Online Meetings

Like in person meetings, online meetings are headed by a chairperson who works to keep the meeting running smoothly. A topic is introduced and others take turns sharing on the topic. At some meetings, the chairperson will also present the opening and closing statements by copy-pasting text files. Meetings last approximately one hour. Online meetings, unlike online chat, introduce a topic and allow only one person at a time to share (or type their comments).

Using "voice chat" participants can actually hear each other share on the meeting topics. With the use of a microphone and speakers, participants can talk and listen to others in the room. Those who do not have microphones can share by typing their messages on the screen.


Marijuana Anonymous Online (
This site hosts both chat rooms and online meetings for those recovering from marijuana addiction.  Click on Online Meeting Schedule in the left menu bar for a list of ongoing online MA meetings.  Click on MA Chatspace in the left menu bar for instructions on how to enter a chat room (specific instructions are provided for those using AOL).
This narcotics anonymous forum and recovery chat room features voice chat, Skype, and text chat meetings to connect with NA recoverying addicts from around the world. It offers forum topics on a wide range of issues.

Smart Recovery (
Provides regularly scheduled online recovery meetings (1 ½ hrs) based on the Smart Recovery approach to abstaining from addictive behavior. A meeting for new members is scheduled each Sunday at 3:00 PM ET. Each Meeting has a Moderator who is in charge of the tone and continuity of the meeting and may also have a Professional Advisor, Coordinator, or Facilitator to assist with the SMART approach.

SMART Online utilizes two different formats. Text Chat at ParaChat uses a format called Java Chat that allows you to talk with typed messages in real time to other Internet users around the world. ParaChat is organized in channels on a specific topic. You can also talk privately with someone.

Smart Recovery Paltalk Voice Chat Meetings are available at

Updated January 11, 2018