Nootropics, Tianeptine
Posted: October 28, 2019, 6:24 PM

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What are nootropics? I found a lot of searches for this in my wife’s google history.
Posted: October 29, 2019, 9:40 PM

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Technically, they relate to improved cognitive performance.

But, the way I interpreted the original post was these online pharmacies. My son was WAY into this when he was 16 and I could not have a rational conversation with him about it. The ones he used were advertising they sold "research chemicals" that were safer because they were being used in research (of course, total bull). They actually mailed him something that said K2 (spice) right on the label-bold! He was also into Kratom for awhile. For the love of God, that was a dark period when he was ordering all this garbage off the internet. He totally trusted the 'scientists'-taking advantage of the 16yo stupidity. I drove myself crazy trying to intercept packages to no avail (of course).

I was furious and the police told me that these operations set up in hotel rooms, etc and move constantly. They also alter certain chemical compounds slightly to avoid being "illegal" (Which I think the laws have caught up to and now have a category for 'other'/'look alike') Although, I am not sure. They also sell prescription drugs illegally but, again, no way of knowing what it is.

Basically, they can get anything online now. However, there is no way to know really what's in it, so it is a very dangerous game. He is 20 now and REGRETS using the stuff. He is finally aware that he had no idea exactly what he was getting.
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