What Drug Is This?
Posted: August 15, 2019, 4:38 PM

our 28 year old son is in jail right now on a non drug related charge. He was put back in because he was homeless and can't be homeless out on bond. We just got the car back. I found a syringe and in the syringe is a white solid substance, may be crystal ( has a little bit of shine to it). It is packed in there. When I pull the plunger out, there's some powder residue on the inside of the plunger. We also found a rubber tie off and other unused needles. He had done heroin before, where it is heated in a spoon then put in syringe. Was clean for 4 years. His behavior doesn't seem like when he was on heroin. He's been paranoid, angry, suicidal, and threatening others. He does have mental health issues. Does anyone have any idea what this substance would be in the syringe? I thought of meth, or crystal meth. I just don't understand why it's more of a solid unless you draw liquid up with the needle before injecting it. Any clues, help or advice would be much appreciated.
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