Waiting For Rock Bottom, In The Meantime
Posted: July 10, 2018, 2:24 PM

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While waiting for a rock bottom so the alcoholic/addict might seriously try to change they are trying to con a parent out of more money. They are already having trouble staying in their home because they took out a loan to give their adult alcoholic child loan. They had to pay over $20,000 on top of other things they covered hoping they would finally get it, grow up, change their ways. This over a decade ago. The drinking among other things as bad as ever. They basically want their inheritance now hinting the parents should sell their house and go into a facility which isn't even warranted or affordable at this time. They'll deny it but they are using the same slow long term con tactics they used to get money over 10 years ago.

Also found out his girlfriend is also working her parents as she did in the past. Apparently she hasn't bought a car for herself for over a decade. She too takes long con approach. Can't quite figure out who gave who the idea but they do it as half century old adults. They can't blame their tactics on the pressure of a rough patch, this is how they operate and who they are I guess.

I've accepted who they are what they do but the parents have not after decades of trouble. I hope both parents say no this time and point out to them you're gray haired adults asking for money like a child for money for chores. It's just the gall that gets me. Yes I'm sure they'd love to be in a better financial position but it is their sense of entitlement to the lifestyle & habits that got them intotrouble that is the most infuriating.

Time is nobody's friend here. Except for the rock bottom that is waiting to be hit.
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