Posted: March 16, 2015, 8:11 PM

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heyoh, so, after wishing on big fish and shooting stars, tomorrow when i wake it would of been 5 years ago that I sat down and really tired and worked at getting out and away and looking after myself and my children first and not having a life anymore with an addict and it was the hardest and most painful thing ive ever ever done.....and tomorrow when i wake its been 5 years ago my children were taken from me and i got to see how the addict would go to what ever means to control and ruin, break me and i was powerless in fighting back, and so my new path started dealing with courts and lawyers and finally the truth was there crystal clear not crystal meth and five years on my children are healthy, happy - peache as and no contact with addict as wont follow the rules or comply with safe and happy so HIS LOSS, as I am living our dream of a safe no chaos house and life and its worth everything and wouldnt ever allow that crazy back any where near us......it can be done, with work, and its peache.
Posted: March 17, 2016, 1:37 AM

Heyoh, another year has passed and its been six years woohoo, not without ups and downs but by far more ups and I never stay too long in the thoughts of the downs. This site was my air everyday many times a day for years and I can now say hand on heart it gets so much better, still wishing on stars and laughing so much more. When you know better y'all do better so much better, love, respect and be peache
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