Intervention Services

People who struggle with addiction are often in denial about their situation or are unwilling to seek treatment. Often they don't recognize the negative effects of their behavior on themselves and others. An intervention presents a structured opportunity to address these issues and take action.

An intervention is a carefully planned process where family, friends and others involved in the person’s life gather together to tell the person about the effect of their addiction and ask him or her to accept treatment. The intervention usually offers a prearranged treatment action plan with clear steps, goals and guidelines in order to help the person take the first step toward recovery.

Experienced interventionists have the knowledge and training to help families, friends, and coworkers participate in the intervention in a helpful, nonjudgmental manner and effective way.


Aureus: Restoring Lives, Families and Careers (
ARP is a professional network of alcohol and drug specialists focusing on assessments, interventions, treatment center selection and management and post-treatment recovery. Their expertise is in helping families through the recovery process, beginning with the intervention and continuing through post-treatment planning.


Ascension Recovery Services (
Using a team of certified addiction professionals, Ascension provides interventions throughout the U.S. They use evidenced-based strategies to connect people with a substance abuse addiction to an appropriate solution. They also provide on-going monitoring. Their approach includes gathering information and interviewing family members; documenting evidence of the addiction and inaction; discussing treatment options that match the person’s specific needs, finances and insurance; addressing transportation issues; and conducting group rehearsals to prepare the family for the intervention.

Addiction Recovery Legal Services, LLC (
This private, for-profit, Florida law firm specializes in helping families deal with addiction through the Florida Marchman Act. This legal process compels a substance abuser to enter court ordered and monitored assessment, stabilization and long-term treatment for drug or alcohol addiction (at a facility chosen by the family). The Marchman Act applies to Florida only. However, families can bring a person with a substance use problem into Florida and once they are there court ordered treatment can be mandated. Fees are unique to each case with payment plans offered. There are also sliding scale "financial hardship" packages available based upon family income as validated through their IRS Tax Returns.

Buck Run Recovery Solutions (
Buck Run provides interventions, sober transports, and other services that help families move a loved one into treatment and recovery. Headed by a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and master wilderness guide, they offer Arise Interventions and Continuing Care as well as wilderness expeditions and vision quest/rites of passage to help those overcoming addictions. Located in Danville, VA they cover the Greensboro and Winston-Salem Triad Area, the Raleigh-Durham Triangle Area and the Danville, Martinsville, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Southwestern Virginia area. They also regularly make trips to the Charlotte and Asheville, NC areas and have a Sober Transport unit based in Asheville, NC.

Carefrontations (
Operating since 1988, the Carefrontations team of licensed and registered chemical dependency specialists provides interventions across the U.S. and abroad. The purpose is to present the reality of the addictive situation using a positive and caring, but truthful approach. The team provides instruction on how to begin the planning process including who should participate, treatment options, and when and where the preparation and intervention will occur.  Carefrontations works to ensure the safety of the person on their way to treatment, during facility to facility transfer, and after treatment is completed.

Intervention24seven (
Founded by a certified intervention and addictions counselor (National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionists) and a trained relapse prevention specialist who himself has been in recovery for over 15 years, Michael Lippe works closely with the family through the process of planning, cost, treatment process and follow up as well as sober living, relapse prevention coaching and total stabilization. While located in Southern California where most of his work is done, he does travel all over the country as needed.

Intervention 911 (
Headed by a certified alcohol and drug intervention specialist, Intervention 911 provides family and executive interventions. During this process, family members, friends, or employers learn how to deal with the addict who is in denial. The counselor and the significant others help the dependent person see their addiction and its consequences in order to move them to a point of beginning addiction treatment.

Intervention ASAP (
This program provides nationwide intervention and transport services. Founded by an intervention specialist with a Masters in Addiction Studies from Hazelden, services consist of a pre-intervention phone evaluation and face-to-face meeting with the family (3-6 hours) including education on addiction and codependency and intervention planning. The intervention ranges from 1-2 hours on average and includes transportation escort to treatment. Post-intervention recovery management and counseling for the family for 6 months following the intervention is provided.

Intervention Services Inc (
Intervention Services provides professional interventions by certified full time interventionists across North America, specializing in alcohol and drug abuse problems. They also have family consultants, tough love coaches and other support staff to offer continual support 24 hours a day/7 days a week. To help each client and the family achieve their first year in sobriety, they offer each family member lifetime consultation after the intervention. Spanning various age brackets, cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds, the idea is to fit the appropriate intervention counselor with the addict. Their experience spans 12-step modalities, Christian faith-based, and cognitive or psycho-therapeutic models.

KD Consulting Corporation (
offers drug and alcohol intervention services including Lifeline Intervention, a method designed to dismantle the addict’s "wall of denial" in a way that results in a person who is significantly more receptive and ready for successful treatment. The interventionists are Board certified and specialize in drug and alcohol intervention — including pain management addiction. Founder Kevin Dixon has a degree in chemical dependency and board certification by the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionists (NADAI). He is a Board Registered Interventionist (BRI II), and a Certified Master Addiction Counselor (CMAC II).

Lifeline Intervention (
A nationwide intervention company with board certified specialists providing crisis and drug intervention services to families and their loved ones. Intervention specialists work confidentially with teenagers, adults as well as executives and busy professionals.

Love First (
Love First offers a full team of professional interventionists that work with families, adolescents, older adults and executives to provide intervention services for alcoholism and drug addiction. Services include selecting an appropriate treatment center, matching treatment options to family finances, making travel arrangements, facilitating the intervention, escorting the patient to treatment and post-treatment support. Information on the web site is based on the Hazelden Guidebook, Love First: A Family's Guide to Intervention. It includes intervention resources, including extensive articles and links.

Wisconsin Intervention Services (
Angela Utschig is an intervention specialist certified in Trauma Counseling and trained in Motivational Interviewing for addictions, the ARISE Intervention Model and the Field Model of Intervention. She offers intervention services in Wisconsin, the Midwest and nationally. The process begins with a pre-intervention phone call to the family, a pre-intervention meeting, and then the intervention itself.

Updated July 15, 2019