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Posted by: baloo May 30, 2006, 11:41 PM
I need help to get out of a horrible prediciment I have caused. I started crushing up and snorting my pain meds ( everything from Vicodin to Oxycontin) about 3 years ago because i was having a hard time swallowing the pills. I used saline solution after each snort to flush it through and not leave a white powder trail around my nostrils. Well now I really want and need to quit snortng things because I have raw red sores all throughout my sinuse and in my throat and mouth from snorting. I can't breathe through my nose at night as it is clogged up (I have taken to snorting plain Tylenol when I am out of narcotics because I can't deal with the pain when there is nothing in my nose). I get a burning, stinging pain that is absolutely unbearable when I completely flush out my sinus and I have tried everything from saline to aloe in my sinuse to stop this pain but nothing except either more narcotics or Tylenol will stop this burning and excrutuuiating pain.I have cracked and bloody tissue in my nasal passages all the time so I am afraid to see my doctor as they will surely bust me on the snorting and I could get cut off the pain meds altogether and I actually really need them for severe chronic pain.
I want desperately to stop having to snort Tylenol and the narcotics. I feel trapped in this cycle I have described above. Does anyone know how to stop or is there any over the counter numbing solutions or any advice about what I could do top get past the excrutiating burning and stinging pain I have from the nasal disruption I caused? I feel air pressure in my eyes now when I snort things as well and wonder if I have burned a hole into my eyes as well. Please help me if you have snorted or know what to do about this horrible cycle of pain. I am so ashamed for having gotten addicted to this form of abusing my much needed pain meds and feel trapped as I mentioned above about not being able to legitimately getting a doctor's help for this situation. I welcome any solutions and advice anyone can offer. I am desperate to quit this and really scared that i have done permanent damage already. Please help this horrible loser to get off the Tylenol and meds and heal my nose and sinuse as well as my ever soar mouth and throat. I appreciate those taking the time to read this long question and anyone who can offer help. I really hope a Doctor, nurse or former snorter can give me real answers to get me off of this rollercoaster in hell. God bless all of you and I look forward to my road to recovery.

Posted by: THUMPERlove May 30, 2006, 11:59 PM
oh boy............i did not know that you could snort vicodin.............

i knew about the oxycontin snorting.........because i read about it and saw it all on the TV.

but from what i understand if you want vicodin and the tylenol to work your have to take it orally............................right...............i am sorry i just never knew you could do that................

your getting sores and holes?.in your eyes you think................

please stop doing its hard for you to swallow

then crush it up and eat it mixed in apple sauce...............

when i was working as a LPN at a nursing home passing meds to get my self through school....................
i woud crush the meds up for the folks that had strokes and could not swallow well...............................................and mix it in apple sauce.

i am so concerned for you...............can you please just take the meds orally.

your gonna really do some terrible damage to your airway............

i love you...........i am so sorry that your sinuses are hurting form this.

the only soulution i can see right now is for you to go to the doctor and see how much damage you have done honey..............and also please take the medication orally.........................

I really hope someone post to you with more knowledge on this honey.

but i can pray for thumper

Posted by: baloo May 31, 2006, 12:15 AM
Thank you so much for your reply and sweet words of hope. I really want to stop doing this to myself that is why i am asking for help. I will keep praying as well and I have to believe God will bring the solution so I don't further damage my nasal canals and throat, eyes and whatever else it is doing to me. God bless you!

Posted by: THUMPERlove May 31, 2006, 12:23 AM
God Bless you too baloo.........................

i am worried about you.....................
can you just take the meds orally?

can you start there...................i see you stated that you have pain issues.

so if you need to take them for pain.............can you start by taking them orally?

when did you start snorting the long have you done that?

i wish i had all the right things to say to you and i wish i could make this all better for you............honey..................

i am praying that God will touch you right now and bring peole to you to help you and give you strenght................................

please keep posting ok...................i know you'll get some good advice here
and wonderful support...........................
i was addicted to vicodin for many years and i was so lost with this addiction.

and i am telling you this because i want you to know i understand..............
i understand that you want to stop and i pray to God that you do.

keep posting here and lets begin a journey of recovery for you honey


Posted by: baloo May 31, 2006, 12:56 AM
Yes I can and am also swallowing my pain meds now. I have a fused neck wrapped in a titanium cage and a fused back. I have had over 15 operations all over for varios problems since 1991 and I have nerve and bone damage as a result. I am on Oxycontin and Oxycodone for the pain.
I am able to swallow them now but the reason i need help is that I cannot find a way to stop the excrutiating pain I get in my sinuses when there is nothing in them. The sores are craked and bleeding and hurt until I snort somsthing rvrn if it just Tylenol. I need suggestions to help me stop this cycle and stop the burning pain that I cannot bare up under when I stop snorting stuff. That is my problem now and I am really scared as I know there has ro bee severe damage to my sinuse to cause this much intolerable pain. Do you know anythjing that would numb my hasal canal? How can I stop this pain? I have tried aloe vera, lotion, saline sprays, lanolin, shea butter. mineral oil and more to no avail. I am desperate to stop but I cannot tell my doctor as he will cut off my presciptions if he knew I had been doing this with them. That is why I am using this forum for help. Does this clarify my predicament for you a bit better? Thank you so much for caring, sharing and most of all for your prayers. God bless you so very much.

Posted by: kee kee May 31, 2006, 10:33 AM
Hi Baloo and welcome...I am sorry that no one has gotten back to you yet regarding this...I can't offer anything except that I hear the sorrow and desperation in your post...please sweety get are not a just a person with a desease....get off the rollercoaster and get to a doctor...your health is in danger.....I hope someone comes along soon with some advice.....hugs and concern kee kee

Posted by: javagirl May 31, 2006, 10:39 AM

I am glad you found this board, there is a so much support and encouragement here. It seems a little slow today, but will pick up later I am sure, and you will get more replies.

I usually always took my meds orally, so I dont know a whole lot about that part of it.

But, I will say regardless of how you are taking these narcotics, they are very very addictive, and will take over your life.

I would definitly suggest you going to a doctor to have your throat and nose checked out to rule out anything serious. If you dont want to go to your regular dr. could you go to a walk in clinic or something?

Keep posting, and let us know how you are.


Posted by: justjane May 31, 2006, 11:03 AM
Use some neosporin with a q-tip. Pack it up your nostrils you will be suprised how much it helps even over night. I would use it during the day too. Then to get over the need to snort grab some nasal spray. After the sores have healed. I would use the menthol kind. It kind of helps with the need to snort something. Don't give up o.k. keep trying to quit cause some day it will work.

Posted by: Suboxman May 31, 2006, 11:58 AM

I have snorted drugs all my life. Oxy was the latest. I would schedule an appointment with a really godd ENT doctor.

In the meantime call your local pharmacy and try to speak to a few head pharmacist who may have an OTC solution short term.

Regarding getting of the pills. You have some serious pain issues. Not sure what to tell you.

I can only tell you from my experience is the Oxy and oxcodone stop working and hence we take more and go from taking it as directed to chewing it to snorting then eventually you shoot it.

Can you get to a Rehab?--O r maybe your a candidate for suboxone.

I relate to you pain--It sucks but the pills make it worse.

At the end I was snorting and chewing 100's of MG aand I started off with 10mg X2 morning evening---

Percocets as needed in between at the end 10mg percs 4 at a time 4-6 times a day just to get through the day with the snorting in between

I was so messed up had ended up using zanax to sleep and offset the opiate side effects. I was in deep $hit but its 2 yrs since an Oxy went up this nose and July 1988 was my last line.

If I can do it you sure can. Put the same enegy into recovery that you do chasing your monthly pills and you will be just fine.


Feel better --Jeff

Posted by: THUMPERlove May 31, 2006, 12:20 PM are you today?

i am thinking about you and i am gonna keep praying for you honey..............

please take some of the advise here..................go to the doctor............

like java suggested a walk in clinic...........or some where different.............

love you...........................God Bless you .............thumper

Posted by: lost-love May 31, 2006, 12:41 PM
You should be able to buy a spray that has some type of lidocaine or some other numbing agent in it. This should realieve the pain for short periods of time.

I would suggest that you see a Dr. ASAP. Even if you don't go to your normal doctor to have this looked at. You could have some serious to deadly problems arise from this. These sores and open cavities are so close to your brain that if an infection started it wouldn't be long before it spread to your brain.

Please go and see a professional. You don't have to tell them where you get your meds or who your other dr is. Just please make sure you take care of this!

Good Luck,


Posted by: THUMPERlove May 31, 2006, 12:56 PM

lostlove your is close to your brain and you dont want to get an infection..........................

please go to the u..................thumper

Posted by: baloo May 31, 2006, 1:20 PM
Thanks everyone for the concern and suggestions. I did not think about going to another doctor to get checke out. I live in a very small town full of holier than thou types who gossip a lot to make themselves feel better about their own dirty little secrets. I fear if this got out I would have to move to ever get help again (from a doctor that is) and to avoid the humiliation.
I have nerve damage and bone damage from a broken neck and back which are now fused. I want to simply get off the snorting and resume orally using the meds as prescribed. I will try the Neosporin tip. I am terrified now about the brain damage link and all the things you have mentioned. Has anyone else done this to themselves? If so what did it do to you and how did you resolve it? What are the possible effects of long term snorting? Thanks again for all the help.God bless you all!

Posted by: Suboxman May 31, 2006, 1:39 PM
Baloo this is your life were talking about. Screw the town and gossip. You need to see a GOOD ENT doctor. I have had 2 operations on my sinuses.

Your sinuses are not draining corectly. This can lead to all types of infections.

Among other health issues. I 'STRONGLY suggest you get yourself to an ENT ASAP.

The surgeries they do these days are amazing. Your sinuses will be like brand new. More important they will drain correctly. Not something to Puck around with.


Posted by: justjane May 31, 2006, 1:52 PM
I snorted regularly for mmm 9 years or more. Constantly anything. Xanax, Valium, 7.5 's, 5's, percs, oxy's whatever I could get my hands on. I can breathe better now but I have really bad alergies. Get away from the devil pills. You wont end up any where good. And you'll be judged worse if you do't do something to get help. You can do it!

Posted by: joy7866 May 31, 2006, 2:07 PM

I have never snorted them myself but I have a brother that did for years. He has been clean for 14 months now. He ended up gettting on antibiotics to help his nose sores heal up. It took about 5 days before he started noticing a difference. Have you tried that? I agree with everyone else. You really need to stop snorting them. It is so dangerous. Keep posting and we will give you the support you need.

Good luck and I will pray for you.


Posted by: emilyajb May 31, 2006, 5:43 PM
I am usually on the coke board, i was a sniffer of cocaine.
After years of abuse, i am now left with a large hole in my nose.
When i first noticed that coke was rotting my nose away i too was left with sores, the pain was unbearable but i still carried on sniffing.
I also used water to sniff any excess coke and saline to clear the nostil.
I was sent to a ent they said they would operate, but i decided not to in the end because there was a 50-50 chance of it taking hold.

I knew i needed teratment rehab i have been clean for 14 months

I dont think you are a loser, i think you are brave to come here and say what you said.

I hope you get the help you need soon


Posted by: sharonn May 31, 2006, 7:25 PM
We all have our "dirty little secrets" one here will judge you.Please see an ENT and crush your pills.....I never snorted but know a lot of people who have. Bless you.....I hope you get some relief. Reaching out is the first step.Sharonn

Posted by: Trooper114 May 31, 2006, 7:53 PM
Hey baloo, another snorter, of everything, but opiates mainly

The tylenol in the viccodin can do a good job of rotting out your septum, my mother snorted everything under the sun (like mother like daughter) anyway she ended up getting a staph infection in her face and now her nose has completley collapsed. The oxy can do bad stuff from snorting, especially if the time release is not completely washed off, but my bet is on the tylenol. You may have small holes in your sinuses, get it checked out immediatley. I have a sore from snorting H from 4 months ago, still feel it,sucks. (happened after the chai tea, that b******!)

You can go to a ear nose and throat doc and not even mention who your MD is, but glad your are swallowing again. You don't need to snort the oc, you can always break it in half if left in one peice it's not doing the trick for your pain, sounds like your going through a lot with the surgeries and all. Have you considered a morphine or fetenyl patch?? I have thought of using these myself, but I know I will find some way to abuse them, so that Idea is out for me, I am destined to suffer (and destined to use geeky partial star wars quotes) both for a lifetime. Anyway, get your face patched up! The last thing you need is a rhinoplasty or to have to get all of your teeth pulled because your gums have rotted out! (and insurance wont cover the former because it's considered cosmetic unless you have a deviated septum)

Posted by: vinny May 31, 2006, 8:20 PM
baloo hello,i'm not really sure if i understand your motives as far as the snorting goes,i do understand that you have done some damage to your nose and sinues,but you really didn't go into detail as far as the reason for the snorting,you stated that you have problems swallowing your pills,does that also mean that you have problems swallowing your food,meaning that you have a problem with your throat also?,if thats the case it must be hell to try to snort a cheese burger and frys,i know for me personally the only reason i snorted oxy's was to get an instant buzz was because i'm a drug addict,not because i was unable to swallow the pill,anyways if i was you i would talk to a doctor and see if he can get you on some kind of lotion anti-biotic,i have heard horr stories of people that has actually done so much damage that they had to have there nose removed,hope things work out for ya...................vinny.

Posted by: codependentnomore May 31, 2006, 8:42 PM

number one, you are not a horrible loser. no one on this board is and neither are any of the addicts in their families that non addicts come here to help. my son just finished rehab, and if anyone ever called him a horrible loser, i would smack them right upside their head. well, honestly, that's what i would lilke to do, but i can barely kill bugs... needless to say, no one here, and no addict is a loser.

number two, i don't know much about snorting meds, but from what you have described, i don't think you have a choice but to call a doctor. be honest... explain it just like you did to this board.

please try to get some professional help. it sounds to me llike you need it. i dont' think they will take the pain meds away from you since you need them and you only started snorting them when you couldn't take them orally.

remember, you are not a loser.

keep posting,

Posted by: Bullwinkle1000 May 31, 2006, 9:29 PM
How do you snort that s***? It's bad enough just even taking it. 25 years ago, I did coke for awhile, until my nose started to bleed then I quit that crap. Wasn't worth it. I had a hard time taking stuff orally, never mind snorting it. Why would you snort it?

Posted by: ElimGarak June 1, 2006, 11:42 AM

I was told by a fellow AAer that I could save my face or my a** but not which do you want to save, your face...or your posterior....?

I also must ditto what vinny said...

Posted by: Trooper114 June 1, 2006, 5:28 PM
It's easy, you just wash the time released coating off, crush it up, and up it goes, the rest of em (like oxy IR) have no coating so you just crush em. Stuff like percs and vics you can snort too but they have tylenol or ibprofen so it hurts and is wayyyyy bad for the sinuses (not that the other stuff is any better, rots your teeth, kills your gums)

Posted by: poopie June 1, 2006, 6:54 PM
I used to work at a clinic ..very small ,that woyld speacilize in nose damaged,now if you have sores and pain ,and they will not heal ,,you might be to late ,,ive seen a complete nose removed and new one put on ,,but the inside damage was very sevser ....people used cocaine ..not so much opiates ,,but overall ...the sores are very bad ,,,,the dr would take a white waxed string pull it throw the nose come out the mouth ,and if it had brown colar to it was ,nose rot ,called something esle ..but??// many people died of this ,now in the new age we live in ,,alot of meds will cure ,,GO TO A DR NOW ..POOPIE,,YOU MIGHT BE TO LATE ,,YES i COULD BE TO HARD ON YOU ANGEL ,,BUT THIS CAUGHT MY ATTENTION ,I have seen frist hand and my dad had a freind that lost hes nose to cacer but its alot alike ,,go now rite now ..poopie worried and wish you no harm sweety ,,xxooxx can you imgine not smelling life anymore ,,no stack no candy no cottoncandy no smell of freash baked pie ,,baby smell ,,freash air ,dog poo ,(wink)little humer ...well please angel go ,,you dont want to walk around noseless do you ??????????????????

Posted by: baloo June 3, 2006, 11:44 AM
Thank you all again for the replies and the great advice. I will see if I can get to an ENT without my doctor's referal and get help that way. For the couple of people whom seemed angry at me, I am an addict. Does that satisfy you? I am trying not to be and get help. I was told by more than a dozen specialists that I will need pain meds for the rest of my life because the nerve and spinal cord damage I have will not improve and my body no longer makes natural pain relief to fight it.
I never thought when I was unable to swallow (Yes Vinny that was food and drink too) and a friend suggested snorting it that I would end up addicted to snorting and be in this bad of shape, scared, hurting and so ashamed I can hardly look in the mirror. I have been using bacitracin that I had for now and will buy Neosporin as soon as I get paid. I appreciate all this support and being told I am not a loser. I wish I believed that but when I wake up every hour having the worst burning and stiffness pain ever I feel like a monster and it makes me think how much I deserve this as I did it to myself. I am scared and hope to God it can be fixed and is not a permanent condition.Please continue the advice. I am praying for all of you as well and truly ask that God blesses each of you with recovery, health and joy abounding forever. Thanks mostly for not judging.

Posted by: Lilypad June 3, 2006, 12:10 PM
Hey Baloo,

I am an addict too....I have chronic pain issues and just started going to a pain managment/Diagnostic clinic....Right now I don't know if I will need narcotics for the pain or even if they will help with nerve pain/damage....i also wonder about how to manage addiction issues with chronic pain issues....

Have you gone to any addiction specialists or counseling of any kind yet? I am thinking of going back to counseling just to learn how to accept the pain/disability issues that are fairly new in my life (9 months) I think an objective view might help....

You sound like you genuinely need pain meds but need to solve some addiction/abuse issues at the same time. IMO an addiction specialist might be just the person you need to speak with (also the ENT doctor)

Best Wishes to You,

Posted by: baloo June 6, 2006, 7:52 AM
Thank you lilypad. Yes I am still seeing an abuse counselor and have been for almost 1 year. He actually has been championing my cause and trying to get me a doctor to get me back on the pain medication regime I was on when I was abusing them. He read my doctor's file and said that he agreed with all the doctors before that say I will need the pain meds for life. He now monitors my usage and can test me anytime. The problem I still face is how to stop snorting due to the excrutiating pain. I have messed up in the fact I have not told my counselor that I still have to snort or I cannot stop this debilitating pain. I feel like such a piece of human garbage being a liar, addict and snorting mess. I really do want more than anything to stop this rollercoaster from hell that I seem to have a lifetime pass to. I will need a referral from my PCP to go to the ENT. I am afraid when I ask he will want to check my nose himself and then he will discover my dirty little secret and that will be the end of his prescribing my much needed opiod therapy and possibly of being allowed to even stay his patient. That would be my dimise.Does anyone know what I can say or do at this stage? I have tried to deal with the pain narcotic free and became almost bedridden from all the pain and bones locking me up and I was suicidal. I would rather be dead than live in this much agony so I asked to be put back on the narcotics. During that time I was snorting plain Tylenol to stop the burning pain and it seemed to work although that itself is a catch 22. Snorting Tylenol seems to be what did the most damage to my sinuses and yet it was all I had to stop the pain which it was actually causing.Bam!! Back to hell and the rollercoaster of very slow and very painful death. Please anyone if you have a solution for managing the burning pain ( I am now using the earlier suggestion of Neosporin but it hasn't done the trick enough to not need a little Tylenol) and how to get a referral to the ENT without arousing more suspicion,PLEASE let me know ASAP!!!! I love and pray God blesses each and everyone of you for caring and sharing all you have with this pathetic lying loser who needs so much help it feels hopeless.You all are truly saving my life because I had noone I could tell this to before and felt invisible and like no one cared if I died tomorrow. I now care and that is the biggest life altering gift to me from me.Thanks to you all for making that even possible. God bless and please continue the sharing of helpful suggestions.

Posted by: baloo June 16, 2006, 5:01 PM
Hello all! I wanted to update everyone who has helped me out with my addiction and my hard knocks as a result of them.
I have been able to quit snorting the Tylenol because I followed advice given here. I used Neosporin up my nose for several days. It healed up the sores and stopped the burning. No more bleeding, cracking or sore nose or throat! Praise God for all of you people out there and for caring about total strangers enough to write back and give your great advice. I need your prayers to stay off of all of the nose meds now though. You are all in my prayers as well and I ask God to bless each of you that helped me through this. Love and honor thyselves! Peace, Baloo

Posted by: emilyajb June 16, 2006, 6:01 PM
Brilliant news Baloo

You sound good

God bless you


Posted by: germanshephard June 16, 2006, 6:28 PM
dear baloo
i would definately see an ear nose and throat doctor and tell him the truth, you cannot let this go untreated, since he is not the doctor that is prescribing your pain medication you have nothing to worry about because you will still be able to get your meds from the doctor who is helping you with your chronic pain, i have found alot of relief from liquid lidocaine, its the same drug as novacaine and it will temporarily numb the painful nose canal until it heals. ask the doctor for a prescription for liquid lidocaine. good luck julie

Posted by: jlow September 3, 2013, 2:53 PM
I have same problems went to ent had one sinus surgery still Did not help. I am desperate for a solutions and all I get are antibiotics and predisone the only thing that helps is snorting again I don't get it and when I stop I can't take the pain. When I had surgery I stopped but it was bad and was using a wash with a antibiotic and still did not get better till snorting again. Any suggestion

Posted by: davisjr0 April 19, 2018, 3:27 AM
Flonase sp? Will stop the burning

Posted by: EmilyB90 May 2, 2018, 2:35 AM
Does anyone have any updates on how she quit?