Medication For Coke Addiction
Posted: April 21, 2008, 11:27 AM

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Hi, people.
Please, help me. My son is cocaine addictive. He is 19, using almost 2 years. I have tried to help him by myself but, no success. He had stole money, gold from house, so I do not know how to help. For rehab no money. Who I can contact to get help in Toronto Ontario Canada. Please, help me.
Posted: April 23, 2008, 1:05 PM

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Welcome...You should post over on the Family board and maybe there would be someone there who can help you and who knows Toronto. You can't help him unless he wants it...has he asked for rehab? My daughter was also a cocaine addict so I know your anguish. Sorry no one else showed up here to help, but I hope you come back or are reading this.

Posted: April 23, 2017, 12:03 AM

I'd just like to offer some information I've gathered as a former user and a health care professional. There is no way to stop except to remove yourself from any source of the drug and any triggers. The triggers are usually "friends" you used to get high with and your dealers. You know very well who will enable you to do this drug. Just get those still partying out of your life. Block them if necessary. Tell them the truth and if they don't respect that, just block all contact with them. Block their text messages, telephone calls and emails and you have removed yourself from the worst triggers. Next, block every method of contact possible with your former dealers. If necessary, tell them the truth and with this drug most will respect your decision. If they don't, then block them too. If they try contacting you with another number, insult them. Tell them their product is junk or anything to get them to not associate with you.
Along with removing these toxic people from your life, you should do your best to regain the friendships you likely stopped when you started with the drug. Some of these people will be thrilled to hear from you, others may need some explanation from you. Do NOT tell anyone more than they need to know. There may be some people who you were friends with who clearly know what's happened with you and are not up to being friends again. That's okay. But remember to have a friend, you need to be a friend. Don't drive these friends crazy with all your drug experience stories no matter how good or bad the stories are.
As most people on this site seem to realize from the start, you need something to replace the drug as you stop using. The old friends will be your best starting point. Do as many of the things you previously enjoyed as possible. Go to dinner with friends and to movies and shows and museums and many, many activities you likely let go of along the way to addiction. You and NO LONGER an addict now and you have the time and energy to do all the things you have been missing out on. It's really not so difficult to think of what you have missed and start over again having fun. The fun ideas will snowball into a busy life once more. Life is way too short to waste so much time getting the drugs to party with, the time spent high and then the time spent recovery from that round of craziness. If you were an active outgoing person before the drug, it will be easy but it can happen for anyone. It will be difficult to regroup and restore your old crowd of friends and for many it's just a few folks you can count on to move back into the future of your life. Everyone who stops will reach a point where not using becomes exciting as they realize all the things they put on hold while getting high.
One last important idea you must think about is what to do when cravings occur even though you've gotten the drug people out of your life. This is the time to think about who is going to control your life. It must be you because you are in charge here. That drug may occasionally pull you and here is where you accept the pull and also know without doubt that you are stronger than any drug and you are in charge. These times will be fewer than you think and it's not near as difficult if you keep that one point up front: You are in charge, not some drug that wastes your money and your time and your life. Only you can say no, so be sure you have said no before it even comes calling on your mind. This is definitely NOT the time to give the drug even an inch as there is no tolerance for that stuff in your new healthy return to the real world. At no time should you allow a nasty drug to have the upper hand over you. You can NOT just get some for this one weekend to celebrate of at any other time. One weekend or one special occasion will turn back into a life time of this nasty drug and you are confident you are in charge, not the drug.
The result of doing the above few concepts may be just what you expect or you may be very surprised to discover how easy it is to just stop and regain your pride and keep your total control over this evil drug. Each time you succeed at keeping yourself in the position of control over this drug you will be surprised at the good feelings you body and brain will induce throughout your body, all with a simple realization that you are in control and that control is what will make life so much fun once again.
I realize that's a lot of words about one question but I will sum up with just this: Get the people you get high with and who can get the stuff out of your life, with no exceptions. Resume your former drug free life and keep in mind you are in control, not the drug. Do this and I promise you will never look back.
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