Day To Of Alcohol Withdrawl, Need Advice.
avi virk
Posted: February 17, 2019, 4:18 PM

Hey guys a 28 year old student who has been drinking heavy for the last couple years now.

I finally decided to in and try and get some help its been 48 hours since my last drink. During the trip the ER the doctor held me for observation, gave me the general fluids, some vits, and benzos.

Im kinda freaking out because I have a 5 hour flight tmr, which in on all honestly i cant miss.

My day one withdrawals consisted of hand shakes, nausea and some vomiting. I was given my first benzo at the hospital kept there for a couple more ours and sent home and told to use the benzos over the next three days as I get the withdrawal feelings coming back.

So far since getting the benzo last night at 6pm its been over 18 hours and no real withdrawal feelings. temp is okay, checked bp was 135/90 and heart rate has been steady in the 70s.

I wondering if its stupid for me to try and take the flight tmr?

Im thinking of taking one benzo later tonight before tryna fall asleep and one before getting on the flight.

From your guys non-medical opinion am I putting my self at serious harm incase I do go down the path of more severe withdrawals?

Im hoping i hear that i should be good and that being 48 hours now and close to 60 hours by the time of the flight and my explanation of my withdrawals it should be okay. I know sometimes hope is stupid but i really need to be back with the people that truly love in and will keep me going.

First time on hear, sorry if i said anything stupid, and yes i have read as much as possible and know the risks for severe withdrawal sometimes do not present for days.

Just need friend or two to help me make a smart decision.

Posted: February 18, 2019, 3:21 AM

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Hi Avi,

Drink plenty of water, take the medication before the flight and before you know it you will be with people who love you and will support you as you stated above. I'm not a Doctor and actually quit drinking like 214 days ago. I know withdrawal and how horrible it can be. Luckily you have that medication and that will help you. Take the medicine before flight , wear something warm and try and fall asleep on plane.

Good luck,
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