Children Of Parents In Recovery
Posted: July 8, 2016, 2:02 AM

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Hi, I have a question, but let me give some info. My Grandkids were taken from my oldest daughter after her arrest. She has been addicted to Meth for years. My youngest daughter is raising them and at one point allowed visitation to their father who was in rehab. He relapsed and broke the kid's hearts, went back into rehab and cleaned up again. He gained visitation once again and again, he relapsed. Now their Mom is clean, but not currently involved in rehab meaning, she's not going to meetings, but she feels she should have visitation. It hurts the kids to see their parents go back to drugs and leaves the older two feeling like they are not worth the fight. Their Mom feels she is being punished for their father's actions, but the hurt that the relapse caused is something nobody wants them to go through again. The kid's counselor said no visitation until parents stay clean for a substantial amount of time and work recovery. The kids have been in counseling for some time now and it has been almost two years since they were taken from their Mom who has only been clean for about 50 days. She has a boyfriend she is living with who is on Suboxone to wean off of Oxy drugs, but is not going to meetings either. The kids are doing good and are being well provided for. I know that nothing can take the place of a Mom and Dad. What do you all think about this subject?
Posted: July 11, 2016, 9:50 PM

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How long has your daughter been clean? In my opinion, if it's been less than a year with working no program, I wouldn't risk it for the kids. It doesn't matter if it's kids or adults, having to deal with the life of an addict causes chaos and kids, especially, need stability. It sounds like you're doing a good job taking care of your grandkids. God bless.

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