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Alcohol   booze, liquor, beer, wine ... 44,538 6 days ago
by pirate
Cocaine / Crack Cocaine   coke, blow, snow, sniff, toot ... 22,521 11 days ago
by davidb0814
Heroin   smack, H, skag, junk, black tar ... 56,795 11 days ago
by babylove
Marijuana   weed, pot, grass, cannabis, gonja ... 11,059 19 hours ago
by Momo
Synthetic Marijuana   k2, spice, fake weed, scary jane ... 880 1 year ago
by Albinajut
Methadone   meth, metho, amidone, fizzies ... 5,695 29 days ago
by lonewolf
Methamphetamines   crank, speed, crystal meth, ice ... 7,215 11 days ago
by Searchingpeersforguidance
Nicotine   cigarettes, dip, chewing tobacco, etc ... 4,003 1 month ago
by justjane
Pain Pills   oxycontin, percocet, opioids, lortab ... 418,306 11 days ago
by Searchingpeersforguidance
Other Addictions   porn, gambling, video games, internet ... 1,237 8 months ago
by moderator
Other Drugs   ecstasy, GHB, hallucinogens, diet pills ... 3,448 21 days ago
by debdoc
Other Prescription Drugs   xanax, ritalin, klonopin ... 7,251 5 months ago
by LeaMoretti
Suboxone   sub, buprenorphine, bupe, naloxone ... 11,148 7 days ago
by Marcos
Families / Partners of Addicts   for the addicts' loved ones 116,557 4 days ago
by jeffreyrunner
Success Stories   share your addiction recovery success story 181 8 months ago
by justjane
Recovery Diaries   addiction recovery blogs (1 post/day limit) 816 21 days ago
by jeffreyrunner
Recovery Milestones   30 days, 3 months, 1 year? Share milestones... 255 10 months ago
by JerfaT
General / Miscellaneous   other addiction questions or info 2,354 3 months ago
by bellenoill