Does Smoking Weed Make You Angry
Posted: March 22, 2016, 9:38 AM

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Hi Amanda, anger is an emotion and everyone gets pissed off. It may seem you get angry when you dont have weed, truth is you are more in touch with your emotions and recognise them, smoking weed will tend to let you float more and not worry about things so much.
I hope that helps you out, good idea is to do regular exercise aswell, even if it's 20 mins a day, it will clean your body out, get fresh air into your system and invigorate you.
Posted: April 4, 2016, 6:16 AM

yes its true, when u stop it gets worse, i was giving my dog some food and it kept sticking its head in the pot , so i kicked the s*** out of it, and i didnt have any feeling about it, i actually felt kind of good, but im not like that, sometime it gets so intense, i just have to smoke so i can relax and forget about it.
John H
Posted: April 18, 2016, 3:16 PM

I smoked or consumed marijuana everyday for years. I felt it kept me calm in many situations where I had previously felt anxious. I started to notice anger welling up in me more and more as if I could not control the emotion. Patterns of arguments started showing up in my life over and over again. It felt like my blood was boiling throuout my body and if someone got me angry while I was high that boiling feeling would persist after I came down. After reading the original post in this blog I was convinced it was the weed. I stopped for a short time and the feeling of blood boiling anger went away. I still had the anxiety so I started again withe a better awareness of my anger. It was better but not 100%. Then I found meditation and after a week of consistent meditation everything started to feel better. I was still using weed and actually felt it was holding me back so I stopped for a week. I was better able to control my anger and my axiety was gone. Then went back on weed to use during weight workouts or doing work around the house. I got in two argument while high and decided that as much as I love getting high it wasn't worth the side effects of a clouded mind and not feeling in control of my emotions. I'm not a hater of pot but there is no doubt that it has side effects that can effect everyone differently. I suggest to all to try meditation, leave the pot alone for a while and see how things can change. Learning to stay in the moment makes life so much better and the need for pot subsides.
Posted: April 24, 2016, 5:34 AM

to jon h - hi man, still going strong i hope? your story sounds familiar, and you articulated it very well. I was wondering if there was any particular method of meditation you did? was it focusing on your breathing for a period of time/ mindfulness meditation? I think that what you say is so true with being present - after a little holiday during which i didnt smoke and read a book which was reccommended to me - the power of now - i was feeling amazing, in the mindset you're in while lifting weights or doing a demanding sport or activity; not thinking about anything other than the present moment you're in. I was as happy as when i was high, even more, because it was a real feeling not rented. needless to say the first day back i lit a spliff which was waiting for me and immediately felt all the effects i used to love, but realised that these effects are the opposite of being present. you stay on thoughts for much longer while stoned, it's like being mad. everything is life or death instead of in proper perspective.
Posted: April 24, 2016, 11:31 AM

Hey I am 34 years old and have been smoking on and off for years. I have now been smoking for atleast 3 years non stop. I have been smoking so much and I noticed when I quit for 6 months my agression was less severe. Everyone use to know me as a clicker and now have a handful of friends that also know this. I smoke so much I cant get stoned properly and it ruins my health. I always have coughing etc and I dont smoke cigerettes. I mix about 50 % tobacco and weed.

To be honest I recon the weed makes my agression more extreme and almost scarey to even myself. I was so pissed off cause I couldn't find my keys to my car. I started getting reallyt really angry cause I was late for work. I the n went to swipe everything off the table in a rage and my arm got caught on the desk at full force. I totally disclocated my shoulder. 6 months later and I am still not recovered and need surgery to my labrem which I tore real bad. Now because of my rage I may never be able to lift weights again. I get a rage when I least suspect it and have even threatened people that try to report my angry driving. I would only click it if I havnt smoked a lot of weed. I recon weed makes me get extremly angry for no good reason and just become more reckless in general. To be honest I am educated and have a good job but no body really knows what I get upto or how I behave. I dont usually hit people I just break things or hurt myself. Ive had fights when someone road raged and I faught him in the middle of peak hour traffic. Lol I definetley recon its when I smoke heaps of weed, then when I am not stoned I get really angry sometimes or more easily. I am hoping to quit weed once I have surgery , I am sick of this s*** and so is my girl friend. I quit for 6 motnhs and was hard as hell. Why did I go back to it I dont know. But i love being stoned but I dont think its worthe it when I also take risks on my motorcycle when I get angry. I really wish I could be more calm. So I will have to try quit and meditate instead.

sorry bout the essay but I definatly recon its the weed making everything amplified. I am naturally an agressive person but I am more controlled when I dont smoke weed
Posted: April 27, 2016, 11:53 AM

My husband began using marijuana for arthritic pain, prior to using marijuana regularly he was relaxed and easy going, he is now quick to anger, quick to blame, verbally abusive and has a hair trigger temper. We have been married for 30 years and there has been a significant personality change. He has tried to stop a few times but has a very difficult time, he becomes anxious, he cannot sleep and he is very irritable. Yes Marijuana is addictive! and Yes marijuana does adversely affect mood. Get help, I bet your a nice guy just like my husband was.
Posted: June 7, 2016, 10:31 PM

I have been smoking everyday in small amounts for over a year. I definitely think smoking daily makes me short tempered and angry. I have the most short temper and lack of patience. When something upsets me I lose my cool and reactions are outrageous.
This is ridiculous and not my intentions and reason for having ever started.
Posted: July 27, 2016, 12:57 PM

Weed does make you very angry I use to smoke it from I was 16 and only stopped it a year ago I'm now 40 trust me it's the weed I should know smoked it most of my life you jump down people throats for nothing
Posted: August 4, 2016, 3:06 PM

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I smoked weed on and off for 30 years...even in law school - it made me smarter. : )

Got married now I am 30 days no pot and am angry volatile...husband said he is afraid of me...truing into a Jesus freak....

No Na meetings in area so AA - that is the best so far. I learned you can deal with the anger now or later. The anger does not go away. I started on all my resentments...that is what started me to smoke. Must have faith unless you want to live a life of being alone.
Posted: August 4, 2016, 3:21 PM

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Living with wife who is a pot addict...stay with her...she is worth it. I know I was...I was a hurting unit. Toward the last few years of smoking I couldn't quit. I use to be the strongest proponent of pot...I LOVED IT! I had no idea that it put off dealing with past pains and resentments...they began to build up. I stopped 30 days ago. I am raw and have no idea on how to deal with all this anger, volatility and more. I am married now to a non-pot smoker YKES! I feel like a look like a monster. I am trying everything to stay off the pot. Help
mary young
Posted: September 13, 2016, 5:59 PM

My son is 20 years old and has been smoking, or ingesting in whatever way he can, for about 4 years. His addiction got so bad that he was going outside over and over again in a sort of mania. I finally called in an interventionist. It didn't work. He wouldn't go with the man. Instead, the police were called and he ended up in the mental ward for 8 days. When he came back, all he wanted to do was get back to the pot again. He is one mean little s.o.b. when he isn't getting what he wants with respect to his addiction. He is angry and violent at home and even outside the home. It's been devastating to our family. He got violently angry with me today because he wanted to buy a bong over the internet and because he's not 21, they wanted me to verify the purchase. I refused and he went after me. If anyone thinks marijuana is a benign drug, think again. To a person prone to addiction, it can be as bad as any other drug. It's especially bad for someone who already has issues. It's ruined my son.
Posted: September 19, 2016, 1:25 PM

I had the same issue. I have been a multiple times a day smoker for many extended periods in my life. After my last relapse I was high for about a year. It was the first thing I thought about in the morning and last thing I did at night. I was stoned all day long. I began to notice that right after I smoked I had a hard time controlling my emotion and was more prone to angry outburst. I did not want to believe it was the pot but it damn sure was. Currently I'm 2 weeks clean. I have had much better control of my emotions for the last week or so. The obsession to use is greatly subsided. I can feel emotions again. What ever people say pot it is an addictive drug, period. This is coming from someone who loves weed but its the truth. If abused you will be come emotionally and psychologically addicted. If you are having issues I would advise you to seek out a local NA group. They will not ridicule you and they don't care what your drug of choice is. Its about the disease and not the drug. Hope that helps.
Posted: November 5, 2016, 7:57 AM

My partner smokes weed I don't know how long has done it for now. When we first met everything was under control but the last three years have been worse then ever he is really abusive calling me all names ranging from fat slapper too a tramp and a piece of s*** a lazy mum, I always try to ignore him but that doesn't work he is fine once he has his fix I don't know how long I can take it I think the best thing for someone in my situation to do is leave but how do you leave someone you love? It does take some courage but I am ready to leave I am very unhappy and when he isn't around I am the happiest and I can relax and be myself it's like living with an alarm you never know when it can go off, I'm getting stronger then I'm off weed definitely makes people angry as sad as it any women man mum or dad in this situation needs to leave no one deserve there quality of life to be ruined because someone is taking all there Mary J problems out on them
Posted: December 4, 2016, 11:03 AM

I believe the offsets of smoking weed daily can be countered by healthy eating and exercise and a social life. I believe the law and lack of support because of the law including family and a lot of negative ways to deal with it on the world is holding us back. I do agree it is good to take a break now and then but you can keep your emotions in check with the right weed and regulation of it.
Posted: December 4, 2016, 2:27 PM

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I agree that weed is not benign. for those who have underling, dormant, predispositions, it is as dangerous as any drug. I belief many of the drugs and medications people are addicted to are intended for last resort use. not daily recreational use. that is the mistake people are making.

marijuana is medically used for end of life situations, seizures, it has it's place in medicine but not for healthy people, trying to function well.

narcotic pain pills are for people who are in a serious condition. who are not functioning or who are not working. they just need pain relief. pain meds do not cure a person and do not help a person do better in life.

pain meds make a person become disabled.
Posted: December 12, 2016, 11:29 AM

Go to a Marijuana Anonymous meeting. Not necessarily to join up, just to ask people there, who have histories of smoking a lot (like you), if smoking made them angry and they noticed a difference after long term absenence.

Asking people who are using, or people who've never used, isn't going to give you the BEFORE vs AFTER answer it seems you're seeking.

Obviously pot affects brains. And has been for a long time after years of heavy use. Emotions happen inside our brains.

BTW... "Clinical reports in humans reveal a similar pattern of withdrawal symptoms during the first weeks of abstinence(Budney and Hughes 2006). Common symptoms of marijuana withdrawal (reported by > 70% of abstinent individuals) include anger or aggression, decreased appetite or weight loss, irritability, nervousness/anxiety, restlessness, and sleep
difficulties including strange dreams(Budney, Hughes et al. 2004; Hasin, Keyes et al. 2008)."

Posted: December 12, 2016, 11:31 AM

And even sedatives can have side-effects and cause anxiety. Anti-depressants cause depression and suicide.
Posted: December 21, 2016, 2:30 AM

I've suspected there was a connection between not using cannabis ( edibles, in my case ) and bouts of rage, but finding these posts confirms that at least for some of us, the connection is there. I imagine (hope) that now that it's legal in California, more research will be possible. Maybe some day the legal marijuana will have warning labels cautioning users that there are some of us for whom use of the drug is much more dangerous than it is for others. For example: People with a history of alcoholism, or relatives who are alcoholics, people with a history of depression or anxiety disorders, and/or people whose tolerance level is higher than average, or continues to rise with long time use. All of these categories apply to me.
Years ago I smoked regularly, and felt quite irritable when I couldn't find any (before it was legal). I also remember buying my pot from a married couple that spent a lot of time screaming at each other when they weren't high! I remember experiencing some moodiness upon quitting, but I just thought I was pissed off at not being able to get something that made me feel so good! I abstained for several years (some of which I used alcohol---until that started to get out of hand!), until I was able to get a legal medical prescription (because of the depression & anxiety, of all things!).
Slowly but surely, it took much more potent edibles to be effective. After a few years, I started to experience really bad memory loss even when not high. I did some research, and found out that marijuana use combined with taking antidepressant medication ( Buproprion, supposedly one of the more mild and side-effect free of such drugs) does, in fact cause memory loss. This scared me, so I decided to quit.
OH MY GOD! It has been quite difficult! Not only have I experienced bouts of rage to a sometimes scary degree, but there were hot flashes & cold sweats to deal with!! It's only been 15 days since I stopped, but the anger is starting to subside quite a bit, the cold shivers are gone, and the hot spells are milder and less often. I don't know what still lies ahead, but the difficulty in getting this far is part of what inspires me to keep going. I'm beginning to feel more energetic, and I am getting a very pleasant sense of FREEDOM from feeling like I HAVE to do it.
I have friends that use regularly and have none of these problems (one says taking coconut oil staves off memory loss), but brain chemistry differs from person to person. If you are anything like me, and have decided to quit, I wish you strength and patience in getting through this difficult transition. I thank the people that were willing to be honest about their experiences, as I now know I'm not alone in this difficult struggle.
Posted: January 26, 2017, 11:45 PM

cant believe how many people are saying its not the weed as if their trying to protect its reputation. yes cannabis does make you quick tempered. unfortunately for the likes of me. heavy long term user. when I stop my temper gets even worse. I'm living without it now and I miss it. wish I had never touched it. in my opinion it causes some kind of brain damage if abused enough. I was a calm teen. I got a good job and could afford to go through an ounce every 9 to 10 days. my temper has got steadily worse over the years. I can see the same has happened to my friends who smoke but they deny it. I wouldn't say it makes you more angry or more violent. just more sensitive to the causes. also bear in mind a lot of the people commenting will smoke a joint now and again and think that makes them the same as someone who smokes weed like cigarettes
Posted: February 16, 2017, 10:59 AM

My Boyfriend has the same problem, it is exactly what you all described.
I'm just chipping in my experiences;
I've been in a relationship with him about a year . He cusses and swears and yells when he is angry. It is fkin scary for me bcs I'm an empath and I'm sensitive . I have never experienced anything like that before, I mean, nobody has verbally abused me to that point before.
Little things can set him off, and sometimes I don't even know what I did to make him angry.
The most recent incident was one day we went to the gym, and agreed to meet each other outside after one hour . I was 5-10 mins late bcs I went downstairs to look for him , but he was furious. I started tearing up when we got home bcs i was so tense. He said angrily ' what the hell is wrong with you?!' And then after he saw me crying he said he was sorry and didn't know why he got so angry but it seemed justified at the moment.
We used to go on road trips and there is not one single holiday where he never flares up.
I think he flares up very often , like once every 2 weeks.

I used to think it was just him being an a-hole but I saw this thread and understood better, it might be bcs of weed. It is true he can be the nicest sweetest guy when he is chill but, damn, I don't want to live another nightmare of him yelling . It honestly is like a nightmare to me, traumatising. His dog goes under the bed to hide when it happens.
He's been on weed for 25 years, and to him it's like a reward or something, like if he wants to mow the yard he will have a bong, go to the gym, come home from work, etc.

He told me how weed has ruined a lot of his past relationships. And he is trying to quit now, but I have no clue how to help him. I'm away from him now for the time being .

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