Montana State Resources

State Government Recovery Resources

These websites developed by state governments provide a variety of information on programs and services relating to substance abuse including education, screening and evaluation, treatment, prevention, intervention, outpatient, day treatment, detoxification, inpatients, residential and recovery resources.

Department of Public Health and Human Services (

12 Step Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous (
Find AA offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Montana Area Alcoholics Anonymous (
To find meetings and info in specific parts of the state.

Alcoholics Anonymous Phone Numbers in Montana:
Billings: (408) 534-3076
Bitter Root Valley: (406) 523-5542
Bozeman: (406) 585-4079
Butte: (406) 565-9003
Great Falls: (406) 452-1234
Havre: (406) 262-3931
Helena: (406) 443-0438
Kalispell: (406) 257-7185
Laurel: (406) 255-7578
Miles City: (406) 234-3459
Missoula: (406) 543-0011
Shelby: (406) 450-4191
Polson: (406) 888-6664

Alcoholics Anonymous: 12-step Programs for the Deaf (
Lists TTY equipped 12 Step offices available and other AA offices that rely on relay service for interaction with the Deaf by state

Narcotics Anonymous (
Enter US and your state or area code, then click Search.

Cocaine Anonymous (

Crystal Meth Anonymous (

Marijuana Anonymous (
Enter US, state and city for a list of meetings

Pills Anonymous (
No meetings in Montana are listed as of 8/14.


Updated June 17, 2019