Suboxone And Leg Swelling
Posted: July 9, 2017, 9:16 AM

i have been using subs for over three years and for about that same length of time I have had circulatory and swelling problem it has gotten so bad my family doctor sent me for all kinds of test to see if my heart was diseased and then a lung test.. but during these tests just a couple of days apart i had ran out of my subs for four days because of the pharmacy having problems with my script with another pro auth but anyway while going without subs for those four days I noticed the swelling go completely away, and i felt better than i had in awhile feeling lighter and less bloated. and once i took another full two days of subs everything was back to s***... i must say i will be weaning myself off these suckers rather quickly now that I know all this. thanks but no thanks.
Has anyone has such an experience?
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