Treatment for Teens & Older Adults

Treatment for Teens

  • NIDA for Teens: Prescription Opioid Medications
    Covers basic information on prescription opioids such as the most common opioid medications, how they can be misused, what happens to your body and your brain when you use opioids, dangers of overdose and death when using opioids, signs of overdose, addiction, withdrawal, and more.

  • NIDA: Drug Use and the Brain
    Features games, videos, blog posts and more to give teens the latest information on how drugs affect the brain and body.

  • NIDA: What to do if you have a problem with drugs: for teens and young adults
    Covers basic questions teens may have about whether they have a problem with drugs and how to handle it. Includes how to tell if you are addicted, where to start to get help, what treatment will be like, how to get off drugs without feeling sick, medications that can help, what to do if rehab didn’t work, how support groups can help, the different kinds of counseling, and more.

  • Teen Vogue: This is what happens to your brain when you’re addicted to opioids. It’s not good.
    Describes a young teen and her road to addiction, the power and danger of opioids, the quick leap from prescription opioids to heroin, and the role of treatment in giving teens the skills, self-understanding and motivation to live a sober life.

Treatment for Older Adults

Updated August 22, 2018