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Addiction Recovery Centres at Malvern Private Hospital

Location:  Malvern East, Melbourne, Australia
Phone:  (03) 9885 9621
Licensed:  Yes
Accredited:  Yes, NSQHS and National Mental Health Standards
Beds:  27-private bed hospital
Cost:  28-day residential program in most cases covered by private health insurance; special prices offered for those without insurance
Scholarships:  Not known
Exercise facilities:  Yes
Detox:  Yes

The Addiction Treatment Recovery Program is a residential, abstinence-based program encompassing detoxification and rehabilitation. Services, education and support include addiction medicine specialists, psychiatrists, clinical counselors, specialized nursing, social work, family therapy, and psychological services, all with a 12-step focus. Included are individual and group counseling sessions, therapeutic listening and problem-solving programs, art therapy, exercise, yoga and relaxation sessions, 12-step meetings and more.  After discharge there is a day program and aftercare program to support long-term recovery.

ARC Addiction Recovery Center

Location:  Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
Phone:  02392 37 87 26
Licensed:  Registered and licensed by CQC. Monitored by NDTMS
Accredited:  None
Beds: 19
Cost:  £960 per week; or $1305 US dollars per week
Insurances accepted:  Yes
Scholarships:  No
Exercise facilities:  Yes. Free gym pass.
Detox:  Yes at £900pw.

ARC uses a wide mix of treatment techniques in addition to a 12-step approach.  These include CBT, regular exercise, transactional analysis to deal with early life issues, RFT to identify the language we use that creates self-harming behaviors like addiction, and more.  Treatment is customized to the individual. They offer a 12-Week Primary Treatment and a 12-Week Secondary Treatment program.

Banyan Tree

Location:  101 Moo 13, Inthakin, Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, 501f, 50, Thailand
Phone:  +66637780505
Website:  banyantree21.comm
Licensed:  No
Accredited:  No
Beds:  10
Cost:  $4200 for 21 days all-inclusive (current promotion for 2017 of $2800)
Insurance Accepted:  Not known
Scholarships: No
On-site Exercise Facilities: Yes
Detox: Thai herbal detox

Banyan Tree provides 21-day residential immersion in traditional Eastern local and cultural expressions of kindness and healing, combined with a fresh look at classic Western psychological addiction strategies. This includes the use of some ancient and traditional herbal remedies in their rehabilitation program and practices specific to the Lanna Kingdom combined with some of the more useful contemporary Western approaches. The program includes group meetings, one on one counseling, yoga, tai chi and dance classes, meditation, art workshops, Thai cooking classes, and Thai massage. Thai herbal medicines are available after conducting an individual assessment of the mental, emotional and physical needs of a participant.

Bethesda Recovery

Location:  24 Longships Drive, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Phone:  +27 (0)44 533 3606
Licensed:  Department of Social Development of South Africa
Accredited:  Department of Social Development of South Africa; Board of Health Funders of South Africa (BHF)
Beds:  14
Cost:  R25,000 (28 DAYS) - $2113 US dollars; Plus once-off refundable float R4000($338 US dollar)
Insurance Accepted:  Not known
Scholarships: No
On-site Exercise Facilities: Local gym membership; Beach and forest walks, nature hikes
Detox: No

Bethesda Recovery provides a multi-faceted drug rehab program rooted in the first five steps of the 12-step recovery program.  Their approach is modeled on the clinical 28-Day Minnesota Model. It incorporates proven life lessons based on the Behavior Modification Model for both residents and family during the addiction treatment program. Services include individual counseling, lectures and group therapy. For program graduates, they also offer 12 months ongoing outpatient aftercare and, if necessary, relapse rescue. Staff are a multidisciplinary team of medical, clinical and counseling professionals with an addiction specialist team who have worked together for 14 years.

Broadway Lodge

Location:  Weston-super-mare, North Somerset, BS24 9NN England
Phone:  +44 (0)1934 815515
Licensed:  Care Quality Commission
Accredited:  Care Quality Commission
Beds:  32
Cost:  £2,000 or $2,495 USD per detox week, £1500 or $1872 USD per week for residential rehabilitation
Insurance Accepted:  No
Scholarships: May be available depending on circumstances
On-site Exercise Facilities: Tai chi and aerobics on site; access to local gym
Detox: No

Established in 1974, this non-profit organization and registered charity provides residential addiction treatment in the UK. Detoxification is required before admission or can be provided within the Primary Care unit through the medical team. Primary Care Residential Rehabilitation offers an intensive, high support residential placement up to 12 weeks that is based on the 12 Steps and Mutual Aid meetings to sustain recovery. Clients meet with a counselor on most days during the first week and regularly after that throughout treatment. Together they establish a care plan tailored to the client’s needs and specific treatment goals.  The program also includes group therapy, lectures, workshops, educational CDs and DVDs, assignments, therapeutic films and Fellowship Meetings.

The Secondary Care unit is a stepping stone between Primary Care and a return to independent living. This 12-step program develops the social, life and recovery skills for sustaining long-term recovery. Individual counselling, group therapy, workshops and attendance at AA/NA meetings are provided.

The Cabin Chiang Mai

Location:  Chiang Mai, Thailand
Phone:  +66 80 446 8850
US and Canada: 1 888 806 6776
Licensed:  Thailand Ministry of Public Health
Accredited:  All counselors are DANOS (UK Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards accredited) and all addiction counselors are licensed
Beds:  60
Cost:  $14,000 USD per month
Insurance Accepted:  Most major worldwide private insurers
Scholarships: No
On-site Exercise Facilities: outdoor gym, 2 swimming pools, lawn facilities for yoga and meditation therapy
Detox: Available under detox specialist supervision and
round-the-click medical team

The main treatment used is Recovery Zones which combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the 12 Steps and Mindfulness Meditation. This is augmented by tailored exercise therapy including yoga, mountain biking, water fitness, personal training, Pilates and more.  The overall aim is to create both a sound mind and body. The clinical staff is composed of Australian and UK trained psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors.  The program offers individual therapy sessions with a dedicated case manager, group therapy twice a day/six days a week, and workshops each night.

Castle Craig

Location:  Scotland, UK
Phone:  0808 159 2168
+44 1721 722 763 (outside UK)
Licensed:  Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Accredited:  Intertek
Beds:  Intensive Treatment Unit: 52
Extended Treatment Unit: 67
Cost:  Intensive Treatment Unit: (Day 1-42) $17,300 USD a month (shared room); $23,000 (private room)
Extended Care Unit: (Day 42-90+) $8,300 USD per month
Insurance Accepted:  BUPA, AXA PPP, CIGNA and others
Scholarships: Case by case basis
On-site Exercise Facilities: Gym and outdoor activities
Detox: Full medically supervised alcohol and drug detox

This well-established residential addiction treatment clinic in Scotland, UK provides medical and psychological-based addiction treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. The team of doctors, nurses and therapists is led by consultant psychiatrists and a medical director. The intensive residential treatment program combines full medical treatment, 12 step work, focus on healthy dietary and fitness habits, relapse prevention techniques and holistic therapy for mind/body/spirit including drumming, equine-assisted therapy, mindfulness meditation, art groups, aromatherapy, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and more. Medical insurance is accepted and some patients receive funding through their national health insurer – in the UK this is the NHS or the local authority.

C.H.A.N.G.E.S Treatment Recovery Center

Location:  Northcliff, Johannesburg South Africa; Ruimsig, Tres Jolie, Roodepoort South Africa
Phone:  +27114780601
Licensed:  South African Department of Health
Accredited:  Rehab Grading Council of South Africa, Four Star Rating
Beds:  Approximately 40 beds between the two facilities.

Cost:  3 weeks R 43 200.00 including detox ($3,649 US Dollars), 4 weeks R 45 000.00 including detox ($3,801 US Dollars), 6 weeks R 55 000.00 ($4,646 US Dollars). Long Term Treatment on the Farm is R 25 000.00 ($2,112 US Dollars a month)
Insurance Accepted:  All Medical Aid is accepted in South Africa
Scholarships: No, but accept funding from local and international donors for clients who cannot afford to pay
Exercise Facilities: Yes at both facilities
Detox: Detox is provided at their licensed facility

This center has two facilities: a short term 4, 6 and 12-week program and the farm which is a minimum 3-month program. At the farm focus is placed on holistic treatment with emphasis on life skills and trauma healing. Offerings include cooking skills, gardening, farming and caring for animals, wood workshops, ceramics, mosaics and creative art expressions. This is combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, group and individual therapy and a strong emphasis on 12 step groups, step work and meetings. The main center is a detox unit plus an extra 10 beds. They also provide ongoing, continual support and treatment after the patient leaves the facility.

The Dawn

Location: Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Phone:   US (800 355 5412)
Licensed:  Thai Ministry of Public Health
Accredited:  None
Beds:  20 private rooms

Cost:  From $8.000 for 28 days
Scholarships: No
Exercise Facilities: Yes, fully-equipped gym with a personal trainer. Yoga and meditation room, swimming pool and spa facilities. Weekly excursions/hikes/bike rides in the countryside.
Detox: Yes, 24/7 supervised drug- and alcohol medical detox available.

Located just outside the city of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, The Dawn is a residential holistic treatment center for alcohol- and drug- addiction that specializes in treating unresolved trauma, a hidden cause of many addictions. They use the 'Twin Pillars' program, a mixture of Eastern and Western treatment options designed to combine proven psychological treatment methods like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), TRM (Trauma Resiliency Model) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) with wellness practices such as yoga, meditation, and massage that are deeply rooted in the Thai wellness culture.

Fresh Start Recovery Programme

Location:  Subiaco, Western Australia
Phone:  (08) 9381 1333
Licensed:  Not known
Accredited: Health Department of Western Australia
Beds:  Not known
Cost:  $6,000 AUD for naltrexone implant and related processes
Scholarships:  None
Exercise facilities:  None
Detox:  Yes

Fresh Start Recovery Programs are focused on recovery from amphetamine, alcohol, benzodiazepine and opiate dependence. The program was developed by Dr. George O'Neil, who pioneered new medical procedures for addiction recovery for over 30 years including the use of naltrexone in Australia for opiate addiction. In the first few days after starting treatment on either naltrexone or flumazenil it is strongly recommend that clients stay at the Medical House where they receive 24-hour care and medical assistance for the acute stages of detoxification and withdrawal. They then move to Assessment Houses which provide a stable environment, supervision, medication if necessary, and rehabilitation assessment. Clients then move to one of the rehabilitation centers or another rehabilitation program for approximately 6 months to receive longer term education and training, work on relationships, and spiritual healing. This is followed by moving to a halfway house or return to a stable home environment. Fresh Start's approach is sometimes known as the PHREE model: Physiology, Housing, Relationships, Education, and Employment.

Galino House

Location:  Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa
Phone:  051 436 0886 / 087 766 9283
Licensed:  Dept. of Social Development Medical Aid Board
Accredited:  Dept. of Social Development and ACT
Beds:  17
Cost:  R21,000 per month / US$ 2,000 per month
Insurance:  All major medical aid companies
Scholarships:  None
Exercise facilities:  None
Detox:  Off-premise detox facility access at additional cost

Galino House treats drug and alcohol addiction as an illness and is based on the Minnesota model of treatment (12 steps). Their team of clinicians, nurses and counselors specialize in addiction recovery. Treatment focuses on all aspects of the patient’s well-being and is tailored to each person’s needs.  It includes counseling, group therapy, motivational talks, weekly goal setting, big book study groups, educational groups, and attention to nutrition, exercise, relaxation and recreation. The facility offers a tranquil setting to facilitate the recovery process. Standards meet international requirements with affiliations to professional organizations abroad including the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counsellors. 

Gladstones Clinic Bristol

Location: Bristol, UK; Notting Hill, London, UK; Cotswold, UK
Phone:  0808 278 2762
Licensed:  C.Q.C (Care Quality Commission)
Accredited:  F.D.A.P. (Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals) & E.A.T.A. (European Association for the Treatment of Addiction)
Beds: Bristol has 25; London has 8 beds; Cotswold has 12 beds
Cost:  $11,260 for 28 days of Primary Care - includes detox
Insurance:  Accepted
Scholarships:  None
Exercise facilities:  Offsite supervised access
Detox:  Drug and alcohol detox available

Gladstones Clinic applies holistic, non 12-step, and integrative medical therapies to the treatment of drug and alcohol disorders in a private, residential setting. Cognitive behavioural therapy, group and one-to-one counselling, acupuncture, meditation, diet and nutrition all play vital roles in the treatment model. Gladstones applies a total abstinence-based philosophy to long-term recovery and equips clients with the necessary tools and support networks to achieve it. All clients who successfully complete a recovery programme are eligible for free and ongoing Saturday Morning Aftercare for life.

Hope Rehab Thailand

Location:  Sri Racha, Chonburi, Thailand
Phone:  +66 8952 91 297
From USA: +1 323 250 06828952 91 297
Licensed:  In process from the Thai government
Accredited:  FDAP Affiliated and NAADAC certified
Beds:  20 private rooms
Cost:  $7500 first month, $6500 second & subsequent months
Scholarships: Discounts sometimes available depending on circumstances and availability
Insurance:  No
Exercise facilities:  On-site
Detox:  Yes

Hope Offers intensive 30 day & long-term programs in a 20-bed facility on the coast of Thailand less than an hour from Bangkok. The 7 acre walled grounds with gyms and a swimming pool provides a peaceful environment for the recovery process. They use a holistic approach to addiction treatment combining cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, fitness, group therapy, counseling and 12-step principles.

iRecover Addiction Treatment Centers

Location:  Tees, Alberta, Canada
Phone:   (877) 387-4155
Contact Form:
Licensed:  Yes
Accredited:  CARF
Beds:  27 rooms and 10 detox rooms
Cost: 3 week program is $6,100 CAD + GST, full six-week program is $10,400 CAD + GST.  Program change to 4 and 8 weeks – check for new pricing.
Scholarships:  Yes
Exercise facilities:  Yes
Detox:  Medical detox with 24 hour medical staff on site

iRecovery offers structured four week and eight-week residential treatment programs for men and women recovering from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. The program includes medical detox, a 12-step classroom-based program, individual counseling, fellowship meetings, and cognitive behavioral therapy.  It provides education on health and diet, physical exercise, social connection and spiritual healing.  Financing may be available through Medicard and Healthsmart.  Accepts most medical insurance plans including Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna and United Healthcare.

Ledgehill Treatment and Recovery Centre

Location:  Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone:  1-800-676-3393
Licensed:  None required in Nova Scotia
Accredited:  NAATP, professional staff
Beds:  9
Cost:  30 days $12,950 Private room; 45 days $17,950; 60 days $22,950; 90 days $30,950
Scholarships:  None
Exercise facilities:  On and off site
Detox:  On-site medically-supervised by full time nurses coordinated by the medical team.

This one-year multi-phase treatment program begins with a 45, 60 or 90-day core program or a 30-day condensed program.  It is based on the 12-step model supplemented with therapies such as meditation, yoga, massage and exercise, with  home cooked meals in a beautiful natural environment. Treatments include individual and group therapy, physical exercise, spiritual counseling, and healthy lifestyle coaching. An after-care program assures regular contact with a counselor as well as contacts with ongoing recovery programs such as NA and AA for one year after treatment.

The Orchard Recovery and Addiction Treatment Center

Location:  British Columbia, Canada
Phone:  866-233-2299 or 604-947-0420
Licensed:  Not known
Accredited:  Not known
Beds:  25
Cost:  28-day program $13,700 CDN, 42-day program $18,900 CDN, 10-day introduction to recovery $6,500
Scholarships:  Not known
Exercise facilities:  Not known
Detox:  Yes

The Orchard Drug Treatment Center offers a number of options for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Care includes detox, primary care, extended care/sober living and ongoing alumni aftercare services. Treatment is a balance of clinical interventions, 12-step recovery, and holistic modalities.   Flexible lengths of stay begin with a 10-day introduction to treatment, detox and stabilization, followed by 28, 42 and 90 plus day programs to build a solid recovery foundation. The 42-day program includes diagnostic assessment, a medical evaluation, peer and group therapy, life skills strategies, spiritual development, relapse prevention and six weekends of family programming. Orchard is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) and the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC).

Parkland Place

Location: 100 Llanelian Road, Old Colwyn, Conwy, North Wales, LL29 9UH
Phone:   01492 203 421
Licensed:  Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales
Accredited:  Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales
Beds:  16
Cost: $3,032 USD per week depending on needs assessment and room choice
Scholarships:  Call for more information
Exercise facilities:  Group exercise activities and vast grounds suitable for jogging or other outdoor sports.
Detox:  Access to their detox clinic at Salus Withnell Hall

Located in a 16-bedroom mansion with gardens near the North Wales coast, Parkland Place is operated by CAIS, a registered charity with more than four decades of expertise in supporting people with substance misuse conditions. Their therapeutic rehab program combines a core schedule of activities with choices for personalized support. All interventions are delivered by experienced staff – a number of whom have their own experiences of addiction. Their program draws on models of care that are solution-based and person-centered to help people identify the psychological and social pressures they face and build new ways of dealing with them.

Recovery Direct

Location:  Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone:   0792357415
Licensed:  National Compliance Regulatory Authority of South Africa
Accredited:  Not known
Beds:  16
Cost: Shared: R65 000 ($4,588 UA dollars) ex vat for 28 days.
Scholarships:  N/A
Exercise facilities:  Pool, gym
Detox:  No

Expert consulting and residential psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and nurses operate within a collaborative environment to enhance outcomes for each person.  Features include individual treatment plain, daily therapy groups, and daily one-on-one therapy.  Patients may choose their length of stay although usually complete program cycles are maintained from 21 to 28 days on a pay as you go basis. Accommodations consist of suites, with luxury executive suites available as well.

Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat

Location:  Boquete, Panama, Central America
Phone:   (786) 245-4067 or (507) 6839-0569
Email :
Licensed:  Federal Government of Panama
Accredited:  No
Beds:  6
Insurance Accepted:  Self-pay
Cost:  standard room $13,050 for 45 days; private room $23,490 for 45 days
Scholarships:  No
Exercise facilities:  Weekly trips to the spa/gym, daily nature walks with the 'therapy dog' and weekly recreation activities
Detox: Local medical assistance for detox available

In the tropical mountains of central Panama, Serenity Vista is an English-speaking, Canadian owned recovery retreat for alcohol, nicotine, and other drug addictions. They offer 45-70-90-day programs based on the Minnesota Model of treating addiction as a disease and using a 12-step based recovery program.  Holistic individualized treatments include professional therapies, adventure recreations like sailing, and participation in the 12 Step recovery community of Boquete. Professional counselors and therapists lead two, 2-hour sessions each day emphasizing important recovery concepts, healing work and the development of new life-living skills.  Financing options are available.

Sobriety Home

Location:  Godmanchester, Quebec, Canada
Phone:  1-877-777-4386
Licensed:  Ministry of Health and Social Services, Government of Quebec
Accredited:  Dept of Health and Social Services
Beds:  12 private rooms with private bathroom
Cost:  $9,990 for 30 days
Scholarships:  Not known
Exercise facilities:  Gym, recreation program, personal fitness coaching
Detox:  Yes; medically supervised, licensed to dispense methadone and suboxone for detox and maintenance

Sobriety Home Foundation is a small not for profit residential alcohol and drug treatment center located in the countryside outside of Quebec. It offers medical and psychological addiction treatment programs in a quiet rural environment conducive to recovery. While traditional cognitive therapy is the basis of their program, their holistic approach includes individual and family counseling, creative arts therapies, and traditional native healing based on the traditions of the North American aboriginal peoples of the Turtle Island.

Tropical Oasis Treatment Center

Location:  Esetrillos Oeste, Costa Rica, Central America
Phone:   1-866-921-3778
Email: or
Licensed:  State Department of Health
Accredited:  Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (IAFA)
Beds:  18
Cost:  $6,500 for 30 days
Scholarships:  NA
Exercise facilities:  Yes
Detox:  Yes

This English speaking recovery center is located in a tropical rainforest surrounded by ocean views. The program addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of recovery from a mind, body, spirit perspective. Services include individual and group therapy, education, and medical management as well as massage, yoga and acupuncture. Staff includes an addiction counsellor, medical doctor, nutritionist, and psychologists.

A Valiant Recovery

Location:  Kelowna, British Columbia
Phone:  877-958-8247
Licensed:  None
Accredited: Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (IAFA)
Beds:  10
Cost:  $13,500 a month
Scholarships:  Partial
Exercise facilities:  Gym
Detox:  Medical detox

Located in British Columbia this residential treatment program includes detox and alcohol and drug treatment. It incorporates a 12-step spiritual approach to recovery as well as group and individual therapy. It also includes holistic approaches such as art therapy, equine therapy, anger and stress management, nutrition, physical fitness, and IV amino acid therapy. 

The Victoria Program

Location:  Marbella, Spain
Phone:  In the UK 01444 245 859
In Spain (+34) 902 240 097
Licensed:  Spanish Ministry of Health
Accredited:  Spanish Ministry of Health
Beds:  4-8 people
Cost:  $3,500 Euros for 10 days
Scholarships:  Not known
Exercise facilities:  Not known
Detox:  No

Established in Spain in 1984, the residential phase of this program lasts ten days and is run from Mundatluz Hotel in Marbella, Spain. This intensive program helps clients learn how to live without drugs or alcohol. Based on the cognitive-behavioral model of relapse prevention, the program is conducted in both English and Spanish by clinical psychologists, physicians and specifically trained therapists. It consists of three phases: 1. Admission: A series of individual and family sessions focusing on information, motivation and assessment conducted local to the client's residence whenever possible; 2. Treatment: Ten days of intensive Residential Therapy including group and individual sessions, education, relaxation and stress management, cognitive therapy, goal setting and relapse prevention techniques; and 3. Follow-up: Individual and family sessions to consolidate the changes and prevent relapse. The client continues for at least a year with non-residential consultations, with the same therapist, if possible, who took care of their admission phase.


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