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Posted: April 11, 2016, 12:35 PM

First I want to point out that everything is translated in Google Translate English so not my language Hello I have read many of your posts and as you can see I'm quitting hesitate truth I really do not approach situations I've read here, but I had a lot of them for a period shorter and weaned pretty quickly that I did not want it again or even thought about it I was a smoker for nearly two years and a regular smoker morning Tzhoriim and night until one day I could not sleep after tripled busy days have passed if lack of sleep and alcohol and cannabis then received anxiety and depression where everything seemed to me wrong I was looking for it I went to several doctors I did some tests like brain and blood tests went fine all questioners got symptoms like: insomnia anorexia anything does not look pleasure for me a sense of opera obscurity Digdogim feet and throwing after that I decided I stopped and I stopped I had a hard incantations first just thinking about it after maybe three weeks ago it came out really head after trips to different people replacing État replacing members and all that happened to me during those two years just changed and Zahwa I came to myself I was happy doing I returned to practice after almost a week down 7 pounds and so I became a bone and a head most importantly clean and upbeat as ever it was all right except for one thing Hfziot mine as I said before I read here a lot of articles and none of them Cimat talked about the problems Hfziot and I had a lot of doctors who have told me that this withdrawal so I decided to listen and Hlmsic live but Hfziot mine gave me before I went back to sleep well the truth of this good come out of it but still there were side flashed wanted to consult you if it's really rewarding or is it something else physical problem so that's how it all started from a lot of phlegm and saliva and kept me up now after that I started to feel a pulse just throw and legs and hot flashes are in my foot, and a lot of muscle twitching legs started to have pains bones and a lot of clicks and episodes are weak and much harassment feet and hands that simply do not stop and everything going on I relaxed and I just want to remind then I have problems pulse is always sprint after walking a body already tired and begin to fold my legs under testing heat my heat my body is 35.5 cases of Any activity I suffer from back pain for a long time and perceptions Siririm especially in the neck still has digestive problems small and swallowing but it is more or less well short I asked a lot of doctors all say to me is rewarding but does not like to ask people who have already gone through it, I'd be happy if you help me here and tell me If it's really rewarding or it might be another problem I will check it that many who quit were not asking much of what I went through would love your reply
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