Residential Treatment Centers


Location:  Carmel, NY
Phone:  (888)-227-4641
Licensed:  Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
Accredited:  JCAHO
Beds:  129
Cost:  $350/day or $8,505/28 days
Insurance:  Private, HMO's & Medicaid
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

Arms Acres has separate programs for men and women. The women’s program is specially designed to address the unique stresses and concerns of the addicted woman. In this therapeutic environment women explore these issues in closed discussion groups and 12-step meetings. The program includes work with professional counselors, a strong fitness program that promotes a healthy lifestyle and release of stress. Acupuncture is also available to patients. Separate men’s services include an intensive environment which promotes and supports physical, emotional and spiritual healing as well. Services for both men and women include Evaluation/Assessment/Diagnosis, Individual Treatment Planning, Workforce programming, Nutrition Education, Relapse Prevention, Stress Management & Anger Reduction, Art therapy, GLBT, Equine Therapy, and Strong and Individualized Aftercare referrals.


Location:  Havre de Grace, MD
Phone:  (800) 799-4673
Licensed:  State of Maryland, Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene
Accredited:  JCAHO
Beds:  80
Cost:  $16,640/28 days
Insurance:  Private Only
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

The Ashley program is based on a traditional approach to addiction treatment, addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient. Physical health is improved through fitness, diet and stress reduction. Spiritual and emotional health is supported through spiritual lectures, group and individual counseling, retreats and services as well as the use of the Twelve Step philosophy with nightly meetings and weekly step studies.

Services include primary, relapse and family treatment as well as continuing care. A gym is available but exercise is an optional, not formal part of their program. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access.


Location:  Lake Worth, FL
Phone:  (888) 432-2467
Licensed:  Florida Dept. of Children and Families,
Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Accredited:  JCAHO
Beds:  100
Cost:  $395/day
Insurance:  Private Only
On Site Detox Unit

Separate programs for women and men provide substance abuse care in a safe and supportive environment. Focus is on creating a thorough and customized treatment plan designed for each individual’s specific needs, which includes detox and a combination of therapies coupled with group and individual counseling. Family therapy and education are also provided.


Location:  800 NW 28th Street, Miami, FL 33127
Phone:  305-634-3409
Licensed:  Florida Department of Children and Families
Accredited:  CARF
# of beds:  110
Cost:  $4000/month private pay
Insurance:  Subsidized by public funds if qualify or Medicaid
Scholarships:  No
Exercise facilities:  Yes
Detox:  No

Treatment programs are staffed using a multidisciplinary team approach. Treatment is designed to develop each client's personal strengths and the abilities necessary for responsible and successful recovery. Individual, family and group modalities are employed. A complete curriculum of substance abuse education covering the disease concept and all aspects of pertinent recovery skills is presented.

In residential treatment the client has a Primary Counselor/Case Manager who helps in identifying areas that need change and developing plans to address them.  Full day programs are structured to educate and support clients as they begin the process of change. The 12 Step recovery program is used as the foundation for sober living.

Social and recreational activities teach clients to have fun without the use of chemicals. Vocational staff provide vocational assessments and assist clients to prepare for the world of work as well as to explore the need for training or education for improved employability skills.  Each client develops a plan for continuing treatment and housing which must be approved by the treatment team.


Location:  Rancho Mirage, CA
Phone:  (760) 773-4100; (800) 854-9211
Licensed:  State of California,
Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital
Beds: 160
Cost: $33,000/30 days (inpatient);
$23,300 - 48,300/30-90 days (residential day treatment)
Pain Management Program:  $47,000 for 45 days
Insurance: Private Only
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

The Center was founded in 1982 by former First Lady Betty Ford and Ambassador Leonard Firestone to provide residential treatment services for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. All programs begin with an individualized assessment and are based on the 12 Step programs. Up to 100 patients live at the Center between 25 and 32 days to begin the process of recovery.

A structured program includes daily lectures, group therapy, and counseling sessions. Physicians, nurses, psychologists, spiritual care counselors, activity therapists, registered dietitians, and other staff work together to create individualized treatment plans for each patient and to evaluate their progress. Specialized support groups are available on an individual basis. The facility has a gym, pool and weight training which are used daily as part of the program.

Following discharge, patients receive a continuing care plan and participate in the Focused Continuing Care program, staying in close contact with the staff for a full year after leaving the Center. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access.


Location:  Wernersville, PA; Boca Raton, FL; Princeton, TX
Phone:  (800) 678-2332
Licenses:  Office of Drug and Alcohol Programming,
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility
Accreditation:  CARF
Beds: 251 in PA; 212 in FLA; 40 in TX
Cost: $33,000-$36,000 approx for 4 weeks
Insurance:  Private Only
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

The Caron treatment program offers complete chemical dependency treatment services.  This includes gender-specific programs for adolescents and adults, relapse treatment, aftercare, and educational programs for family members and others whose lives have been impacted by addiction.

The Foundation treats people with chemical addictions of every type including alcohol, drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana and prescription medicines, and substances such as inhalants and tobacco. Caron also provides extended care services at Renaissance Institute of Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Florida.

The Caron treatment program varies in length of stay according to each individual's needs and is based on the 12-Step model, with individual and group therapy, therapeutic activities, daily lectures and continuing care planning for each resident during their stay. Appropriate referral to an individual's next level of care is made following residential treatment. Caron staff stay in touch with former patients to track their progress and provide workshops and seminars to help them  throughout their recovery. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access and services for the blind and deaf.


Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Phone:  (818) 985-8323
Email: Heather Edney,
Licensed:  State of California Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Accredited:  CARF
Beds: 120
Cost:  $5,000/month
Insurance:  Private Only
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

Cri-Help's residential program is divided into clinical phases ranging from a period of restriction to a gradual reintegration into the community. The program provides multidisciplinary treatment that includes a structured residential environment, drug and alcohol education including daily attendance of Narcotics Anonymous and/or Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, daily study groups on the 12-step recovery principles, life enrichment and socialization programs, problem solving and coping skills training, ongoing individual and group counseling, recreation, family support groups, remedial education and vocational assistance, and nutritional counseling. Acupuncture and neurofeedback services (a form of biofeedback found to be effective in addiction treatment) are also offered at the facility.

A 14-bed medically managed detoxification program is available for private pay or medically-insured patients. Outpatient treatment following residential treatment is offered in order to provide a continuum of care.

A gym is available on the premises. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access and assistance for the blind.


Location:  Fairview University Medical Center, MN
Phone:  (612) 672-6600
Contact Form:
Licensed:  State of Minnesota
Accredited:  JCAHO
Beds:  50
Cost:  $841/day first 3-5 days
          $387/day next 20
Insurance:  Private & Medicare
On Site Detox Unit

Fairview's approach includes the treatment of chemical dependency as an illness; the use of a multidisciplinary staff to create individualized treatment programs; the use of group therapy and the 12-step programs as primary treatment methods; and the inclusion of the family or support network in education and therapy programs. The program is geared towards healing the whole person and helps clients to develop new patterns of living and thinking that support sobriety.


Location:  Center City & Plymouth, MN
and Newberg, OR
Phone:  (800) 257-7810
Licensed:  State of Minnesota, State of Illinois, State of New York, and State of Oregon
Accredited:  Illinois - JCAHO; Oregon - CARF
Beds:  Varies
Cost:   $23,300 - $25,500/4 weeks in MN;
$22,200/4 weeks in Or
Insurance:  Accepted
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

Hazelden provides both residential and outpatient treatment for adults and young people with substance abuse problems as well as programs for families affected by chemical dependency. They use the Minnesota Model treatment approach based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and emphasize an individualized and holistic approach.

Services include assessment and rehabilitation for adolescents and adults, aftercare and family services, renewal services such as recovery retreats and relapse prevention programs, residential extended care services that offer additional time for recovery after a primary treatment program is completed, and continuing care.

Physical fitness is emphasized but not mandatory, with both facilities having a gym and the Minnesota location having a pool. Their web site includes bulletin boards and a chat room, a large selection of books, and videotapes on addiction, an online newsletter, daily meditations, twelve-step recovery information, and articles on drug and alcohol addiction.


Location:  Waverly, PA
Phone:  (800) 442-7722
Licensed:  Pennsylvania Dept. of Health
Accredited:  JCAHO with commendation
Beds:  91
Cost:  $3150/week for a 4-week program, $450/day
Insurance:  Private (full scholarships available)
On Site Detox Unit

Founded in 1915, the Geisinger Health System is a physician-led health care system that consists of a variety of services, including the Marworth Alcohol & Chemical Dependency Center. Marworth offers a variety of specialized inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Individual treatment plans are designed for each patient within the framework of the 12-step program. Special emphasis is placed on including the patient’s family in the recovery program. Recreation therapy is part of the daily program, but there is no physical work out equipment. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access. In addition they have specialized programs for Healthcare Professionals and Law Enforcement.


Location:  Canaan, CT & Wilton, CT
Phone:  (800) 762-5433
Licensed:  State of Connecticut
Accredited:  CARF
Beds:  90
Cost:  Sliding scale based on insurance or ability to pay
Insurance:  Private; No Medicare or Medicaid
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

Mountainside offers a wide variety of treatment approaches designed to help people discover their ability to heal themselves in mind, body and spirit and to continue self-healing as a lifelong process.

The program is tailored to each individual's needs and includes individual counseling as well as structured counselor-led group meetings, motivational counseling, therapeutic task-focused assignments, adventure-based initiatives, daily spiritual practice groups, yoga, 12-step education and meetings, meditation, drama, music and art therapy, writing workshops, weekly gender-specific group meetings, and family counseling.

Mountainside's innovative rehab and detox programs have been recognized by the addiction community and the government for its contribution to the field of addiction recovery and prevention.


Location:  LA, MI, NH, NY, TX, UT, Australia,
New Zealand
Phone:  (801) 596-1990 (Utah);
(212) 987-5100 (NYC)
Email:  Utah:,
Website: (Utah) (New York City)
Accredited:  None
Beds:  Varies
Cost:  Utah $1,350/month, Others  $846/month
Insurance:  All

Odyssey House is a drug-free, residential therapeutic community. Services consist of group, individual and family therapy, medical services, recreation, social skills training, vocational training and educational services as well as treatment for specialized needs and aftercare and transitional living programs. Treatment programs are available for adults and adolescents.

The program in Utah has a work out facility but participation is strictly voluntary. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access and services for the blind and deaf.


Location:  CA, FL, MA, NH, NY, RI, TX, VT
Phone:   (888) 671-9392
Contact Form:
Licensed:  by each state
Accredited:  CARF
Beds:  Varies
Cost:  Covered by Medicaid, public assistance, government agencies and the Dept. of Corrections.
Insurance:  Full Coverage
On Site Exercise Facilities

Phoenix House includes both adolescent and adult treatment programs that are based on the traditional “Therapeutic Community” method of treatment. This emphasizes mutual peer self-help to support recovery in a structured environment.

There are three phases of residential treatment. Phase 1 is a 30-day orientation period and includes a full assessment. Phase 2 is the primary treatment period, usually between 9-12 months, consisting of intensive treatment including therapy groups and individual counseling and weekly seminars on various topics such as stress management, healthy relationships, family issues, life skills, and relapse triggers. In Phase 3 residents prepare to "reenter" society.

Phoenix House has a small exercise facility that is available on a voluntary basis. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access and services for the blind and deaf if they are self-sufficient.


Location:  Minneapolis and Eden Prarie, MN
Phone:  (800) 547-7433, (952) 934-7552
Licensed:  State-licensed
Accredited:  CARF

Beds:  42 beds + 8 PHP with Lodging Beds
Cost:  Detox/Residential with meds: $805/day; without meds: $770/day; Partial Hospitalization: $550/day
Intensive Outpatient: $285/session
Insurance:  Third party reimbursement, state assistance & private pay
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

Founded in 1986, Pride Institute specializes in addiction and mental health treatment for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans gender communities. Treatment centers offers in-patient, intensive out-patient, and partial hospitalization programs. In-patient services include detoxification, daily group therapy, and educational groups. Based on the 12-step philosophy, they integrate a variety of treatment approaches such as cognitive-behavioral, motivational enhancement and dialectical behavioral therapy. Treatment is by a multidisciplinary team of nurses, psychiatric and medical physicians, and case managers.

Facility has exercise classes and recreational outings.


Location:  Briarwood, NY
Phone:  (800) 532-HELP (4357) or (718) 657-6195
Licensed:  State Office of Alcoholism and Substances Abuse Services
Beds:  753
Cost:  Sliding Scale
Insurance:  Medicaid
On Site Exercise Facilities

Samaritan Village residential treatment services provide intensive, highly structured treatment environments using the therapeutic community model (the principle of one recovering person helping another) as their foundation. Intensive Residential Treatment services include a focus on Medically Assisted Treatment, Men and Women Military Veterans, Mothers with Children, Community Residence, and Opioid Treatment.


Location:  208 Valley Road, New Canaan, CT
Phone:  (866) 542-4455; (203) 966-3561
Licensed:  State of Connecticut
Accredited:  JCAHO
Beds:  113
Cost:  contact admissions for cost of programs
Insurance:  Private & Medicare
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

Silver Hill is a psychiatric hospital that offers a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for psychiatric and addictive disorders (alcoholism & substance abuse). It is a fully accredited, not-for-profit hospital with 68 acute-care inpatient beds and 45 transitional living beds. The transitional living programs provide a bridge between acute inpatient care and outpatient treatment.

The integrated chemical dependency treatment program consists of inpatient detoxification and a rehabilitation program based on a 12-step model, including multidisciplinary assessment, crisis intervention, individual, group and family therapy, skills training, and a strong emphasis on education, family involvement and relapse prevention.

Silver Hill has an indoor gym with Nautilus equipment and an indoor pool. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access and services for the blind and deaf.


Location:   Laguna Beach, CA, Clearwater, FL
Phone:  (800) 334-0394
Licensed:  State of California
Accredited:  Laguna Beach–JCAHO, others–none
Beds:  Varies
Cost:  $12,000 +/28 days
Insurance:  Private Only
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

Spencer Centers offer a variety of treatment programs. The inpatient program consists of the three phases of medical detoxification, primary rehabilitation, and family days. Two types of detoxification programs are available: standard medical detox and rapid detox. Length of stay for this program varies based upon individual need.

Primary care is a 30-day inpatient program that encourages patients to recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition to individual, group, and family therapy, their approach includes exercise, meditation, and nutrition.

The Centers offer a gym, personal trainer and yoga classes. Extended care that can last for up to another 60 days and long-term sober living facilities are also available to support patients who have completed primary care programs. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access.


Location:  San Francisco Bay, CA
Phone:  (800) 811-1800
Licensed:  Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs,
County DA for court referral program
Accredited:  CARF
Beds:  53
Cost:  Approximately $375/day
Insurance:  All types
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit
Yoga classes also available

The Support System treatment philosophy is based on the belief that treatment of the whole being - mind, body, and spirit - is necessary for the lifelong process of addiction recovery.  The program combines one-on-one and group counseling, medical treatment, a strong support network, 12-step work, recreational therapy, active involvement in the recovery community, alcohol and drug education and skills development in this process.  Staff and program participants work together as a team to develop individualized treatment plans.

In addition Support Systems has 18 Sober Living/Transitional Housing Units that provide clean, safe, drug-free living environments. This extensive network is available to assist clients transitioning from residential treatment and other individuals seeking a supportive, drug-free sober living environment.

Customized programs and payment plans are offered in order to make the recovery program available to the largest number of clients.  Most credit cards as well as most HMO's, Employee Assistance Plans and insurance plans are accepted.


Location:  Tampa, FL
Phone:  (800) 397-3006
Licensed:  State of Florida
Accredited:  JCAHO
Beds:  50
Cost:  $695/day w/insurance; $8000/30 days w/o
Insurance:  Private Only

Turning Point of Tampa's inpatient program consists of three separate levels of residential treatment with special emphasis on a 12-Step approach to addiction as well as life skill education for successful recovery. Treatment is based on a holistic approach emphasizing the physical, emotional, medical, and spiritual needs of the whole person. Clients follow a treatment plan that is tailored to fit their own special needs and includes group and individual counseling.

While exercise facilities are not available on the premises, patients can use outside gyms after the detoxification period. The level of care and length of stay are decided on an individual basis. In addition, chronic relapse prevention techniques are an essential part of the clients' treatment recovery program. The program has no special services for the disabled and limited wheel chair access.


Locations:  Chandler, AZ, Parker, CO, Atchison, Moundridge, & Norton, KS, Boonville, MO, O'Neill, NE, Cushing, OK, Grapevine, TX
Phone:  (800) 654-0486 (information);
(800) 544-5101 (admissions)
Licensed:  Each State
Accredited:  JCAHO
Beds:  Varies on Location
Cost:  $4,000 - $10,000 depending on length of stay
Insurance:  Insurance, Managed Care &
Self Pay Accepted
On Site Exercise Facilities & Detox Unit

Sixteen treatment centers are freestanding residential facilities that include detoxification, residential inpatient care, and continuing care treatment services. A medical, psychological and social assessment is completed at admission. A multidisciplinary team of certified addiction counselors, chaplains, physicians, nurses and psychologists work together to develop an individualized treatment program. This includes individual, family, couples, and pastoral counseling as well as group therapy settings totally approximately 47 hours per week of active treatment therapy. Participants attend educational and 12-step orientation lectures and local 12-step meetings.

Some of the centers have exercise facilities available. Facilities for the disabled include wheelchair access.

Updated February 13, 2018