Wife And Cocaine
Posted: November 30, 2019, 4:34 PM

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First a belated Happy Thanks Giving to Sallyanna and rest of board.

CP, as many pointed out I'd be kind of leary. From what I've observed over the decades is that when an addict or alkie needs money, favors or a timeout of course they'll act normal & be extra nice. And I'm sure being arrested for the DUI at least temporarily put the fear of god into her. (Question in that state is a dui a criminal or traffic offense?) She knows she'll need lawyers, have to pay fines, mandatory programs and/or things like an ankle monitor or car breathalyzer so I'd be leary. Some people get duis they'll ease up sometimes but I've know others that go back to the habits that go them into trouble in less than 6 months with their drinking even worse.

Should note do not pay for her lawyers and fines. She literally needs to pay the price for her dui. I don't care how easy it might be for you to pay but that's one of the most glaring mistakes one can make. And of course after the legal process is done DO NOT put her on your insurance policy, buy a car for her etc. I've seen people make that mistake and things got worse for everyone. She must accept the fact there will be reminders of her dui for the next 5-10 years of life which is actually how it's intended with fines, fee, insurance etc.

Hope things work out for the better.

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