Apps for Recovery

Useful App features include:

  • Information on drug interactions and side effects for those on medication-assisted treatment (MAT) that can be accessed 24/7.
  • Support for dealing with common issues in opioid recovery, such as sleep problems; drug triggers; avoiding relapse; dealing with guilt; managing time, money, and emotions; repairing relationships; and dealing with other health issues.
  • Daily reminders of healthcare treatment appointments and medication schedules.
  • Helping people find local recovery support meetings and online peer support groups.
  • Getting people get involved in healthy activities that replace unhealthy habits such as practicing relaxation, exercising and joining addiction support groups.
  • Reminding people of their personal reasons for recovery such as photos of family and friends or links to inspiring YouTube videos, talks/podcasts, songs, and more.

Pear reSet
iOS Free (requires iOS 8+)
This FDA-approved app supports recovery in patients who are receiving care from a doctor, psychologist, nurse practitioner, or addiction treatment counselor. It uses a form of treatment called CBT to help people understand the relationship between feelings, thoughts and actions and unlearn harmful habits. Patients get a prescription and a passcode from the practitioner treating them, and then download the app and turn it on using the code. The 12-week program requires weekly check-ins. At the end of each session, patients complete a series of “modules” that include videos, audio and text that can help change their reactions to future difficult situations.

FlexDek MAT Edition smartphone app
iOS Free (requires iOS 8+)
Android Free (requires Android 4.3+)
This app received a first-place award in SAMHSA’s national Opioid Recovery App Challenge 2016. It is designed for people using Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for recovery from opioid dependence. Tools help build awareness, self-care and accountability. Features include coaches selected by app users from their own social support and healthcare team to strengthen their recovery and reduce relapse; articles, research and news to ensure up-to-date information; forums to share recovery experiences; meeting schedules of recovery organizations such as Narcotics Anonymous; and scheduling to keep track of healthcare appointments, medication schedules and personal goals.

iOS Free (requires iOS 8+)
Android Free (requires Android 4+)
This overdose rescue app won first place in the SAMHSA opioid overdose prevention challenge 2015. It provides information and a 5-step process for how to respond to an opioid overdose event, including step by step instruction for using multiple forms of Narcan or Naloxone. The guidelines that OpiRescue offers have been developed by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Opioid Overdose Prevention App
iOS Free (requires iOS 8+)
This app helps people understand what to do if a family member or friend overdoses on heroin or opioid medications. It covers the five essential steps for first responders. It also offers a social network called OP Anonymous that provides a peer support system to connect with people who are also working on their long-term addiction recovery.

Updated August 22, 2018