. Average length of stay is 3-6 months. Residents start off in a double and get rewarded to a single before transitioning to independent living. 

Cost: $8,000 per month during the whole stay.

North Carolina

Daya Recovery (
Located in the mountains of Asheville, NC, this sober home for women who've completed detox for substance dependence requires active participation in a 12 step program, including working with a sponsor and attending 5 meetings per week. Each person must also engage in at least 30 hours per week of either work, school, volunteering, intensive outpatient treatment or a combination of the above. A commitment of at least 3 months is required.

Cost: $165 a week plus one-time $600 non-refundable administrative fee

Hummingbird House (Call 516-500-2355)
Located in Asheville, NC, Hummingbird House provides a structured and supportive environment for adult women in addiction recovery who have completed inpatient treatment. To encourage self-discipline as well as independence, residents must attend a job or school or volunteer at least 30 hours per week; commit to 90 days minimum stay; attend 12-step meetings; and participate in house meetings and group activities. 24/7 on-site supervision is provided.

Cost: $1,200–$1,500/month plus $750 admission fee

LaVare's House (
This recovery residence in Durham NC that is dedicated solely to the LGBT community. It is a 12-step house with a phased program of recovery. The first phase involves close monitoring, with the later three phases progressing toward reduced restrictions and more independence. The director is a certified recovery coach who provides guidance and life coaching to help residents in the recovery process. There are weekly one-on-one meetings with the director and weekly house 12-step meetings with the live-in house manager. Guided daily meditation and yoga/exercise, weight training and other exercise options are available for physical well-being and self-care. The house is tied into the Durham NC recovery community.

Cost: $100/week

Next Step Recovery (
This structured sober housing program in Asheville, North Carolina for adult males offers supervision, addiction recovery support, life skills training, and a strong social support network. A licensed staff counselor is available onsite Monday through Friday. Mandatory relapse prevention group meetings are held twice weekly, with a weekly outdoor adventure required for new residents. A minimum commitment is 90 days, although at least 6 months is recommended to support the recovery process.

Cost: $300/week rent plus $4,500 admission fee

Willow Recovery (
This sober living home in Asheville, NC provides a safe and supportive living environment for young men between 18 and 30 actively seeking addiction recovery. Eight beds are available with 24 hour managers on duty. There is a strong structure following 4 phases of recovery: just out of rehab, early recovery with a sponsor and actively working the 12-step program, integration into the local recovering community, and a senior member with little supervision but continued participation in the 12-step process.

Cost: $1000/month and $1000 entrance fee. Financial arrangements are available for help with costs if needed.


Whole Living Recovery (
Located in Newark, Ohio, this community-based housing is for single women over the age of 18 who are in early recovery. They welcome pregnant women and women caring for their baby while living in recovery. Focus is on helping residents develop the spiritual, emotional, and physical practices essential to sustainable recovery. Individuals must be drug and alcohol free for 30 days or more, participating in a 12-step recovery program and attending a minimum of 3 meetings a week, be gainfully employed (or actively seeking employment) and able to pay their rent. Residents on disability are required to work or volunteer at least 20 hours a week.

Cost: $400 a month


Into Action Sober Living (a.k.a. Action House)  (
This 12 step-based sober living home for men in Oklahoma City provides a structured environment requiring adhering to curfews, attending weekly house meetings, holding a job, managing daily responsibilities, and being socially active. The focus is to provide a safe, comfortable, sober environment with action-oriented milestones and oversight in order to build social, work, and spiritual lives. Applicants are required to complete the 12 steps within 60 days of moving in.

Cost: $125/week shared room plus a move-in fee of approximately $280


Come Rest Awhile (CRA)  (
Located in Lake Oswego, Come Rest Awhile offers a safe and supportive environment in a family setting for women 18 years and older. CRA is for women in recovery who are experiencing a life transition such as just completing a treatment program, being new to recovery and needing strong support and involvement with a 12-step program, and/or experiencing a life crisis and in need of a safe supportive environment. A monthly fee covers a shared room, food, utilities, and use of a house phone. Each resident is expected to follow the Plan of Action as outlined for them upon entering CRA, based on what recovery looks like to them.

Cost: $900 for furnished shared room, food, utilities, etc. Scholarships available if eligible.


Dominate Today Recovery Living (
With three recovery houses in Pottstown, PA they offer a structured home for men in the early stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Each member is required to attend a minimum of four 12 step meetings weekly, to obtain a sponsor, to work the steps, and to select a local home group. Each member is drug and alcohol tested at least once weekly in addition to random testing.

Cost: Weekly rates between $170-$200

Junction House (
Junction House is a women’s structured recovery home located in Huntingdon Valley, PA. The owners have over 30 years of personal recovery experience. There are weekly on-site meditation and yoga classes as well as transportation for Individual and Conjoint Therapy, Early Recovery Skills, and Relapse Prevention Groups at affiliate facilities. There is an on-site certified recovery specialist and live-in managers as well as 12-step AA/NA meetings on and off premises, and peer to peer support.

Cost: $300 a week which includes all meals, cable, utilities, and WiFi

Newfound Freedom Sober Living & Recovery Homes (
This network of 15 structured and affordable sober living and recovery homes for men and women has locations throughout Bristol and Levittown, Pennsylvania. Each residence is designated as either a “Phase 1” or “Phase 2” residence. Phase 1 locations are intended to extend from day-one of sobriety through the 6-month mark. Phase 2 locations are then offered for those seeking to move into a bit less structure, yet with some level of ongoing support and community. The homes include daily and weekly recovery meetings, sober social events, random drug and alcohol testing, household chore and activity requirements and more.

Cost: Weekly rates for Phase 1: $170/week; Phase 2 $150/week plus $95 intake fee

S.O.F. Recovery, LLC (
Located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, this sober living home has 5 bedrooms and 2 full baths and sleeps 10 people. They use the 12 steps of recovery to help residents break the mental, physical, and emotional patterns of addiction.

Cost: $130/week

Synergy Houses (
This recovery home for young men (18 to mid-30's) in Phoenixville, PA, focuses on personal transformation through counseling, a 12-Step program, and building core competencies in areas important to recovery including employment, academics, and emotional and spiritual development. They provide phased, structured communities that include group counseling and optional individual counseling, access to a variety of 12-Step meetings and mentorship, and leadership development opportunities. The program includes group counseling, recreation opportunities, therapies (music, art, equine), and support in obtaining jobs and academic opportunities. A minimum stay of 3 months is expected. Synergy Houses is certified by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences.

Cost: $200 per week.  $1200 initial fee includes $200 deposit, 4 weeks rent, one individual counseling assessment, and intake fee


Alpha 180 (
Located in Austin, Texas, this sober housing for men is for students that are college bound or educationally focused. Students attend Austin Community College, University of Texas, St Edwards, and other online or local schools. It includes a live-in house manager and dinner 5 nights a week. It acts as a bridge back to college or back to education for newly sober students. At the same time, there are also services for people who have been sober for a while and might need support clinically, academically, or a place to live. There are 16 single rooms and 8 bathrooms.

Cost: $2000 per month

Aspire House for Women (
For women in early recovery, this house in Lubbock Texas is staffed by a licensed therapist, chemical dependency counselor and on-site house manager. Residents work in partnership with a team of Recovery Advocates to develop a personal treatment plan that address the full range of recovery issues. Help is provided with legal, employment and custody issues. There is on-site drug-testing, required 12-step meetings, and weekly house meetings.  Aspire is CARF accredited.

Cost: 90-day track $1100 per month, $500 deposit. 180-day track $900 private room, $800 shared room, $500 deposit

BridgeWay Holistic Sober Living (
Based in Austin, Texas, these homes for both men and women provide inclusive services and resources along with a sober living environment so that residents can either continue the core work they began in treatment or begin that work if they are just getting started in sobriety. There are 4 full time employees along with house managers on-site as well as several holistic services all inclusive in the rent. Customized healing, coaching and mentoring plans are also available for those interested in a more structured program.

Cost: $995 per month shared room to $1800 a month private room

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes (
Located in Austin and Houston TX, these sober living homes for men, women and LGBTQ individuals provide a safe, structured community environment to continue the recovery process with outpatient support services.  Residents are enrolled in an addiction monitoring program with a sober coach who provides individual and family support while guiding residents through their phased sober living process. Sober living and extended care plans help clients stay involved in their recovery while they learn how to live a sober life.

Cost: monthly fees range between $550 and $900

Recovery Inn (
Comprised of six women's sober living homes in Dallas and Plano, TX, Recovery Inn provide a safe, drug-free environment where women can improve coping skills and build life skills for living drug free. Sponsorship, 12 step work and Big Book Studies are core to their program.  Each resident meets weekly with their peer Recovery Coach and also receives employment training.  Full time employment within two weeks of moving in is required.  Recovery Inn is certified through TROHN (Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network).

Cost: Weekly rent is $125

Second Chances Recovery Homes (
These holistic sober homes for men and women are located in the heart of Austin. There are two men’s homes with 10 beds and 17 beds each and one women’s home with 7 beds and other to follow soon with 17 beds. Founded by fellow members of the recovery community, each resident receives an individualized plan to address the body, mind, and spirit. This includes medical approaches, 12-step program work and mentorships, daily meditations, spiritual counseling and volunteering. There are on site recovery coaches, medication management, pharmacy drug testing 3x weekly, breathalyzer daily, and live in management at every home.

Cost: Graduate homes: $1450 move-in, then $950 monthly. Foundation homes: $1750 to move-in and then $1450 monthly.

Sober Homes of Texas (
This structured sober living house for men in Dallas/Fort Worth focuses on the spiritually based 12-step program of action. Services include an on-site house manager, regular drug testing, transportation to 12-step meetings, weekly in-house big book study, assistance with employment, enrollment at Tarrant County College, and an in-house financial advisor.                                                                                                                       

Cost: $975 in first month, $850 in subsequent months. Weekly rent is $125

Westlake Recovery House (
This men's recovery house in Austin TX offers services, support and structure including career services, job placement assistance, financial aid referral services, and more. On-site recovery meetings and weekly individual recovery sessions are available as well as on-site professional visits from recovery therapists and a recovery resource library. Focus is also on wellness including daily meditation and yoga.

Cost: Monthly rates start at $850/month for 3 months

Washington (
Located in Auburn, WA, this Christian faith-based transitional housing and mentoring is for men and women coming out of a treatment program. It provides individuals a place to experience sustainable healthy living by offering work opportunities, transportation, accountability, classes and mentoring. Residents make a commitment to lead a substance free life in an atmosphere that focuses on accountability, integrity, character, transparency, and responsibility. A personalized curriculum addresses specific individual areas of emotional & spiritual growth.

Cost: $950 a month

West Virginia

West Virginia Sober Living (
There are two homes, one for males and one for females, where residents stay for a period of 6 to 12 months. This is for people who have been through primary treatment and now desire a sober living environment as they progress in their recovery. They are expected to remain drug and alcohol free, actively participate in a 12-step recovery program, and work, volunteer or be enrolled in school full-time.

Cost: $550 a month


Addiction Recovery Environment Homes (
Located in Waukesha, WI, these two fully furnished recovery homes are for women in early recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. They offer recovery coaching to help clients set appropriate goals and action plans for each stage of recovery and then help them achieve those goals. The purpose is to guide a smooth transition back into the community for lasting recovery.

Cost: $975 first month, $775 every month thereafter.  Scholarships are available.


Circle of Life, Home from Home (
Located in Boskruin, Gauteng, South Africa, this sober living home provides a safe communal living environment for those recovering from an addiction. Weekly house meetings are held and residents are encouraged to attend self-help groups in the area including AA, NA, OA, GA, CA, and others. Group and individual counseling are also available within the house.

Cost: 8500 Rands/month ($714 US Dollars); 6000 Rands deposit ($504 US Dollars), 120 Rands drug tests ($10 US dollars), 220 Rands deposit ($19 US Dollars).

Healing Choices Halfway House and Sober Living Home  (
Located in Randburg, South Africa, this sober living home focuses on healing, restoration and integration. All residents are involved in running the home, cooking and cleaning.  The 12-step program is integrated with Jesus’ teachings on the beatitudes. The house presents a curriculum with interactive discussions that help people let go of the past, break free of addictive lifestyles and take responsibility for their lives.  The team includes a registered social worker, life coach, house manager and an ordained minister who has been in recovery for over 10 years. A minimum 3-month stay is required, 9 months is recommended.

Cost: The 1st month of R7500 + R2000 (R9500 or $573 USD). Thereafter R8900 ($748 USD) per month plus any additional counseling and drug testing. Three-month package: R25,365 + R2000 on acceptance ($2132 USD).  R48,060 for six months ($4039 USD).

House on The Grove (
This affordable sober house in Orange Grove, Johannesburg, South Africa offers two sharing rooms, two single rooms and a cottage. Residents are required to be fully self supporting and no meals are provided. There is a strong emphasis on recovery and residents are required to follow a recovery program such as NA or AA.  Recovery planning with a social worker is available. 

The Jerusalem Sober House (
This English-speaking sober living recovery home for men over 18 years of age was started by a long time addictions counselor. It offers structured living with individual, group and family therapy led by clinical social workers, addiction counseling, supervision and 12-step recovery. Prior to admittance, clients must have undergone detox. Length of stay is typically between six and nine months. The facility is Sabbath and Kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) Observant.

Cost: $5000 for 30 days.

The Next Step Chiang Mai (
This sober living community located in Northern Thailand provides clients with a tranquil environment to safely nurture long-term recovery. Accommodating 12 people allows the professional western staff to offer a program tailored to each person’s needs. The facility includes a swimming pool, gymnasium, games room, martial arts area and meditation room but the focus is on meaningful recovery and achieving long-term sobriety.

Cost: $4,000 for 28 days, discounted by 20% for longer term clients.

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Updated March 05, 2020