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Hi. So, I've been clean off heroin for 5 years now, and I have this deep desire to share my story in hopes that I can help. Christmas 2012 was spent in a jail cell, the same one I had been in since august that year. When they picked me up, I was homeless, and stealing anything that could be sold for dope money. What caught me up was being careless. I think I wanted to get caught. I hated life. I hated myself. I lived and breathed for the next push. My family let me spend 6 months, including the holidays, my daughters birthday, and even my own, in jail. My bond was only 500 bucks but I sat. And it saved me. I think that if I would have been let go any sooner, I would have gone back out in search of dope. I've overdosed, I've been in dangerous situations, I've been hospitalized, homeless, I've had nothing on top of more nothing. My entire life has been hard, so I chose to numb out. I found a new way to deal with my traumatic life that didn't involve shooting dope. I plan on posting my stories and answering any questions people might have about how I've stayed clean despite not always having a legit reason to. I'm blunt and honest. But I need to do this to have peace.
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Hi! I wish my son could have began to contact you before December 21st last year when he gasp his last breath from a heroin overdose in my living room. I am really struggling every day to come to grips with this . He was the most kind and loving kid. My baby 28 years old. 4 days after his birthday and 4 days before Christmas. I know Christmas will NEVER be the same. Please pray for my family his older siblings took it very hard too. My email is *********** so you can email me there if you would like. I have so many questions. And I may be able to help you in your journey. I have 17 years clean from cocaine. Quite the miracle I'll say. My life is completely changed today from who I was back then. You can imagine. I lived on the street under a bridge. Now I have more than all I could ever pray or ask for. And a strong relationship with my higher power. So I hope you will write me back at me email. I may never find this site again...lol

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They took your email away before I could get it. I'm sure we can find another way to communicate. As my entire goal in telling my story is to help the struggling. Either side because I have been on both. Please write back to let me know you got this.
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