Jail Visits
Posted: September 16, 2019, 3:46 AM

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Nyt think you are spot on with everything there, my son was in rehab 3 years ago, it was a 28 day programe, they where very restricted what they Could take in, it was January, I had bought him a book for Xmas that he wanted( don't know why he Hardly ever reads) if I remenber it was slash guy out of guns and roses, he put that in his bag to read and they would't let him , said it was drug related( which it would of been) also they had a limit a day I actually forget how much it was, maybe $ 25 that would of been enough for cigarettes and they where allowed to work down the street, ( not by themselves) so if they wanted anything to eat they had a bit of money, they where drug tested regular and random, if it was positive they where chucked out of the programe, that was how his ran but I would imagine they are all different, after 4 days he wanted to leave, ( said he could do this by himself) really !!! Anyway he decided to stay after a phone call from one of his brothers, I do hope your son goes ahead with the rehab it is a start in the right direction,
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