Alkie's Primary Enabler Worse Than Him Now
Posted: April 16, 2019, 12:17 PM

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Something's been going with the alkie and gf/primary enabler over the last month or two. Their excuse was they got sick, felt tired etc. The alkie has been much 'calmer' like the difference between black and white, night and day like he's been sedated. The gf enabler seems to have increased her alcohol intake and showing periods of being hyper verbal for the lack of a better description. She's usually on the tired side and reserved but for about 24 hours she was acting like she was on somekind of upper. She was talking/thinking out loud reacting to every single word someone said, some to kiss butt which is usual for her but this was beyond that. They were at several functions, parties etc over the last several week including the day they came for a visit. The enabler ran into the kitchen to get a glass of whine. Not kidding less than a minute in the door she was consuming.

There's something new here not sure what and judging by the alcohol consumption and behavior changes there are more substances in play than usual.
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