I'm In Love With An Addict.
Posted: December 23, 2015, 1:23 PM

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8 months ago I went on a date that changed my idea of love. I fell head over heels for this man, in the matter of months. He was an amazing man he treated me the way I have seen in movies and fairy tales. I thought I found the perfect man. But as time went on weird things started happening. Showing up late leaving me places for hours until i blew up his phone. Me as a woman my mind went straight to' He's cheating on me' so i watched him close from that moment on. But to my surprise i asked him what was up with him and that is when he told me he was addicted to pain pills. And having pain pill addicts in my family already i wasn't worried. Well months later he told me it was actually heroine. I didn't know what to do. I was 5 months into this relationship, so in love i chose to stick with him. In three month i went through an emotional roller coaster. But he is now on methadone and getting the help he needs he was using for 5 years and decided to quit when he met me. But I feel all he is saying to make me happy. I know he is still using on methadone. He promises me everyday he is not using but I keep catching him. He has collapsed pretty much every vein he has. He has now started shooting up in his neck. I feel lost sometimes. But I don't want to leave him in his time of need...what should I do?

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