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Posted by: Kerrysqueaky October 24, 2018, 12:55 PM
Today is my 6 years off pain pills. I came on here every day for the first 6 months probably just to have a place to vent to. Get stuff off my chest. Used this place like a daily diary.

To anyone who is struggling...

I was 40 yrs old had been sober for 9 years and a birthing accident got me here. Had three kids ages 2,3&4 at the time, was running three businesses and had chronic neck pain, trigger points and migraines.

The first year was brutal I won’t lie. I was in pain all the time, early menapause and depression. I didn’t recognize it because it came in the form of just not wanting to do anything. Not really sad just every day getting out of the house and giving a s*** about people was hard.

I went to two meetings a day for a long time. Called my sponsor daily (poor woman) and had to go hour by hour the first few months. I made it to where it would be difficult to get pills. Told my Dr, my family and friends and was honest with everyone every day about where I was at. Which wasn’t usually very good. Changed my pharmacy and only allowed myself safe places and people. Luckily my husband is sober too so he knew To keep any mediciations from my eye view.

Anyways it was dark for a long time. Since then I’ve walked through a horrible lawsuit, businesses in shambles, my mom with stage 4 lung cancer and kids growing older. I have my freedom and joy back. Program has gotten me through the hardest years of my life sober. I know what I am and that it won’t change. And I know what that means for me. I can never take my will back, use or side step this disease. I don’t get all this good stuff by doing my program half a** or making excuses for why I can’t go to this meeting or work this step or follow what’s suggested.

Sobriety is here for anyone who is willing to make hard choices and changes. And I am here periodically if anyone needs to talk. Love this board and good luck to you all


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