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Posted by: samnatha2424 February 17, 2012, 4:25 PM
I've been smoking weed near enough every day for 6 years the only time I don't have any weed is when I can't get hold of any which isn't often. I'am such an angry person little things can set me off maybe parents parking in the communal car park where I live to drop there kids off at the school, The cashier taking to long at a shop or Someone getting in my way sometimes I just feel really angry inside other times I shout and say the most abusive things to people and I've made a show of myself a few times and I feel guilty but not untill much after. I feel anger towards most people I don't trust anyone I feel everyone has a hidden agender and I think nasty things about people I've managed to push away every friend I've ever had do you think this is because I smoke weed? or just part of my personality I've been smoking so long and before that took loads of other drugs since I was 15 years old I'm 25 now I don't know anymore I'm a good person and love my dog more than anything and have compassion for people sometimes but I just have these bursts of fury at times over stupid things and have even got angry and shouted at my precious dog before when she's been bad and really regretted it after if my anger is caused by me smoking weed how long after I stop smoking weed which I'm trying to do will it before my anger stops days weeks months? I'd appriechiate your comments also my anger has got me in trouble with the police before I just can't seem to control it I don't want to be like this

Posted by: Granny2 3 February 24, 2012, 12:33 PM
I doubt the weed is what is making you angry. Maybe try anger management seem to be aware of the problems it can and has caused you so you are headed in the right direction.. Good luck.

Posted by: Jeannie April 18, 2012, 6:16 PM
Hey, im on the same page. Im 24 have a husband, 3 year old son n pets. I know its the weed. I never really run out either i smoke n smoke and i cant even really get high anymore and instead of relaxing me now im always on edge and doin and feeling the same as you described above. I lost my temper really bad the other night and ruined my car. Im damaging my family n friendships. Im not like this when i dont smoke. Im quitting, i havent smoked since i rammed my car 2 nights ago. I feel better already. I love my weed n i hate that it makes me have such extreme temper. No one deserves to put up wirh me. So im quitting. Its hard n it sucks. At lease now i can thinj a lil more before blowin up. I feel alot better. I'm already doin better. the last thing i wanna do is quit man but i know its the only way i can get back to my sweet happy self so i can have a happier healthier life. So before u rule it out try it k. I hope it wirks out for you.

Posted by: Sara May 3, 2012, 2:47 AM
Do I think you might have a mood disorder? Probably. Do I think that pot affects your mood? Absolutely. I've lived for a very long time with averbally abusive husband who smokes pot abd believe me, I can tell when he's withdrawing. In fact,, the only time I actually thought I was in real physical danger from him was when he was in withdrawels. I've kept a log book for over a year so I could actually track the seriously scary moods and EVERY SINGLE TIME he was coming down from pot. The longer he was smoking the longer it took for his body to return to normal. If you really are angry and unhappy about the mood swings then try a simple experiment. Stop smoking for 1 month. A whole month, no hits or anything and see how you feel. U may still have a disorder that needs to be checked out by a doctor, but I can almost GUARANTEE that the anger you are struggling with will be easier to handle. Hope this helps.

Posted by: gavin May 28, 2012, 2:55 PM
I have smoked weed for about 35 years, I dont think in small amounts once or twice a week will do you much harm. But smoking it everyday all day will make you angry,anxious and paranoid. That is fact, especially now, the ganja which is generally on sale these days is way too strong. Always smoke the weakest stuff about and dont smoke it everday, i have a daily fight with myself not to use it 24/7. But i know how much it can mess you up, cut down or stop and you will feel much better.

Posted by: Cheeky November 6, 2012, 3:12 PM
Ive been smoking it for 19 years everyday, and have just turned on my computer to google does weed make you angry! :/ ... i gave up the cigs 37 days ago and have smoked more weed than usual since giving up :/ my temper is short to say the least:/ ... I used to think also that the weed chills me out with my temper/mouth and thought i was managing it and the weed helped with this :/
But since ive give up the cigs and smoked more weed its like ive gone back ten years with my anger/Temper, soo maybe it is time for a little experament to see if not smoking the weed has an inpacked on my temper, but the true thought of that is EEEk!!! I was Evil giving up the Cigs. Ive even thought maybe giving up the weed is the answer to all my problems when onece i thought it was the answer :/
I guess there is only one way to find out ...:S

Posted by: Avaria November 30, 2012, 10:13 AM
My son started using pot since 14, i tried everything to discourage him to go down that path.
He is nearly 20 now. Yes he gets easily angry and upset over nothing, now he has gotten to the point he becomes abusive, the police were called. I make sure he works, this week he only had a few days at work, so he spend more time with his friends, this is when everything goes wrong. He suddenly starts over nothing, he even goes as far as to destroy things now. I make him pay board and contribute to food. He dos not like that and goes off at me, i say too bad find somewhere else then. His anger has gotten out of hand, now he has to go and stay elsewhere because of the abusive outbursts. I do not tolerate that, i have never talked to him like that, or put him down as he dos me. If something destroys you, and your family relationships and friendships, then i know as a mother its time for a change.

The worst part about him is that he blames everyone else for his doings. All i can say is where is my sweet loving boy, who was so kind, who would never hurt anyone. When younger he was so protective, he had a great friend, great support net work, great family, then he started hanging with the wrong crowd. I do not recognize him anymore, and yes its only marihuana, lots of people are admitted to the psychiatric unit for it. He even accuses me of saying and doing things i have never done, so now he has to leave. It hurts.

He lies a lot, which makes him untrustworthy, i say, you are who you decide to be, and what he is now is not a pretty picture. His sister dos not like him, and gets scared of him and hides. I have done what i could, i tried to put him into counseling, i even had an intervention officer involved, he told him to f*** ***. There is no excuse for abuse, i never in my life even thought of treating my parents like he has me. Yes anger gets worse after years of use after what i have observed. Its scary.

Posted by: Km7574 February 3, 2013, 6:51 PM
My husband is like this. He smokes because he is convinced it helps him through the day but he is like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. We never know when he will go from nice to psycho. My advice to all those who think weed is harmless is to spend one day with my husband when he is raging and you can see first hand what years of dependence can do. He has "quit" several times the longest lasting 3 months. After the first month he was the nicest husband ever. I know exactly when he started again when he flipped out because he thought I was walking too fast. I was screamed at and called every name in the book. This is the reality of pot. It is going to cost him his family.

Posted by: Joe blogs February 5, 2013, 9:04 AM
Are you guys sure that your husbands/sons arent just angry people. Im not saying that this is the case but are you sure its just weed? Like the woman on about her son, how do you know hes not taken other drugs or he's just picking his attiutude from teenage mates, getting in the wrong crowd? Like i said im not saying this is the case but seems like everyone wants to blame weed but some people are just angry

Posted by: Km7574 February 6, 2013, 9:59 AM
I know where my husband is concerned the times he had quit (only ever lasting a short while) he was calmer and nicer. When he smokes he is up and down and up and down.

Posted by: DAC February 26, 2013, 4:09 PM
I have smoked on and off for 30 years and I always used it to decompress, relax, and enjoy life. But as a father of 5 I have an example to set so I couldnt smoke pot and take the chance that I might get in trouble or do something else which would put the idea into my kids mind that if dad does it - maybe I can too. I am a person with a terrible temper and I NEVER got mad when high. But using every day changes the level of need and desire and any interruption in being able to use causes the anger. A couple days away from it - watch out!

Because I couldnt use real pot (illegal) I started using the Spice that was available (legal then) I did this on and off for about 2 years. When I would quit - total d***! Dont get in my way or do anything even mildly annoying or I go off. This can last up to a month for me but when it is completely out of your system you will feel better. When you use any drug for an extended period of time you change your brains chemistry. When you quit it gets back to normal but extreme irritability will be a problem for several weeks. The longer you use the harder this is to get over the anger issues.

Just realize , when you snap, go off, yell, or even break things it is the little chemical child in your brain throwing a temper tantrum because it cant have what it wants.

But eventually that little chemical child shuts up - just wait it out

Posted by: samnatha2424 April 5, 2013, 11:54 AM
Hi I just read what I wrote about a year ago and I can't believe how much I've changed I've given up smoking weed for 8 months now and now I know it was the weed that was making me angry I occasionally get a bit angry but no where near how I used to be I haven't gone off at any one for months now if someone annoys me now I just think it in my head I don't shout at them and I'am a lot more resonable now like if the cashier is taking to long in a shop I just think that's life it doesn't get to me every single time like it used to I wanted to give up smoking weed for so long for years but I never could give up for more than a week but then my dog needed a serious operation and needed to be carried up and down 2 flights of stairs as I live in a second floor flat and I thought if I fall down the stairs with her stoned and hurt her I will never forgive myself so having my dog to love and look after having her depend on me helped me give up I never thought I could actually be happy as I had a lot of bad things happen to me in my life but I'am now for the first time in my life I can't believe it the first month after giving up was hard I felt really emotional and struggled with all the feelings I had but then I started to feel better and the last few months every night before I go to bed I just feel happy and grateful for everything I have like my flat dog possesions freinds etc I have a much better realtionship with my parents now I told them all about my addiction and now they say I'am a much better person to be around and it's like things I was interested in when I was 14 and 15 before I started taking drugs I've started being interested in again I've made a great new friend she added me randomly on facebook and she lives near me she doesn't take drugs and has her own bussiness I've told her all about my past and she doesn't judge me she is such a good friend to me I'm lucky vto have found her if I was still a stoner when she added me on facebook I never would have went to meet her I would have been to paranoid my best friend who I was friends with since high school who I fell out with around the time I first posted on here we're friends again now and the friendship is going good since this new year I've been on a diet and lost 3 stone and I've started going swimming most days now I actually enjoy being active before I just sat around doing nothing all day I would only walk my dog then I would just watch t.v all day now I love swimming and walking I feel so much better in myself now I've done so well I now feel ready to go on to the next step and go back to education giving up weed was the best thing I ever did so if anyone reading this is thinking about giving up then you should you don't understand how happy I'am in my life now and I was so desperate lost and alone before I didn't even have a life I just existed thank you for all your comments too x

Posted by: cole May 19, 2013, 1:49 AM
hi, my problem is a little backwards. my husband smokes pretty much daily and had e for the past year or so on a regular basis. before then it was just occasionally. anyway when he smokes its almost like a medication for him. he is funny, thinks clealrly and is pretty happy. when he doesnt smoke i have noticed that he has mood swings....severe. divorce is brought up often, im to blame for everything, he is not rational and half of what he says sounds delusional and he believes it. it got to the point i would find him some before he ran out to avoid a blow out. im wondering if he is going through withdrawls and if so does anyone know how long the anger last? i know im at fault for some of the fights but there is a big difference on how he is during the first few days out. any advice would be great. im desperate as i dont know how much more i can take of the crazy behavior, rage fits and mean verbal abuse...maybe he has deeper problems but weed does help him but i will also support

if he wants to stop thats cool too but how long will i suffer before this is over??

Posted by: newlifeforyou May 26, 2013, 8:51 PM
Cole it IS the weed. In the beginning it will be very difficult. He will go though mood swings and many MANY changed.

Given the fact that instead of making him quit your buying pot for him (so he does not get angry) your most likely a co-dependent, and need to first understand why your OK with him smoking and why your willing to avoid the hard process of him sobering up. The best place to start is by attending some CODA and AL-ANON meetings, where you can find a social support group of people who have been through what your going though.

When my wife found out I was smoking again, after having promised I would stop before we got married, she simply kicked me out of the house and told me to choose pot or choose her. Thank God I had the wherewithal to pick her and agree to go to treatment at I am now enjoying my sobriety, our relationship has improved, and it was one of the best investments we made in our future together.

But it all started with her not giving into my disease, and standing firm on what she needed for us to be together.

Good luck, and many prayers.

Posted by: Stephen Sanders May 29, 2013, 12:20 PM
Weed changes people, its a fact. I've experimented myself. I smoked weed for a good 4 years. I started smoking it after I finished high school back I'm '08. Back then, it was all just a bit of fun with friends. Then it got more serious, there was a period from 09-10 where I'd be smoking at least an 1/8 a day, if not more, without fail. It didn't take my parents long to notice a change in my behaviour. I was very snappy towards them. They would say things like "someone's hungover." They were unaware I was smoking dope. They obviously later found out, as I'd come home most nights reeking of the stuff. My behaviour worsened the more I smoked. Around that time i had inherited some money from a family member who passed away; £10,000. I received that in the summer of 2010, by the following year it was all gone. I can't blame myself totally, as around that time I was hanging with people I thought were friends, little did I know they were just taking me for a ride, using me for my money. After I lost my inheritance money, 3 months later I lost my girlfriend as I punched her in a violent rage. I don't blame her for leaving me, I was a pr**k back then. I know being under the influence of cannabis made me punch her, as before that I'd never thrown a punch in my life. I've always been a laid back kinda guy by nature, until I smoked weed. Fast forward to this day and nothing much has changed, my sister came in my room asking to use my printer and that made me angry. My mums going on about about applying for this apprentiship opening that I'm very interested in and that pissed me off too. All tiny, little things that shouldn't make me angry inside. My mums actually trying to help me land the job I want, and I'm angry at her? My heads a mess! My sister jokingly says "you have no zest for life" and she's totally right though. I know its the weed though. From September of 2012 all the way to march of this year, I didn't smoke weed, not once. I felt so healthy, working out, eating right, but most importantly, I had a clear mind. My mind didn't feel foggy /hazy like it previously did for so long when I was regularly using weed. I don't know why I started smoking again, all my friends do it, so I felt like I had to in order to continue to meet them. I met them during my six month clean stint and just sat there whilst they smoked it and I could tell they thought I was weird. I know I'm not addicted to it as I can go days without it and not get 'withdrawals' (I don't think anyone gets withdrawals for weed by the way) I can go a week and then ill have a joint. If I smoke it frequently though, that's when my behaviour changes, I lose all motivation to do anything, it does make me very pissed off at the world, I blame the world for all my problems. I wish I never tried the stuff. I blame todays society, youve got pop stars like rihanna glamourizing it. Wether she likes it or not, shes a role model for young children worldwide, great example set ri ri. 'Ive always beern a huge hip hop fan, so for me i think thats made me try it. I've had enough of living this life, it's time for a change. I can go on living this life forever, or I can make a change now before its too late. I'm gonna have my final smoke tomorrow or the next day, as from June 1st 2013, I'll no longer be a weed smoker. You can do it too, join me. It's easy to quit, the first week is the hardest, then it's all easy. You'll look back on life in 10 years time and wish you tried to quit. If you find it too hard to just quit cold turkey, try cutting down. One joint a night, then every other night, then once a week etc. I've always thought you've got an addiction to it if you're smoking in the day, you wouldn't grab a beer first thing in the morning, unless you're an alcoholic. Same thing with weed. Smoking one on an evening after a hard shift at work is acceptable in my eyes. I never smoked it during the day, apart from a few rare times in the summer when I'm chilling down the beach with friends in the sun or something. I like to make the most of my day and unwind on an evening with a joint. That's all just my opinion, people will think its all complete rubbish, I don't care. I'm not the one who's addicted to smoking weed. It's up to you if you want to quit. If you don't want to, you never will, regardless of what you might lose. It takes a real strong-willed person to quit cold turkey, but I promise you, after a month, you'll feel the benefits, mentally and physically. Just dont do what I did and start smoking again . I won't make that mistake again. Are you up for the challenge? Good luck

Feel free to message me anytime. I want people to give it up for June, lets have a healthy second half of 2013!

Posted by: chris July 7, 2013, 1:15 AM
Well i been smoking weed for many years now, and i found that it calms me down, The only times i would get angry would be when i didnt have any. withdrawls, call them what you want... I dont like the person i become when im not stoned as i get real angry very quickly, and the only way i can calm down is if i sleep it off. so now i spend half my life sleeping.

Posted by: steve August 6, 2013, 12:08 PM
Hi i am as we speak struggling with this i find my temper is so short when in not stoned i been smoking for best part of 20 years on and off i hot in trouble with the law a few years ago due to an extreme rage i am not proud of this but now my anger has started rearing its ugly head again and am concerned that this will cost my wife and kids i try to quit but my wife uses it as a pain killer for her arthritis nd i cant help myself then we run out and i start to come down which causes so many arguments i am always paranoid that shes off with other ppl i trust no one i walk down the street getting ready to hurt everyone because they are going to hurt me or so i think. I kno this is all down to my weed habit i also know there is no easy fix but i am currently in the process of quitting again it has been 5 days so far and i am jus starting to feel human again so i am jus trying to stay sober from now on

Posted by: newlifeforyou August 6, 2013, 4:01 PM
Chris, Steve,

We have all been where you are at now. I too believed that it was calming me down, and helping with my anger issues, really never dealing with the fact that I had anger issues.

The reality (for me) is that I have anger issues, and true that pot for a while helped me deal with that, but my drug abuse is a symptom of a greater issue, anger. The problem is it, like all consumables, has a marginal utility, where the more you take the less of an effect it will have.

Not being able to control my emotions is (even now) a problem, since I have used pot for over 20 years to control them. But over time this too will subside. This is why I recommend for people trying to quit to seriously look into a rehab (even if as an out patient) or at least MA, NA, or AA meetings, and really getting connected with like minded people who have been though the same issue.

Drugs are a short term solutions, with long term chronic side effects.

Since I have been sober, and working a program (12 steps), going to meetings, and speaking with a therapists, my life has improved dramatically. Without using drugs I am able to control my outbursts of anger, my ego, my pride, my self absorbed personality, and more importantly my work has improved dramatically. I am able to focus, concentrate, and stay on task much better, as well as, produce much higher quality work.

I never dreamed sobriety would be like this, and I can't believe I ever fed myself the foo-ha-ha that I was a better person, or more creative when I smoked. This is simply not true.

I pray and hope that you both have the patience and tenacity to work though the withdrawls to get to a much better future, not just for yourselves, but for your wife, children, and family.

Posted by: poppy August 13, 2013, 7:23 AM
My son is 16 and seems to be spiraling out of control. He tells me his drug of choice is weed. He has started to smoke bongs every day. He has no money and when he cant scab weed off friends he is really irritable and has put holes in walls and all that stuff. I cant live with his moods and anger.i wont give him money.i can only think that he will be living on the street.this breaks my heart.i cry every day.

Posted by: Omar September 13, 2013, 9:16 PM
I totally agree with some of you guys here. I am from Islamabad in Pakistan and we get the real stuff here imported from Afghanistan...long story short I started smoking with my ex gf at college few years ago and went totally buzurk after i lost her in a plane crash in 2010. I smoned hash more and more, it started every night while watching Simpsons then i started smoking first thing in the morning every day. In time i became very short tempered and regularly shouted at my parents, pushed a policeman and argued with every one. It seemed that every one was my enemy and the present political situation in the country made my feelings worse. Crashed my car few times too but after i quit few weeks i feel much better but don't enjoy Simpsons now though, prefer family guy instead! Lol
Guys thanks for all your posts, i totally relate to you. I have a Job interview at Honda Lahore factory next week and so look forward to start my new and clean life.

Posted by: Ludaxs September 14, 2013, 3:27 AM
I am 35 yrs old. I've been smoking weed since I was 16 years old , from 18 to 30 I was off and on crack cocaine but have been clean from that for five years now , I have been in and out of the system . Rehab . Recovery , and even the penitentiary , I recently got married to a woman with two children and love them to death . I have been smoking more weed to cope with the stress of two young children as an escape and to keep me calm during the day . I also suffer from ADHD and anger issues and hav noticed when I smoke weed im calm for a bit and then when i start coming down or usuaally the next morning I am the scariest person u will ever meet . I've smashed chairs , tables I name it I've broke it . I have never hit my wife or kids but they are terrified of my rage . I can't control it and scared I'm going to loser family if I don't quit , if u have any inclination to quit then I say DO IT !! I certainly am . It's either that or lose the ones you love .

Posted by: Debra September 20, 2013, 9:14 AM
It is such a relief to read these posts. My partner is 49 he has been smoking weed sometimes skunk on a daily basis for more then half his life. He smoke spliffs like others smoke cigerettes. I have been with him for 14 years and have come to the end of my tether. Last sunday he throw a fit because I gave him toast and I did'nt offer him an egg sandwich.Because he had brought me some shopping. He said I was trying to keep it to myself,I was mean etc etc it just went on and on. He threw tea up the wall and poked me in the face,I had to lie about the bruise on my face. This is how its been for many many years. He goes through short spells of being okish.But even going out shopping is like a white knuckle ride. One minute he is is ok the

next he is getting stroppy and he is rushing ahea

d whilst I scurry to keep up. He gets loud.He gets abusive.Our relationship is going backwards. I am now thinking at 54 do I really need this. I just want to have a happy life and get on with things. He never wants to go out,we have never had a holiday together, never even been to the pictures.Because of the way he is we decided that we should only see each other at weekends and maybe once in the week. I dread people asking me on a Monday morning "hows your weekend been" as more often or not we have had words. He lives with his elderly parents who put up with such verbal crap from him its embarrasing to see. They are so kind and his poor dad even offers him money to get weed if he hasn't got any just really to keep him happy although in the long run he is'nt helping. He has cut down on the amounts he puts in but the number of spliffs has built up again. I did'nt know to much about the effects of smoking weed and skunk but always thought this was the reason for his anger. I told him after this last out burst that this was it give up or we will have to split. Its his addiction not mine. He chose to carry on smoking. Not the best thing to say to an addict but like I say I have had enough. He split up from his last partner who he had children with because of his anger. It is absolutely amazing what comes out of his mouth sometimes but very very frighteneing. He wants to see me tonight but to be honest I just don't know what to do. Thanks for this site It has been good to let it out. I went on a forum last week and the people on there said they had never heard of it making people angry. You guys have confirmed what I thought. God Bless the lot of you. And a HUGE round of aplause for those who have quit.xx

Posted by: Pedro Sheeler September 20, 2013, 11:12 AM
When your body does not get it's dose of weed, it makes you irritable and angry..You realizing your anger and wanting to get okay is the first right step to recovery..You need to go in for anger management and getting into a good rehab would also help you..

Posted by: jay October 19, 2013, 5:46 PM
Hi I have the same problem as slot of you guys. I have smoking skunk now for just over 15 years and it is very rare for me to miss a day sometimes I smoke a 8th a day. I'm not bragging I just want everyone to know it is the weed that makes us angery. I have stopped know. Well it's only been 2 Fay. But I'm finding it so hard. Can anyone help me please? I am supposed to be getting married next year but if . Carry on the way I am this will not happe. Please someone help me.

Posted by: DAC October 20, 2013, 12:41 PM

Stick with it. I have quit after years, after a few months, and done it several times. With MJ the only real withdrawals are a little sleeplessness, irratability, and disrupted eating habits. Even after heavy use this will be all but gone after about 10 days or so. The real problem is the mental aspect to quitting. All your habits revolve around getting high and that is hard to break free of in the beginning. Get a couple weeks out and this will disappear as well. If you replace the bad habits with good ones you can get through it much easier...Just dont stop trying!!

Posted by: ann November 22, 2013, 3:07 AM
thank u all for what you have said it is very true marijuana does calm you but coming down from it is the worst that's what causes the anger bursts and once you have had that outburst and upset people you cannot take it back as the ex wife of a pot smoker I developed anxiety from his outbursts so I now suffer because of it all

Posted by: MarcPierre November 25, 2013, 12:35 AM
You should leave it. Because it’s injurious for health.

Posted by: Sara Elizabeth November 27, 2013, 12:16 AM
Hi, I am 16 and spent a year and a half with my ex boyfriend who is 18. He has been doing weed on and off for about 5 years. Years ago he was way more calm and easier to talk too. Lately it's just been a mess. He is easily irritated and we seem to argue about everything. When he gets angry he can't seem to control it so he does something stupid like punching stuff and destroying property. He has already been to jail and is in trouble with the law. I've been begging him to stop smoking weed, he stops but then does it again. He smoked so much of it last time and almost had an asthma attack. Now that we haven't been together he's been smoking everyday. I love him and care about him so much...I don't know what to do! :(

Posted by: M7557 January 2, 2014, 6:06 PM
I am not an expert on this topic by any stretch of the imagination but I am simply amazed that anyone would be lead to believe pot isn't a mind/personality altering drug. I to have been addicted to what I believe is a controlled substance; Tobacco. I chewed tobacco for 25 years. Every time I tried to quit I was a complete a-hole. The withdrawals were unbelievable. At times, so much so that my wife would actually buy me chew so that I would calm down. I gave it up 3 years ago and my anger streak came to an end. So FWIW, yes I believe pot can have a definite affect on changes in personality.

Posted by: Shad February 14, 2014, 12:21 AM
For the past couple months I've noticed my behavior and attitude towards many things has changed drastically i get angry really easily, i don't eat much, and constantly on and off with my parents. Every time i regret this every time i do smoke, i wouldn't say a lot but more so often. I do it every night before i got to sleep, I'm really getting tired of my mood swings, but what bothers me most is when I'm outside my house I'm perfectly fine a nice person all around i try helping others and such but at home i don't want to be bother but at the same time i do. I know this doesn't really make sense but writing this out getting it out of my mind is giving me a sense of ease i don't know whatever anyways I'm gonna try cutting back but from previous attempts i don't see much luck in the foreseeable future.

Posted by: Ed February 16, 2014, 4:13 AM
My dad is worse than all your husbands, and he has never touched weed, I wanted to try to get him to try it, but now i'm a little worried after reading your posts. Maybe it's different for every person? I thought weed was supposed to make you feel happy and chill? No?

Posted by: dbemsey April 3, 2014, 4:23 PM
People who keep asking OP if she has a "mood disorder" or some other condition are guilty of allowing their own pro-marijuana agendas to take precedence over someone's credible concern about an addiction. I personally smoke a few times a week, I'm all for legalization and whatnot, but that doesn't make me the sort of person to undermine someone's problems with the drug. Weed is not a perfect substance. One of the things it does with prolonged usage over time, is impairs your own natural production of dopamine. This can be restored after abstaining for a time, but if you're chronically smoking, your brain is in a state it wasn't born to exist within 24/7 and new neural pathways are being formed WHILE you are high. I too experience these feelings of anger during times of sobriety. They usually go away after a week or so but they are very distressing and it's hard to quit for more than 4 days, so I feel my life exists between two extremes of intense anger or intense highs. Everyone's physiology is different, and like any other drug, there is a comedown period, and your brain is in a 'sadder' or lower energy state than it was at the beginning of the high. For some people it seems, this lack of energy prompts them to anger. And it's absurd to pretend that it's all THEIR fault to avoid admitting that your own drug of choice has the capacity to affect others negatively. Stop being in denial otherwise you're just creating weed propaganda.

Posted by: John June 4, 2014, 8:44 AM
Hi Everyone,
Like some others here, I googled "does smoking marijuana make you short tempered?". Well, I am writing to let you know that I think it does. I am 44 and have been smoking for 32 years. I have abstained on occasion for up to 6 months and I was noticeably calmer, more sociable and had no paranoia. I have lost my laugh using marijuana and by nature, I love to laugh.
At the moment, I run a stressful small restaurant with a girl who I love who has recently come into my life. But as I write this she may be about to leave me. Her reason is my short temper, yelling and swearing. I have decided to quit and I think it will be set in stone if I write it here for you all to see.
In all of my relationships, I have always felt insecure, jealous and sometimes paranoid. I find it very difficult to make friends, but I am kind hearted and very much like people in general. Also my work hours have been long and antisocial for the past 26 years. Maybe I should change my job too. I will see about that. But for now I will quit the weed.
I read a lot of the posts here and I recognize others' problems as my own. And this is what has made me decide to quit. I really don't know who to talk to about it, I know many people but am close with very few of them. I am quite lonely. I am in fear of the time when I will lose my parents, because they are the only ones that I can talk to on a regular basis.
I always smoked natural outdoor stuff, not the strong stuff that they sell today. I thought that it was OK - even medicinal - for me to smoke regularly. But I also realize that I am a sensitive soul who probably shouldn't use it much or ever. Same goes with alcohol. I find it drains my personality and energy.
I hope that by writing this, I can inform others on the harms of regularly dulling your senses.
If you feel you would like to talk with me about it, you can email me at Because talking about it will be both therapeutic for you and for me. All the best to you all.

Posted by: Capo June 8, 2014, 3:35 PM
I used to think I was cool… I used to think it felt good… Now it just seems to have my failing down a slippery abyss. I push away my gf. She really loves me and I know it. She wants to marry me and bear my children. I want to be a music artist. But I HAVE NO MOTIVATION! I don't even want to go to work most days and I love my job! I stopped smoking for about 3 months and everything was going great. My relationship was getting better, I was working out, I was making more music and more money. Then last month I started smoking again. I've spent the 1,000 that I had saved, I'm untrusting of my gf, I spazz out over dumb s***, Im emotional I cry a lot I don't like myself, I don't like my life. BUT the kicker is my life is great and I have no worries! Smoking weed makes me find something to b**** kick and scream about everyday. It makes me hate a life that I ultimately should be enjoying! I'm quitting today.

Posted by: Bob June 18, 2014, 5:33 PM
First I'd like to thank the people who posted before me. I'm 31 years old and I've been smoking daily since 16. The first five Years or so everything was fine. Smoking weed was the social part of my life, everyday. I can't even tell you how that has changed to today. I feel alone. Most of the people I smoked with in my teens and early 20's don't smoke anymore. I've had three girlfriends along the way, all of which I still consider "marriage material." I pushed all three away with my anger and just overall emotional instability. I was lucky in my younger years to have a lot of friends. Recently (over the past five years or so) I pushed many of them away. Not on purpose. I love them tremendously. It doesn't matter though. Smoking weed every day has made me feel depressed inside, lonely, unwilling to develope a relationship with the intent of making a new friend. I feel like outside of work I haven't made a new friend in 10 years. I've only watched them slowly fad away. The anxiety is becoming unbearable. Walking into a bar by myself has become miserable. I used to thrive in that environment. I used to want to meet strangers and have randome conversations. Now I hope people don't start conversation at the bar, or airport, or anywhere. I've always been hiding under this 'idea' that smoking weed everyday has helped me. It's kept me calm or was a better alternative to pills or whatever. I would sell this nonsense to my family, girlfriends and obviously myself. It's been 15 years. If I keep smoking every day the rest of my life I'll have nobody left. Life is so good! Why do I feel so bad? It's time. Thanks for listening.

Posted by: Run Mom July 2, 2014, 3:34 PM
I totally agree with Poppy. Our daughter has been using almost every day now; she's sixteen and she is not who I've ever seen before. She's angry, dresses hard; unkempt hair; and now moving to spacers and wants tattoos. She was such an athlete and had so many good friends who no longer hang around her. Her new choice of friends are all pot heads; failing high school and into bad behaviour, especially late in the evenings. She's now in trouble with the law and I don't know how to get her back :( I too cry every night as well.

Posted by: Trystal666 July 2, 2014, 3:39 PM
When I never had weed I always got so angry at the littlest things if I dropped a penny I would be furious for no reason, or if I had it and wanted to smoke it but something was stopping me I would start getting irritated. I have seen my friend have such horrible arguments with his girlfriend because of weed but I know that's not him he is a nice guy, I think some people treat weed like cigs and the symptoms that come with it they won't associate it with the weed coz it's just a normal everyday thing when in fact it can be the weed creating the symptoms, now I'm not saying it is the same with everyone because let's face it some people are just horrible people but you sound like a nice guy and I have done similar things as you.

Just reding peoples posts really opens up my eyes. I thought I was keeping bad thoughts out of my head with weed I thought it was healing me, I have lost a girlfriend and pushed friends away and I'm 24 it amazes me how many people around my age are in the same sort of boat as me if we all unite and help each other I'm certain we can all find happiness at the end of our trail.

I wanna say thank you aswell because I feel being part of this community is really making me feel stronger

Posted by: Port St Loosey July 6, 2014, 12:22 AM
its all in your minds ppl. you may be experiencing the slight acute withdrawal syndrome associated with smoking everyday. i can guarantee unless you have some rage issues, marijuana is not MAKING YOU MAD

Posted by: Buck July 6, 2014, 12:36 AM
have you ever considered this is actual anger problems that your looking for something to blame on? i mean iv been clean off heroin since 2010, now THAT is a drug that changes you. talk about literally losing your soul, MJ is an herb, a psychoactive one at that, but its healing properties are scientifically documented, FOR THESE CASES! and especially for OCD and Bi polar/anxiety. now i know, I'm not ignorant, everyone is different, but I'm pretty sure their is an outside source bringing on the anger… Marijuana's acute withdrawal is nothing compared to opioids, or benzodiazapenes. in fact, back when i was using heroin, marijuana made me not want to be doing it! it made me realize, "holy crap, I'm a junky!" I'm sorry if some people think MJ is making you angry.. lol iv never heard that before, paranoia arises from other feelings, maybe the ganj will increase that paranoia in some people. but remember. set, cast, and setting. if your smoking with you people you like and care about, its a bonding thing, music is great, i personally play guitar and love to jam out with someone while toking a lil, now i don't do it everyday, cuz too much of anything is not good, but i have a responsible, fun time on the ganj, I'm sorry people are perceiving anger from this beautiful flower that basically represents peace :)

Posted by: Michael July 7, 2014, 1:12 PM
Hey all. My name is Michael. I just want to start with this message. Admitting this is extremely hard for me. I would have never thought i would be a marijuana addict. I am currently 25 years old and have been smoking consistently since i was 15. It is defiantly not something i am proud of.I never found something wrong with the drug. I never slacked with school or found really any reason to quit. Randomly i thought to myself if i can do all this while smoking weed what are the possibilities off? The problem is i depend on i. While i am at work of course i do the work i am intended to do, but WEED afterwards is always in the back of my mind. It has always relaxed me. I have noticed in the last 3 years i have become dependent of it. Movies, sports, everything to me is better high, but that is no an excuse. Today is day 1. I took my lunch break to write to you, because i want to get better and see what life has to offer to me. I hope someone can share some kind/encouraging words.

Posted by: Mike July 8, 2014, 9:08 AM

We spoke several months ago regarding my issue with pot. Do you remember my name is Michael.

Posted by: Big G July 9, 2014, 2:37 PM
Lazy, Bad temper, eat to much, and never dream!! have been my way for approx 15 yrs id like to add its day seven and iv not had a J its hard and i fill a bit lost but i want to give up smoking full stop. I suffer with asthma witch has come back and i am not sleeping well but i will hold out as i don't want to depend on this s**** anymore. Its hard but im going to do! good luck to the rest of you trying, stick with me its going to be a tuff ride xx

Posted by: Sandra July 16, 2014, 3:10 PM
I have no doubt that marijuana causes aggression and apathy as well as mental processing issues.
What I find so very destructive and misleading is, now that pot is legal in some states and used medicinally, some naive people are under the impression that it is a safe drug BUT IT IS NOT SAFE. How could a drug that causes permanent structural defects in developing brains, apathy, aggression, rare head and neck tumors, stomach pain and mental processing problems be a good drug??? They did not do any long term studies as to the efficacy of pot to shrink tumors. Chemotherapy shrinks tumors (sometimes), but CAUSES CANCER in the long term. There are so many dangerous FDA approved drugs on the market that are killing people, yet, now that pot is being legalized it's suddenly safe?? Another example are cholesteral meds, sure they reduce cholesterol and down the road cause early dementia and lots of other serious problems, yet, they're STILL FDA approved. If pot is so effective at shrinking tumors why did Bob Marley die of so many brain tumors???

My observation is that people who smoke pot lose more and more of their ability to reason, remember, learn, think and behave properly. They become sloppy and lazy and unmotivated. They stop caring about important matters. They are more likely to make public scenes without caring. They stunt their maturation and tend to lash out and irrationally blame others for their own faults. In short, pot, like most drugs, take young people with promising futures and divert them down a loser path. Drugs lie and the people who use drugs lie. Look at the facts don't believe the propaganda designed to destroy good minds and bodies and lives. Stop using all drugs before you lose it all and have grown too old to turn it all around. Time marches on. I pray you stop using drugs now. God will help you but you must do your part. You'll earn your own respect and the respect of others when you do but most importantly, you'll save your life and future from ruin.

Posted by: DAC July 22, 2014, 3:22 PM

I havent stopped in here for a while - just checked in and saw your post. If there is anything I could help with - just ask. I had a very bad Spring this year - some of it had to do with smoking pot.

My story might help you understand yours...

Posted by: Keggy37 July 22, 2014, 9:16 PM
Hi Dac my name is Craig I would love to chat with you please I have read loads of your posts I am currently on day 3 of stooping my 22 year addiction I have stated attending na meetings which are helping me enormously hope to hear from you

Posted by: DAC July 23, 2014, 12:49 PM

Feel free to ask me whatever you would like. I usually get on here at night or morning (its noon now). I forget how bad the synthetic really was, but I am still very familiar with what I went through.. Let me know if I can help.

Posted by: Seal July 25, 2014, 3:40 PM
Hi Stephen Sanders, Just read your post are you still off the weed as it was 2013. I have someone who is going through extreme mood swings and I cant help her as she wont accept its the weed.
Shes fine one minute and very down and suicidal the next. Her so called friends keep getting her back so she's on and off it because she has money and they dont so they use her. I have had a go at all of them and told them all to stay away but they just laugh in my face. They tell me what the benefits are not the bad bits. I get the bad bits and I cannot get a word in edgeways when shes screaming in my face or on the phone. She repeats herself as well when shes having a go.
Its like shes on a constant loop. Its such a waste of a life which hasn't really begun yet. Shes beautiful intelligent, has so many talents, but all wasted because she has got in with the wrong crowd and just because they dont want a life they shouldn't be taking hers. Can you help im at a loss, I have looked at so many websites and they all contradict each other.

Posted by: DAC July 26, 2014, 11:42 AM

Quitting weed can make you very irrittable and even upset , but it depends on how long, and how much she has smoked marijuana. All day - every day use can make this a rough time but it really is something else making her angry - the withdrawals just complicated it. For me addiction is more about someones personality type. Some people dont get addicted to anything, others simply take one drink or puff and they are hooked for life, but people like me - and I'm guessing your friend, are undecided in what they really believe about smoking and therefore quitting for good. Especially if there is pressure from others to stop.

If a person stops for OTHER peoples reasons and not their own, it simply wont work. ALL you will hear from the person quitting at this point will be the good qualities of their chosen drug, they wont mention the negatives. This is because the other side of the argument ONLY mentions the bad effects, usually exaggerated bad effects that a person who smokes is already well aware of. It's like the two sides talk over each other - no one hears a thing, so this type of confrontation only increases the chances the person will continue to use. People wont trust an opinion if they cant get their own heard!

For myself I found I fell into a pattern of use that would roughly give me a 2 - 3 months of complete sobriety.....then a couple weeks where I smoked what I wanted. During my sober time I would be convinced that I was done for good - once I would get around 2 months or so though I would seem to get really depressed too. Complicated for me, because I really do have some difficulties in life to sort through, so a lot of my depression is over my situation. When really depressed I turned back to smoking for a brief time - it seemed to help. When I got back into my all day - every day smoking pattern , I would then quit again cold turkey - throwing all unsmoked weed and pipes away as if I were done for good. I've repeated this process 5 or 6 times.

The reason I dont quit for good? I dont want to....plain and simple. If I was out of control and ruining my life I would quit for good. To me it is a matter of values. I've heard people on this site talk about taking anti-depressants for years and trying to quit - but cant. Life is much harder to cope with without that little 'boost' of encouragement that a drug offers. I've read where 'clean' people have argued that even if they didnt live as long it would be worth taking their 'head med' - because life without their drug is just too hard to handle. These are LEGAL drugs we are talking about now. Legal drugs that cause addiction and dependency in all who use them - but it's legal addiction and dependency....Why bring this up? Because I have the same attitude about marijuana. I use it to temporarily relieve stress and to deal with mild physical addiction - just psychological. For me this works, so like your friend I would be very hard to convince otherwise. It's not the black and white argument everyone portrays this to be...

I went on longer than I wanted, but this topic is important to me. Legally marijuana is considered worse than the other drugs it mimics....but I dont accept that. You measure how BAD a drug is (legal or illegal) by the withdrawals, and by how many people it kills. Long term uninterrupted use is not good with anything - its the EXCESS of use that is the problem. Bring up my solution to your friend and see if she can stop for any meaningful amount of time... If she cant stop voluntarily - she has a problem. But the problem is more in her attitude about the drug. If she changed her attitude - she would change her behavior. Tell her stopping for a couple months is a small test for addiction....if you cant stop long enough to evaluate yourself when sober - your evaluation wont have perspective - and perspective is what will eventually allow a person to quit for good...

Posted by: seal July 31, 2014, 6:42 AM
Thank you, for taking the time to come back too me. What you say makes a lot of sense. I have looked at the good and the bad sides to get as much information as I could before I got to this site.
On the bad side yes she is going through a lot of issues created by other people the problem is she cant seem to get these bad things out of her head and gets very angry. I thought it was the weed making the aggression come out the way it does because in all the years I have known her she has only been this angry aggressive in last year and half. All the bad things that have happen are repeated over and over. I thought this was because if you have bad things happen the weed keeps you in the dark place longer, without the weed you only think about something bad for few min then go on to something else. With the weed its like she can only focus on all bad and cannot see a light at the end of tunnel just keeps repeating same thing if that makes sense. She suffers with depression and anxiety I thought instead of the weed helping doesn't it make it worse. She has been prescribed depression tablets but we looked up tablets and your right a lot of people are addicted and instead of couple of weeks they are on them years and suffer so many side affects. I dont really get there purpose as they are supposed to help but cause so many problems. She doesn't take them, and said the weed calms her down. I haven't ever tried I smoke which is just as bad i suppose but its hard for me to understand that if its true it calms you then why so much aggression. Yes understand bad stuff 100% and I can see why shes angry but why shout and scream if this stuff is supposed to calm you or put you in happy place. I dont understand that part. I just wish there was more i could do for her.

Posted by: Kaz August 3, 2014, 6:39 PM
Hi everyone, I'm new to this post... Was initially searching for some help and info as to weather on not pot withdrawal makes a person angry, I'm sure it's not my imagination... My husband and I are very close most of the time and get along great... But then... there's the man who smokes a few joints now and again... Wow what a difference, not while he's smoking it but the days following, when he's ran out. It's uncontrollable, sometimes I can cope (while walking on egg shells) but that's when I can remember what's going on... Most of the time I forget and it catches me unawares, I'll say something he doesn't like and off he goes... I wish I could just disappear for a few days when he's coming down as I always end up really hurt. He is very passionate about the fact that "there's nothing wrong with marihuana", therefore it makes for a closed subject. Also he does a very good job of blaming me for the arguments we have, it can b something very slight that I've said and yet all of a sudden he's all over me, mad as hell, nasty, and (evidently) I've caused it.
I just need some constructive advise guys.... What is the best way to handle "the come down stage", cause I love him and I am at my wits end as to what to do..

Posted by: DAC August 4, 2014, 5:41 PM

The frustration and irritation thing are real in the days or weeks following quitting. It depends on how long the person has gone without a break from smoking. The irritation is made worse because the coping mechanism (smoking) has been taken away, and the person has taken this route so many times that they simply dont have any other constructive way to deal with it. It's made worse when the person feels pressured to quit , or is doing so to please someone else.

A simple analogy. Guy gets mad - yells at wife - wife yells at kid - kid kicks dog. The anger gets passed down from each stage to the next. But when the guy gets mad - and has the drug to absorb the anger, it doesnt get passed on this way. So he needs something else to take the place of the drug....exercise, music, reading, etc... No replacement ? It will be rough for a while because he is really mad about not having his escape, but it goes away after a little time.

If he is truly committed to quitting it's easier. People go into sobriety kicking and screaming when it's done to please others, or because they 'have to'. This might be where you are at....just keep talking to him about it, work through it, understanding the problem helps BOTH parties in the end. This WILL pass...

Posted by: bartolomea August 17, 2014, 12:04 AM
I'm reading some of these and noticing a pattern. Ppl are already angry or depressed and began using weed as a crutch. Then there is the withdrawals, which are more than likely a coming to terms period because they've been bottling these feelings for YEARS. Maybe I'm just misinterpreting, but I've seen it with all sorts of addictions.

Posted by: suspectdj August 17, 2014, 8:20 AM
Ive smoked weed off and on for 16 year.

It can cause mood disturbances and make angry its no different to stopping tabacco.
Paranoia, thinking people are out to get you, munchies, panic attacks etc are classic withdrawal from smoking cannabis freqently. Ive memory troubles also. Irritablity sleep problems the list is endless.

Take day by day and mark down off calender write down your progress may help you quit.
Dont wanna go down dont go up!!

Hope yall ok
Suspect reporting

Posted by: Ja August 27, 2014, 3:53 AM
Interesting reading. I've been an on and off pot smoker for 37 years. A lot more on than off :)
After doing all that research I've come to the conclusion that the anger that users experience when they try to stop is a release of any negative emotions which have remained repressed/ignored for as long as the user continuously smoked pot. When you're ripped all the time you don't see any need to make a big deal about issues that make you homicidal when you're straight. I also believe that if you smoke constantly for long enough, especially if you start before you've reached full adulthood, that it interferes with the production of endorphins necessary for certain neurological functions and it can take a long time for the natural balance to be restored, depending on how long you've continuously smoked.
I started smoking when I was 14 and for 20 years it was a crutch, I was a neurotic twit who couldn't get her act together, then I stopped and went through all the anger and crap while I dealt with personal problems. A couple of years later I had a joint at a party and I enjoyed it so I started smoking again, but I've never become totally dependent on it. I have a joint some nights and a couple on the weekend. I have a very responsible job, and a really good life with no drama.
I think that it's rarely the substance that causes the problem, it's the substance abuse. Some people drink too much, some people smoke too much, some people eat too much.......
Peace and love to everyone : )

Posted by: DAC August 27, 2014, 10:33 AM

Your insights into usage are spot on. I have also gone from all day every day use to just the occassional smoke. I get $10 worth about every two weeks - when its gone its gone.

I found that when I smoked, I experienced paranoia because I didnt want other people in my life to know that I was high - mainly my wife. Once we agreed to disagree on pot - she didnt freak out anymore. I dont worry about a big fight happening just because she smells pot on me. By accepting that occassionally I will do this, and that it's not an abuse of a drug - but just an occassional escape, we dont fight about pot at all anymore.

Escapes arent bad, they relieve stress, anxiety , and the pressures of life. They are a much needed break when one can catch their breath mentally, and get that 'reset' that I know I need from time to time. It's kinda like eating your favorite cake if diabetic. Occassionally wont hurt - but if you ignore your health (mentally with pot) and abuse your DOC, well then you have a problem.

People get VERY inflexible when dealing with drug or alcohol usage. Ultimatums dont work with people like me - they will just make things worse. Each side needs to give in a little and compromise. The hard line should be towed only when it adversely affects your ability to provide or negatively influences your kids only know of my usage because my wife used to tell them to shame me. I wonder if this is the case with others as well?

Its hard to argue you're "powerless" over something you only do a couple times a month...

Posted by: jackrobin September 12, 2014, 7:43 PM
I smoked weed for 10 years and was extremely angry at friends and family during that time. When I smoked the weed I felt ok, but the next day I was very dark, I felt irritable and the slightest thing would make me fly off the handle in to a rage. It was very scary for people. At the time I thought it was everyone elses' fault for getting on my nerves. I eventually quit weed because I had such bad anxiety and I wanted to try life without it for a while. I stayed away from it for 10 years straight and I felt so much better, my anger problem went away completely.

Then earlier this year I got some weed again for the first time in 10 years! I have been using it about twice a week since all year, but the days after I have smoked I get the same old anger problem again, so now I know it is definitely caused by the weed. I just feel so low and irritable and the slightest thing can make me get angry at people. After a few days I feel fine again, but then the next week I have my weekly smoke and the same thing repeats itself the day after.

The obvious solution is don't smoke it... But it is hard because I love what it does for me and I have suffered from anxiety my whole life, so getting some genuine peace of mind while stoned is a very big thing for me. But if I can't overcome this anger problem I will have to quit again. I remember my good 10 years with no weed and I know I can do it again. I am hoping now that I know it is the weed and not the real me, that I might be able to fight the anger when it shows up. But it is so hard to do because it feels real, even though when I look back at the situation that made me angry, I can realise it was not sensible to get angry.

Posted by: DAC September 14, 2014, 4:36 PM

I think you make some interesting observations in regards to the anger thing. I have experienced this as well at times. It seems to be the worst after smoking for an extended time. My patience seems to be shorter with people...the temper seems to be closer to the surface than when completely sober.

But if I dont smoke on a daily basis, this doesnt seem to be the problem. I think once the brain gets used to ANY drug on a regular basis, then the drug is taken away, it induces anger. Being aware of it helps, and can minimize the chance an incident will result in an argument or worse. Anger is borne out of frustration...When something in life challenges us after a spell of smoking - we want to quell the anger by smoking, if we cant do that we become frustrated and getting angry is a very predictable result.

I've heard it said that depression is frozen rage - rage turned inward. When smoking we are more likely to express this rage. I've always thought that this lessens the depression....but at what price?

I've done the off-again, on-again thing for a few years now. For me right now quitting everything for an extended time is the goal - just to clear my head of ALL influences.

Working out and exercise modify anger too. Just running 15 minutes a day does wonders for me. I think when we quit and do nothing else different in our lives - it makes it really hard to recover. Positive steps need to follow quitting if it is to really take root.

Posted by: Lily101 September 20, 2014, 5:15 AM
Hi all

It has been fascinating reading everyone's posts on here. Majority wouldn't agree to what I'm about to say.

It isn't always the weed's fault. It depends on the person and how they decide to use it. I have been smoking weed for nearly 7 years on and off. It has never caused me to get angry. I have always had a short temper but I learned to control it over time. Call what you may but I get upset if there is even a slightest change in my routine or if someone springs something on me without a good time of warning about it. Can't handle surprises as sometimes I get angry or I get so upset that I burst out in tears. It has been like this since I was young and I only started using drugs since I was 21. The past 2 months I have been getting angry for no apparent reason and I would lash out for the smallest things. I was still on heavy doses of pain pills when my anger started taking my personality over.

I haven't had my normal doses for the past 2 weeks and absolutely enjoying feeling normal again. Even though I smoke a joint almost every night before trying to sleep. I am being more productive than what I have been for the last few months on the pain pills. Weed has never had any bad effect on me. What I mentioned earlier are probably OCD effect that I have but I am working on it to better myself. To accept change, even if it is last minute.

I would work myself up so badly before I have to drive home after work because of the traffic. I'm not use to driving in the traffic and sometimes I get very anxious if a car is just in the slightest bit closer to my car. And driving at night with drunken people on the road works me up a lot more. There has been nights that I feel a panic attack building hours before I have to drive home. But it is my mindset that I have to work on. Yesterday I decided I'm going to test something out. I kept on telling myself that everything will be ok, whatever happens will happen and I will be ok with it. It has kept me calm and relaxed. My anger has hardly spiralled in the past few days. I'm enjoying my good moods for the past few days.

Someone that I know cannot go without weed. He didn't smoke for a long time and he was constantly angry. On the odd times he drank it didn't help his temper either. When he smokes his calmer and accepts things a lot better.

I'm not disagreeing with all of you, as I said it depends on the person. A couple of my friends that smoked wasn't always a joy around them as they get very angry and put everything down. Weed made them angry or maybe they only focused on the bad things. I can almost compare it to alcohol, you get people that are generally still happy when they drink and then you get positive/happy people that get extremely abusive off of one drink.

Weed shouldn't control the person that you are. If it makes you a bad person when you don't have it then it is truly controlling you and you should entirely quit.

Posted by: DAC September 23, 2014, 9:19 AM

I enjoyed reading your post. I think you make a lot of credible insights into the behavior/drug relationships that so many of us are attempting to come to grips with. I was especially interested in the contrasts you made between pain pills and marijuana.

I have a theory that I have tested time and time again when I go back and forth between smoking and abstinence. I evaluate myself and write what I think I find. I look back on these writings later and try to make sense of them with a clear and sober mind. With marijuana I have found that there is an 'unbundling' of thought, creative energies are released, and it can help decompress your mind by allowing an 'escape' from frustration and anxiety. But this is only when done in moderation. What moderation is for each person is something I dont know, but I know that if you depend upon a substance----any substance---- for this relief for too long you will become dependant upon that substance , and subsequently will become addicted. About 1 in 10 marijuana smokers become 'addicted' or daily habitual users. I am one of these people, so whatever path I chose for the future needs to take this into account.....I cant do things I like just a little....I have an all or nothing excessive personality. I either want to smoke everything I have on me - or nothing at all. Currently it is nothing at all and I am committed to staying away until I have a better grasp of what is really going on with myself when I allow myself to smoke.

Pills have a different effect on the brain. I have to admit that on this I only have a very limited experience because I HATE pills. Most of my information on pill abuse comes from other people, and from reading extensively on the subject. People in rehab, drug dealers, and long term users of both legal and illegal prescriptions have important insights into this topic. The consensus agreement seems to be that pills numb you...lower brain activity electrically...and give you false hope because you will always need the pill to feel normal. There is no release or escape because the pill path is permanent. These are just my opinion and my observations - but the true thing about pills that cant be debated is that most are toxic in large quantities and will kill you should you take too many. Where I see marijuana as a temporary fix or release...pills almost always lead to extended long term use for even 'non-addictive' types. Meaning people who dont have the addictive tendency that I have will still become addicted.

Lily - you mentioned you thought what you were saying was controversial. New information and insights will always be considered controversial by those who believe they have it all figured out...that they have the one true answer that no one can debate. On the topic of addiction, it is very frustrating to run into that wall of "Just say no" because it fails to answer so many other questions that a true addict will want answered. So YES, be controversial, be honest, write what you see and it will help someone out there who is also thinking the same thing you are on this subject. We need MORE information and insight into the world of addiction - not less.

As always I mean to type a few lines, and I get carried away. Sorry for rambling, hope someone finds something useful or relevant to their situation.

Posted by: Lily101 September 23, 2014, 12:59 PM

Thank you so much for your post. Honestly I was getting ready for a tell off but I am very intrigued to what you said.

What I have come too realise in last few weeks, is that each person must find their own way of getting clean. It is on each of us that are addicts to take the power back, too take our lives back.

Sometimes I wonder if I don't over step the line on here because I only talk for myself and my experiences. I didn't fall in the way most has on this site and I don't want to be disrespectful to anyone. I'm a very deep thinker and think sometimes a tad too much.

I haven't smoked weed now for 4 days and haven't craved it one bit. I smoke when I do have and only as much as needed which is extremely little. Half the time I mix it so it's hard for me to get use to it. But what I can tell is that I am keeping a very fine eye on how I am using it.

I build a very quick resistance against pills, with these pain pills that I have been using has kept on working but I didn't notice the resistance building up.

In regards to weed is that I don't like smoking more than 2 joints when I'm with friends. Don't like how I start too feel out of control. It's one of the reasons I stopped drinking other than the odd glass every few months.

Any ways now I'm rambling off. I will definitely agree that used too frequent and too much does make you dependant.

Something else that I'm going too ramble off it the next: weed does make you focus on the task that you working on. I'm a arty farty person and love drawing, etc. Where I lived before the place drained all that away and the only times I could really get into my art side was when I was stoned. I didn't like that a place was stealing that side of me. So now that I am gone from there I'm getting it all back and I'm loving. No need for weed to make that connection. I do however still enjoy being stoned every now and tend when I do arty things.

Like I said I only talk for myself and I don't promote people to smoke weed unless they know what they get themselves into. I also do not believe weed is the gate way to more drugs. Anything can set off that trigger to start using any kind of drug. I've heard of so many people that only smoked weed after they were on whatever drug they started with.

It's funny how you say that expression of 'an all or nothing excessive personality'. My saying now are slightly different go big or don't go at all. Only thing is I start thinking excessively first then decide to go big or not. I didn't think at all when I took my first shot of heroin neither with pain pills. I thought I would be able to control it, I was sure that I am in power of myself. I was so damn wrong. I used those to fill something in my, still don't know what it really is but I am making peace with it. Weed I only enjoy, yes it does slightly help me sleep but did come to realise it doesn't help as much as I like it would. So I don't see the need of smoking it so often.

Again thank you for your post

Posted by: DAC October 11, 2014, 11:33 AM

I try and pass on whatever info I think might help. I have gone back and forth with the moral argument or smoking pot for most of the 30 years I've smoked it. It is a moral argument for me because everything about pot healthwise , spiritually, and mentally is supposed to be bad...but pots not all bad - there's the problem.

So then it becomes about controlling use - but can use be controlled by and 'addict'? So then we have to know what defines an 'addict' and see if that really applies to our evaluation of self. Personalities affect how people respond to addiction as well....this is a complicated topic.

People quit....and begin to take drugs for all sorts of reasons. Each person has to really look inward to get these answers. What works for one doesnt always work for another , so by sharing failures and successes with others we help others while helping ourself.

So keep writing

Posted by: Papa Bear October 11, 2014, 11:38 AM
If you want to smoke that's your business..

If you want to quit that's NA's business.

I wish you the best.


Posted by: stuck in a rut October 13, 2014, 3:25 PM
I have also dealt with this issue for over 20 years, nearly daily. I have tried to quit many times with no luck. I made it 8 months once. Still everyday even after those months i felt so lost and confused in my own brain. Like living with a stranger. Others say im a nice person when i dont smoke, but everyday was a struggle. I smoke again and still have issues with my anger but unless i am high i just want to die and take the world with me. Just so confused. I also tried na but i just wanted to smoke even more after all the stress of our conversations.

Posted by: Papa Bear October 13, 2014, 8:48 PM
I believe you quit just before the miracle happened.

I strongly suggest you give NA another try.

I wish you the best.

Bob R

Posted by: DAC October 14, 2014, 12:03 PM

I have experienced most of what you describe. I used to be a closet smoker , no one in my family knew when I would smoke. Most the time I didnt smoke - usually sober at least 8 full months a year. But when they knew I was smoking - it got stressful. They saw it as their mission to make me quit completely....but they treated me like a typical out of control addict. They didnt know of my off and on relationship with pot that I have had over the years - to them , pot was heroin.

I once went 10 years without pot. I was 'clean', but I dont know that I was happy. It was during this time that I experienced some of the worst years of my life.....I faced losing everything and wasnt even on drugs at the time. But when sober, I seemed to obsess about my situation and attempt to figure out a solution. Doesnt sound bad, but I would keep myself up at night with worry trying to figure out my life....I was miserble.

The solution of others....force narcotic,brain-chemistry changing, addictive anti depressants on me - drugs I would likely have to take the rest of my know - to be 'normal'. After 10 days of THEIR drugs of choice, a parkinson's like shaking of the right hand and an extremely low libido caused me to flush everything I had down the toilet.

I'm a naturalist - I dont want any man-made medicine in my body if I can help it. I dont take antibiotics, no more vacinnations, and I take NO pills whatsoever. I have found that if wanted to put myself in a different state of mind - pot was the way to do it. My problem then becomes smoking in moderation. Can this be done? Everyone says the same cant smoke a little because you are an addict....feel bad - take a pill.

I think marijuana can be used to treat anxiety/depression. It's the excessive smoking that causes us all problems. It seems to make sobriety harder when I know I can never smoke again. It makes me miss it more because of the finality. But when I quit for long periods - and then smoke? I like this pattern....but I need to warn people that this is something I have developed over 30 years. I know what works and doesnt work for myself. I'm not suggesting others do the same. I am simply writing about my perspective on this problem and offering another solution to dealing with addiction. It's all about control and self discipline....If you have these attributes, you can explore these methods. But if you are a one toke equals months of hard core use type....just stay away from smoking completely. Dont even try and control it - just say NO.

Posted by: Papa Bear October 14, 2014, 4:31 PM
Untreated addiction is a progressive disease.
It is a 5% using/drinking problem and a 95% thinking problem.

All the best.
Bob R

Posted by: Lily101 October 25, 2014, 4:18 PM

Hi thanks for that reply. Haven't been on here for a while and it feels good to pop in and see that I've gotten a reply in an interesting discussion.

I have to agree to what you said, what works for one doesn't always work for the other. That is why I always say when I give my advice to my friends to try and see for themselves. You can only help and warn people as far as they allow you.

I haven't smoked a joint in wow I can't remember I think it's been close to 4 weeks now and haven't craved it one bit. It doesn't bother me much and I got a full bag of weed tucked away for when I am in the mood. My biggest problem is that when I cut myself entirely off from the stuff that I tend to get addicted too, when I get the slightest taste I go all out and loose total control. So this time around I know that it is there but I'm not in the mood for it and I do not need it.

You are also right each must sit and look deep into themselves when it comes to addictions. I really do like talking to you about this topic.

How are you doing lately? Feel free to drop me a mail if you like. I'm definitely going to keep on writing especially on my diary blog, the last couple of weeks has been hectic and juggling everything has been quite a challenge that I am succeeding in.


Posted by: DAC October 27, 2014, 1:39 PM

You seem to have a pattern similiar to my own. I have no problem quitting for a few weeks, even months with little temptation. But when I give in and smoke I am very excessive in how I go about it. It's like I understand that there is a short window to smoke , so I dont want to go a second without it. I binge.

My way of dealing with this tendency is to try and allow it once or twice a month and then go back to no smoking at all. I realize this isn't really quitting, but it is a far cry from the all day every day smoking I used to do.

This is playing with fire though. If something bad happens in life I could end up smoking more if I dont put it completely away. If I only smoke once per month for an extended time, then maybe this wouldnt be an issue though. Putting it away 'forever' is only something I can do if I think it is completely bad with no positives. But the reality is there will be times in the future where it would be ok to smoke on a special occassion. If I could make the once a month thing be a 'once a year' thing, I dont know that I would consider this a bad approach at all.

Until then, I write about what I read and experience. I read today that the THC stored in your fat cells can be slowly released over time and this can increase your craving for marijuana. The article suggested 2-3 months where this could affect withdrawals.

A recurring theme in a lot of what I read says that it is hard to quit if you dont do anything positive to help recover. Simple things like drink lots of water, excercise , do yoga or other breathing excercises (important for recovering smokers), and improve diet by eating fruit and more salads. If you neglect the positives, it is very easy to slip back to smoking because you have no progress to give up. And the number of days, or how long its been since smoking last is progress that we dont like to give up. This is the hardest thing about when I do break down and smoke occassionally. I know I have to start back at day 1, and day 1 isnt much progress - so why not smoke another day or so? But I dont smoke day after day...not easy, but I am trying to limit my future smoking as much as I can.

Posted by: Lily101 October 29, 2014, 4:11 PM

Yeah I see what you mean. It is best to limit the space in between smoking.

I use to smoke just to get my creative flow going but the last few weeks it all came flowing without any need to smoke. When I craved to draw but couldn't come up with anything great I would end up smoking a joint just so that I can draw. It really did annoy me a lot.

You are also right about focusing on the positive things, it has helped me so much for the last few months. My whole attitude has changed since I stopped taking the pills.

I was brought up with the saying that if you crave or want a chocolate then get yourself one but know its not necessary to go over board and take it too far. Now I know that is probably not a good saying on here but weed has always been like chocolates for me. I have had quite a few bad days and extremely stressful days since I've stopped with the pills as well as the weed. Not once did I crave to roll a joint, I did however wanted to go and get pain pills but I ended up focusing on the positive things and kept myself busy. I'm probably going to keep up with not smoking as those times I smoked only to relax and sleep it ended up annoying me and I didn't enjoy it. I use to like smoking on the odd occasions and not constantly. But one thing though I would rather smoke before I drink. I can't stand the person I become when I am drank and never want to be that person again.


Posted by: Sue December 7, 2014, 2:37 PM
I know you wrote this a few years ago but it was so good to read that people can get their lives back! I so wish you could talk to my boyfriend. Weed is ruining our relationship because it brings his anger out and he cant think rationally anymore. He wont listen to me and thinks I am trying to tell him how to run his life. I just want him to get better! He's barely talking to me right now and I know it has a lot to do with weed.. It hurts so much!!! I am a mess now too1 So sad!!!

Posted by: Travelin man December 7, 2014, 2:52 PM
Hi sue, that is the curse of addiction, it causes so much pain for everyone, the addict, those that love them, family and freinds, it cuts through all relationships like a plague - the unfortunate part is that quite often the addict does not realise the pain they are causing others, or chose not to see- when a person is using drugs/alcohol, no matter what it is they are addicted to- it will come first- before everyone and everything else in their lives, that is the unfortunate reality Sue- i cant offer you an easy solution, only your boyfreind can decide when he is ready to quit-

Posted by: Sue December 7, 2014, 11:44 PM
Thank you for responding. It makes me understand a bit better. I wish I could talk to him about this and he would discuss it with me but I have tried and he just gets defensive and says I don't understand. I know he has issues from his childhood and has told me about it recently. I thought he might go for counselling but it doesn't look like it now. I think I will go for myself though.... I have to do something. I pray all the time for help which does help me but as you said only he can stop if he wants and at this point he does not want to. He has told me that he is a poor excuse of man but he does nothing to improve himself. It is just heartbreaking. He has so much potential but it is wasted! He blames me for everything. But I know that is just not true. It still hurts though. I will pray again tonight and ask for more help in getting through this.

Posted by: Papa Bear December 8, 2014, 10:59 AM
Hello Sue:

Help getting through is important but direction is even better.
Please look up Al-Anon and/or Nar-Anon in your telephone book or on-line. At those meetings you will meet lots of people just like you and you will have a direction for recovery.

All the best.

Bob R

Posted by: Travelin man December 8, 2014, 4:45 PM
hi Sue , at the end of the day you are not responsible for him- i know you probably dont want to hear this but you cannot change this guy- you have to look out for yourself and what is best for you- if and when he comes to his senses and reaches out for help, well and good- but for now you must take care of you first- do what is right for you- all the best Sue

Posted by: dohreeAN January 30, 2015, 8:29 PM
I think I am starting to see what you mean. Don't listen to the addicts telling you it isn't the pot, they're just trying to justify their own habits. I've been smoking daily for the last 2 years. Like there wasn't a waking moment were I wasn't high. But anyway recently I've lost my job and I already had pretty bad anxiety which was probably made worse by smoking cause now its turning into a depression. and I'm quitting cigarettes finally but I've been smoking a lot less weed and the slightest things set me off now. Like I'm scared I might hurt my dogs or someone, but I never have. Just yelled and scared my dogs which I feel disgusted by when the wave of blind rage subsides. Its the worst. And I hope its just the weed and now my body and mind will adjust so I can be happy again.

Posted by: diesel doctor February 8, 2015, 8:46 PM
the Pot of Yesterday was natural . the Pot that is floating around has been in a lot of parts adulterated to more potency ! not the same stuff !! this I have found in MOST cases makes a RAGING A-HOLE lunatic out of the smoker !! ..(WHEN THEY CANNOT GET THE STUFF !! ) smoking the STUFF is YOUR business .... BEING a RAGING A HOLE is EVERYBODY`s business !!

Posted by: February 22, 2015, 4:51 PM
My Son is so angry from the weed I almost killeed myself cause I have no escape from him. He claims its not the weed but his Father n my Sister were the same way and when they quit their anger literally stopped.
My Son is Going to either hurt himself or someone else REALLY SOON and I have called doctor n police and no one will help me cause he hasnt done anything yet! THEY claim if he "says" he is not a danger to himself or anyone then they cant do anything but no sooner than they leave he is threatening suicide or that he is gonna kick someones a**..I am at a complete loss what to do anymore he broke all my kitchen cabinets all my doors in the house and holes in walls and like 5 tablets n bunch of phones. The list goes on but the worst is he verbally n mentaly abuses me really bad. I walk on eggshells constantly and im scared to death of him. He has raised his fist n items at me but never actually hit me but the verbal abusr is bad enough. I seriously cannot live like this anymore but see no escape from it. Not a soul will help me im willing to let ANYONE HELP ME at this point.
I wish someone would scream at him n show him how it feels to be so scared.
My Dad always said Lifes not Fair n man is he right. Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! thanks

Posted by: Hi March 2, 2015, 2:46 AM
if you smoke for a long time and then you decide to quit, it takes one week for you to feel anger,the the more time you don't smoke the better you start to feel, it's just that 1 or 2 weeks since your last joint when you feel angry and aggressive

Posted by: Jimwash March 6, 2015, 4:53 AM
It really depends on the person.

Posted by: Robert March 18, 2015, 9:11 PM
I am 56 years old. I have smoked pot since I was 14. Never really stopped for any length of time. I am a chronic everyday user. I drove semi's for 26 years, and yes I smoked while driving. Never had an accident, and was considered the top driver of the company I worked for the last 12 years. Pot has held me back, and cost me more than one job. the financial end of it has kept me poor. I want to quit, but every time I run out I am so filled with hate and anger, that it drives me nuts. My advice. Quit now! after reading some of these stories, I think I will try again to quit. I have to now for at least the next 2 weeks since I am out and do not have the money to get some right now. It sucks and I'm bummed, but maybe this time I'll really give it up.

Posted by: ladyhopkins85 April 4, 2015, 1:41 AM

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Joined: April 4, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I have been with my boyfriend for a little over 3 years and he is a weed addict to. What makes it worse is that we're both in recovery and have the same religious beliefs and love each other SO much. I have been clean and sober for over 6 years now. I used to drink and drug BADLY. I smoke weed on occassion to control pain and make my joints loose so I can move around with less pain.

My boyfriend used to smoke every once in a while to control a traumatic brain injury he had when he was 7 years old. He says he smokes to help himself calm down and sit still, but like you said in your post, the day after he smokes, we end up having a HUGE FIGHT! Yelling, screaming, and evening hitting each other.

I have threatened to leave on more than one occassion, but he promised to "shape up" and so I forgave him and tried to forget about the fight, but two or three days later, it was the same crap, him smoking, us fighting and raging, and then the "sorrys" and "I love yous" come. It's a sickening cycle of love/hate between him and I.

I am a supporter of weed, I think it helps A LOT of people, but the catch is that THEY NEED TO USE IT RESPONSIBLY and the majority of these posts are in support of the weed changing their loved ones. I know the weed has changed my boyfriend from sweet, loving, and kind to demanding, abusive, and ANGRY.

Draw your own conclusions, but here is mine: The weed equals dependence. Dependence equals the need to keep smoking. Continuing to smoke leads to withdrawls when you run out. Being without weed equals WITHDRAWLS. WITHDRAWLS equals dependence. SO ON AD INFINITUM.

Posted by: Stephen April 12, 2015, 8:23 AM
ive never done this before, but when i seen some of these posts i would like to give an opinion which i hope may help.
When talking about weed and its effects on you, you really need to look at yourself and ask yourself, what are your most similar weaknesses, do you drink and take a whole bunch of drugs, are you poor at saving will, you spend the money just to have something to make you feel better did you smoke to fit in. what is at the root of your problems, will never be exactly the same as anybody elses, life throws different curve balls at us. some just deal with them better than others. some have different addictive patterns. I have hung around with stoners and druggies since i was 12 years old, i'm now 29, and oh what a mistake it has been.

I never really wanted to be a angry wasted pot head, i use to love drama as a kid. i loved been in plays, going doing community things. I loved cook, still do, never spent a moment in doors as a kid never into computer games. i was a bit of a chicken s***, which did not really go down well in my school, and a little bit chubby. been called names really hurt me as a kid. and stuck with me. my father was a very straight up no messing about sort of a father. which i really admired him to the bone. he was my hero, my daddy is bigger than your daddy sort of a thing like every kid. but as i grew older things at home went pear shape between my father and mother. so as the arguments got stronger and my dad turned violent i use to scream up the stairs for him to leave her alone. once about 8 bringing a knife with me but been too frightened to walk through the door. im not saying the man was evil. just scary. so about 12 they had enough of each other they left but they didnt worry about what it done to us they rowed used us as weapons, i got stuck in the middle raising a baby at 12. which i love my little bro. but was hard. i look at him now and i can see exactly why i stuck with him why i knew even back then it was important for him to feel belonged. that even with them gone. he wouldnt miss them that we would be ok together.
And it worked.. he dont smoke/drink he can save he is healthy. And i feel its all down to feeling like you have somewhere to belong. it may seem stupid but i really do think it stems all from feeling like you dont belong.

when your at home as a young person, if you are made feel left out or the odd one of the group. if you have your kid in a school where he has been coming home constantly upset at a young age, or you hear nicknames that might not be nice for them, or you see them spend more time on their own on a games console or sorts, or just wandering about playing alone.

its then and there is the problem. Act on it then. move that kid to a different school, and keep moving them until you see a smile on there face. reassure them that no matter what happens anywhere else you will move heaven and earth for them. ye i no itss easier said than done. i no how hard it is to struggle on as a parent if your alone or your a minority family of any sorts. but its worth it in the long run, if its games there into set up a games club so they can play together. do something consistent with them. and no matter wer you go keep that one thing a cert. even if its only a trip to the shops and a coffee. a walk once a week with the dog. put them into a sport and if they dont like the first one keep trying.

When i was 12 it was hard for me to get that support. it started to change me. i had to look after a kid make sure we were fed. which wasn easy by any means a father who lost interest and a mother who decide to drink away her problems.
so stealing became a necessity as we wer very hungry some days. which led to stealing things for money. which ment to talking to the bad guys. and when you dont have anybody to turn to. the next there your looking elsewhere and who closer than the guys who are standing on the streets the ones you walk past everyday who seem to have it all, while you struggle they laugh and mess about. so of course you say give me some of that. in my case i wanted friends and felt so alone in the world i would have done anything to have them. put myself through anything just have that feeling of wantedness. so i started smoking back then was all about hash. everyday basically walked away from anything i ever enjoyed. to stand on the street been a pothead. now i sit in my room day in day out all them ppl gone after making there money out of me. my dreams dont exist anymore i wish everyday i could turn back the hands. just kept my head down. but the reality for most ppl who get into drugs. it will eventually consume your life it you dont or cant get a handle of it. one simple slip up can stop you from dreaming of flying planes or been a doctor, work in care or move to a sunny country and have a happy ever after. all are gone with one little slip up.

if you have a good family home you see your kid starting to get in trouble. look at who is around you, who and what is going on. do you see a kid constently punches other kids hanging around your kid even if its your own family member cousin aunt uncle. if you suspect the do drugs or anything that may cause alarm bells act on it. organise things for your kids that they just dont have time to interact with that person. if the park infront of your house is to rough go with them or go somewhere else. dont just let your kid tough it out on there own.

if your a teen you have alot of pressure on you to be one thing or another. with a little attention from any group of people it can easily influence their future. so make your influence the impressionable one. show them that their worth the effort. and they will eventually believe it.

to the person only starting out. Quit. very few ppl i have know over the years have been able to smoke without it ending up taking over their lives. it may may not have the same addiciton effects as heroin but when you smoke weed everyday it becomes part of your life. it becomes your crutch, you believe you need it keeps you calm, helps you think whatever your reasons are. but it only masks that problem for so long, and what happens next is what i call the I need Syndrome. where you need the weed to fix your problems or to get you that bulls*** euphoria crap. which becomes harder and harder to satisfy untill everyday you wake up and cant get out of bed before smoking three spliffs you cant even go cook your dinner without want to go smoke another one just to keep you going untill you get back to your bedroom. where you will sit there waisting your time, looking at four walls thinking your happy becasue you have your weed. like me. i was smart i was outgoing but with one little slip changed all that. i tought just like you i could be unbeating in life i had control. now i have probably affected my chance of having kids by a long mile. my girlfriend in constantly unhappy with me. just waisting away. i dont socialise or have any get go in me to make things better.

its not the family that determines how a kid will turn out. its wat goes on inside the family that counts. I promise you now if you dont show your kid the way. how do you expect them to find there way alone.

to the kid reading this.

Stay away from bad friends, they will stop you from having good ones

Im not saying im perfect. i have done some horrible crap over the years. and have no right to judge most.

but im trying to help just one person. i hope my rant might of helped
to the parent that thinks screaming and shouting helps it dont find solutions to the problems and not problems for solutions.

Posted by: rbryant501 April 27, 2015, 3:24 AM
I have bee struggling a long time with my wife mood swings. I don't smoke weed but she does. She is a constant weed smoker. Only time she doesn't smoke is when she is at work. She has been smoking weed since she was 15 yrs old. We been together for six years.We both are in our 40's. We have 2 kids together. A two and 1 year old. With our first child, she had to go cold turkey. Man it was hell. Everyday she was pissed off about something. At one point I thought we might lose the baby cause she would take everything for granted. She stayed angry until she had our baby girl. After that, she chilled out a little. The second child was much easier. I think because she had to breast feed our first child and it had been over a year since she smoked weed. But once our youngest child turned six months, she stop breast feeding and started smoking again. Now don't get me wrong. I don't judge people that smokes weed. We are in LA so it's hard to meet someone who don't smoke weed. But I was married before and my ex wife also started smoking at a very young age. And to be honest with you if my first wife didn't smoke so much, we would probably would still be married. And I am no hypocrite. I smoked on occasions with my ex wife. But I just couldn't focus off the stuff. It made me unaware of important things going on in my surroundings and that just wasn't me. Plus my ex and I had only 1 child and being involve in my daughter's life was all the high I needed. The thing that I hate most about my new wife is that she procrastinate so often and forget everything. She always wait to the last minute to take care of business. Even when she does do anything she has to get high first. And if she is not high, she gets upset with me cause I have to remind her what needs to be done. Now I love my wife. I have seen some great potential in her. But if she ain't got a joint in her mouth she is difficult to live with. So yes marijuana does cause mood swings. And in my situation I don't have many options. If I left her and she had to help raise the kids, I know the outcome. She will be mean to them and lower their self esteem. I know this because she has a 25 yr old daughter and their relationship is wicked. And if I stay, I will go crazy my self just trying to keep my family stable. Oh yeah, she want stop smoking for me nor the kids. My suggestion for anyone out there who is listening, be careful of the person you want to be happy with. It might just be the opposite.

Posted by: Sean May 13, 2015, 11:11 PM
I started when I was 12 now 35, heavy since high school and college. I smoke every morning (one hit) and again when I get home(one hit), then again when the kids go to bed, if up late once more. All weekend every 2-3 hours. I can do most anything high, no limits or compromise. I am definitely more patient with my wife and kids, more invested in others when high. I have socialized with many people I never would have without cannabis
Surprise! I also have an anger problem. I will criticize my wife a lot, ridicule her because her huge mess threatens me at every turn. When I am not high I am more prone to lecturing on one topic, interrogating as I have come to call it. I quit smoking for 2 years when wife got pregnant. I was angry during that time about the same, I think.
I would like to cut down or quit, but it is a performance enhancing drug. I am more philosophical, I allow myself to be more personable an vulnerable. I think that what knowledge we can gain from all of these posts surrounds the relationship between Cannabis and anger. We have formed a chicken egg debate, does cannabis diminish our coping mechanisms and cause irritability when absent or are angry people simply self medicating with cannabis, both is my assumption.
OK so here is my best advice: cut down or quit anything you are addicted to, accept sustainable medications that your body has become dependent on chemically. Does that include cannabis or coffee? Some say so (I hate coffee give me some weed) A totally mentally and physically healthy person should not require medication. So either (A) one uses cannabis once in a while socially or spiritually and has no addiction, or (B) one uses cannabis daily to manually insert THC as a dopamine replacement (only until they achieve these levels of bliss naturally) I have been trying to work my way from (B) t (A) for the last 20 years.

Posted by: BigG May 30, 2015, 3:10 PM
Its been 10months and i stuck to my Word and have not smoked a J all i can say is stick with it and you will come out the other side a better more positive person. I dream at night go to the gym few times a week, financially much better off and have stopped the munchies ( getting s**** faced didn't help) it was hard but i desperately wanted to do it and for once in my life i have achieved something i put my mind to.... Sooooooo pleased if i can do it so can you!! best of luck to everyone its worth it No your worth it xxx

Posted by: BigG May 30, 2015, 3:32 PM
STEPHEN 12TH April post

Massive heart felt sadness to you i had tears in my eyes as i totally understand ( drunken druggie parents myself) one thing i promised myself i would never be like them wan****s get off your arse out of them four walls and do it for you and little bro and go live life for god sake just do it
massive respect .... BigG

Posted by: Shannon August 9, 2015, 4:57 PM
Thanks to everyone who has posted so far. First of all, I am very dismayed at the few folks on here who claim that weed is just a plant and has positive applications, therefore it cannot POSSIBLY be causing mood or anger issues. Now, I don't have the time or expertise to delve into how inane that logic is, but having taken philosophy in college I know a bad argument when I see one. Not only that, who do you think you are to discount a person's life experience? That is like me saying to an overweight person that they are not addicted to food because food has positive benefits...simply immature and moronic. Anyway....I do apologize for that little rant, but I simply detest those who are unwilling to accept another's individual experience.

Okay. I am 31 and have been smoking daily - about 1/8 a week - for the last 10 years. Here is MY experience. At first weed made me feel very lovely. I was calm, it totally cured my raging insomnia, and helped tremendously with my stomach issues. Now, I must admit these effects are still present when I smoke.....for about 15 minutes, at which point I start coming down HARD. I get so annoyed with my husband and any little thing he says or does irritates the hell out of me...I can barely stand to be around him and it is only his abnormally serene mental state that has kept our marriage intact. When I am in this state I don't want to do ANYTHING. Literally not even watch t.v. sometimes because I find everyone on the television to be phony and obnoxious. It is so bad that some commercials will have me declaring that I have lost all faith in humanity, you see I get a tad bit dramatic as well! Nothing brings me pleasure anymore (aside from the prospect of smoking again), and anything that delays my ability to smoke sends me into a rage. For me, though, one of the most disruptive aspects of weed is that I no longer dream at night. I used to have several very vivid and interesting dreams a night before I started chronically smoking, and now I only dream when I am not under the influence.

Despite how fun all that sounds - ahem - I am now in the process of quitting and have NEVER FELT BETTER. I have goals, I have dreams (literal and figurative), I can interact with my fellow humans without wanting to strangle someone, and I have so much more energy and just plain love for life. Quitting is hard, though. Not being able to sleep like I used to is the worst part. My advice to all of you who were brave enough to recognize that weed is altering your personality in negative ways is to get rid of all of it completely! Don't keep a little around for celebrations or when you can't sleep because the temptation to do it is what caused a lot of my withdrawal symptoms. It is just too tempting when I know it is there, and even though you do not get physically addicted to weed, you certainly can develop a very strong mental and emotional addiction.

And anyone who tells you otherwise is just a closed-minded prick!

Posted by: Karl August 10, 2015, 4:00 PM
I had smoked weed for 20 years and had terrible mood swings. I knew it was the weed and rather than quit I used it as an excuse to get high before and during work! It was stupid! I blamed everyone else for everything and would flip out at everything and anything, luckily I am extremely valued where I work otherwise I know I would have lost my job. Weed destroyed all my relationships and alienated all my friends and made me an arse! My only friends were other smokers and even them I struggled to be around (I saw the same in them although they would never admit it).

I stopped smoking and like many other people have said it turned my life around, I'm making new friends, I'm happy, really happy and hardly ever get annoyed anymore! I'm studying computer programming and working out regularly. I'm sharper, smarter and have my memory's back (like a dog has lifted). Life is great!

The anger lasted about a month but tails off after the first week. I knew this was the case having quit before but this time I started taking smart drugs (nootropics) to assist me with my studying and found a great side effect of one in particular. Aniracetam, it's intended use is to help with short term memory and attention but it has a anti anxiety side effect (gives you a general sense of well being). It didn't stop the mood completely but it did make it manageable and the longer I was off the weed the better I felt.

I took (and still take) Aniracetam along side AlphaGPC and Oxiracetam. AlphaGPC helps with long term memory and is a source of choline (the chemical your brain runs on). Oxiracetam helps with memory retention, general alertness/awareness and faster motor learning skills. It is the Aniracetam that is key though (you will still need a source of choline when taking this).

These drugs also have the added bonus of helping to repair your neural pathways after prolonged drug abuse! Bonus!!!

I have taken many drugs and smoked hash with all sorts of crap in it (remember the old hash with chunks of plastic and god knows what else in it) so was not afraid of taking these and I would imagine you are the same so i highly recommend trying this to help you quit (it weirdly helps psychologically as well as you feel smoking will only damage the good you are doing). Lots of people take them and there is tons of info online to read (again I highly recommend you do this before jumping in).

Anyway I thought I'd share this and hopefully help a few people out. I miss smoking weed but my life is so much better now it would be stupid to go back.

Posted by: Movingon! August 20, 2015, 10:31 PM
First of all, I am posting a message which I will probably never read again myself but I am doing this to help anyone who is looking for help/support online to quit weed.

I've been smoking for at least 10 yrs consistently and in my mid 30s now. I got through university with no problems, own a business and doing well in life. In the past I've looked at the effects of weed on a person's physical health but until recently decided to investigate on the mental effects that weed have through peers experiences like all those who've posted here. My only regret is not researching on this yrs ago.

Like most of us here I've always thought my irritability, temper flares, sometimes the 'I don't care attitude' were just my personality and accepted it as is for as long as I have lived. For me, the negative 'mental state' were just an on and off thing and I chalked it up as just a bad day without realizing that smoking weed regularly could be causing it. Yes I admit smoking weed relaxes me and seems to calm me down but what I failed to realize was after the initial 2 hrs of 'fun times', what really happens to me. Yes we go through the burn out stage and get tired and lazy. But its so much more than that. I noticed I was impatient towards others, have daily mood swings, unwillingness to communicate my feelings good or bad, unable to stay in relationships with 'a foot out the door' attitude whenever I have a fight with my gfs, overthink things and this has gotten worse over the yrs until I started to research on it and decided I am done with this.

Its been three weeks since I went cold turkey and I truly believe this is the best decision I made beside quitting smoking cigs 6 yrs ago. I never had problems with friends or interacting socially but the changes I feel now is almost like an awakening. I am much more alert, memories are starting to get sharper again slowly, much happier, able to see things clearly and see it for what it is rather than over thinking it, much less mood swings, much quicker at cognitive decisions and so on. The benefits of not being under the influence is HUGE and I don't want to be operating at 80% capacity anymore even though I could've coasted through life this way and be ok. The negative impact weed has on anyone who smokes regularly has never been clearly documented clearly in studies but I am not planning to wait for any doctors or scientist to tell me to stop. We are all in this forum because we have a feeling something is wrong with the regular smoking. Even when I thought I slept off the high the next day, I realize now that I am in a fog with the regular smoking and I don't even smoke that much each sessions from 3-5 pulls.

I believe for those who need weed medically, they have every reason to be dependent on and benefit from it but I am also sure these people have much bigger health problems to tackle but if you are a healthy and smart person who has everything going on for you in your life but with an addictive personality and smoking weed leisurely. Take my advice and quit it!! You are probably underachieving and coasting through life with an up and down mentality like me. Since quitting It gets better day by day and to be absolutely honest, life is different now in my eyes and I don't plan to numb daily problems or obstacles by getting high. If I am able to influence even one person to quit weed, then its already worth spending 15 mins to type this out. Good luck!

Posted by: Ivana Tump September 12, 2015, 8:13 AM
xD poppy, hope some of these posts were jokes/trolls. Im scared my 16 yrold will end on streets from smoking POT rofl for real though I smoke pot once a day pretty much everyday for 10 yrs on and off, mostly on. I've dealt with anger issues (hasn't EVERY single human being) a little, but dealt with them through my counsellor who i see once a month and she tells me im better than ever. But I guess it reacts to everyone different, NONE of my 20 friends from HIGH school that smoked daily are homeless though. Most have good jobs and wifes and husbands and kids and Pets xD about half smoke daily still.

Posted by: Vivian September 24, 2015, 10:26 PM
My husband has been smoking weed for so many years now and I'm sick of it! I'm so tired that after all these years he cannot function without it and doesn't realize it. We can't even do family outings or anything without him needing to smoke. He smokes daily and refuses to accept he has a problem. Eveyone else is the problem according to him. You never know who you are encounter when you confront him Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. He stopped for about a month and he was a different person. I miss that person. He now has a medical marijuana license and I feel he's only going to worse. Any addiction is terrible but, this kind seems to put a huge strain on our relationship. It's like he's choosing this drug over me. I really wish he would come to his senses but, after 17 years Of marriage I don't think its going to happen.

Posted by: Guest November 17, 2015, 1:21 AM
My bf gets angry over the smallest things and yells and swears the nastiest things to me and other people. He is a super nice person and i donot understand this behaviour. He is smoking pot everyday and i strongly think this has messed with his brain. He always gets calm after smoking and claims this is helping him but i feel it is in fact the withdrawal that makes him so angry and abusive. He turns to a monster.

Posted by: sassygirl November 29, 2015, 6:00 PM
Hi my boyfriend smokes his mood is good as long as he douse not run out of weed. He is a a****** if he stops smoking then starts smoking. It took him years to see it. I was going to walk away because I couldn't take it anymore. Now he smokes sometimes and every time he smokes then stops he is a f***ing d*** for 2 or 3 day. He takes s*** out on me and the dog. He uses to say I was full of s*** it not the weed its everyone else. Until he stopped smoking and now he don't say s*** to me when he douse smoke but I let him know ever time that I know because he is sooo deferent. I am happy that now he can see it in him self. Just try it for a month you will see and feel so much better. Some people can smoke and not be affected by it. I think if you have anger problems then weed will affect your mood. I have anger problems and weed affected me. I didn't like me. I have done alot of drugs in my life. I am just thankful for all the prayer's that went out.

Posted by: withanaddict December 1, 2015, 5:21 PM
It is so hard to read these posts. Km7574 described my situation. I live with Mr. Hyde and Jack Torrance (the shining). He has rage that can happen at any time. Mostly in the middle of the night or early morning when he is experiencing withdrawal from marijuana and nicotine. He is very aggressive and verbally abusing. He will flick lights on and off, stomp, slam things, make weird noises like Tourrettes, blare music etc. Our dog has gotten to the point of not be so afraid but protective of me. I have no hope that he will change he has been and addict of one thing or another since 12 and is now 42. Smoking pot since 12. Now grows it so it has the highest THC. Right now he is making butter. He has no memory and is continuously fired for his mood issues. He has strangle one cat and one dog not to death but enough to scared all. I don't know what to do any more. I have no means to support myself and our animals. I have called the sheriff on him but will not do that again because the sheriff said he doesn't have to leave because it is my house because he lives here also. The sheriff also did not believe that marijuana was a problem in terms of violence. I don't tell anyone or talk to anyone about the situation because they just say leave or kick him out. I have kicked him out but he came back and I let him. Thank you Km7574 for helping me to see that I am not alone.

Posted by: Not sure if I'm ready December 8, 2015, 12:02 PM
crazy to read these posts and come to the realization that what i hoped was not the case is probably the case. was not always this way - i'm sure there have been many positive outcomes of my interaction with weed. but it went too far and the anger set in a few months after smoking during the day. that never used to happen... and even though i used to have anger issues - they seem enhanced now. In fact - there it is - weed is an amplifier i think. much depends on the intention. if the interaction is once in a while and you want to be creative - then ok. but if you're toking before 9am... time to have a chat with the face in the mirror. i'm there - but not really there... i know i need to - but not sure if i'm ready.

Posted by: Nicole February 15, 2016, 2:11 PM
I just googled does smoking weed make u angry. I was shocked to see all the people feelin the same wsy. I smoked pot first thing in mornin bf work bf meals bf bedtime! At first i thot it helped calm me down but then i realized that i had become this angry person. Mean n short wit my kids. Pushing my husband away n my other family became strangers. Iv recently stopped smoking n feel much happier. I said i wuld casual smoke but i smoked this weekend n all that anger came back. No more weed for me

Posted by: Matt Ransom February 17, 2016, 6:29 AM
I've been reading these posts with interest. I've smoked weed all my adult life. My addiction is chronic I have a pipe in the morning and during breaks at work. My tolerance is such that I don't really get high it's just topping up. The irony is if I didn't smoke for a week and then smoked I'd be so out of it and my mind so scrambled I would say it wasn't a good experience, in other words I wouldn't like it. Its only through constant use and tolerance that enables me to adjust to the drug to the extent that being stoned is almost like being normal. Then the anger kicks in I too find I have an explosive rage usually when my expectations aren't met. Over stupid things like not being able to locate something I need because it's not where I left it. This isn't the person I thought I was. I'm usually passive laid back but these days such is my fury I could smash things ( although I never do.)
I was diagnosed with AADD and I understand self medicating with weed is common practice with the condition as it shuts off the restlessness of boredom, perpetually looking for something to interest. Weed shuts all that off in the bubble of self absorbed high. This anger thing has reached a new intensity, smoking so much I can't get high, frustrated at that and then the rage and abject ferocious fury. It's not nice and it's not me, but I can't control it. Dies weed make you angry? I would say so. Will stopping resolve that I'd like to think so if I could only stop.

Posted by: Taryn March 8, 2016, 4:11 AM
Im 34 and been smoking since I was 17 full time, smoking 4/8 joints a day, my temper is out of control and came across this post! I never thought it would've been the cause of my irritation and anger! I'm gonna stop today and see if I flourish into the awesome chick I really am
Good luck to you all and good luck to myself!

Posted by: Marih619 March 20, 2016, 6:56 PM
Anger is always based on fear. Anger is easier to deal with than fear, because when I fear something, facing that fear seems like a huge challenge. I can be angry in a moments notice, but accepting and facing my fear is far harder.

Daily when I become angry, I stop and ask myself "what are you afraid of here?" I often don't really want the answer, but it's far more honest than just getting angry.

Posted by: AWalton789 March 22, 2016, 9:07 AM
I don't think smoking weed can make you angry. Although different individual have different reaction of smoking weed.

Posted by: TheAdelaideian March 22, 2016, 9:38 AM
Hi Amanda, anger is an emotion and everyone gets pissed off. It may seem you get angry when you dont have weed, truth is you are more in touch with your emotions and recognise them, smoking weed will tend to let you float more and not worry about things so much.
I hope that helps you out, good idea is to do regular exercise aswell, even if it's 20 mins a day, it will clean your body out, get fresh air into your system and invigorate you.

Posted by: sean April 4, 2016, 6:16 AM
yes its true, when u stop it gets worse, i was giving my dog some food and it kept sticking its head in the pot , so i kicked the s*** out of it, and i didnt have any feeling about it, i actually felt kind of good, but im not like that, sometime it gets so intense, i just have to smoke so i can relax and forget about it.

Posted by: John H April 18, 2016, 3:16 PM
I smoked or consumed marijuana everyday for years. I felt it kept me calm in many situations where I had previously felt anxious. I started to notice anger welling up in me more and more as if I could not control the emotion. Patterns of arguments started showing up in my life over and over again. It felt like my blood was boiling throuout my body and if someone got me angry while I was high that boiling feeling would persist after I came down. After reading the original post in this blog I was convinced it was the weed. I stopped for a short time and the feeling of blood boiling anger went away. I still had the anxiety so I started again withe a better awareness of my anger. It was better but not 100%. Then I found meditation and after a week of consistent meditation everything started to feel better. I was still using weed and actually felt it was holding me back so I stopped for a week. I was better able to control my anger and my axiety was gone. Then went back on weed to use during weight workouts or doing work around the house. I got in two argument while high and decided that as much as I love getting high it wasn't worth the side effects of a clouded mind and not feeling in control of my emotions. I'm not a hater of pot but there is no doubt that it has side effects that can effect everyone differently. I suggest to all to try meditation, leave the pot alone for a while and see how things can change. Learning to stay in the moment makes life so much better and the need for pot subsides.

Posted by: Guest April 24, 2016, 5:34 AM
to jon h - hi man, still going strong i hope? your story sounds familiar, and you articulated it very well. I was wondering if there was any particular method of meditation you did? was it focusing on your breathing for a period of time/ mindfulness meditation? I think that what you say is so true with being present - after a little holiday during which i didnt smoke and read a book which was reccommended to me - the power of now - i was feeling amazing, in the mindset you're in while lifting weights or doing a demanding sport or activity; not thinking about anything other than the present moment you're in. I was as happy as when i was high, even more, because it was a real feeling not rented. needless to say the first day back i lit a spliff which was waiting for me and immediately felt all the effects i used to love, but realised that these effects are the opposite of being present. you stay on thoughts for much longer while stoned, it's like being mad. everything is life or death instead of in proper perspective.

Posted by: Hewitt April 24, 2016, 11:31 AM
Hey I am 34 years old and have been smoking on and off for years. I have now been smoking for atleast 3 years non stop. I have been smoking so much and I noticed when I quit for 6 months my agression was less severe. Everyone use to know me as a clicker and now have a handful of friends that also know this. I smoke so much I cant get stoned properly and it ruins my health. I always have coughing etc and I dont smoke cigerettes. I mix about 50 % tobacco and weed.

To be honest I recon the weed makes my agression more extreme and almost scarey to even myself. I was so pissed off cause I couldn't find my keys to my car. I started getting reallyt really angry cause I was late for work. I the n went to swipe everything off the table in a rage and my arm got caught on the desk at full force. I totally disclocated my shoulder. 6 months later and I am still not recovered and need surgery to my labrem which I tore real bad. Now because of my rage I may never be able to lift weights again. I get a rage when I least suspect it and have even threatened people that try to report my angry driving. I would only click it if I havnt smoked a lot of weed. I recon weed makes me get extremly angry for no good reason and just become more reckless in general. To be honest I am educated and have a good job but no body really knows what I get upto or how I behave. I dont usually hit people I just break things or hurt myself. Ive had fights when someone road raged and I faught him in the middle of peak hour traffic. Lol I definetley recon its when I smoke heaps of weed, then when I am not stoned I get really angry sometimes or more easily. I am hoping to quit weed once I have surgery , I am sick of this s*** and so is my girl friend. I quit for 6 motnhs and was hard as hell. Why did I go back to it I dont know. But i love being stoned but I dont think its worthe it when I also take risks on my motorcycle when I get angry. I really wish I could be more calm. So I will have to try quit and meditate instead.

sorry bout the essay but I definatly recon its the weed making everything amplified. I am naturally an agressive person but I am more controlled when I dont smoke weed

Posted by: Ally April 27, 2016, 11:53 AM
My husband began using marijuana for arthritic pain, prior to using marijuana regularly he was relaxed and easy going, he is now quick to anger, quick to blame, verbally abusive and has a hair trigger temper. We have been married for 30 years and there has been a significant personality change. He has tried to stop a few times but has a very difficult time, he becomes anxious, he cannot sleep and he is very irritable. Yes Marijuana is addictive! and Yes marijuana does adversely affect mood. Get help, I bet your a nice guy just like my husband was.

Posted by: Me June 7, 2016, 10:31 PM
I have been smoking everyday in small amounts for over a year. I definitely think smoking daily makes me short tempered and angry. I have the most short temper and lack of patience. When something upsets me I lose my cool and reactions are outrageous.
This is ridiculous and not my intentions and reason for having ever started.

Posted by: Guest July 27, 2016, 12:57 PM
Weed does make you very angry I use to smoke it from I was 16 and only stopped it a year ago I'm now 40 trust me it's the weed I should know smoked it most of my life you jump down people throats for nothing

Posted by: delight54 August 4, 2016, 3:06 PM
I smoked weed on and off for 30 years...even in law school - it made me smarter. : )

Got married now I am 30 days no pot and am angry volatile...husband said he is afraid of me...truing into a Jesus freak....

No Na meetings in area so AA - that is the best so far. I learned you can deal with the anger now or later. The anger does not go away. I started on all my resentments...that is what started me to smoke. Must have faith unless you want to live a life of being alone.

Posted by: delight54 August 4, 2016, 3:21 PM
Living with wife who is a pot addict...stay with her...she is worth it. I know I was...I was a hurting unit. Toward the last few years of smoking I couldn't quit. I use to be the strongest proponent of pot...I LOVED IT! I had no idea that it put off dealing with past pains and resentments...they began to build up. I stopped 30 days ago. I am raw and have no idea on how to deal with all this anger, volatility and more. I am married now to a non-pot smoker YKES! I feel like a look like a monster. I am trying everything to stay off the pot. Help

Posted by: mary young September 13, 2016, 5:59 PM
My son is 20 years old and has been smoking, or ingesting in whatever way he can, for about 4 years. His addiction got so bad that he was going outside over and over again in a sort of mania. I finally called in an interventionist. It didn't work. He wouldn't go with the man. Instead, the police were called and he ended up in the mental ward for 8 days. When he came back, all he wanted to do was get back to the pot again. He is one mean little s.o.b. when he isn't getting what he wants with respect to his addiction. He is angry and violent at home and even outside the home. It's been devastating to our family. He got violently angry with me today because he wanted to buy a bong over the internet and because he's not 21, they wanted me to verify the purchase. I refused and he went after me. If anyone thinks marijuana is a benign drug, think again. To a person prone to addiction, it can be as bad as any other drug. It's especially bad for someone who already has issues. It's ruined my son.

Posted by: naworksforweed September 19, 2016, 1:25 PM
I had the same issue. I have been a multiple times a day smoker for many extended periods in my life. After my last relapse I was high for about a year. It was the first thing I thought about in the morning and last thing I did at night. I was stoned all day long. I began to notice that right after I smoked I had a hard time controlling my emotion and was more prone to angry outburst. I did not want to believe it was the pot but it damn sure was. Currently I'm 2 weeks clean. I have had much better control of my emotions for the last week or so. The obsession to use is greatly subsided. I can feel emotions again. What ever people say pot it is an addictive drug, period. This is coming from someone who loves weed but its the truth. If abused you will be come emotionally and psychologically addicted. If you are having issues I would advise you to seek out a local NA group. They will not ridicule you and they don't care what your drug of choice is. Its about the disease and not the drug. Hope that helps.

Posted by: Chloe November 5, 2016, 7:57 AM
My partner smokes weed I don't know how long has done it for now. When we first met everything was under control but the last three years have been worse then ever he is really abusive calling me all names ranging from fat slapper too a tramp and a piece of s*** a lazy mum, I always try to ignore him but that doesn't work he is fine once he has his fix I don't know how long I can take it I think the best thing for someone in my situation to do is leave but how do you leave someone you love? It does take some courage but I am ready to leave I am very unhappy and when he isn't around I am the happiest and I can relax and be myself it's like living with an alarm you never know when it can go off, I'm getting stronger then I'm off weed definitely makes people angry as sad as it any women man mum or dad in this situation needs to leave no one deserve there quality of life to be ruined because someone is taking all there Mary J problems out on them

Posted by: Twoody December 4, 2016, 11:03 AM
I believe the offsets of smoking weed daily can be countered by healthy eating and exercise and a social life. I believe the law and lack of support because of the law including family and a lot of negative ways to deal with it on the world is holding us back. I do agree it is good to take a break now and then but you can keep your emotions in check with the right weed and regulation of it.

Posted by: NyToFlorida December 4, 2016, 2:27 PM
I agree that weed is not benign. for those who have underling, dormant, predispositions, it is as dangerous as any drug. I belief many of the drugs and medications people are addicted to are intended for last resort use. not daily recreational use. that is the mistake people are making.

marijuana is medically used for end of life situations, seizures, it has it's place in medicine but not for healthy people, trying to function well.

narcotic pain pills are for people who are in a serious condition. who are not functioning or who are not working. they just need pain relief. pain meds do not cure a person and do not help a person do better in life.

pain meds make a person become disabled.

Posted by: Kevin December 12, 2016, 11:29 AM
Go to a Marijuana Anonymous meeting. Not necessarily to join up, just to ask people there, who have histories of smoking a lot (like you), if smoking made them angry and they noticed a difference after long term absenence.

Asking people who are using, or people who've never used, isn't going to give you the BEFORE vs AFTER answer it seems you're seeking.

Obviously pot affects brains. And has been for a long time after years of heavy use. Emotions happen inside our brains.

BTW... "Clinical reports in humans reveal a similar pattern of withdrawal symptoms during the first weeks of abstinence(Budney and Hughes 2006). Common symptoms of marijuana withdrawal (reported by > 70% of abstinent individuals) include anger or aggression, decreased appetite or weight loss, irritability, nervousness/anxiety, restlessness, and sleep
difficulties including strange dreams(Budney, Hughes et al. 2004; Hasin, Keyes et al. 2008)."

Posted by: Kevin December 12, 2016, 11:31 AM
And even sedatives can have side-effects and cause anxiety. Anti-depressants cause depression and suicide.

Posted by: Reva December 21, 2016, 2:30 AM
I've suspected there was a connection between not using cannabis ( edibles, in my case ) and bouts of rage, but finding these posts confirms that at least for some of us, the connection is there. I imagine (hope) that now that it's legal in California, more research will be possible. Maybe some day the legal marijuana will have warning labels cautioning users that there are some of us for whom use of the drug is much more dangerous than it is for others. For example: People with a history of alcoholism, or relatives who are alcoholics, people with a history of depression or anxiety disorders, and/or people whose tolerance level is higher than average, or continues to rise with long time use. All of these categories apply to me.
Years ago I smoked regularly, and felt quite irritable when I couldn't find any (before it was legal). I also remember buying my pot from a married couple that spent a lot of time screaming at each other when they weren't high! I remember experiencing some moodiness upon quitting, but I just thought I was pissed off at not being able to get something that made me feel so good! I abstained for several years (some of which I used alcohol---until that started to get out of hand!), until I was able to get a legal medical prescription (because of the depression & anxiety, of all things!).
Slowly but surely, it took much more potent edibles to be effective. After a few years, I started to experience really bad memory loss even when not high. I did some research, and found out that marijuana use combined with taking antidepressant medication ( Buproprion, supposedly one of the more mild and side-effect free of such drugs) does, in fact cause memory loss. This scared me, so I decided to quit.
OH MY GOD! It has been quite difficult! Not only have I experienced bouts of rage to a sometimes scary degree, but there were hot flashes & cold sweats to deal with!! It's only been 15 days since I stopped, but the anger is starting to subside quite a bit, the cold shivers are gone, and the hot spells are milder and less often. I don't know what still lies ahead, but the difficulty in getting this far is part of what inspires me to keep going. I'm beginning to feel more energetic, and I am getting a very pleasant sense of FREEDOM from feeling like I HAVE to do it.
I have friends that use regularly and have none of these problems (one says taking coconut oil staves off memory loss), but brain chemistry differs from person to person. If you are anything like me, and have decided to quit, I wish you strength and patience in getting through this difficult transition. I thank the people that were willing to be honest about their experiences, as I now know I'm not alone in this difficult struggle.

Posted by: nath January 26, 2017, 11:45 PM
cant believe how many people are saying its not the weed as if their trying to protect its reputation. yes cannabis does make you quick tempered. unfortunately for the likes of me. heavy long term user. when I stop my temper gets even worse. I'm living without it now and I miss it. wish I had never touched it. in my opinion it causes some kind of brain damage if abused enough. I was a calm teen. I got a good job and could afford to go through an ounce every 9 to 10 days. my temper has got steadily worse over the years. I can see the same has happened to my friends who smoke but they deny it. I wouldn't say it makes you more angry or more violent. just more sensitive to the causes. also bear in mind a lot of the people commenting will smoke a joint now and again and think that makes them the same as someone who smokes weed like cigarettes

Posted by: Caramelfairy February 16, 2017, 10:59 AM
My Boyfriend has the same problem, it is exactly what you all described.
I'm just chipping in my experiences;
I've been in a relationship with him about a year . He cusses and swears and yells when he is angry. It is fkin scary for me bcs I'm an empath and I'm sensitive . I have never experienced anything like that before, I mean, nobody has verbally abused me to that point before.
Little things can set him off, and sometimes I don't even know what I did to make him angry.
The most recent incident was one day we went to the gym, and agreed to meet each other outside after one hour . I was 5-10 mins late bcs I went downstairs to look for him , but he was furious. I started tearing up when we got home bcs i was so tense. He said angrily ' what the hell is wrong with you?!' And then after he saw me crying he said he was sorry and didn't know why he got so angry but it seemed justified at the moment.
We used to go on road trips and there is not one single holiday where he never flares up.
I think he flares up very often , like once every 2 weeks.

I used to think it was just him being an a-hole but I saw this thread and understood better, it might be bcs of weed. It is true he can be the nicest sweetest guy when he is chill but, damn, I don't want to live another nightmare of him yelling . It honestly is like a nightmare to me, traumatising. His dog goes under the bed to hide when it happens.
He's been on weed for 25 years, and to him it's like a reward or something, like if he wants to mow the yard he will have a bong, go to the gym, come home from work, etc.

He told me how weed has ruined a lot of his past relationships. And he is trying to quit now, but I have no clue how to help him. I'm away from him now for the time being .

Posted by: Wolfdreamer40000 March 3, 2017, 3:45 AM
Weed is not hard to give up, I smoked it everyday for almost 3 years and gave it up, no problem. Cigarettes on the other hand, I struggle to stop. Weed never made me mad or angry, but just thinking about stopping cigarettes is almost impossible for me. I try and have the worst withdrawals which make me agitated and upset. I stopped weed for 2 years and it has not affected me, but nicotine for me is harder to stop.

Posted by: dandilion March 15, 2017, 5:37 PM
Hi, my BF recently quit smoking weed and he has been causing arguments over the littlest things (tonight I suggested pasta and chicken as I didn't have the ingredients in to make the dinner I was meant to he is now not talking to me because I suggested pasta just to annoy him because I know he doesn't like it, he eats pasta on a regular basis....) he has quit once before when we went to Thailand and constantly accused me of looking at other men in swimshorts and broke up with me for 24 hours because of it. I carnt make him realise that this is the same pattern as before and he is just biting my head off because he is craving..... I can deal with the frustration I understand if I quit smoking cigs I would be angry as well my problem is he dosnt realise its because of this. Any advice would be appreciated (we have been together 6 years by the way so this isn't like a new relationship so please don't suggest I pack it in as he is my best friend, lover and soul mate in most cases just finding these last couple of weeks extremely difficult,
Thank you if you can help as you seem to be able to admit its that that's making you angry! :)

Posted by: Adams June 18, 2017, 3:25 AM
I been smoking weed for 6 years ,I always open my Google and try to find does weed can make you more upset ?and still I can't find the answer.
I almost give up with this question but after that I figure it out how to solve this problem and I love to share it with you even I don't know this effect will same with all people or not .
Every time I smoke I write it down the effect and feeling in my diary,and I found something crazy ! Basically I found that weed can't make you more upset or angry but I do found something interesting thing, when we smoking actually we usually stone and feel so relax, you just want to lay down and just relax . This thing will trigger the mood when suddenly you have to do something...and until the next day this effect will still in your blood...for example the next day you are sober and when you do something and you found it a bit complicated,then it can trigger you mood back like when you still high ,its a bit difficult to explain into the words like this especially when my English not that perfect ..anyway if you think you have a bad temper after smoke weed ,please think that all your emotion is because of weed when you realise this you will not that angry because you will know its the effect of pot ....I don't know this will work for the other but at least its works for me

Posted by: amie November 10, 2018, 12:39 PM
It seems like some people do not have negative side effects from cannabis but some people do. I think it needs to be researched more to find out why some people react well and some people react badly to it. I also think some people should not smoke pot, or at least not have it regularly. Some people should think of it as a medicine, and you shouldn't be binging on massive amounts of medicine.

In other words, if you smoke pot and it makes things better. Then by all means smoke it all day every day. If you smoke pot and it works at first but then makes you depressed/anxious/angry/whatever/ then you should be strong and do the right thing and only have it occasionally and briefly, or not at all.

Sucks to miss out but it is better to be sane! And maybe in the future they will make it into a medicine that is better for everyone.

Posted by: Earthchild January 15, 2019, 4:25 AM
Marijuana makes you incredibly angry. I have been with my partner for almost 4 years now. He was smoking for 3 and then has given up since. I cannot Express to you how irritable, angry, snappy and horrible it made him. At the end it got so bad, that he said horrible, hurtful things to me, literally anything I said would set him off or if he thought I looked at him funny. He was absolutely horrible to be around and made my life absolutely miserable.

Fast forward just over a year and he has got clean and stopped smoking. He is like a completely different person. His attitude, mood etc. Is just night and day compared to him smoking. He is so emotionally stable, doesn't snap anymore, is so much more relaxed when driving, . Smoking marijuana turned him into such an unpleasant and terrible person to be around. So take this as reassurance that the anger is from pot smoking; there are good and kind people hidden underneath this habit/addiction. Free yourself and start really living!

Posted by: JS January 17, 2019, 1:16 PM
Hey guys,

I have to apologize but I did not read everyone's post all the way through and I probably wouldn't have posted a reply but I did have an insight which I felt compelled to share.

At first I thought the same thing as multiple posters: If you are an angry person then maybe the weed is contributing to the expression of those feelings by decreasing inhibitions like alcohol does. The people who have posted that they get angry and have outbursts seem to admit to using a lot. Also people who posted that they use occasionally don't have this issue and I can say that my own use mirrors that. I am attempting sobriety again but I have used recently and I don't necessarily get angry unless my friend who also uses A LOT gets angry and argumentative. I am not an angry person but if I get high with him he can bring out the worst in me. I have been using on and off for 25 years and I do not recall that being the case long ago.

This brings me to what I believe may be the case which some posters presented already. Current weed strains have SO much higher THC content and they are genetically manipulated to achieve that in many cases. Logically there may be unintended (or possibly intended depending on what you believe about the world we live in) consequences with this genetic manipulation.

I encourage everyone who likes to use to be aware of this possibility and what and how much they consume. It amazes me how much I used to be able to smoke and now even with a bit of a tolerance how intoxicated I can get off of one hit and how long it lasts. Then I see my friend sitting next to me taking hit after hit. I guess it shouldn't surprise me when he can't even carry on a coherent conversation and gets so angry when I can't follow him.

Times they are a changing. Hope this helps.


Posted by: samegame May 12, 2019, 2:23 PM
I don't think pot is the harmless relaxant it is portrayed to be by too many. I've seen some really radical mood changes in those who smoked or ate edibles and it was not pretty. They acted closer to someone on meth or a stimulant than pot. They're an alcoholic who started using more when they were low on money to buy 'enough' alcohol. Maybe it was the combination, alcohol withdrawal but they became miserable, combative and nasty. It's like they wanted to fight.

Posted by: Saylerjeffrey June 8, 2019, 6:06 AM
It makes me dizzy