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Posted by: questionsneedanswers November 15, 2014, 7:34 PM
A week ago today I was petrified because I knew that I wasn't going to the clinic in the morning for my 40mg dose. I haven't been back since last Friday and I feel good. I don't know if it was my strong will power but I did go down to 1 mg and then zero in 2009 but I just wanted off of the clinic. The rules, I couldn't go away with family.... I went back in the clinic in 2011 dec and I couldn't take the sweating, not being able to travel, going and being treated in a different way, but the physical and emotional issues from detoxing every 11 days 1mg then 8 days down 1mg..
. I hated the sweating the chills the weight gain every thing about the clinic and methadone I started to hate.
Last Saturday I woke up, I didn't look at the clock thinking I had to get to the clinic. I made sure I ate and drank liquids in case I wasn't able to the next day. But I slept. I DIDNT SWEAT. I DIDNT HAVE CHILLS! I WAS PHYSICALLY WEAK. NO STOMACH PAINS! NO VOMITING! NO RUNNY NOSE! I AM THANKFUL.
And had a headache and by Monday I was ok. Now I am dealing with the insomnia. No amount of melatonin helps!! But I did it. It has to be something that a person really wants or it was a miracle for me. That was what my friend told me. :-)

Posted by: anabellagref September 27, 2015, 6:14 PM
Hi there, I started methadone exactly 6 weeks ago and stabilized on 70 mg after 3 weeks. I am now rapidly tapering off by going down 10mg every 3-4 days. I am now on 50 mgs. I feel great, is this normal? why does everyone say it will be hell?? Am I not feeling the drops because I was only on it for such a short time? What was your experience with stopping at 40mg? I am thinking about doing the same thing! Thanks :)

Posted by: olic32 October 15, 2015, 5:00 PM
I don't believe you ! I was on 200mg for 3years and I tried once cold turkey and it last only about 3 days...i was scrreming,destroying things around me,,my parents just watched me and did not knew how to help me...then i took the leech from my dog and wanted to end this agony and pain but my father ran..and took it away from me...that's all I rembembrer.....

never EVER goin trough this,,,rather shoot me dead ! I swear.

Posted by: Ladybuggz October 21, 2015, 11:52 PM
I was taking 75ml a day for 13 yrs for pain control, just last month my doctor retired out of the blue! I did not have much Methadone left, I slowly tapered to 60ml, then nothing, and here in Canada not many doctors are allowed to prescribe methadone for pain, but if your a person trying to get off drugs they can get it right away. I had to send a referral to a new doc. and then wait, I finally got an appointment for this Monday, I'm in day 6 of withdrawals and every inch of me is hurting and I haven't slept either, I want back on it ! I've lost 10 lbs in those 6 days and feel like crap, my joints and muscles with with the feeling sooooo tired and then painful cramps. Don't forget how food is gross and to keep what you can eat in is the gross tasting Imodium, if you don't take it you'll get megga painful stomach cramps and diarrhea.
I am so tired, and want to just sleep but my body won't let me. I'm starting to go nuts!
No painkillers or muscle relaxants help the cramping.

Posted by: Granny2 3 October 25, 2015, 6:38 PM

The "not feeling the pains of withdrawal" will get worse as you drop down further. You will need more time for your body to catch up. Go slower or you will find yourself wanting to go back up.


Posted by: Ducky 2009 November 24, 2015, 12:34 PM
Methadone is a fat soluble substance that stores in the liver. It will release from the liver after long term usage. That is the reason it is prescribed at lower doses then titrated up to the point symptoms are controlled. You are most likely experiencing the latent effects related to the release of the liver stores.

Posted by: Rgracen February 5, 2016, 7:20 PM
Hello, I just found your story. Yes it's almost 2 years later but just keep reading...... I started going to a methadone clinic 2 years to the date actually. I started going because i was a closet pill popper. NO ONE new and i mean no one other than my boyfriend. It got to the point that he said it was him or the pills. Abviously i chose him.( Best decision of my life) So in 2 years i went from 115 LBS to 196LBS methadone litteraly STOPPED my metabolism. Ive talked to 3 doctors and they all say that it's not the methadone it's gentics BULLs***! everyone in my family EVERYONE is 120 or less i have tried diet pills/ not eating, i'm vegan always have been no sweets and I have always been active and excercise everyday nothing helped.I have had to lie to my family multiple times when they asked why i was gaining weight like i was. Let me tell you the looks i would get from my mother of worry have been extremely hard. I have been stuck staying here when my family goes out of town, I just recently got married and I can't show anyone picks because i'm so big, I haven't even been able to go on my hunny moon because of this awful drug. It has helped me see a diffrent kind of life and i'm very thankful for it in that accpect. So last week I was looking at pictures and had a melt down then talked with the hubby about never going back. It's been 7 day's leaving at 70mg with absolutley NO withdrawls. I just saw your post and started crying. It feels AMAZING not to be there anymore. I am so happy. NO Craving no urges My hubby is happy but worried he keeps asking if i feel ok. I keep telling him to stop worrying about me so much I know my body. Thank you for telling your story.

Posted by: SomeofyourAresoWEAK June 30, 2016, 11:34 AM
First off....40mg of methadone is the MAGIC number so to speak because, you can still get HIGH using any other pain medication and potentiate it, if you NEED that THERAPY.....or if you break a bone.........and at 40mg of methadone? YOU DONT EXPERIENCE WITHDRAWAL symptoms! You just DONT!!!!! Trust me! Theres recreational users that pop like 150 mg, every 3 days and then, out of nowhere, they skip for like a week with NO PROBLEMS, its ALL MENTAL (TRUST ME, its a strong % of semantics)....anyways, recreational methadone users, they are not ZOMBIES, they are not addicted, they just have a hook up (illegal, but they have one) and they HANDLE their pain without some **** doctor not prescribing enough or making the situation worse by, well, NOT PRESCRIBING needs to be taken into your own hands, buy a PDR 'physicians desk reference', and if you must....go to canada or cuba or mexico and you present that book to the pharmacist and you telo them, "I m in pain, I had surgery, do you have this" and you point out the drug you want...they will GIVE IT to not like in the US where we have to PAY for a legal drug dealer (AKA psychotherapist).....Thats why they have long lasting ancient tribes of people, because they KNOW HOW TO SURVIVE in the worst conditions and they treat each other equally and everyone gets the medicare they need so long as they ASK for it..........ANYWAYS, methadone is just very effective at calming nerves, Its definitely not the best pain killer (why is HYPEd up, is only because it kicks in so LATE and you can be a dead man walking having drunken too much, but you wont know because it kicks in 3 hours later, so always request INSTANT RELEASE formulas for all pain killers, its dangerous if its times...timed to what? think about that). Now, oxyCODONE 30 mg IR is the BEST, or liquid demerol or "oxymorphone 5mg IR (35 mg total is just pure THERAPY that should be LEGAL for EVERYONE ANYDAY of the WEEK, no tolerance issues EVER either, its a GOD SENT)".....methadone is what we have to take when a doctor decides "you are a pot head skateboarder with no talent " that doesnt deserve medicare care even if I know more, research more, pay more, ETC. At least thats how Im treated in SB, the %1er elitist town that literally smells like sewage all day and night 24/7 (honey you wanna vacation near a s*** swamp?, LOL)...Ive found that santa monica is much different, better doctors, no biased views. The withdrawal from ONLY 40 mg's, IS so vague and faint that if you complain about them, you really are a weakling who DOESNT need methadone (go use your FAKE placebo tylenol and FUEL the evil Pfizer corporation with you lack of knowledge and petty desperation for relief, pathetic human....OR be a real patriot and find another human suffering from similar pain problems and communicate and solve your own problem....military vets and many weight lifters have pain killers, goto a GYM, thats a start).... Now if your at any dosage above 50 mg.....make sure you balance your doses out and days out properly becuse you WILL feel the PAIN, that is GOD AWFUL, the pain that feel like an ALIEN is eating your belly from the inside out and you dry heave foam and cough up flem and projectile me, Ive been DEADLY dopesick, missed a dose TWICE when I was on 240 mgs!!!!! Imagine that ! Okay! I thought I was going to DIE. I was screaming in the hospital, begging for help, they DENIED they had methadone, which made me even more mental, because well, DUH, a huge f***ing lie.....and anything else could have helped! was SICK...oregon is the WORST I will say that....anyways,I was choking for air and turning, well, bright red, to faint purple in the face, until one doctor said "I think hes going to die, get him 240 mg of oral methadone STAT, STOP f***ING AROUND!!!! What is your problem? Im writing you up after this, MOVE"......and he was right. He yelled at the DUMB racist nurse who was on facebook, watching me DIE in a linoleum white paneled room on a filthy plastic bed with my mum asking him whats going on (the nurse ignored her and continued with his game on FB), and the doctor didnt even know there was a patient DYING in one of his rooms, but the NURSE did, the f***** filipino MALE nurse sure did and he LIKED what he saw (hospitals are sick kids, not all nurses are SANE), and he sat there until he was BITCHED out like a drag queen. It was total justice "STOP f***ING AROUND AND GET THE MEDICATION NOW!!!"....I loved it. Even when I got my dose, I still puked it up, because well I was being TORTURED illegally on US soil by an OREGONIAN RN. So I only absorbed like maybe 50 mg out of the 240mg, but i had been through hours of pain and torture with the loser/incompetant hospital staff paying games, being slow and retarded, and being biased and lying saying they couldn't help me and I said, "Im not LEAVING until you DO! Im sick and I need HELP! I have health insurance, I missed my dose, so give me a goddamn dose!." Took awhile, but finally the head of the board came down, and as I said he was despised that his own faculty let me rot in pain for so long without any sort of help....seriously! They could have given me a 30mg roxicodone pill to stop the withdrawal effects a 'ZOFRAN' at the VERY LEAST, but NOOOOOOO. Hospitals these days, especially OREGONIAN hospitals, are a goddamn nightmare and the closest thing to a non functioning fully format-table iphone app that anyone can use, but never REALLY use, kinda thing. So My advise to you? Is stay at 40, only double or tripple when you knowyou can handle the rest of the week without it....take a break every now and then, and when you TAKE that break, DETOX with prune juice (YES, $1 prune juice, its MAGIC) and SUPER GREEN FOOD will see that youll maintaina proper tolerance and you can be as happy on methadone as you WOULD and WILL be on percoet, or any other OXYCODONE, (NOT OXYCONtin) medication for pain, physical or emotional. The ONLY foul problem that they ever did was SAY and LIE that it was not addictive....maybe they just didnt know....but that has tainted the worlds most marvelous and beneficial drug to the point where somone like me, whos broken 4 bones and had 3 surgeries DOESNT EVEN get the CHOICE or OPTION to choose what OPAI medication I PREFER andwhat SUITS ME and WORKS BEST. Can you belive that f***ing bulls***? Meanwhile we have Rush Limbaugh buying $3000 worth of OxyCONtin (before they added the DEADLY GLUE substance that, well, DESTROYS THE HIOGH and the POINT OF THE DRUG) from his mexican maide-ummmm DEUHHH!!! no wonder he rants and rants and rants and says despicable and horrible s*** any other politician, lawyer, surgeon, or man of professional prowess, YES, opiates and amphetamines are PREFERABLE before they begin their me, Ive seen it, I know it all too well....EVERYONE is getting high, its just some people can handle theirs, and MOST CANNOT!!!! Money is the true chip to have in this game cause it will stop you from being and looking dopesick....Its a shame that 'silk road' was shut down, it really is, but then again, the prices were very high and fools made it too complicated with bitcoins. Real patients know when they are talking to real patients- but theyve raped craigslist and its mostly blacks or mexicans with dealy pressed fakes (they re bitter they are like, not really FROM america). Report those posts when you see them- its your american duty. Call them up, threaten them, tell them if they dont give you a handful of the BEST pain killers for $100 (which is totally FAIR), youll call the cops on them and get their IP address, and RUIN their lives, just like they are ruining yours by waiving the carrot in your face........ these f***ing roaches wanna live off our country selling illegal medication right? Well, time for us to boss them, we OWN the internet and are smarter than this RETARD street pharmacists talking in ebonics. They are stupid drug dealers, hence why silk road was great-crabs couldnt really survive on there. everyone would call them out and theyd be banned for being a a scumbag. We should be helping each other out, not hoarding and keeping secrets like, whos the BEST doctor to see for the best anti anxieties and stuff. Its like, thats frowned on? But if I go and buy a bunch of DISGUSTING gut rotting crown royal whiskey, and I abuse people and asct a fool in the streets...its considered ok and that I was simply, drunk? This world is all twisted up. Theyd rather have me be an alcoholic beating my wife, than be a well managed athlete on safe pain medication prescribed at a safe dose from a caring doctor. Get to the point where you behave and get take homes...once you get a weeks worth of take homes, it makes the methadone life much easier, like any other med your picking up-howevcer-the oral solution? Its weaker than the pills. But I stick to 40mg's a day and it may TAKE about 6 hours to kick it, but when it does, Im happy...and Id be very UNHAPPY if I didnt have this, I deperately got in a methadone line for several reaons 3 years ago....I was up to 240mg's...saw that was not the way, learned A LOT of HIDDEN INFO they HIDE...and learned I needed to detox below 50mg to ever get any other high (even WEED!) I worked my a** off and was very sick for about a 1.5 years, but now Im very strong, driunking 3 protein shakes a day filled with amino acids, juicing with fresh veggies and fruits, cocnut water constantly, alkaline water only, and I cook myself meals throughout the day not to mention various fish oil and magnessium glucconate supplements for insomnia. If you are suffering from insomnia, there is a brand called 'BELL' that is rather new , all natural and very healthy and goes with any med regiment and I highly suggest you buy it. Its literally the only OTC sleep aide that works in america, and I know, Ive been on zyprexa, seroquel, ambien, saprhis, latuda, and more. But my point really is people? You ARE AS SMART as the DOCTOR, just not as EXPERIENCED, infact, you might KNOW MORE about the medication you WANT than the doctor be ready to explain yourself because this health system in america loves to SHAME people into wasting money on the WRONG treatments, then we switch faces and ask for the opiod therapy management and we get serious, but FIRST, in america, the doctors like to play games and get copays. Anywyas, I hope you are all under the care of a good doctor and or watching out for yourselves, because these days %80 of all medi-cal doctors no longer accept medi cal, and the other %20 dont ACCEPT medi-cal. THANKS OBAMA!!

Posted by: constantine June 30, 2016, 11:45 AM
Dude....old thread..catch the date...and ..whatever your riding...let it fade...

Posted by: winterkill July 23, 2016, 6:49 PM
Whoever wrote that long-winded, barely cognizant diatribe complaining about how everyone is "weak" but them and how Oregonian hospitals are some sort of conspiracy against giving that person dangerous narcotics because he was crying like a schoolgirl is an idiot. I managed to read about half of their reply just because I was interested in seeing just how bats*** crazy this person was but I can only digest so much garbage before I start puking it up. My advice, kill yourself before you breed. The world does not need more people like you.

For people that are actually seeking REAL advice about methadone withdrawals:

I am now on week 5 of a 10mg a week detox after having been on 85mg for over a year. I feel better now on a lower dose than I ever did on 85mg. Methadone clinics are a for-profit facility. They want to keep you going there for as long as possible. Think about it: A dose of methadone costs them about a dollar. They are charging your insurance carrier/state at least $150 per week for roughly $10 worth of drugs. They will try and tell you to never go higher than a 2.5mg per week reduction "because the withdrawals will be intolerable". This is bulls***. If you let them convince you of this, you are falling for some psychobabble placebo nonsense. My advice, stay on methadone until you learn to HATE it. It serves its purpose to get you off of heroin but other than that, it is a monster and a cash source for unscrupulous doctors that are too lazy to practice real medicine. The owner of the clinic I goto use to do cocaine with one of my older friends, a lot. He was eventually disbarred for installing cameras in the women's bathroom of his clinic and trading drugs for sex. Now, his daughter runs the facility. She shows up once or twice a month (often wearing a rumbled party dress with smeared makeup and stinking of booze and sex). She is a massive drunk and also a drug user. Since she has a medical degree, she can get all the drugs she wants by sucking off her fellow doctors. Anyways, I am meandering from my original point - the withdrawals aren't all that bad as long as you are psychologically prepared for them. I have 2 more weeks to go before I will be forced to quit cold turkey as the lease on my apartment ends and I am not staying in this ghetto nightmare of a city any longer now that I am coming off this crap. Time will tell what the next few weeks will be like, but I am certain that if the withdrawals become too bad, a little bit of immodium-ad and tianeptine sulfate (hits the same receptors methadone does and is legal... for now) should take care of that. Warning: tianeptine is addictive though. Use it sparingly. Also, if you are interested in buying some, email me at and I will introduce you to my supplier. Beware of bulls*** being sold on eBay. It is fake.

Posted by: Sway August 16, 2016, 4:47 PM
I'm am currently on day 4. 104 hours into cold turkey of 50 mg. I was going to the methadone clinic for about a year on about 70-80 mg.but the past couple weeks I've come down considerably quick . I went from 83-61 mg in 2 1/2 weeks. Then my last dose up I dropped it to 50. Haven't gone back but don't understand why no severe withdrawals. Mild at worst. Am I about to hit a wall of misery? Could it be because it's taking so long to get t out of my body? I have no energy at all but taken plenty of supplements from when I attended Dr. Spanaugle detox and wellness center. He's for real but it was something my parents made made do when I got caught using opiates 2 weeks at N.C. State. I was doing fine they just did what they thought was the right thing to do by taking me to Dr. Spanuagle's wellness detox. But that wasn't for methadone. I'm just wondering why I'm experiencing what I'm experience?

Posted by: Emily Lorraine September 5, 2016, 8:33 PM
Hey Sway, how are you feeling? Im sure you realized it takes about 5 days before the more acute withdrawal starts. Im planning how Im going to finally leave the clinic from my 90mg dose for about a year. I might try to do it the same way you did. I really hope youre sticking it out, and I hope to hear back on more of your experience either way.
For my own experience- I quit cold turkey in jail from 70mg once. I was in jail for about 3 weeks. And honestly, its way more mental than we think. I could do absolutely NOTHING about my situation, being in jail with obviously no chance od getting methadone or any other opioid really, so I said "why be miserable and make this worse than it has to be?" All my cellies and the girls from other dorms/blocks that I met were so surprised by how well I was doing simply because I tried to maintain a positive attitude. I slept, every night as well. But some nights I tossed and turned before falling asleep. And I woke up prettt easily. And I woke up super early eveey morning and couldnt fall back asleep. At about 3 weeks, I was not really over the worst of it I dont think, as I got my bail reduced and got bailed out and ended up grabbing something ((so so soo stupid in retrospect)
Anyways, im SO ready to be done with methadone and the clinic. Its not conducive to my life or the way I want to bw living at all anymore. So, Im trying to make my plan of action.

Sway, hope to hear from you! & anymore input from anyone would be great. Good luck everyone.

Posted by: bigtim September 14, 2016, 12:04 AM
I want to know if anyone has started getting anxiety and depression while on methadone? I started the clinic in Feb of 2012 and about a year ago I started getting horrible anxiety attacks and depression that feels like it will never end. I want to start a taper I'm at 105 mg and now take 1 mg Xanax a day for anxiety. I am scared that my anxiety and depression will get worse, or is the methadone causing it.

Posted by: Em1 September 14, 2016, 10:37 AM
Hi big tim, sorry to hear about your anxiety and depression since you have been on methadone, that really sux. I have been on methadone for nearly 2 years and am just about to jump off. I experienced bad anxiety and depression for years and I found since being on methadone it had subsided a lot well mainly the anxiety as I would always feel abit depressed, dull and just in a down mood which I feel the methadone causes you to feel abit down as it sort of numbs you. I was taking anti depressants and at least 2mg Xanax daily before going on methadone and since I have been on it I haven't had any antidepressants or have hardly needed to take Xanax for anxiety. So overall I have had an opposite affect to you and I am worried the anxiety will come back once I quit. Have you spoken to your doctor about this? Is the methadone the only thing you can relate your anxiety and depression to?

Posted by: Mackenzie999 September 14, 2016, 2:02 PM
Bigtim, I had a very similar expierience with anxiety and depression while on methadone. I started going to the clinic about 2 years ago(my 2nd time). I was on 40mg for most of the 2 years and my anxiety and depression slowly got worse until I couldn't take it anymore. I started tapering and got on Paxil, which is an anti-depressant. I slowly started feeling better as I tapered. I'm down to 18mg now and my anxiety is about a quarter of what it was before. Hang in there!

Posted by: glenn September 17, 2016, 11:49 AM
Just a response to someone's post. Not sure where your from but I live in Connecticut, here they don't give you methadone for being skate boarding, pothead! Lol . . You have to give a urine containing opiates before they give you methadone. An yes Obama is an idiot but if not for Obama care alot of people would have to pay 120 bucks a week for there methadone! So next year when they do away with Obama care I think alot of people are gonna change there perspective on Obama. . . Don't take it personal I'm just saying. I been on 140mgs of methadone for over a year and I just detoxed down to 10mgs an today is my first day with nothing but I have two Suboxone. I've heard every story from a to z! Idk yet what to do, I got an appointment for Suboxone on Tuesday, today is Saturday. It's bout noon time an I'm hurting! I wanna take a Suboxone so bad right now! I'm trying to wait until I can't take it anymore which is getting pretty close to that now. Any advice would be well appreciated. I'm 36 yrs old an about 140lbs an normally very active if that helps. Thank you

Posted by: torrie September 20, 2016, 11:42 PM
Im new here, i came across this while i was searching for info about quiting methadone cold turkey. Ive been on it for about 3 years, i think 80mg or so was the highest i had been on and gone up and down and when i reached 12 mg i had so much anxiety, panic, just felt unglued so went back up to 40 mg or so. Im so sick of this and the clinic and the cost and relying on it to feel somewhat normal. So i quit cold turkey from 33 mg.

Its been 6 days now, first few days i felt pretty good to my surprise, except for that restless leg syndrome keeping me up all night. Yesterday was Day 5 and the worst so far but not as brutal as i was afraid of, got the runs, runny nose, yawning, sneezing, nausea, (gagged a bit here and there but no puke), cant eat much, headache and stomach pain and still insomnia and creepy crawlies in my legs before i even went to bed to try to sleep, which was futile, 0 sleep. But i did take immodium for the runs which helps, tylenol for pains and headaches, gravol for nausea but not
working well for my nausea, trying to have soups, rice and crackers, Ativan for the anxiety and the hope of sleep soon.

So today, Day 6, pretty rough, still runs, nausea and did puke once today. I took Tylenol 1's (OTC at the pharmacy here in Canada) and still the Gravol and Ativan. Should i have not taken the T1's? Since they have a small amount of Codeine (8 mg i think?) Im hoping and praying that im through the worst of it and ill be feeling somewhat better by tomorrow which will be day 7. Any info or anything would be appreciated. Oh and i should mention that i have Crohns Disease (which was how i became addicted when i was quite sick and getting dopesick is the worst so kept on taking) and im questioning if a lot of the nausea and abdominal pain is from my Crohns starting to flare up? Since i was feeling considerably worse on Day 5. Dear Lord i hope not. Should i even bother going to the hospital? Will they just say "nope your getting nothing, its withdrawl" even if i do need IV fluids, gravol, dilaudid etc.? For a legitimate issue? My urine has been clean forever, (except for Ativan benzo which is prescribed, possibly some methadone left in my system maybe and the codeine from the T1's) hopefully i didnt shoot myself in the foot by taking the T1's yesterday and today. Advice please?

Posted by: torrie September 21, 2016, 7:50 PM
Day 7 and feeling pretty good! I even ate real food last night :) Still some stomache issues but thankfully no Crohns flare. I have thought about getting pills, it is a fight, but i know where that path goes....nowhere good. So today i start a new path, i cant over think it though, one day at a time right?

Posted by: Mojo1 September 21, 2016, 10:36 PM
Torrie just methadone has a long 1/2 half and will stay in your body for a while. But you can do this it been 13months since my last dose. The restless legs use heating pads and stretch, aches and pains take hot baths.

Posted by: torrie September 22, 2016, 1:50 AM
How long is long?

Posted by: Mojo1 September 22, 2016, 10:45 PM
It's half of your last dose every 18-36 hours.

Posted by: addict 5.0 October 10, 2016, 7:05 PM
10 days cold turkey from 36 to that point in rapid tapering @ 2mg every week for last 4 months.

bad idea with the rapid coming down...felt OK for 2 months and then couldn't function for the following 2...not withdrawal sick but major concentration issues,breathing difficulties/skipping breaths kinda like sleep apnea/ and eating even more.

days 1-5 manageable,6-9 pure hell and sudden break in withdrawal symptoms on day #10.

during 10 days pills taken per day...about 1 1/2 perx,2-3 mg lorazepam,800 mg advil,325 mg asprin and around 440/660 aleve...benzos big help but prex make the whole withdrawal worst in my opinion,other otc painkillers only placebo effect.

water,meal replacement drinks and 4 McDonald wraps during 10 days.

i feel OK now which make me suspicious that the worst is yet to come.

going all the way no matter what.

1 1/2 om methadone with 120 being mistake,10 days cold turkey from heroine,oxycodone and hydro morph would put me in home free situation but with methadone i don't where i'm at.

it is a rat poison that should be banned,catastrophic weight gain and breathing difficulties are being hidden from the patients...doctors allowed to prescribed that and not telling the truth which they see and hear everyday are criminals without conscience.

methadone should be consider only in two scenarios: if you will harm yourself due to unbearable withdrawal or that you will commit crime and/or harm other human being in order to get your dope....if you can control these to situation please walk away from methadone maintenance programs.

some people are stuck on that rat poison for years largely to the fear of the withdrawal which of course is pure hell that no human should go through but it is the only way out of it.

tapering for years with no end in sight and living in the prison of urine tests and limited amount of carries allowed is inhumane.

my day 10 is here and i'm not giving that away for nothing!!!!

if i made through to the following Monday i may win.


Thank you.

Posted by: marykat80 October 10, 2016, 10:46 PM
Good post..keep going and keep updating. f*** the McDonalds though eat something good..nah I did same thing!! keep staying strong..

Posted by: Miss McD October 22, 2016, 2:18 PM
When you feel great after dropping rapidly on your dose or quoting cold turkey its your state of wanted to do it 100% and that's the bottom line. Believe in yourself and know that it isn't impossible. I dropped my dose from 80 to 42 and never felt better. Amazing I only needed half my dose but they had me on twice what I needed. Don't quit until you are hungry for a life without the chains :) xo

Posted by: addict 5.0 October 23, 2016, 6:32 PM
Thanks,marykat80 for good words...much appreciated.

Day #23 today.

It went all downhill pretty quickly since my last post...which unfortunately I've anticipated.

Total cluster f*** psychologically and major joint pain situation/mostly knees... unbearable/.

Around 4 Percocets a day/strongly suggest to avoid but either that or back on Methadone,due to pain,psychologically I can handle the mother of all nightmares/.

Also 3/4 1 mg Ativan when needed,some Aleve and Advil also taken.

No energy whatsoever,no will or desire to do anything.

Some pleasure from watching internet but fades pretty quick as soon as Percocet reaches half of the half life period...other than that unable to concentrate for couple minutes.

Writing down this post was a monumental challenge.

However...point of no return no matter what.

Thank you.

Posted by: marykat80 October 24, 2016, 6:16 PM
Yeah the psychological and concentation were horrible for day 23 I would have definitely struggled posting and writing that long. Yeah ideally cutting off the Percocet would be best..but you know. Concentration will come back..but yeah beyond frustrating. I remember trying to pay electric bill and I'll just say it was a huge struggle..that took way longer then should have. Honestly I started taking 5-htp a couple weeks out..didn't help with energy but did with concentration and just feeling calmer..I was taking ativan as well but not daily as I didn't wanna get dependent on that..try to eat healthy and or drink fruit smoothies..your body needs all the replenishing...and hopefully get your energy back..

Posted by: Nando February 1, 2017, 11:10 AM
I was on 80 mg of methadone for almost 6 years. And because of $$ I started going down on my dose. Have taken 20 mg a day for the last week, today all I had was 10mg. I'm so afraid of what is about to happen, but know it has to happen. Any suggestions on withdrawal remedies or any advice?

Posted by: Bonnie5 February 1, 2017, 11:26 AM
Nando it an be done so you dont feel any withdrawal symptoms Overfifty posts how she done it and other posts, plenty of good information here for you just need to scroll up and down and read! I am on 35 mills going down when i want and when i feel its right for me so i personally cant advise you on remedies but i am here to support you if you stick around
Good luck :)

Posted by: Gary February 24, 2017, 8:28 AM
All those who are saying that they jumped off at 40 mg with no withdrawal symptoms were not physically dependent on methadone or they're lying, simply put anybody who has been on methadone for a while will suffer numerous withdrawal symptoms and for about a month before they start getting back to normal, in fact the insomnia may last for a couple of months along with the depression. The only way to get off methadone once physically addicted is a very slow taper down to 1 mg and even then you will still feel horrible once you stop completely. Please don't believe anyone who says that they stopped cold at high doses without suffering as they are lying to you or as stated not actually dependent. Good luck to all who are on methadone it's a long, hard road back and your recovery will need a lot of hard work and a lot of time. Be strong and you will eventually free yourself from this drug.

Posted by: Overfifty February 24, 2017, 11:53 PM
I can only speak for myself but I tapered down to one for two days before that 2.5 for months and when I quit I suffered no withdrawls. I moved slow and had sneezing attacks though. I had meds for tapering as well as anti depressant and mood stabilizer. I also smoke marijuana. I believe all these things helped me transition to no methadone. I tapered long and slow. I also slept and had no depression or paws from day one. I am 94 days methadone free and feel normal just like first day. I am a take the band aid off slowly type. My taper was successful for me. Everyone is different but going CT is brutal IMO. When I jumped off at 30 ml. I went crazy. No sleep mentally a wreck depression through the roof. This lasted for over thirty days without getting better. I went back on methadone and tapered slowly over years to get to today. For me going long and slow worked this time and I am so grateful.

Posted by: Overfifty February 24, 2017, 11:57 PM
I forgot to say I move slow because of pain. I still move slow and probably always will.

Posted by: MostAncientLight June 23, 2017, 11:23 PM
So I found this post because I went cold turkey off 45 mg daily of the mdone about a week ago (last dose sunday Am). It's now Friday and I feel fine... some mild withdrawl days 2 and 3 but better and better since. I'm pretty tripped out. Keep expecting it to kick in. Have suboxone but didn't want to take it before I hit the real WD's... And they just haven't shown up yet. Not sleeping much but whatever. some chills and no energy days 2/3 getting better on the 4th and 5th... I'm in total disbelief. Was expecting this to be bad...

Posted by: tkalldaY3 July 6, 2017, 12:09 AM
ur story gives me hope....cold turkey 64mg last tuesday and i cant sleep, crying over everything.......just know ur story telling itit helped someone.....

Posted by: Ashley August 14, 2017, 10:35 PM
I know it's an old post, but I need some advice. I've been on 380mg (and yes that's right) for almost 4 years. I take 190mg 2 times a day. There is an issue with the way my body metabolizes the methadone and that's why I'm on such a high dose. I'm still in pain every morning untill I take my dose. I haven't used in 3 years. I want to come off it cold turkey but I'm really scared. I can't find anything on the internet about someone quitting on such a high dose. I just want to be done with this stuff. I feel like if I don't get off this soon it's going to kill me.

Posted by: Billy August 16, 2017, 10:06 AM
Day 10 off of 90mg of methadone for pain. my doctor and i had always gotten along... I never once pulled any addictive behavior... In hindsight i should have seen... In Pa opiates are killing daily.... He sent me for blood work which is very odd. usually a lil pee is all he asks for... The ONLY other drugs I take is weed and i do not ABUSE. Sorry, but I hit my head some time back and somehow I just stopped abusing my mind and body.... So I am held together from my lower left leg to my scalp with rods, pins, plates, and plastics...
10th day and the s***s just started.. My wife is at work and I cant wipe my a** properly... This has always been my "I'm outta here mantra". And now I don't even have the pills to do it..... So my doc pulls out my blood test and says there are no drugs in my system...Bull s***. There has been drugs in my system since 1983!!!!!
I am LOST and I do not see me making it..... I do not want to make it.... I kicked about 14 years ago knowing I'd have to return to opiate pain meds... IDK>>> I have a good life, a good marriage, great kids...... I just don't deserve what lies ahead.... Peace, YOU DO!

Posted by: C'Zer March 24, 2018, 2:20 PM
220 lb 6'2" male. Been on methadone for years. I was doing 140mg/day plus about 5 bags of really good H, sometimes fentanyl/day. One day I got thrown in jail. 30 days of living Hell. Only meds I was given were to keep me from puking and defecating on myself and in my cell. I was paroled on realease immediately to a 28 day rehab after jail and was only provided with benadryl and melatonin there. I slept about 10 hours in 30 days in jail. Not much more in rehab. I got out last week and I'm only sleeping 3-4 hours of broken sleep a night now. My arms and legs were jumping around like an epileptic marionette, I was freezing, cramping and writhing for weeks. No relief. Two months later and my legs and arms/hands still hurt and my woman tells me that they're jumping when I sleep, although I can't sleep much, and I still have an odd taste in my mouth plus I'm still sneezing repetetively at very little provocation. The past two months have been Hell, truly Hell. I would have to really really hate someone to wish what I've just been through on them. So, two months later and I hardly feel like flaying the flesh off my bones any more although they still ache and are driving me crazy because I have no energy to exercise them to get any relief because I'm immediately exhausted. If you have to quit cold turkey I wish you the best of luck. It's not fun lol. Wean off slow if you can, for the love of God or whatever you care about (or cares about you), wean off slow. There is a term "Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome". Well, I've been in constant WD for 2 months, so I don't know what they mean by "post" because some of the withdrawal symptons for me have never stopped, not yet. I couldn't (or wouldn't) have made it CT if I hadn't had to do it against my will. Good luck people, good luck.

Posted by: Heddy March 25, 2018, 11:20 AM
Hi I'm coming off methadone I started 3 years ago I went to 60 mls I'm down to 41 today it seems I feel withdraw at 6 days and that's coming down 1 ml every 4 weeks.The ? I'm getting at is am I waiting to long between or should I maybe come down quicker? The weigh gain is awful I can't stop crying.Plz any suggests would be great thanks.Heddy

Posted by: marykat80 March 25, 2018, 3:07 PM
I don't think you are waiting too long. That sounds about right. I jumped off fast..but too fast and wouldn't recommend. I think giving your body as much time as needed to the lowered dose..then once you start feeling better, lower again. Which sucks, I know..I tried that route too. And once you start to feel better, it's going down again Which takes a lot of will power. But best for your mind to go slow. Just remember the crying and extreme emotions are expected, but will pass...

Posted by: Joe May 27, 2018, 8:01 AM
I am down to 15mg per day. Been on methadone for years. I started out with a bad heroin habit and meth, needles. I was hopeless. I started robbing drug dealers in my area with a gun just so I could go to bed at night with drugs in my pocket. Waking up with nothing was my ultimate fear.
Needless to say, the dealers all got together and called the cops on me. In 2013 my house was raided by SWAT TEAM and Guns/Gang task force.
I was given 4 years in penitentiary for the gun. I was introduced to the prison doctor a short while later. (I spent 2 weeks in segregation for my withdrawal symptoms upon entering prison, so I had to quit cold Turkey)
The penitentiary doctor knew I was at a great risk to relapse while in prison, so he put me on the methadone program. I was released a few years later.
We are now in 2018, still clean and sober. I live with my fiance and 2 kids. I have a parrot and dog. I am in my first year apprenticeship for millwright.
It's time to quit the methadone program. I tapered 10mg every week for the last 6 weeks. From 80 to 20 mg. I'm now at 15mg and I'm done. I am not going back folks. I dont feel bad. It's all mind over matter. Dont quit methadone unless you're under 35mg is my advice. I tried to quit at 40 and regretted that decision.
METHADONE SAVED MY LIFE. Dont use it as a crutch, just a tool to get you to a stable,happy place. I would have died of overdose, like dozens of my friends. I'm doing good. I was a career criminal and a gangster. I had a thousand dollar a day habit for a long time. I burned through more money than I will ever see again.
Working hard now is my motto. I could have been so far in life if i had of buckled down, went to college and worked at 18 or 20. Instead, i wasted half of my younger years and am now in my 30s and just starting life.
It's never too late. You are never too far gone. If you think your life is bad, it could always be worse. Rock bottom is death, you wont ever see an upswing of you keep down your road of addiction. Go to a clinic, get on the methadone program and get your life back. Stay on methadone no longer than 2 years. That should be your window of opportunity to get back on track.
Take care, god bless and be safe out there folks.

Posted by: John Paul May 27, 2018, 5:12 PM
@Joe I have tapered down slowly over the last year and a half. I am down from 90mlg to 8 mlgs. As soon as I was under 10 mlgs $hit got real. I thought I could do the old mind over matter also. After about a week at 10 mlgs it was not me calling the shots. My dose was and still is only lasting about 3 to 4 hours and the rest of the day and night I am white knuckling it. I truly hope that this will not be your experience! All the best to you and I hope that we both can get off of this and regain our lives. JP✌

Posted by: damtay12 June 16, 2018, 12:41 PM
So i know this is old thred and dont think ill get answers. I am a single dad and have full job. My kids mother just left me and my son to getting high. I haven't been able to work much and dont drive to top it off my clinic moved location so its hard to get there so any way last year i was on 100mg for 5 years. I new clinic was moving and tired of going there so i started tapering and been no issues till recently. I am finaly down around 14 mg and around 5-6 p.m. i want another dose lol so big question is should i just stop going or will my body catch up to my dose and become bearable it wouldn't be so bad if i had help with my son

Posted by: Mojo1 June 16, 2018, 7:29 PM
Your body will catch up but take it slow!! Make sure you exercise, EAT HEALTHY and drink a tone of water!!

Posted by: QuittingIsHard June 19, 2018, 11:51 PM
Tomorrow will be three weeks for me. I thought it was only a two week notice but I see people on here saying they still felt it at 23 days. It is definitely getting progressively easier. Basically the first part of my day I keep having this joint restlessness where I'm extremely lethargic and keep needing to stretch, etc. Towards the evening, it's not so bad. I have done Vicodin and Oxys a few times since, I thought that was the reason it was lasting longer than the two weeks I expected, like that extra opiate high was prolonging the withdrawal. Glad to hear that this is actually relatively normal. So it could end up lasting up to six weeks? That's all bad, but I'm feeling a lot better, so there's no going back now.

Posted by: QuittingIsHard June 19, 2018, 11:54 PM
Actually, for my first four days or so I was taking Tramadol and I think that ended up helping out a lot, because back in January I tried writing cold turkey and failed after three days, but this time ended up being much, much easier in the first few days. I would recommend this, but don't take too much.