A retreat creates a special period of time for prayer, silence, rest, simplicity and contemplation. It can be both a “time out” from life’s daily stresses as well as an opportunity to deepen one’s experience of self and the universal energy that surrounds and supports us. There are different types of retreat experiences, including silent retreats, directed retreats offered at many religious facilities, or secular retreats featuring experiential workshops.


Wisconsin Agape (
Located in a wooded rural setting near Milwaukee, weekend 12 step retreats for members of all recovery fellowships are held four times a year. Long format marathon meetings allow for in depth sharing. The suggested donation for the weekend is $50.


12 Step Retreats (
Located in the Santa Cruz mountains of northern California, the retreat is held on 67 mountain acres at the Presentation Retreat & Conference Center. Experienced retreat leaders guide participants through the principles and steps of the 12-step program in five one-hour talks. There are scheduled meetings for AA, Al-Anon, and sharing meetings, with additional rooms available for NA, Nar-Anon and other 12 step meetings. Cost is $270.

4th Step Retreats (
These 12-step weekend retreats focus on the 4th step process (making a searching and fearless written moral inventory of yourself). They offer a supportive atmosphere with one-on-one guidance, peer support and time for reflection. They are led by Andrew Kerivan who has been in continuous recovery for 32 years. The materials, exercises and discussions help people move forward in this pivotal part of recovery. Costs cover lodging, food and materials.

Cost: $350 -$425 for three days/two nights in Highlands, NC July 5-7, 2019; $195-$395 for the retreat at Easton Mountain in Greenwich NY January 24-26, 2020.

Casa Hamaca Guesthouse (
Casa Hamaca in the Yucatan of Mexico is geared toward sober travel. In May, 2010 they held their first sober retreat called Recovery & Discovery Retreat Week, designed as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience to facilitate meaning in one's daily life. The retreat includes fellowship, meetings, twelve step work and climbing pyramids. Quarterly retreats are planned.

Dan Anderson Renewal Center at Hazelden (
Situated on Hazelden's 500-acre wooded campus in Center City, MN, the Renewal Center provides a peaceful setting for group interaction or private times of reflection. Retreat structures are flexible and can include one of their special Recovery Retreat programs or day, week or longer stays as part of one’s ongoing recovery program. These retreats are designed to meet the spiritual recovery needs of individuals who are actively involved in any Twelve-Step program. Guests do not have to be Hazelden alumni to participate.

Eden Retreat Center (
The Changing Addictive Behavior Patterns retreat provides many tools to help replace old habits with new healthier behaviors and approaches to life. The approach includes taking a thorough physical and psychological intake; individualized lab work in order to detect if there is an underlying physiological cause; a comprehensive approach to detox and cleansing including access to juice fasting, colon cleansing, detoxifying skin care, body wraps, and guided meditation; a team of healthcare providers to evaluate your health and offer medical consultations and treatments from modalities including Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, Western Medicine, East Asian Medicine, Massage Therapy, and Spiritual and Energy work; daily life coaching sessions, nutrition counseling, exercise via yoga, qigong, hiking and more; and an actionable take home plan and follow up sessions. This retreat starts at $695 per night.  Six nights is $3900.  Shared room rate is $575 per person per night and $3,300 per week.  A 14-night stay is highly recommended.

Jesuit Retreat House (
This Catholic retreat house located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin welcomes people of all faiths to their four-day and eight-day retreats. Specific retreats are designated for men and women in 12-Step recovery programs.

The Retreat (
Various retreats are held at the McIver Center for Family and Spiritual Recovery in Wayzata, Minnesota, a natural and reflective space with easy access to the metro area. Programs include the quarterly Roger B. Retreats on the 12 steps and an annual Women's Retreat. Weekend retreats cost $250 and include lodging, meals and materials. Scholarships are available.

Retreats Online (
Covers a wide variety of retreat experiences including spiritual/religious retreats, nature retreats, health and wellness retreats and others in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe and the UK.

Smoking Cessation Wellness Spa (
These retreats are 7 days/6 nights with preparation to quit on the 3rd Day. The Smoking Cessation package includes: 7 nights accommodations and 3 health-minded meals a day, with unlimited fresh fruit drinks, coffee & tea for periods of cravings; on-going smoking cessation education in preparation for quitting on the 3rd day; one-on-one counseling and intervention with 24/7 support; yoga, dance aerobics, adventure tours, Reiki Energy Healing sessions; use of pool and hot tub with spa amenities.

The program was designed by Yvonne Testa, Certified Addiction Specialist and Usui Reiki Practitioner, after many years of clinical practice dealing with nicotine addiction.

Sober Sisters Retreat (
This women’s retreat is held two times a year in January and June at the Ralston White Retreat in Mill Valley, CA. It consists of 12-step meetings, meditation, hikes in the redwoods, art and craft projects, and more. Total cost is $320.00 for Friday evening to Sunday morning.

Sober Travelers ( is a service of the Online Alano Club, a California nonprofit association that provides services for members of 12-Step Fellowships and other recovery programs. The website covers complimentary listings for sober vacations including cruises, tours, international hotels, and retreats.

Transformations Spirituality Center, Sisters of St. Joseph (
Located in southwest Michigan, this interfaith spiritual community offers retreats for men and women in recovery from alcohol addiction. The focus is to help those in recovery discover new levels of the 12 step philosophy in a quiet atmosphere led by experienced 12 step facilitators. There are evening long mini-retreats as well as full day and weekend retreats, all focusing on specific areas of recovery.

Wisconsin Agape (
Located in a wooded rural setting near Milwaukee, weekend 12 step retreats for members of all recovery fellowships are held four times a year. Long format marathon meetings allow for in depth sharing. The suggested donation for the weekend is $50.

Yoga Farm Retreats (
Located in the Sierra foothills of Northern California, the Yoga, Ayurveda and 12 Step Recovery Retreat is offered two times a year. The retreat is based on the 4 Paths of Yoga, 5 Points of Yoga, Ayurveda, Svastha (being established in the self) and Meditation. The therapists are active members of 12 step programs and the retreat offers an opportunity to relate 12 step work to the ancient teachings of yoga and Ayurveda in order to provide a strong foundation for wellness and a deepening spiritual practice. Their other ashrams in the Bahamas, New York and Canada may also be offering this retreat in the future.

The Yoga Farm offers retreats year round on many spiritual areas - meditation, yoga, vegetarian cooking, vedic astrology, karma yoga, selfless service retreats, workstudy months and more.

Yoga Of Recovery (
Yoga of Recovery is a retreat integrating the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India) with the tools of 12-Step Recovery. Yoga postures and breathing help strengthen the physical body for those healing from addiction. Ayurveda works at healing and purifying the body and mind through practical advice on diet and lifestyle. The retreat also offers daily 12-Step meetings focused on experience, strength and hope, vegetarian meals, and other tools of recovery including meditation training and positive thinking. Retreats are offered throughout the U.S. and internationally. A schedule is available online.


Updated May 17, 2019