Starting Tomorrow!!! Looking For Advice N Support!
Posted: September 26, 2017, 9:58 PM

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Spent all day online and on phone with insurance and dr.'s (made 36 phone calls and have a notepad that looks like something from the movie a Beautiful Mind) but I finally found a Dr that will accept my insurance for the visit the Admin Gal was so so so awesome and amazing and helped me navigate this insurance crap- feeling so great that it's not just some cash only clinic (I gotta pay 20% of $300 for initial visit and no deductible)!!!!! And I confirmed my insurance covers the medication with a no dosage limit at a minimum cost to me of $30 or maximum cost to me of $60 per 30 day supply - holy crap that beats the cost of this miserable habit! I am still extremely nervous about the percipitates withdrawal possibility but it is so true that knowing help and hope is around the corner can be such a motivation!!!! Have my appointment tomorrow at 4pm I should walk out with a prescription - going to call around to pharmacies tomorrow morning to see where I will be able to fill it immediately -I currently have 3 and 3/4 left of 30mg oxy I take a 1/4 every three hours (so 7.5mg) my plan is to take last dose tomorrow around 7pm and take first suboxone dose Thursday at 7am (so 12 hours after last dose) I know myself and have reviewed the COWS worksheet and I will be well within mild to moderate WD's by then so hopefully I will avoid those nasty precipitated WD's- wish me luck everyone I plan to stay on here and chronicle as much as I can and read and take even more advice!!!!!!!!!! I would really appreciate any advice on initial dosage of course I will discuss this with my Dr. and ultimately take his advice but I am a tiny woman 5'2"- 120lbs and have never been on any kinda medications besides these oxy at this level (again about 75-100mg a day max) and in the past I have been pretty sensitive to any meds and usually the one to actually experience any and all the bad side effects med has to offer.


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