Holistic Treatment

These residential treatment centers offer recovery programs with a strong holistic focus – combining a variety of therapies such as mind-body therapies, yoga, healthy nutrition, exercise, biofeedback, creative arts therapies and more. We feel they are of interest because of their innovative approach to addiction recovery. Because many of these centers are new and small, however, we have not been able to evaluate their quality.


Location:  Malibu, CA
Phone:  (888) 814-7528
Website: acadiamalibu.com
Licensed:  DHCS – California Dept. of Health Care Services
Accredited:  No
Beds:  6
Cost:  Varies, can be covered by insurance $25,000/30 days
Insurance:  PPOs
Fitness and recreational activities on and off site: Rock climbing, ropes course, lifesavers, sweat lodge, yoga, meditation, hiking, stand up paddling, gardening at ‘Acadia Farms’, zumba, Jiu jitsu
Scholarships: Available
Detox: No (outside referral)

Acadia Malibu offers integrated traditional and holistic long-term treatment in Malibu, CA. The program is based on trust, meaningful connections, and kindness in supporting clients to heal and change their own lives. At intake, a team of licensed clinicians and psychiatrists assess the client and develop an individualized treatment plan with clear goals. Services include psychodynamic and educational groups, one-on-one therapy, family therapy, as well as many recreational activities, neurofeedback, equine assisted therapy, and more. All meals and transportation are included. Treatment usually lasts between 30 and 60 days.


Location:  American Fork, Utah
Phone:  877-527-2363
Website: www.ascendrecovery.com
Licensed:  State of Utah
Accredited:  No
Beds:  8
Cost:  $9,500, scholarship opportunities available
Insurance:  Will bill all insurances
Fitness and recreational activities on and off site: Daily exercise group lead by personal trainer,
yoga; weekly recreation activities that include hiking, fishing, fun parks, movies, etc.
Scholarships: Available
Detox: Yes

Ascend Recovery synthesizes medical and holistic approaches to addiction recovery and underlying mental health issues. Therapeutic techniques include group and individual therapy, medical therapies and holistic healing techniques such as a specialized nutrition program, Rapid Eye Technology, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Art Therapies, auricular therapy, chiropractic, and a core family program to help families connected with the disease of drug addiction.


Location:  San Rafael, CA
Phone:  877-755-6882
Email: info@baysidemarin.com
Website:  www.baysidemarin.com
Licensed:  California Department of Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program
Accredited:  CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities)
Beds:  18
Cost:  $37,000/ 30 days
Insurance:  Some private insurance
Scholarships: 4 scholarships/ year
On-site Exercise Facilities: Yes
Detox: Yes

Each person receives a physical and psychological evaluation that is used in the development of their individualized treatment plan.   Treatment approaches include yoga, tai chi, group therapy, counseling, education sessions, therapeutic massage or acupuncture, sober fun activities, physical fitness at the gym, and more. There are also weekly creative therapy activities such as a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, psycho-drama sessions, EMDR, biofeedback, sailing, creative art therapy, and equine-assisted therapy.  In the evenings clients attend self-help support group meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, or LifeRing.


Location:  137 N.W 1st Ave. Delray Beach, Fl 33444
Phone:  877-284-0353
Website:  www.beachway.com
Licensed:  State Of Florida Department Of Children and Families
Accredited:  CARF International
Beds:  40+
Cost:  Private pay begins at $18,000 for 30 days, sliding scales and insurances
Insurance:  Multiple insurances acccepted depending on individual plans
Scholarships: No
On-site Exercise Facilities: No
Detox: Yes

Beachway focuses on cutting-edge, individualized treatment. Through the care of experienced licensed professionals including a board-certified medical director, licensed clinical social workers and certified addiction and mental health counselors, clients’ emotional and mental needs are addressed. Their holistic approach to recovery includes music, art, and equine therapy. Residents may also choose a Christian treatment plan focusing on prayer, meditation, and Bible study to find healing through a spiritual re-connection with God.


Location:  Hilo, Hawaii
Phone:  (808) 933 4400
Website:  hawaiinaturopathicretreat.com
Licensed:  None
Accredited:  None
Beds:  6
Cost:  $410 per day + optional therapies, sessions, treatments and procedures
Insurance: None
Exercise Facilities: Personal trainer, yoga, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, bicycling, watsu, massage, acupuncture, myofacial release, EFT, The Work of Byron Katie
Detox: Natural Detoxification

Developed by a licensed naturopathic physician and psychotherapist, this program combines detoxification methods including raw food, amino acids, sauna, colon hydrotherapy, and herbal teas with psychotherapy, meditation, massage and spirituality to create a natural detoxification program based on nutrition, hydrotherapy, exercise and psychotherapy. Recommended stays are between one week and three months depending on the type of addiction being addressed.


Location:  Sandy, Utah
Phone:  (844) 877-1302
Email: info@journeyhealingcenters.com
Website:  journeyhealingcenters.com
Licensed:  Utah Department of Health Services
Accredited:  JC (Joint Commission)
Beds:  16
Cost:  $12,000 — 19,000 for 28 days
Insurance: ValueOptions insurance accepted
Scholarships: None
Exercise Facilities: Private gym
Detox: Partial

Journey Healing Center is a holistic treatment center located in Sandy, Utah. Its clinical programs and facilities have been awarded The Gold Seal of Accreditation by The Joint Commission, the highest governing body of accreditation in the Behavioral Healthcare Field. The treatment programs are between 28 and 90 days. The program consists of individual counseling, group sessions or family therapy as well as activities such as yoga, nature walks, massage therapy and painting. After initial treatment has ended, aftercare treatment options are available.


Location:  Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada
Phone:  (866) 233-2299
Email: info@orchardrecovery.com
Website:  www.orchardrecovery.com
Licensed:  Province of British Columbia
Accredited:  CARF certification
Beds:  25
Cost:  28-day program is $12,700CND; 42-day program is $17,700CND; 10-day introduction is $6,350CND
Insurance: Orchard will work with insurance companies or employee assistance plans to expedite payment. All non-Canadian residents must have health insurance.
Exercise Facilities: 3,500 sq ft fitness facility, outdoor pool
Detox: Yes

Orchard Recovery offers a client-centered holistic approach, integrating treatment from a variety of disciplines to address all aspects of the addiction problem (physical, mental, social and spiritual). They also treat underlying issues that preceded addiction, and all co-related addictions. Individualized treatment includes diagnostic assessment; individual and group counseling; cognitive behavioral, eclectic and experiential approaches; 12-step work; holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation and relaxation; recreation and physical activity; excellent nutrition; training in coping and life skills; and family counseling. Private arrangements can be made for acupuncture, shiatsu, massage, chiropractic, reflexology, physiotherapy or a personal fitness trainer. A variety of programs are offered including Phase II, Extended Care Residential living, Relapse Prevention and Aftercare programs. The facility is wheel chair accessible..


Location:  Malibu and Westside, CA
Phone:  (888) 478-1669
Email: promises.com/contact
Website:  www.promises.com
Licensed:  State of California
Accredited:  CARF
Beds:  Malibu 16, Westside 18 beds
Cost:  $37,950/30 days; Westside: $21,905/30 days
Insurance:  Accepts most PPO Insurance
Scholarships: Available at Westside
Exercise facilities: Access to outside exercise facilities are available
Detox: Yes

Primary residential treatment is based on social, cognitive and psychodynamic treatment models.  Treatment is provided by an interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, nurses, physicians, licensed therapists, mental health counselors, legal experts, and peer counselors.  The approach includes individualized treatment and relapse prevention plans; group and individual counseling with professional therapists; family therapy; holistic therapeutic services including acupuncture, bodywork, yoga, homeopathy, stress reduction and bio-nutritional therapy; and fitness services with personal trainers.  During early recovery, Promises provides sub-acute detoxification treatment.  Promises Pacific House also offers extended care for transition from residential treatment back into the community.  They offer are a variety of modalities that clients can choose from including family sessions, individual equine therapy sessions, body awareness/healing, health and nutrition education/support, eating and food issues, meditation classes, education and career coaching, parenting instruction, Step workshops, acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, and somatic therapy.


Location:  Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Phone:  (888) 899-8301
Email: recoveryroad@sunspirehealth.com
Website:  recoveryroad.com
Licensed:  Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF)
Accredited:  JCAHO
Beds:  16
Cost:  $15,000/30 Days
Insurance:  Private only
Scholarships: When available
Exercise facilities: Yes
Detox: Outpatient

This residential treatment center for men offers a full program to build life skills and insights for a healthy sober life. Personalized treatment draws on a wide range of therapies focusing on the unique needs of each individual. Treatments include detoxification, individual and group therapy, psychiatric treatment as needed, 12-step meetings, acupuncture, art therapy, massage therapy, and meditation among others.


Location:  Scottsdale, Arizona
Phone:  (888) 402-5261
Email: info@thesundancecenter.com
Website:  www.thesundancecenter.com
Licensed:  Arizona Office of Behavioral Health Licensing
Accredited:  Joint Commission
Cost:  $14,000- $19,000 for 28 days
Insurance:  Private Pay, Will bill all insurances, can often obtain single case agreements.
Scholarships: No
Exercise facilities: Private gym
Detox: Partial

The Sundance Center is a holistic treatment center located in Scottsdale Arizona. Its clinical programs and facilities have been awarded The Gold Seal of Accreditation by The Joint Commission, the highest governing body of accreditation in the Behavioral Healthcare Field. The treatment programs are between 28 and 90 days. The program consists of individual counseling, group sessions or family therapy as well as activities such as yoga, nature walks, massage therapy and painting. After initial treatment has ended, aftercare treatment options are available.


Location:  Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
Phone:  (866) 487-9010
Email: info@schc.ca
Website:  www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.com
Licensed:  Licensed with Province of
British Columbia
Accredited:  Pending
Beds:  20 Residential, 4 Detox
Cost:  $190/day plus $400 admission fee (U.S. dollar)
Scholarships: No
Exercise facilities: Yes
Detox: Yes

Sunshine Coast Health Center is a 20-bed treatment center exclusively for men and their families located on 5 acres of oceanfront 80 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia. It includes a 4-bed medical detox, massage therapy, oxygen sauna, relaxation and music therapy, walking trails and fitness center. This is a non 12-step program. Clients explore the medical aspects of their addiction and are provided wellness therapies and off-site recreation.

Updated February 21, 2017