My Friend Is Gone
Posted: January 13, 2006, 1:04 PM

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I hope that wasn't wrong to print the names. I just copied it from the local paper. Now I am irritated all over again. In a post comments forum look what some jerk wrote! I am SO PISSED !

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Re: Family lawsuit alleges negligence in custody death
Reply #5 on: January 11, 2006, 12:53:45 PM


Here we go again...someone's stupid choices is someone elses fault. Where was this girl's family and YOU for that matter when she using the heroin? What did YOU do to stop her from self destructing...obviously not a damn thing. She's dead, your fault and the fault of the family. Not the cops, sheriff or anyone else not related to her.

I had posted a response that said in essence. That she was a good person and clearly mistreated and neglected as the lawsuit claimed. Some one had responded that she needed to take responsiblity and I replied so do they. This is his response. I am so irritated. I hence replied that millions of people suffer from the affects of drug abuse daily. Either first or second hand and he should consider himself blessed if he had not been. How dare he ask where the family was. Just like any family they were praying for her and hoping for the best what an a******. As for me I was right next to her drowning in my own addiction. Had to share again. What an ignorant a******

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Posted: January 13, 2006, 3:28 PM

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....don,t let that person get to ya.....i could be wrong....but they probably don,t know what addiction to heroin is get people on here making snidey remarks like that....they think w,re scum..and they think they have all the answers to what us addicts should do...i,ve made snidey remarks myself to people on here...but i,ve never put the blame on anyone for someone elses death...these people ain,t got a conscience when it comes to the gear...they just wanna point the finger at us..when something happens to someone else....take it easy on yourself mate...and have a good day...robbie....

..Be good to one another..coz wot goes round comes round..
Posted: January 14, 2006, 2:37 AM

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend it's all too true that they dont do jack for you while detoxing i have detoxed in jail many times and and after a while the deputies would laugh and talk about me.
as i was tring to clean myself up i had 2 months clean and i messed up once and the judge put me in jail 4 days and when they were releasing me one of the deputies said "give her 2 hrs and she'll be high agian"
but i haven't used since.
I also lost a close friend i was in jail and one night she was murdered and if i was not in jail i would have been w/ her.
I can only hope that laws can be passed to give medical attention to prisoners they have rights just as anyone else should.
congrats on your success though
Posted: January 14, 2006, 3:07 AM

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....Miat.....are you alright mate....i don,t see ya around much.....hope your feeling well and enjoying life....nice to see ya .....robbie....

..Be good to one another..coz wot goes round comes round..
Posted: March 9, 2018, 4:32 PM

Hello Just Jane. I just google searched Misty's name as I was remembering her as of late, and saw your post. So glad to see she chose genuine hearts in friends. Misty was a sweetheart. She, my sister, and I were best friends and neighbors until she moved out of Utah Valley. We went to church together, listened to Martika, Bangels, Debbie Gibson, and Amy Grant together while swinging almost daily. Giggled and laughed about our crushes. We were young teens when we lost communication with one another. Her life had been turned upside down right before she moved as she discovered more about her parentage and she confided in us the turmoil it was causing in her. Her parents loved her so much (all of them) and I'm sure she knew that; she was just so unsure how she "fit" into it all. When we did get in touch with one another I was sad to see some poor choices she was making, but my sister who was friends with her and closer to her age was making the same silly poor choices too. I thought she would be okay in the end and pull out of it. My heart hurted to think I should have kept in closer contact with her, I should have tried to help influence her to make better choices. I chose instead to distant myself until she was ready to come to me. I went to her funeral and saw how much she aged from living a harder life. My dear friend had suffered so much. I'm so happy to see that you choose a cleaner life. I know its been years since you posted here, but I hope your making it okay. I know Misty would want to see you make it. She loved all those she came in contact with and was an instant friend to anyone who needed it. I know she is in a better and happier place now. I hope all those struggling with these addictions understand; your life is in your hands, only you can make the choices that will make you who you are. Every choice, big or small, taking one day at a time will bring you closer to life or death. You affect more than just you, your choices affect many. Be strong and hold your head high, you can make it.
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