Dangers Of Withdrawal 4 Some
Posted: March 23, 2018, 1:40 PM

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Opioid withdrawal has KILLED some and is reckless and dangerous 4 others. My opioids R a life saver! These addiction places want to cover up and hide the risk of patients like me: Read this chat which clearly shows how THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO TREAT ALL PATIENTS AND this forced withdrawal could mean permanent damage to ppl like me but they don't care! Its about the $ nothing more! Here is a transcript:

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Hi Mike
Tell me something why R these pgms pushing their demand that opioid treatment be stopped when ppl like me need this medication to prevent stroke or heart failure?
B4 U say why not go see a doc to be treated 4 that pls know I have and I am drug resistant to common anti hypertensive meds. So this is my last hope to stay a functioning human being.
How long have you been using these drugs?
Read about drug resistance to hypertensive meds b4 U believe your own stories. Only inter venous meds can help but that cant be done on an out patient basis
What drugs?
You are resistant to anti-hypertensive drugs, that indicates the receptor interaction of every individual is different
Its called drug resistant hypertension. So unless I am hospitalized no drug therapy can stop a stroke
So without opiate therapy my BP can rise to dangerous levels and no oral prescribed meds can prevent stroke. Even without a stroke it cuts down on life expectancy significantly
Yes you may be right. But this can be discussed with physician who is concerned with these queries.
We are here to help patients having drug addiction and mental health issues.
I have done that THEIR IS NO CURE! All I can hope 4 is maintance and off label drug use to prevent this
BTW I have an MD... Quit trying to pretend their your objective does not effect my care! It does! I am just a pushed aside go in the corner patient because my life does match the political objective pushed by the media
You have to stay strong and consult a physician who might help you.
If your plan was to treat only "addicts" that have other options it would not bother me. But clearly that is not the case
Your not listening. I have been seen by Cardiologist and there is no magic cure 4 this!
Some ppl can only live by meds used off label because their condition does not have a cure. And once the chronic pain comes back it only makes the condition worse.
So realize that this one size fits all lets all say no to drugs is like a death or incapacitating sentence 4 many ppl
I can understand your suffering but under proper medical supervision drug resistant hypertension can also be managed.
With what? What can mange a chronic hypertensive condition with permanent atherosclerosis throughout the body?
BTW unless U plan to live in a hospital the only soln has to come from oral meds which do not work!
It depends on body analysis and receptor interaction modulation. The different class of anti-hypertensive drugs can be employed to serve the purpose.
U keep saying "proper med treatment" like its magic its not
Body receptors dont have anything to do with it
There are ppl that oral hypertensive meds, regardless of mechanism of action, can not help. That is what drug resistant means
Any person on diuretic and more than 3 anti hypertensive meds is called drug resistant. I take 7! And my BP can still rise above 240 systolic and only an opioid or an infusion can stop it. Why do I have to risk my health so others dont take drugs?

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I'm sorry. What does that have to do with addiction? Are you seeking opiate detox and they refuse to treat you?

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It might be true that many of these places are interested in profit, but that does not mean they can't help you. If you have a medical condition that requires a special detox ,or whatever u r trying to do, I am sure some place can accommodate you.

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