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Posted by: suspicion July 27, 2014, 11:29 AM
hey everyone

Im not a doctor but an experienced user which qualifies me to HELP anyone and i mean day or night. Im 26 and have been on methadone for 2-3 i tried to stop at 30ml cold and it was the worse thing ever - requiring a trip to hospital. Eventually got back on 20ml upto 50ml now im at 13ml tapering down 5ml monthly which was most comfortable a little withdrawal like chills sickness but thats expected. PLEASEEEEE. reduce properly follow the programme. Ive kept each bottle at reduction as a reminder of how well i done. Mind you, i was I WANT OFF NOW IMMEDIATLY you know how it goes but looking back it is far better safer COMFORTABLE to reduce. Now i feel withdrawal when this happens i take a bath keeep warm will help massively and keep telling myself yhat this is psychological withdrawal - You really really want to get off it youll fight psychologically with ease. But ya gota want off it soooo bad that a chill here and thr is nothing.
I have been most honest with my prescriber and i have been reaseaching medications for withdrawal. Once Im down to last 2ml. Im locking myself away with my medications exercise and a detox plan that even a dextox will be proud of. Im using 10mg diazapam immodium and pepto for s***s and sickness.

If anyone is in my shoes and would love support or advice etc my email

There is no shame at all being a meth user... i think they are just money spinners for pharma. They could easy hook an i.v drip to flush system.

Wishing you all well and safe detoxing!!!

Posted by: Granny2 3 July 27, 2014, 9:20 PM
The thing I agree with you about is to taper/detox SLOWLY and then treat uncomfortable symptoms with your doctor or clinics help and by whatever means helps such as warm baths, teas, etc.

Methadone has been proven over and over again to help opiate addicts stop their addiction. If clinic rules are followed your opiate addiction can be stopped and you can live a normal life.

If one chooses not to use methadone to achieve freedom from opiates that is a personal choice but I for one know it works.


Posted by: suspection July 30, 2014, 9:53 AM
Ive jumped ship and now decided to home detox. Im taking diazepam pharmcy ones but off street 28 should be enough. If not ive access to other meds if needed. Im sneezing swetting chills like a pins nd needles sensation. Done 3 days how long left. No energy at all im proud of myself for getting 3 days. Thinking myself i have bad flu rather than meth making it so much easier to tell myself i can get off this s***. Only been on meth 2 year this should be a walk in the park??

Posted by: girltoday July 30, 2014, 10:03 AM
Day by day it will get a little better. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

Posted by: WBequette July 31, 2014, 4:07 PM
I'm on Day 5 of being off of methadone. I was lowered from 110mg to 10mg, 4mg a day.

It sucks, not as bad as heroin withdraw, I think because I don't crave methadone
like I crave heroin.

One thing I don't like is how long it lasts, i'm through with the worst part
but it is hard to sleep and my body aches. Diahrea is going away, the cold
sweats are going away but today is body ache day apparently.

Going on a float trip on saturday, hoping the sun and fresh air and exercise
helps get this crap out of my system.

Posted by: Granny2 3 August 1, 2014, 7:04 PM

wow congrats! It doesn't seem like you are doing too bad, just be patient.

As far as your trip, make sure to eat well, stay hydrated, maybe take Tylenol for any minor discomforts and you should be good. Fresh air and sunshine does the body and soul good, and if this is what you want,(to be off methadone) then you are headed in the right direction. Being out in nature is also a good way to keep your mind occupied.

Good luck and let us know how you did and how you ar4e doing. It seems that not many people come here with good stories of being off methadone and we could sure use some.


Posted by: jackofhartzz August 6, 2014, 1:40 PM
.There is no shame at all being a meth user...

Please ,lets call it methadone- - not meth......people get confused,,and these 2 couldn't be more different- - thanks

Posted by: suspectdj August 17, 2014, 11:53 AM
Hi dude

I suppose your right there. I never tried meth but I do get the fact they are two entirley different substances.

Methadone it is then :-)

Take caree

Posted by: Peezey August 17, 2014, 3:48 PM
Hi all. First would like to say thank you all for sharing your stories and experiences.
So here is methadone treatment story.

Once upon a time, 6 years ago to be exact, a lost lonely and abused woman saught help to break free from the chains of Heroin addiction. I remember my first day at my treatment center like it was yesterday. Sick, sad, depressed, and just overall lost. I had lost myself in my addiction. All I knew is I wanted out and was hoping I had finally found refuge.
I started my program, at first just to tame the withdrawal I was experiencing from the extremely dangerously large amount of heroin I had been using for several years. I went into treatment thinking I will kill my DTs with Methadone then detox and be do e witching a month or two.
Boy oh boy was I wrong. As I came to a stable dose, I began to attend groups, I began to realize that the lifestyle I had been living was just igniting all the internal struggles and past trauma I had experienced in my life. As time went on, I became a leader in our weekly women's groups. Then two years into treatment I became pregnant. I was so frightened at first of what horrible side effects and or birth defects could have on my child. I was in the process of detoxing and taking the advice of my OBGYN I stopped detox and kept at the level I was comfortable with. My son was born...healthy beautiful yet he did require a detox of his own but the levels in him were so low the doctors only needed to give him the lowest posssible dose of medication and for only 3 days. Today my son is 4, he is amazing beautiful, an has several amazing talents such as being amedextrious(not sure if spelled correctly) an is a strapping young lad bigger than most boys his age. after 6 years of methadone maintenance I am detoxing...I have so many feelings to express. Gratitude for those who support me without judgement, happiness to be leading an amazing journey through life, and excitement for a future in helping others cope who are or have been going through similar addictions and recovery. Some may 6 years on Methadone is a long time, but I am a success. I own and run a business, raise my children and have become a large part in my community through helping others. It took me some time to become equipped with the necessary tools to deal with trauma, grief, depression, and addiction but you know what, I am the best person I have ever been in my entire life and now it is time for me to share my story and help others. Recovery is life long, and with great support we can all relish in its beauty!
This is a shortened version of my story and experiences and would also like to say to those going thru addiction and detox....take YOUR time, not anyone else's. Recovery is a process and the time frame is different for all. Don't rush, make your decisions wisely and with great support. If we stumble we shall stand again and walk past the pit into which we once fell into.
Peace to you brothers and sisters of recovery.

Posted by: suspectdj August 17, 2014, 4:30 PM
Thank you for your story.

The main thing is that you've come out of this a wiser person. Its great to hear successful stories. It will help people who are dealing with addiction. Im three weeks clean today. Couldn't be happier.
Well done for achieving your desired goals. Taking each day as it comes.

Take care

Posted by: Granny2 3 August 17, 2014, 5:20 PM
Well hello Peezey,
What an amazing story!!! Thank you so much for sharing it.

We need more positive experiences about methadone because hopefully one day the stigma it has will be gone and only the truth will be told.

As with any medication available for people to consume some do have an adverse reaction to methadone. While most don't, the lies and misconceptions they spread, I believe, come from their failures at treatment. They falsely believe that if they just come in every day and take their dose that their addiction and all that all the bad things that came with it will just magically just disappear with no work on their part. They couldn't be more wrong.

It takes time to fix the havoc drug addition creates. Loss of self, home, family, children. The list can be endless. It certainly didn't happen overnight, it took months if not years to get where we are the first time we stepped into a methadone clinic looking for help because we were out of options. We were lost and hopeless. For some it was life or death.

I chose life and I have never looked back and it's been a long time since I made the decision that I wanted my life back. It was a little harder in the beginning, it always is but you have choices. It is up to you to make the right ones. You sound like you made the right choices and look where you are!!! Good for you!!!

keep coming back your story is important!!


Posted by: Peezey August 17, 2014, 6:23 PM
Thank you for the kind words!

I am passionate about sharing my story to help those who have a stigma toward methadone see that the person is the one in control of the recovery. I could have been on any opioid angonist and had several different outcomes. My story is one of a thousand. Over my years at my treatment center I saw people come in and leave, die, and go to prison and lose everything. The one issue was they either had not had that moment when they decided to get clean for them or they just though it was a magic medication that will cure all your issues. My passion now is to tech those who are ready yet have no direction.
If anyone struggles with the decision to enter into treatment or feels they don't have support I hope they can find something in the words on these posts and reach out.
Thank again for hearing(reading ) my thoughts.

Posted by: girltoday August 18, 2014, 6:49 AM
Hi Peezey! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I too have come of methadone successfully. It's a good feeling. Keep coming back. (((HUGS)))


Posted by: suspectdj August 18, 2014, 9:40 AM
Hey all

Peezey thank you for that little reminder that addiction keeps us trapped under the past. This has helped me massively. My quest for methadone abstience continues not forgetting the good old brown. Devil drug.

For those who relapse should not feel ashasmed but keep checkin in - its all part of recovery!! This is my first experience of a way of finding support during the latter days of withdrawal, ive took on board what applied to me in my case. It was a snap decision to personally withdraw at a lowered doseage of 13ml.

Again its uncomfortable symptoms but perserverance, patience and willpower will see you through detox. Exercise and a protien packed diet lots of veg fruit water for hydration. Suppliements such as milk thisle for liver detoxification. FOR BEST RESULTS: PLAN YOUR WITHDRAWAL!
Personally I used diazepam 10mg x2 for first week. PLEASE SEEK YOUR OWN MEDICAL ADVICE.

For me diazepam allowed my brain to shut off, took away the anxiety to use away (specially for the first week. This was not through my doctor, but sheer willpower not to be addicted to methadone. Doctors are funny in uk about prescribing this medication but for me it has worked got me off methadone.

Keep up posting on your progress. I'm going to also as it has done me good
Bestest wishes all

#It will pass

Posted by: Peezey August 18, 2014, 6:48 PM
I did my detox slowly, went all the way down to 2mgs and then detoxed. I was a bit more prepared because the last month or so at lower doses my body was coming into a state of detox gradually.

I'm a naturalist so the only "meds" I have used are Essential oils such as Lavendar for anxiety, clove, geranium and Frankensense for "cravings" I don't consider them typical cravings more of elevated blood pressure and fatigue. I also use a blend for the dhiarehtic part. They work wonders!! Oh ya and peppermint and lemongrass for muscle pain! I am so thankful for an "easy" detox an grateful to be able to share my experience!! Thanks for the support and I give love and support for everyone going thru the same life experiences!!!

Posted by: suspectdj August 19, 2014, 4:13 AM

Peezey thank you for your comments.

Its great to hear that natural ways of detox has worked for you. I can't help but think, were you listening to the Shamen - Ebeneezer goode while opening a bottle of lavender. Haha, you will understand play the track. I'll give those a whirl anything to feel more relaxed. Then I remembered I don't like the smell of lavender!!

is anything else that could be used instead of lavender.
Thank you for your post!

Happy posting, all

Posted by: suspectdj August 19, 2014, 5:24 AM
Hi lilly

I'm ages away from three year abstience!! Do you avoid high-risk situations that makes us fall foul of the relapse. Have you heard the saying, relapse is part of recovery? I see that as counter-productive. Its kind of saying, it's ok go on RELAPSE. I think willpower and a dose of reality help keep addiction at bay. I used to tell myself that it was part and parcel of the process, maybe so? Yes an excellent barging tool trying to quit drugs - Not!

The relapse prevention search onsite has affirmed very much what of what I didn't know about. Ive been taking plenty notes and I'd say it has kept the complusiveness to relapse (excuse to use) away."Is it better to think years ahead abstience or 'count up' ticking each day"?

I'm only 23 days off. Did you have any smyptoms by this stage?
Stay strong you can do it! Thanks for your posts! Ive posted this in wrong post??


Posted by: Ed Puma August 19, 2014, 11:25 PM
So, how tis every1? What ya'll hollerin about?

Yo, I do not need methadone. I'm on 118mg.

What is best for withdrawal? I'm doing it cold turkey. I'm also new to methadone with 118mg starting dose.

Yall know what to do?

Posted by: Peezey August 20, 2014, 2:05 AM
Ed, your withdraw on 118 will be rough. Plan your detox. Recovery is about us releasing those dark secrets inside.
An anonymous person said: if you keep your secrets inside they will grow dark and fester, but if you put those secrets out they will die.
Most of us in recovery are not only recovering from drug anise but from trauma that occurred at some point in our lives. I hope you find peace in your recovery and never let anyone shame you for the disease we share.
As for withdrawal, for the cramps warm baths soothing music to take your mind away from it. I use essential oils so for the anxiety like feelings I used several oils to calm my mind and body. Oils are very effective and there is tons of scientific proof behind them today. Many hospitals and doctors offices actually use them as well.

I used to think I hated Lavender but the. When I found Real essential oils the scent was not the same as the synthetic smells in our everyday perfumes, soaps, etc.

Posted by: Traci October 20, 2014, 4:06 PM
So this is my story based only on the methadone aspect. I have been going to the clinic for a little over a year. I only let my dose get to 80. I have been coming off of it for 2 months. I am currently on 2 milligrams and of course experiencing the withdrawal already. I smoke weed and I am prescribed xanax. These things give me minimal relief. I am caving mentally. I don't feel I am strong enough to get past the withdrawal. Most of the success stories I see have something to do with finding God or something spiritually based, I don't have that and don't believe in that. HELP!

Posted by: Papa Bear October 20, 2014, 5:02 PM
I was an agnostic who ended up in a spiritually based recovery home in 1989 run by a priest.

There was no drugs for symptoms and we were in for a 90 day program.
I had been an alcoholic for 30 yrs, and weed/Valium for 15 yrs as well.
I was 45 yrs old and I was in $hit !! .....

Fast forward through those 90 days and into AA/NA and today I am alcohol/drug free for 25 yrs.

I believe the trick is not to say what I won't do to recover, but I will do what is required to recover.

A friend said at a meeting the other day something that rocked me and made me laugh.
He said there was only 2 things he couldn't tolerate when he was drinking/using .....
1) The way things were.
2) Change !!

It reminded me that if I am stubborn and not open to change ... that nothing will change.

I hope that helps.

All the best.

Bob R

Posted by: kevlar November 8, 2014, 3:11 PM
I am 29 been on methadone since 2010. i was up too 8.oml of methadone or 80mg in tang. I have decided to come off and have dropped down to 18mg now. I am using medical helps with the insomnia, aches and pains. it helps relax ur muscles and promote healing in ur brain, by firing up our receptors. moodswings are less and its just easier to get through the day. we produce natural cannabinoids ,its safe natural and of course it not addictive, nor life threatening. the research is unrevealing all the lies around it that the gov has tried to hide but why not help the people if there is something out there that works and is safe. my docs have passed all my urine screens with the use of cannabis since the day I started the mine program. if it want for mj I would never come off.

Posted by: dwdude December 20, 2014, 2:51 PM
man im day 7 off methadone. and to be honest, other than mild sleeplessness (restless legs) my methadone detox has been a breeze. Ive read this stuff for years and was terrified to get off of it, but i was mentally ready.. I think because my head wanted off this garbage, the withdrawals never come.. Saying that i tapered from 80mg to 1 mg over the course of 1 it slowly and it doesnt have to be a nightmare like everyone online types about.. you rarely hear the good stories, only the bad!! TRUST ME, Day 7 and i feel like a brand new person.

Posted by: dwdude December 20, 2014, 2:54 PM
and kevlar is 100% right... marijuana is a mircle. clonedine wont touch my RLS,but if i smoke a bowl when my nervous system is going haywire, i can relax and fall right asleep!!!! f@ck clonedine, serequel, benzos, all that s***.. marijuana saves lives,, #reals***

Posted by: sarah January 2, 2015, 5:28 AM
hi , my family and i are trying to help my nephew off methadone . He is a high dose user and also has other mental health issues, I wondered if anyone had any tips on alternative programs such as yoga or anything non chemical that has helped them alongside the methadone . Also at what point should a doctor start lowering the dosage , he seems to have stayed on the same forever? We are all in the dark and would truly appreciate any straight up advise. we do not want to abandon him , so really could do with honest input if we can help in any way, many thanks

Posted by: Papa Bear January 2, 2015, 9:26 AM
How old is your nephew? Does he WANT to get of methadone?

I haven't met an alcoholic/addict of my type that didn't have "mental health issues".
That's why we drank/used .....

I (and millions of others) found a program of recovery in AA/NA that treats not just our DOC (drug of choice) but all of our other "issues" (mental/physical/emotional/spiritual).

Here is a brief description of how AA works (it applies to Narcotics Anonymous as well)

Tell your nephew to look up NA in the phone book or on-line at
He can give them a call and get on the road to recovery. He has to call, not you.

All the best.

Bob R

Posted by: dwdude January 3, 2015, 9:36 PM
im 28 yrs old n was snorting oxy 80s like they were going out of style for about 2 years before i got on a 80mg dose of methadone. dont ask me now why i insisted on going up in dose to 80 mg. I felt great off the initial 25mg or whatever. I stayed on methadone for over 4 years and slowly tapered using the typical 10% dose reduction. i tapered slowly over nearly the last year and a half of my 4 yr methadone deal. When i hit 12mg i felt wd so i went back up to 14 for roughly 2 weeks than continued down.. Then again once i hit 3 mg i slowly started having restless boughts while trying to fall asleep (not the worst ive experienced with pills) totally tolerable. two mg was the same thing but i stayed at 2 mg forover a month. Than for my last 2 weeks i did a 1mg on even days, and 2 mg on odd days.. Then my holidays at work began (i had 4 weeks banked to take at xmas just to do this). i literally just stopped going to my clinic three weeks ago, and other than a little bit of restlessness when i lay down, i havent had anything to cry about.. no s***s, no vomitting, no depression, no drugs thoughts, no laziness. I dont know what the hells going on. I dont sleep in my bed with my gf anymore, ive been sleeping on blankets on the hard floor cuz for some reason it helps me sleep.. And to be honest, pot may play a huge part in how comfortable my coming off methadone has been.. OR MAYBE I WAS JUST MENTALLY READY>>> DONT SYCH URSELF OUT> I GOT OFF METHADONE WITH NEXT TO NO WITHDRAWLS!!!!

Posted by: Lost soul January 12, 2015, 10:43 PM
Hi I have absolutely no support system I have no family all my friends are still addicts so I have no friends and anyone who isnt an addict has no idea what I am talking about or going through and they run if I even bring up the topic so I have kept to myself I tried to go to a NA meeting In the city I live in to find some support but when I got there it was filled with all the drug addicts I knew who were only there because they were court ordered to do so or they would go back to jail and they were still using and selling dope in the meeting so I have not gone back I reLly really wish it was not like that because I really need to find some kind of a support system even just someone to call who understands what I am talking about and can redirect my negative thoughts that are eating me alive I originally was addicted to hydro morphine due to needing a surgery and the wait lists are huge in Canada I have still not recieved it however I have now due to withdrAwals from coming down off of methadone it's not even close to the top of my issue list anymore there is no where that will accept me to take me off of methadone and from everything I have read and trust me I have spent months and months trying to find a different way to jump off to come to the conclusion I am just going to have to deal with this slow dreadful process my Dr will only bring me down 2 mgs every 2nd week and I still get sick from that more now that I am starting to get lower than I initially I at my top dose was at 150 and have managed to get down to 88 right now so I have come a long ways but I still have a long path ahead of me and I am running out of energy right now I cannot imagine doing this for another year and some I know not all days are bad some are worse then others but when a bad day comes it makes you forget any good day that has happened or to believe that another will come again. If anyone on here is listening still I could really use a support friend even if I can just email text call you anything would help as this is my biggest issue not having anyone's support I guess I will post my email address on here thanks to anyone who's listened

***Please don't post personal contact information on the site. Thank you, the moderators***

Posted by: Travelin man January 13, 2015, 12:41 PM
Hi lost soul- i have no direct experience of methadone, but i am an alcoholic and pain pill addict- i have had a fair amount of experience of withdrawal symptoms over the years- i have been both medically de-toxed and have detoxed myself on many occasions- it is hell at times-you are going to have to tough it out- you gotta remember the end game-a whole new life free from the drugs that have been running and ruining your/my life- i quit pain killers last september and i still have some pretty dark days but the good ones more than make up for these-if NA is not available try your local AA-its all about addiction the substance doesent really matter-i found the people on this site a great help when i was struggling-so keep posting on here-why not start a recovery diary you can vent your feelings here-you will get no criticism or judgement here only help and support-we have all been through the same c..p regardless of our DOC- hang in there - stay strong- you can do this- you only have to go through this once - do not give up on yourself- you are worth the effort-best of luck- remember you are not alone-we are all in this s..t fight together-

Posted by: Papa Bear January 13, 2015, 1:36 PM
Hello Lost soul:

Where are you in Canada? I'm near Windsor, ON.

As far as NA meetings you will certainly find the losers who are dealing and playing the system.
You will also find the winners who are working the program and recovering.
Those are the ones to hang with.

My recovery began in Brentwood Recovery Home in Windsor 1989.

Google them and give them a call for cost and availability. It is a no-nonsense, no-meds spiritually based program that will get you clean if you need it..

You will find The 12 Steps and those that work them at every NA meeting.
Seek them out and they will show you how to save your life.

All the best.

Bob R

Posted by: JT January 23, 2015, 12:40 PM
Hey all.

I have been on methadone for about 4 years now, I'm 28 years old. I dropped from 120 to 105 and didn't feel the difference. I am starting the "voluntary withdrawal" at my Clinc. Unfortunately the next time I can get in to see the doctor is February 16th. I am desperate to get off of this stuff so that I don't have to rely on taking medication every da y to feel "normal". I have spent months researching ways to break free and all I ever come across are horror stories. Until this blog, I have NEVER seen anyone say that they had successfully kicked methadone- and that scared the crap out of me. But I'm 28, I have absolutely ZERO desire to "use", I have a good job, I own a home and I am engaged to be married and I want to start a family within the next couple years. But I want to be SOBER for it. I am going to do the slow taper. I will drop 10 mgs a month until the WD gets to be too much. Then I will drop less and slower. I don't want to go through this more than once - so I have to make sure i do it right. I know the end game will be worth it. Fortunately for me, I have a very supportive family, a great fiancé and good friends who want to see me succeed. I wish that I could go back and stop myself from ever using in the first place, but I know that isn't possible. Back when I started "popping pills" I did it because I liked to party and I didn't know they were addictive. I would've taken anything back in those days to have a good time.

My biggest concern about breaking free of this stuff is that I have a full time job, i have a mortgage, I'm engaged etc. I can't afford to taper down and then enter a detox or anything like that. I don't want to ruin my relationship either, because my fiancé truly is the greatest person I have ever met. What I would like to know from some of you guys who have gotten off of the methadone- were you able to continue working & functioning? If so, how? What did you do? IF you were NOT able to continue working - why not? Any and all advice is MORE than appreciated. I know I can do this, but I need all the help I can get.

thank you in advance for ANY and ALL insight

Posted by: Papa Bear January 23, 2015, 2:11 PM
If you don't get free then your job, mortgage (house) and fiance will be gone soon anyway.

Let's put "First things first".... If you put recovery/sobriety first then all else will last.
If you put sobriety after job/house/mate then you will lose them all in the end.

I hope that clears some things up.
AA & NA helped/helps me get and maintain my life today and enables me to grow.

All the best.

Bob R

Posted by: Jameel February 18, 2015, 5:10 PM
I wanna think everyone for sharing their story. ..I found this post by Google "How to get off Methadone" . I can't get into detail right now about my addiction because I'm now at work but I just wanna say I understand what everyone is going through. I will come back, thank you guys for this post.

Posted by: Granny2 3 February 18, 2015, 8:35 PM
I am SO glad you found this site!
When I first came upon it in August 2011, I, too, was looking for info on methadone and addiction for a newsletter I write each month at my clinic and there was no methadone board at all. I had been looking all over the internet for something like this and found nothing. I emailed the fine people who started this wonderful website and asked why there wasn't a methadone board.( There was a definite need for information, especially to those who use it daily, a board that I personally wanted to be, as truthful as possible in all aspects of the knowledge of methadone treatment, detoxing, dosing, laws, the list was endless. Having those who are on it giving their thoughts, whether good or bad.) They emailed me back, having agreed with my thoughts on the subject and within just a short time there it was!
I am so happy to see the response it has gotten although it did take a little while to get rolling. I get so much from this site and the people I have met over the years through it. Methadone is a tool that can be used to stop opiate addiction and I count my blessings that it is available to those who need it. Of course it wouldn't be what it is without the people who take their time to post here and give advice, and you all know who you are. Thank you!


Posted by: BigTmann March 20, 2015, 1:36 PM
Almost a year since the last post here, but maybe someone will see this. My name is Tyler I'm 30 years old. Spent a few years addicted to oxy and fent patches. Started methadone almost 2 years ago now. First 60 then 120 now 75. I'm drinking only half my drinks though and saying to myself if it gets bad I can drink the rest. If I make it through the day then I dispose if the remainder dose. I'm taking chlonidine for anxiety caused by WD (in my opinion the mental WD is worse then physical) I've started boxing training. My legs wobble, I sweat profusely, my mouth is dry. I will not give in. My psych dr wrote a letter for me to give to a dr suggesting I be put on some very light and long acting benzo to be taken when needed. But cause I'm a junkie NO dr will write the script. So all I have is the chlonidine. I've wasted so much of my life snorting dope. Now I'm in bondage to a pharmasist with methadone. I cry and yearn for freedom. My very being is begging my mind to break this addiction and re claim my life. But I feel so alone in this battle. Like inam the only one who battles these thoughts and feelings and demons. If anybody else out there feels alone or needs encouragement I'd love anybody else's tips or words of wisdom as well. Never stop fighting. Never quit. Knuckleup!

***Please do not post personal contact information. thank you, the moderators***

Posted by: bubbles March 24, 2015, 6:08 PM
guys ive been on methadone for over 15yrs.for chronic dr just died and i was stuck untill my primary care wrote it untill we get new pain dr.ive been taking 80 to 120mg a day.but i feel trapped and would like to quit but i really dont think i can make it through it.i have so much pain from failed back surgeries and amputation of some toes and the remaining are broke and dislocated beyond repair except more amputation.i was hoping to discuss with my new dr about a pain pump where i dont have to take pills anylonger.i do need something for pain it is that bad but comming off methadone is scary.its the only reason im able to still work.any suggestions please.thanks

Posted by: Granny2 3 March 24, 2015, 11:27 PM
for anyone looking to detox from methadone,

If you take the time to go through the many, many posts here written by people just like us, you will find, I think, that the best and safest way to detox from methadone is to #1. have a plan, #2, talk to your doctor to formulate that plan, and #3, do a VERY SLOW detox. I know of people who have done it and it will take time. Lots of it. But if you want to have a real chance at success then do it slowly over a long period of time, a little at a time and before you know it you'll be done.

Make sure to eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, STAY HYDRATED, take the proper vitamins and/or supplements recommended by your doctor and stay motivated. I'm sure you'll have good days and bad days but keep in mind your ultimate goal. The worse case scenario? You stay on methadone.

good luck!


Posted by: bigTmann March 25, 2015, 11:35 AM
Hello everyone, so since the last time a posted this is where I'm at;
Last week my doc lowered my drink to 75ml (in tang dilute) when I told him I want off ASAP. He said nowAy hose A! He pretty much grouped in with all the other failures I see at the clinic daily. And that pissed m off. I'm not like them. And it hurt that this dr saw me in that light.
Now I don't need anyone coming on here and telling me my doc is just looking out for me and knows what's best. I don't need that. All I need is the kindest of encouragement and ONLY positive support and feedback.
So this is it. The 75ml drinks my doc gave me, I didn't need them all. I only drank half my drinks all week. And with little to no difference felt at all (the week before at 90ml I also drank half's and disposed the rest at a pharmacy). So I have a weeks supply of the remainder half doses. My body is sore, but I joined the gym and I excerise hard cause I'm a big dude. So that's what I associate the body pain to. I tell myself to like the pain.over and over again."it means i am getting stronger" I tell myself that all my opponents in life have not had to fight this battle, so I am stronger then them. I walk long distances up and down hills in the beaches daily and sprint jog. I do everything I can to refrain from just sitting around watching tv.
I've been seein a phyciatrists and it's helped. He says I have anxiety issues and to help he suggest a mild benzo. As well as Librium because it very long acting and will aid me in the battle to detox. I have seen every doctor in this city and no one will except the phyciatrists suggestion and wrote the prescription. However I did get a bottle of chlonidine. Now a friend of mine went through similar situation and was able to get himself a supply of Ativan. It helped I'm tremendously through his rapid detox. He had a handful left over so he has offerd it to me because there ain't a doc in the world that gives a s*** and wants to help me.
So I have a weeks supply of half (half of 75ml) drinks
30 Ativan 1mg
45 chlonidine .1mg
Robaxacet extra strength
Gatorade!! (Cause water sucks! It really really sucks! Or as my alcoholic father says " I drink beer, not water! Fish f@&! In water!")
I know everyone says "taper slowly" but that's not always best. And it's not always necessary. When I was in jail I saw numerous, numerous successful detoxes. Sometimes the best way is to lock yourself up and just get it over with. Slow taper is a way of "tricking" yourself into slowly taking it away until you don't notice it's gone. I'd rather be honest with myself and put in the hard work so that in the end, I can raise my head high and be a proud man again.
I'll be back in a couple days. And I'll be better. Don't ever let anyone tell you you are not strong enough to do something on your own. It will be the biggest lie you ever believe. People do amazing things everyday. Miracles happen.

Posted by: bigTmann March 25, 2015, 12:02 PM
Oh one more thing to add. MARIJUANA!! As much as possible!! Now research before purchasing weed. If you have anxiety issues, stay away from any sativa strains!!! They will elevate your heart rate, it produces a lot of euphoria with high amounts of THC but added anxiety. For opiate/methadone detox you MUST search for INDICA strains with very low to no THC content and very high CBD content. CBD and CBN have been medically proven to be a muscle relaxant, anti convulsive, and high levels of pain relief. CBN specifically will heavily induce sleep. This needs to be paid more attention too methadone dr's!!!! High doses of CBD and CBN act on your receptors the very same way opiates do!! And they actually help repair damaged receptors. CBD can replace opiates all together. But Dr's just want to be drug dealers and sell for pharmaceutical companies instead. Remeber stay away from sativa strains and THC. Stick with Indicas and CBD.
For those of you that don't know THC, CBD and CBN (among many others) are the main components or Cannabidoils found in marijuana. THC produces the "high" euphoric feeling. While CBD is a pain reliever and muscle relaxer. CBN induces sleep and will make you very hungry when you wake up.

Posted by: Papa Bear March 25, 2015, 12:07 PM
Or you could just go to NA/AA like millions of us do.

I wish you the best.

Bob R

Posted by: bigTman March 27, 2015, 7:47 AM
Ya thanks bud, there might be millions of people in na or aa but there millions more that don't need to listen to sad sack stories from other pitty party people who are never gunna quit the cycle. And aa/na is part of the cycle, sitting around week after week talking about using, crying, sharing and them praying to a mythical man that NO ONE ON the FACE of the earth has ever met.
I tried na geuss what happens to me? I gt made fun of and laughed at and told to come back when I'm 50 and all my kids have left?? Are you serious!?!? That higher power your groups believe in IS ALEADY in you. In order to get sober you have to use that inner strength and power yourself!! Not give into telling stories so that everyone around you says "oh you poor man thanks for sharing" then you momentarily feel good cause you think someone noticed you. So now your basing your so sobriety on the fact that "someone finally noticed my pain" not that you finally noticed and decided to mark action, but because someone else pushed you to. When you are hooked on opiate, na WILl not get you sober. Only you will get you sober. Don't be week and rely on others laments . The strength is in YOU!!! Not in a group in some house or church, not in some hospital bed. The strength is in YOU. Everyman is created equally. If I can do with out Dr or the stupidist thing in the work "'methadone taper" ( we all know they don't taper, they make 1-25$ everytime we drink...sounds like drug dealers that got you hooked) they don't want to help you. They want your money, making it easier to work at a job so that you can pay taxes.
DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES YOU ATE TELLING YOURSELF IN YOUR HEAD..."I'm too addicted" "no on can help me" "I'm the only one" "it will never stop" "just a little bit more"
Spit on those words and hold you hand high.
I haven't had a dose in 4 days. I'm still waiting for these so called with drawls. I think I beat them like manny's gunna beat mayweather on May 9
Xt robaxacet + 2mg ativan + magnesium and potasium vits + Gatorade (because the electrolytes in Gatorade will make you body consume the magnesium and potassium therefore cutting out restless legs, tight twisting muscle, and lower back magnesium helps sleep.

Posted by: Granny2 3 March 28, 2015, 10:07 PM

Wow aren't you just a big bundle of huff and puff. AA and NA have been working at keeping alcoholics and addicts clean and sober longer than you've been on the planet I'll wager, but if that is what helps folks get and stay clean and sober then it is what it is and I'll bet they thank their lucky stars AA or NA was there for them when maybe no one else was.

Not everything works the same for everyone so each person has to find what works for them and what makes them happy and able to stay on a good path. I'm sorry you don't like AA or NA, that's OK, and hopefully you found whatever it is that will help you get and stay clean and sober.

My mom, who drank for many, many years went through one, 28 day program. (after blacking out and crossing across 4 lanes of traffic un hit and unhurt) She survived 2 different types of cancer, breast and colon. She stayed sober and happy for 13 years before dying from another unrelated illness. We were so proud of her. She's been gone 22 years now and we still talk about her courage and determination. Until she died she thanked AA for finally helping her to quit drinking .


Posted by: bella April 3, 2015, 12:38 PM
Hi Traci, apologies for late reply, if you still need your question answered, I hope this finds you. I to struggle with the whole God stuff & believe I suffered with addiction due to past traumas, I think when you are stuck deep within your addiction it's impossible to believe some mighty power will pull you from it & I personally think this is ok.
What worked for me was a 5 month stay in a residential rehab facility based around re-learning who I was, what mattered to me & therapy. Its the internal stuff that needed to be fixed than you can work on the external things.
11 months clean, my life feels far from ' Normal' but, I manage & things will get easier. Hope this helps.

Posted by: bigTmann April 8, 2015, 7:57 PM
I geuss some of you didn't like what I said about aa/na . I'm glad you people find help there. I didn't I was laughed at and treated like I was just a kid getting high. When I opend up and shared I was told "we've wiped more dope of a mirror than you've ever put up your nose." So ya F NA. Sorry if ya'll don't like but it was a horrible thing. Led to a suicide attempt and finally into such depth of addiction that I had to turn to that poison called methadone and that Dr that didn't give crap about my needs. "Oh your depressed? I'll ip your dose." "Oh your having the sweats? I'll up your dose." He started me at 40ml and by the next month it was all the way to 125ml. Methadone destroyed my body worse than any other drug I ever jammed snorted or ate. I was a Lithographic Printing press operator. And I was one of the youngest guys in my city to ever make it to that job. But how do you work 12hr night shifts 6 days a week and have to stay up all day on Wednesday and Saturday cause the doc wants my urine sample, then sit there for hours sometimes waiting for your turn to just wave at the doc see he can see your face. Then sit around and wait for your carries. Methadone clinics should push detox facilities not more dope.
When I got downs to 75ml cause he would only drop me 5ml's a month.
That dr told me no one can just stop taking methadone. It's impossible and if you do, you WILL fail. That's a dr talking to me. I quit cold turkey. No benzo's. No tranq's. Nothing but Epsom salt soaks. Look at my earlier posts. I did it. I'm jogging, weight training, boxing and my wife is very pleased as well. ;)
I understand everyone has their own story, their own pain and reasons for addiction. It's very unfortunate. I can say this because I'm stronger than I was on dope, but; I was sexual abused as a child, and beaten for trying to resist. Kicked to the curb at 15. I messed up and ended up in jail, mouthed off waiting for my methadone dose, and was tied to a bunk bed by my arm with bed sheets and kicked and beaten and stabbed.
I had reasons for my drug addiction. I had no hope no nothing. Methadone told me I would be able to be a normal person and be able to function and think more clearer. It's all lies. 100%. The only way is detoxing yourself. Please don't go on methadone. If you do be very careful to not let your dr up your dose like mine did. Kickin the done is Hard. 100% harder than the oxy and H (my 5yr struggle) BUT it's possible. I did it. Today was my first time going back to that methadone clinic to show the dr how wrong he was. He wouldn't even see me. Like he was mad that he lost a customer. Don't kid yourself, they are drug dealers. And they are pushing the worst drug on the face of the planet.
"This too shall pass" is all I kept telling myself. Endure the pain, the withdrWls and in the end, you will be stronger than EVER before.
I'm sorry for offending ppl but sometimes you just gota do what you gota do. Methadone is poison. 2 yr on that s***e. Finally I have a future. Because I quit believing the lie that methadone is.

Posted by: pastcutter33 April 9, 2015, 11:03 AM

Don't apologize!
Your entitled to how you feel. I was going to go to NA meetings but my b/f says he's been to bad ones himself (junkies nodding off, ppl who keep bringing up god,lots of comparing war stories like ppl are proud to be junkies, etc) so I am going to try SMART recovery groups soon. (I'm on day 10 of MY detox.)

Good job on proving the methadone doctor wrong as well.

We need to show the clinics it CAN BE DONE (especially by NOT relapsing and going back!!! HELL NO!!!!)😈😈😈

Take care.

Posted by: Bmxbad April 15, 2015, 10:09 AM
Just started my fast reduction as was sick of slow reduction councillor tried to keep me on(don't know why). I got to 28 ml from 100 ml over 8 years now I've been dropping 1ml day and I'm at 13ml. Only had mild chills and restless legs so far so I'm gonna keep going then use street diazepam on last ml( have to use street ones as my uk doc won't prescribe bummer and not good help at all! Oh well good luck everyone, gonna keep coming here seems like better support to NHS!

Posted by: burrhead24 April 18, 2015, 9:30 PM
I live in a small town in Eastern KY. Around the the early 2000's Oxycotin became a huge drug around here. Here they are no heroin, cocaine, and things like that. Here it's prescription pills. My dad got sick in the early 2000's and his VA (Veteran's Affairs) doctor prescribed him Oxycotin 80's. My dad got to the point were he needed around the clock care. They gave him 120 OC 80's and 240 Percocet 5's a month. Way too much medication. One day I got hurt at work and took one of his perc's and the next thing I know I'm doing Oxycotin 80's. I would use them for the buzz but mainly the energy to stay up at night with him while my mom got some rest. I wanted to come off them but I was hooked. When he passed away in 2010 that hurt me, Just 1 OC 80 would cost u $120 on the street. I couldn't afford it but could afford $10 Methadone. I was told that will bring you off the Oxy. It did get me through the Oxy but now for the past 4 years I been trying to get off Methadone. On the street here one will cost you $16. I can't afford that everyday just to keep away the major detox. I get diarrhea, muscle aches and pain, I have no energy at all, and the worst part is not being able to sleep from the tossing and turning. Its' been 7 days and it doesn't get better. We don't have any methadone clinics here but a hour away is Suboxone clinics. I've tried it and it didn't seem to help that much. I just wish they were a way to beat it before it beats me.

Posted by: Granny2 3 April 20, 2015, 7:19 PM

It amazes me that there seem to be so many horrible methadone clinics out there. I guess I am lucky in that the times I needed one I found support from the entire staff from the front office people to the counselors to the doctors, and..... if there was an employee, and I remember a couple, who caused unnecessary problems for the patients they usually weren't there the next time I came to dose.

Because I work so closely with the patients at our clinic I found that when problems continually did arise for a patient it is usually the patient who ultimately creates them. I don't know how many times I have gone to bat for a patient, at THEIR request, only to find out they conveniently left out major parts of the problem in the story.
For instance, one patient told me she had asked for take homes many times and the staff told her that she "would never, ever, in a million years qualify to get take homes." She had a fulltime job, kids and had a year plus at the clinic. So, I asked her if she'd like me to speak to the manager on her behalf and she was like "OK great!"
I make an appt and I go to the manager to plead her case (I am a clinic patient and a member of their advisory/advocate group) and I as soon as I say her name the manager says, " is about her not getting take homes?" And I say, yes, but why not, she's working, blah, blah, blah, and why can't she start the process? The manager looks at me and says, "did she tell you she hasn't had a clean U/A since she started the clinic?" Wow was my face red!! Its no wonder she couldn't get take homes!

But do you see my point?

Posted by: Alisa May 13, 2015, 1:27 PM
My name is Alisa I have been on methadone for five years for to my situation my clinic did not want me to come down. I was on 220 mg for over 3 of them I started taking myself down with my take homes I got 6 a week I stopped going to the clinic 6 weeks ago and am down to the last 10 mg a day I bought elimidrol but it is too gross to drink. These last 10 mg seem harder then getting down to 10 mg

Posted by: sara June 3, 2015, 8:52 AM
Here's my story. I was addicted to oxys then heroine for about 3years. 3 years ago July 20 is the last time I've used anything besides methadone. I've tried getting clean many times with rehab but nothing ever worked for me besides methadone. The day I started methadone was the last day I ever used. I only allowed myself to be on 50mg because I knew the more I was on the longer it would take to get off. I started tapering at 2mg per week until about 26mg then 1MG a week until about 12mg now I am currently doing 1mg everyother week. I'm on 5mg an debating if I should go all the way to 0 like this or call it quits
? I feel ok for the most parts but I have noticed a big decrease in my energy level an sometimes with I had the boost I use to but I know this to shall pass? Does anyone take nutridone an does this seem to help? Also I dont smoke week or take any other prescribed medications. I am very thankful for methadone I live an amazing life now Without it I don't know if I'd be alive today! I believe methadone works if you want it to, an do what ur suppose to do! I am so very thankful today! Good luck to anyone reading you can do it!

Posted by: Granny2 3 June 8, 2015, 5:05 PM
Losing the energy seems to be a big deterrent for stopping methadone and lots of people have talked about that aspect of it. From what I know it takes a long time to get yourself back to normal.
Congrats on not using! I am glad you found methadone helped you get where you want to be .Life can be great after addiction. Following clinic rules is the only way to get there. CONGRATS!

Posted by: Meth head June 9, 2015, 9:31 PM
Iv been on methadone for 21 years now im down to 162 mil im really proud of myself as i was on 200 before im NEVER coming off though .... 50 mil is enough to keep me glowing

Posted by: almosthome June 9, 2015, 11:05 PM
Hey bigTman, I'm a big believer in whatever works is the right thing to do. An yep what works for one won't work for another. I'm the same I can't taper and got so sick of arguing at the clinic whenever I wanted to reduce. And you should seen how hard they fought me when I said I was gonna just white knuckle it cold turkey. We ended up having to agree to disagree. I did compromise though and dropped 10ml a day from 90 to 30 then jumped and in 10 days I was sorted. I'm not going to say I would run to do it again but it wasn't anywhere near as hard as thought it would be. I stayed off for a year and ended up back on it and here I am. I'm 9 days after jumping off 140 cold with no taper. It's tougher than last time but I'm nearly home (almost) If surrendering to your addiction and giving up control helps you beat it then hell yeah go for it, but I personally would have quit before I started if I didn't keep saying to myself that I'm gonna smash this and I'm stronger than any pain or weakness or sweating or anything else. IM DRIVING THE CAR! don't get me wrong there have been times over the last 10 days when I have been desperate and begging for mercy but nothing that comes remotely close to making me go back to the doc With my tail between my legs. I have to know that I'm running the show. It's good to read your struggles and be able to relate. good luck man and yeah bummer about the pac man I so wanted him to beat mayweathers a**

Posted by: almosthome June 9, 2015, 11:18 PM
Oh and I reckon for a lot of people tapering helps make you believe mentally that you can do it. Like its gonna be much easier to jump of a low dose than higher one. I can do it. one reason tapering slowly never worked for me was that it just dragged on and I don't want to be feeling withdrawals, even mild ones for that period of time. If I'm gonna take it, I'm gonna take enough to feel good but if I'm going to stop I'm not gonna suffer for a year, I'm gonna make it as short as possible. I mean, Im strong but I can only take these feelings for so long before I start to question whether it's really worth it, and once I start thinking like that, it's over

Posted by: jim June 21, 2015, 9:33 AM
i have been on methadone for 13 yrs... the reason i am getting off is because i simply cant afford it insurance doesnt cover it.... i have weined myself down about as far as i can go and am now going through the hell... have some stashed away but very hard for me to get past day 3 because of the physical nature of my job etc... i dont even know how i am still working in this condition.... the absolute worst thinng for me is the restless legs when im trying to sleap... any suggestions for that? should i go to doctor and ask for zanex or something to help me through?

Posted by: almosthome June 21, 2015, 9:42 AM
I didn't have to work through my cold turkey but desperately needed sleep after awhile. I'm no expert but a lot of detox places apparently give people benzodiazepines to help with sleep. And I ended up getting a couple of days worth just to get some rest. I didn't sleep for long but a damn sight better than nothing. I took two instead of one and still only got 3hrs in. The only thing I was worried about was becoming hooked on them instead. But my opinion is that you need to sleep, so yeah, I reckon talk to your doctor.

Posted by: jake July 1, 2015, 4:05 PM
I'm on day 3w of no methadone 3_4 years of the ten milligram pills maybe two to four a day. Its a chore keeping hydrated and to eat. Tomorrow I return to work. Its helps alot reading these stories thax abunch

Posted by: Guest July 12, 2015, 10:52 AM
Good day people, my name is Cory and the first time I ever did any drug was with my mom at 12 years old. It was a speed ball in a rig with coke and heroin. I've detoxes so much in my life it's almost normal. I am 32 years old today with a wife 3 step kids, and my wife and I share a daughter witch would make four. We have been together for over 10 years.
I've always held a full time job since I met my wife but this time is different it's been since October 16 2013 since I have used any kind of hard drug!! But I went directly in to an out patient methadone clinic got all the way up to 105 and now I walked away I dropped 5 milagrams every 5-7 days and now I'm at around 5 and yes it was hard but I'm wondering when I stop altogether how hard it's going to be I've always maid myself well in the past. Obviously that's not an option this time to keep my clean date any body know what it's like to drop that fast and still work

Posted by: Mojo1 July 12, 2015, 5:46 PM
Dear guest I myself am on 5 mg per day and I tapered pretty fast. I depend on God for everything but also talking to people on this site helps. I would say get into an excersize routine and that should help as well.

Posted by: Fifteenyears July 18, 2015, 8:50 PM
Honestly, the longer you stay on an opiate replacement, the better.
The first time I came off, was after 3-4 yrs. Within weeks, relapsed. Second time, same thing. Each time, tapering was done, but aches and restlessness persisted for 2-3 weeks later.

I'd begun abusing medications for pain as a result of spine damage. Several years ago, I switched back to ocycontin. Then back to methadone.

I've begun coming down again, from 90-20 over 6 months. I'm hoping a low dose will work for pain, and wish you the best of luck. If you slip, look at it positively. Smokers often need several attempts to finally kick the habit. Also, positive lifestyle changes increase success rate.

Posted by: Granny2 3 July 23, 2015, 5:08 PM
After struggling with addiction the way you have you will find that each time you clean up and then relapse again it gets harder and harder each time to stay clean without help. If methadone has been successful in keeping you free from opiates then consider staying on it. Read "your brain on opiates" which you will find on this site. It may answer questions on how your brain works with and without opiates.

good luck!


Posted by: funkyjunky August 3, 2015, 1:19 PM
It is really encouraging reading everyone's posts. I have a few questions concerning my methadone program I was hoping I could get help with from people who have gone before me. I am 26, I have been a severe IV herion & meth addict since I was 19. rehab half dozen times, detox...retox..halfway houses...overdosed 4 times...the whole 9.. I have been on my methadone program for almost 8 months now... and am stabilized at 90mg. This is the longest I've ever been clean and I feel great. I really feel like I've put the hell of addiction behind me and can honestly say the last 8 months have been a breeze with methadone..It truly has been a miracle drug for me. I couldn't put together 48 hours before. I'm not in any 12 step programs this time and don't want to be. I've been in and out of NA/AA for 7 years and it could never stay clean. ( not knocking it, I know it works for a lot but I believe there is other solutions). I have supportive family, a relationship with my God, and a good career, ( so I have some what of a foundation aside from the methadone) I've started to think about tapering around a year. ( i would like to hit my 1 year sober/clean date before i start) but I am very nervous. First of all, I don't want to get off to early and go back to using...I am so afraid once I get off I will get high again., secondly, Im afraid of the detox and lastly, I'm doing so well why get off early and risk going back to old behaviors? My questions are;

1) I've been on methadone this long (8 months) Im afraid the longer I'm on the more severe the detox will be. What are your opinions on the amount of time your on meth making it harder to get off. I feel like my body's already been on it long enough now is there a big difference from being on a year vs. 2 years??
2) I've read a lot of people being prescribed xanax, ativan, etc, I would love to take some of this when I begin my detox, but at my clinic we aren't allowed to be on benzos with methadone. How were you all able to do this and be in compliance with the program?
3) I'm nervous about taking any benzos although I know they would really help if taken properly because I've abused those in the past too.
4) Whats everyones opinion on how long to stay on methadone? Like I said I think I would like to start my taper at my year anniversary. How slow should I detox?
5) I am so afraid I will start to or want to use once I get off methadone...What is your exp with cravings, desire, feelings of getting high, etc once off methadone?...esp for those of you who are off and not in a 12 step program...
6) what other tips and help would anyone recommend...( I don't smoke weed, so thats not an option) I get paranoid as f.
7) One more question...I have put on like 40 lbs since starting my program...I have such a sweet tooth and taste for like pizza and other unhealthy foods...most things I've read are of decreased appetite...have anyone of you also experienced this influx of weight and sweet tooth??

Thanks for taking the time to help me...any help would be much appreciated!

-Funky Junkie from Phoenix.

Posted by: marykat80 August 4, 2015, 1:21 PM
Hi, so yes I do think the longer your on the harder to come off for sure, and yeah I think one year makes a difference, though that said if it will keep you from using, that's most important right? I'm trying to remember your questions so bear with me. Ok, as far as tapering do what's most comfortable for you. I know you said your not a weed smoker, neither was I, made me paranoid as well. First time I tried to taper it did help, did not get paranoid, helped me eat..though I didn't get off methadone only down some. When I quit for good, I jumped rapidly and I think weed made the psychological part worse. As far as benzodiazepines I was prescribed klonopin for 3 or 4 years while I was on methadone. I was not prescribed methadone. When I quit I came clean with my doctor and he prescribed me ativan, as I was dependent on klonopin and did not help. Be careful with that and honestly would recommend only taking once your completely off methadone. And for the main duration of withdrawal. I am not involved in aa/na. You will need some sort of support, doing alone is empowering but at same near impossible. You asked about cravings. I personally have no desire. Though for a long time off methadone I did have desire to feel 'normal' which of course could lead to relapse, I somehow fought off those feelings like the plague. But to me that was was the biggest..not totally be high/loaded but to just feel right in the head. Anyway sounds like you have a plan that's good...oh yeah, you asked about eating..yeah my whole taste buds did a 180...even switched cigarettes I smoke. Rarely desire sugar, and have had sweet tooth since child.

Posted by: Granny2 3 August 8, 2015, 6:32 PM
You sound like you are doing everything right. Methadone can be a great way to get yourself, your head and your life back together.
The main thing I have found from being an advocate, being involved with my clinic as a patient advocate, chairing meetings at my clinic for those in the clinic and writing a monthly newsletter for the patients in my clinic is:
If you've REALLY had enough of your addiction and you REALLY want to make changes in your life, then the first thing you do is you get to a dose that holds you, meaning where you aren't craving and wanting to get high all the time. 2nd, you be honest with yourself, your family, your counselor at your clinic in that you are NOT using & you are doing everything the way you should be. Meaning following clinic rules, testing clean etc.

3rd, You have steady employment, hopefully and you don't have any pending court where you could go to jail and blow all your hard work.
4th, your relationship with your family, or wife, fiancé or kids is good and you are not being pressured by ANY of them to "get off this stuff" or "you are only trading one addiction for another", as that's a sure fire way to give you conflicting thoughts about your treatment.
I find that when those things are in place and YOU are feeling good in your life and your choices then you can start thinking about tapering.
There is no set time for those who are on methadone...everyone's story is basically the same, only some of the circumstances are different. For me, I've been on it going on 22 years, but that is me and I'm good with that. It saved my life and methadone is why I'm where I am today. I got a job, and after a few years I bought a house and a few years later I retired. I go to my clinic twice a month to pick up my bottles and I live a full life. I go on vacations, cruises, care for my grandkids, garden and just about anything else I want to do. To get here, I just followed the clinic rules and stayed clean. (It makes me really angry to hear people say they are a slave to the clinic and that they cant do anything or go anywhere.)
The clinic didn't come looking for them, THEY came to the clinic looking for help with their opiate addiction and when they are asked to follow the rules it's everyone else's fault if they fail. It's laughable.

As far as detoxing, DO IT SLOWLY to be safe....maybe 2 pts a week or 5pts a month. Talk to the clinic doctor too. Ask your counselor to show you how the breakdown will affect you. You won't even feel the drops for a while but As you get lower you may. If, at any time you want to stop so your body can catch up, do it. What's the rush??. It may take a year, but that's OK...more time to work on things other than your detox, like LIFE.
Lots of folks have done it and so can you. You addiction wasn't 20-30 years like some, so you have a great chance of living your life free of addiction, BUT don't EVER underestimate your addictive brain. Get support outside your clinic at NA or AA. They are always good for support.

Good luck, you have a great shot at this if you do it right.


Posted by: Mojo1 August 11, 2015, 5:19 PM
People need to listen to Granny do it slowly but it can be done I am going on 48 hrs with no methadone and I felt it at 24 hrs but it has gotten a little better every hour. And because I have Jesus Christ with me and I believe He sent Granny to give people advice.

Posted by: play4thepain August 13, 2015, 8:53 PM
ok let me first say i was in a motorcycle crash when i was 20 years old, by the time i was 22 i had sever back pain and was making me throw up terrible from the pain. I was prescribed norco's 500mg 4 times a day, and kept going up until i was at 4000mg 4 times a day, so i went on methadone because they said it be better and easier to get off it i wanted. so i stayed on that 10 years and finally 2 weeks ago i stopped for 3 days and went on the suboxone for 2 weeks and stopped. I am on my 3rd day off of everything and i feel like my mind is all over the damn place and it takes all my energy to do anything. I know methadone withdrawals can last 14 day to 21 days, but i am pretty sure i am not going threw methadone withdraws anymore but i am going threw the suboxone withdraws. am do feel better than i did this morning but my mind is so loopy and it very hard to think positive. I just cant stand being on anything anymore, and i want my normal life back so much and i think that is what is keeping me going, that and i found out my wife is pregnant. I did my own detox off methadone on to suboxone. I was trying to get off methadone for about 2 years now and i went down from 100 to 50 in about 6 months and took a pause for about 3 months. then i went down again to 17mg about, I had the wafers and my take home so i saved up and stopped going to my dr because i get no where with them when i wanted to come down. so I stopped taking my methadone for 3 days and took two 1000mg norcos on my 3rd day so i could sleep a little, and then the next morning i took 2mg of suboxone and then 2mg about an hour later and then 2mg about an hour later, i went by the cows sheet and the proper procedure of prescribing suboxone at first. then the next day i did the same amount, and then i did 2mg at 6am and then another 2mg at 3pm and did that for about 10 days. then the last two days i only did 2mgs and then i went off it completely. I took a xanax to sleep but only last a couple hours if i am lucky, so my question is anyone know if i became fully addicted to the suboxone and if so how long does it last? to be honest i felt terrible this morning but now feel a little better except my legs and the sweating. Also i am having trouble with my thoughts, i cant remember anything and it seems very confusing at time.

Posted by: marykat80 August 14, 2015, 2:38 AM
Well regardless if you became fully addicted/dependent on suboxone, you were on methadone s*** it's gonna be w/d either way. I have no experience with suboxone, was on methadone. All I can say is the confusion/memory is COMPLETELY normal, mainly short term. Someone would ask me a simple question and I probably looked completely dazed, feeling they gave me an hour long interview! It will go away though. You said only 2 or 3 days right? even with the xanex you got a bit of sleep, which is good sign, cause a lot of people don't. I was lucky in that I always got a bit..though I know sure as hell doesn't feel like it! Try not to drag yourself down, hard not too, but there's no easy way out you know..BUT there is a way out...keep doing it man!

Posted by: play4thepain August 14, 2015, 8:02 AM
yes the only trouble i am having really is my sweats and being very confused a lot, like i am trying to find my hat, and i cant find it and my brain is all scrambled so i give up. i have to get 3 teeth pulled today. i went to bed last night at 10 and woke up at 5am tossing and turning. so I got up at 6. My eyes are not dilated and go small in the light and big in dark like they should so i know i am not that bad now. I know i need to exercise but it so dang hard and i have not really eating anything in 2 days because i am just not hungry. I smoked some medical marijuana but really doesn't help besides the anxiety. I am not as depressed anymore so i am hoping mybe this might be the begging of me feeling better but i have heard this could last another week. I also know my body has not had to produce endorphins in 15 years so my body is kinda confused about that i imagine. also my mood is very bad at times, i get angry over stupid s***, i went to walmart this morning and got a little pissed. i just really need some support. thanks

Posted by: marykat80 August 14, 2015, 12:22 PM
Play4pain- one thing I've learned....don't listen to what you've heard! (Far as duration of w/d) since everyone's different. And yeah the losing things is frustrating..can't tell your how many times I had my roommate call my cell phone when it was in my pocket or right next to me. And yeah getting pissed off like you said at little things that seem little huge things..sure I embarrassed myself in stores etc without giving a thought at time. Loss appetite I know is horrible, my only suggestion is try warm food... (least for me what worked) far as exercise I just started with walking......hang in there!

Posted by: boris August 16, 2015, 4:44 PM
HI Im crying for help.This is my story,I been on methadone for good 5years now,and I hate it to bits.My everyday life depends on this stuff.Im working as selfemployed.I have lost so many contacts and messed around so many people because of methadone simply because if I dont go to pharmacy in morning to drink it Im f@d,cant do anythink ,cant work out of town,cant drive on 80ml the DVLA just too my licence off saying its too dangerous which I get.Everythink evolves around methadone and to be honest the clinic is not making it easyier aswell.I have been clean for 6months taking just methadone.I hope to start reducing slowly now maybe 5-10ml a month.But that is also a longtime reducing and god know what anything can happend in 5 6 months and I want to get off this now.Is there anything out there that can get me f methadone quicker???Please I cant take it any longer it makes me sick goin to pharmacy everytime having to drink it people looking at you like you some kind of crap or something.The only thing that keeps me going is,Ive been to clinic one day talking to the doctor.I told her that getting on heroin was my biggest mistake in life and she reply:NOT stoping wil be your second biggest mistake and I really dont want to do that.I want to get off this stuff asap.

Posted by: Mojo1 August 16, 2015, 5:29 PM
Getting off methadone is a hard thing to do I am now 6 days off but I tapered my highest dose was 60mg and I haven't taken that much in a while. But I understand this crap just takes over your life.

Posted by: kieferkeepers August 20, 2015, 9:43 PM
I have been on methadone for 18 years but my clinic kicked me off for not letting them talk to my main Dr because they were going to tell my Dr to cut all my other pain meds off. I have a very bad hip & knee. they droped me 10 mg a week then kicked me off at 15 mg. thankfully I had saved some of my carry outs and bought 100 mg from a friend. Im try to detox myself . I have helped others to detox at 1 mg a week . hopefully I can do the same to me

Posted by: JayceY August 25, 2015, 10:41 PM
I'm not sure if it's encouraging or not reading the posts on this site. there's so much stuggle and desperation. On the other hand, seeing someone with the same symptoms say that they're doing well a few weeks sober is giving me hope. I only got into opiates a year ago. Hydros/dilaudid. Started out just as an escape from my breakup and loneliness. 12-24mg a day, first shot would immediately shut life out. within just a few months i was already doing 200 mg a day which costs over 400 dollars in my area... obviously not something i could maintain. I tried quitting cold turkey. I made it 24 hours and i just remember being so restless i was throwing myself around in my bed. then i went for a drive to find more. it was taking forever and i was yelling and beating my head off the window and slamming the stearing wheel. 80% of the drive my partner had to stear the car because i wasn't capable and he couldn't drive because he didnt have a license incase we got pulled over. I couldn't handle it. I tried weining myself down. didn't work. I went to the methadone clinic.
methadone immediately gave me energy to get out of bed and want to be out and do things. (vs staying in bed all day high/nodding off/sleeping) i went up to 50mg. the mornings i still felt extremely anxious and resltess and i hated myself. so i started with doing 1 shot of 12mg hydro each morning before the pharacy opened to relieve the anxiety and be "ok" enough to wait.
i started thinking it was ridiculous being on methadone and taking hydros at the same time. so i decided to quit methadone and just do the hydros. well after quitting methadone 12mg just didnt cut it. i got back up to doing 10 12s a day and it was HARD to find MONEY to afford it. i was barely getting by (i was also buying for two, a friend lived with me going through the same thing.. and he guilted me into supplying him.. he knew i had them and would literally cry at me)
money became the main reason i went back on methadone. now, im on 50, im still doing hydros each morning to take away the anxiety.. and all i want is to detox.
The clinic rules doesnt really give us a chance to try n quit. if we miss our dose--we're cut off completely. So there's no "backup" plan incase it's just not the time. So i need to make sure im good and ready.. cuz i only have one shot.
if i can get through a month of hell... it'll be sooo worth it to have everyday AFTER that sober and not relying on something. I feel trapped on methadone. very trapped. i hate it. it makes me angry being on it. I just want to be SOBBBERRR.

Posted by: Trodaire August 30, 2015, 1:25 PM
I'm 30 years of age and I've been on Methadone for nearly 8 years. Initially I got on Methadone because I didn't want to violate probation by using heroin. Prior to beginning MAT I had always looked down on those who were taking the "easy way out" by getting in line at the clinic.

My attempt at sobriety the first and second times were pitiful, but I learned. This was when I started observing the ways addiction manifests in my life. I successfully completed a 90 day inpatient treatment center October 2006. I never thought I'd use again. Just one year later, I found my self addicted to heroin again. This time my life was different. I had my own apartment, taking classes, and on felony probation for Robbery, and 4 thefts. So I looked into MAT.

Those were dark days leading up to the start of Methadone Treatment. My girlfriend, at the time, drove me 45 min to the clinic only to find that the doctor was on vacation. So it was another week of street activity. Finally I got in, and got my dose up to the the level that satisfied. 120 mg after 6 months and stayed there for years.

After starting Methadone Assisted Treatment, I've not been in trouble with the law one time. I stabilized my relationships and held a job. The jobs got better and better. I eventually transferred clinics, which took some adjusting.

For nearly two years I have been tapering my dose. 120 - 100, 100 - 80, 80-25, 25-30, 30-3
Each time I stopped to stabilize at that dose for atleast a couple months. Tomorrow is my last day dosing and i'm feeling strange about it. It has been my security blanket for all these years, I was bullet proof. But I cant tell you how excited I am to get off. Just nervous as hell.

Methadone Treatment saved my life. I wanted it to work, the same way I want my next phase to work. Today, I have a great life. None of the colleagues I've worked with over the past 8 years would have ever suspected that I was on such a strong narcotic, let alone a HEROIN ADDICT. I just hope I can make it.

Posted by: longtimer September 4, 2015, 8:58 PM
I'm 64 yrs. old and have been methadone dependent for 30 yrs...almost half my life. I will tell you that I have been able to travel the world, work, stay married and essentially live a life like most middle classers have. Very few of the people in my life knew or know about my dependency. Yes, I was a heroin addict and had tried many times to change, put down, stop and all the other things that didn't work...until I went to a methadone clinic. It got me out of the lifestyle and away from the element I just didn't need. I can take credit for working the program right but I know without this medication I would've died or wound up in jail. I can go on and on but now that I am reaching the 2nd half of my life, I wonder how the heck it will play out with being addicted to methadone. I see all the clinics that state they can help no matter how long or how high a dose you're on but is any of that valid or is it all clinic hype looking for your money? Anyway, my advice to younger people is this...if you cannot stop heroin then I will say to you that methadone is a very good alternative but you do need more... change your surroundings if that will help and work some kind of program whether NA, AA or the Lord God above. Work with your methadone and I would say it is best to get off of it while you are strong in mind and body before it is too late. Hope this helps...God bless to all on this path.

Posted by: greg123 September 8, 2015, 3:04 PM
IM WITH YOU. I am currently 25 years old and was on 90 milligrams for over 2 years. this past year i have been at 50 milli and slowley tapered down. starting with a 5 milli decrease every 2 weeks, slowing around 20 milli to 2 and 3 milli every 2 weeks and ending with a 2 milli a week decrease. I gained tons of weight while on it also and during my detox i did alot of exercising and barely felt the symptoms while tapering until this week. I have been at 4 miili for 5 days and i honestly felt stupid going and dosing at that level bc it wasnt helping and i felt like i was prolonging the withdrawel process. So i am 30 hours in since my last dose and i havent experienced anything i cant handle yet. but the withdrawels are there. 2 years ago i quit cold turkey at ninety milli and i felt like i was dying and crawled back begging to dose after 13 horrible days. the reason i quit at such a high dose so suddenly is bc the clinic i went to had a policy that if u missed a day (e.g. you didnt have the money to go that day) the next time you go back you have to pay the day you dose plus everyday you missed. If you didnt have it too damn bad. which ive been told is illegal since then. ( not sure if its true). The difference in the severity of the withdrawels between stopping at ninety milli cold turkey and stopping at 4 milli after a slow detox is sufficiently less horible, and i know i will be ok this time. my mind set has changed so much in the past year and i am confident in my new found will power. There is so much i want to do for myself, my amazingly supportive fiance, and my family all of whom iv forced to suffer along with me. while methadone maintenance can be a blessing for some and maybe exactly what you need to lead a normal life it was a curse for me. either i was so high i dozed and did nothing all day or so low i didnt feel like doing anything all day. for three years ive been beaten down by this terrible drug. And became someone i never thought i could be. i have a new lease on life and i am ready to embrace it.

For anyone thinking about this as an alternative to the needle please take it and do it in a way that your not on it for long. raise your dose to a proper level then gradually decrease to nothing. my cousin (RIP craig dominick) was on the needle for 10 years. 1 month ago a week before his 30th birthday he was complaining about a pain in his hip. my grandmother called the ambulance even though he seemed fine besides that. he was immediately admitted to intensive care for a Mercer infection in his entire body including his brain. he was already septic and there was nothing they could do. he died under the age of thirty the day after he was admitted from an infection in his blood caused from re-using his needles. he went to the clinic only for a quick fix and didnt take the proper advantage of the program. i think ab him every single day and while it wasnt my reason for starting my detox it has motivated me to stick with it. i hope mine and my cousins story helps see you through till the end. stay strong everyone.

Posted by: Granny2 3 September 8, 2015, 7:12 PM
Tradaire and longtimer,
It is nice to hear once in a while how methadone helped make someone's lives better. I have been on it for many years as well, and I am in my early 60's too. It was a last ditch attempt for me and since the very first day I started on MAT I haven't used.
I live a full life with my kids, grandkids and my husband and I volunteer our time at our clinic each week helping those new to recovery from opiate addiction.

Congrats to you both!!


Posted by: Guest September 11, 2015, 7:27 AM
Ok, here goes; never done this before, but i believe i need help. I worked my addictive personality out w/ percocet, ( both oxy's), and methadone. I am on the methadone clinic, now and @ 71 mg. Was @ 130 at one time 1 & 1/2 yrs ago, down to 71 now. I WANT off this program, because i am ready to, ( wouldnt say it if i wasnt.) I know i will never do another pill/ drug period. I am having problems w/ the EVERY SINGLE DAY crap & trying to guest guest dosing to move, (47 & hubby is 62, right now we are camping), we want to go far to the end of Maine. Obviously i am holding that up. I know my mental state has been better for 3 yrs, and never better in my life; i AM AFRAID of all the SICKNESS talk & dont want to be sick for a month. I sat on my couch for 3 yrs depressed getting overweight, did NOT move off it; i do not want that again. But, i can not go w/o sleep or that dope sick feeling. And it is physical, cuz i didnt think i'd go thru it if i had no interest in using, but i miss a day & started that FAMILIAR feeling 36 hrs after last dose. Can somebody tell me what they think?

Posted by: Persephone September 11, 2015, 11:10 AM
Hi guest, it might be good to start your very own new thread for your questions, so it doesn't get lost.

First, I was on Methadone for 5 years. I was put on it for pain related to a cancer diagnosis, but also because I had addiction and they didn't want me on the short acting opiates like Oxycodone, for my pain. So, I was given an actual prescription. The Cancer diagnosis overrode the addiction diagnosis, they couldn't make me stand in a line. So I don't have the Methadone line experience. My daily dose was supposed to be 60 mgs/day, but I abused it. Taking up to 90 mgs on somedays and then backing down to 10 mgs/day, when I was getting low and was gonna run out early.

I was treated way differently as a cancer patient trying to get off of Methadone then I would've been as just an addict trying to get off of it. Unless you seek out an Addictionologist, you might not find a tremendous amount of support with regard to a monitored medical detox. Compassion tends to run hand in hand with insurance coverage and money... That's a terrible thing to say and an even worse thing to experience, but it's true. I got a Suboxone pusher to be willing to detox me off of Methadone using Morphine. I knew I wanted off of drugs, I didn't care that he was a pusher because I wasn't going to stay on it. The only thing I wanted his help with was not dying while in the process of detoxing off the Methadone. Methadone stays in the system a LONG time, it's different for each person depending on their metabolism. The doctor allowed me to stay on Morphine for the first 10 days, then tried switching me to Suboxone. I had gained a lot of weight on Methadone, so even at 10 days, the Methadone was still in my system. He then tried switching me to the Suboxone, it was too soon. I went into precipitated withdrawal. I went back on the Morphine for an additional 11days until my drug screen came up negative for Methadone, then switched to Suboxone. Don't stay on Suboxone, it's another trap... If you need it for a week or so, to help with initial cravings brought on by the Morphine, that's understandable. But, it's no cure.

I did not escape Methadone detox without some uncomfortabilty. The 3 days I kept trying to take the Suboxone while the Methadone was still in my system, were horrible. You will have some pain with it. But this was my experience of medically assisted detox at HOME. I don't know if you will find that out there. But one thing is for sure, if you go inpatient, wait until the withdrawal is so bad you just can't take it anymore. If you go inpatient too soon, you may spend precious days not in withdrawal yet and then time out ( a stay usually lasts 10 days ) and get discharged when the withdrawal is at it's worst. The hardest thing with Methadone is to try and figure out if what you're feeling is cravings or withdrawal. They are not the same. I'd crave about 3 days into it, but I wasn't in full blown withdrawal until right when I stopped the Morphine the first time. And you can be in withdrawal and still test positive for Methadone for a while after... Confusing stuff to navigate. Get professional help with it, then go to NA and take it one day at a time. You can do this!

Posted by: GrievingAngel September 17, 2015, 9:17 AM
Hi people from last year I'm currently trying to get off methadone it's hard I'm coming off from 40 but tappering down I'm in the stages of pins n needles fatigue restlessness psychological stuff ahhhh feeling it coming outta my bones I'm wondering if I should go back to 20 or just keep trying it is hard but not as hard as H that's for sure I hope to get through this for my healing journey... Creator please let this pass

Posted by: Mojo1 September 17, 2015, 10:42 AM
How fast are you coming down because I took it very slow and now I am at 38 days since my last dose and doing pretty good. Methadone give you an artificial energy that is great in one sense but not great for your body. I believe in exercise that helps a lot along with drinking a ton of water, hot showers and hot baths help with the body aches but if I can get through it anyone can. It is not easy because Methadone stays in your system along time.

Posted by: share bear October 1, 2015, 2:57 AM
then looks as though you should find Jesus. he will hell you thru youll see.

Posted by: share bear October 1, 2015, 3:06 AM
im currently on 50 mgs of methadone. im weaning down very slowy. so far ive felt no withdrawal symptoms. i was on 89 mgs when i first started to wean. i keep reading ppl say that i will feel withdrawal symptoms once i get lower then 50, but we shall see everyone is different ppl. remember that. not everyone will experience the same things. it all depends on how bad you want off. as for the clinic itself, they are only in it for the massive amounts of money they make from us addicts-thats it. dont you know that once i started weaning down the whole clinic staff involving all of them, changed towards me. they dont ever want tou to leave. anywho im still trucking.

Posted by: longtimer October 1, 2015, 7:31 PM
question for long were you dependent on methadone? age? just curious because if you are doing great after 38+ days, that is awesome...good for you for sure...I do want to get totally away however after 3 decades of this medication, i'm just a little anxious about all stuff I would have to go through to get completely off...I usually think are far more worse than they really are...but coming off of this stuff ...I don't know...easier said than done, but miracles do happen and yes I look to God for His Divine Help...thanks

Posted by: marykat80 October 3, 2015, 10:49 PM
Hey longtimer, read your post..mojo will probably respond quicker if you post on the almost home thread..he might get an alert. Thought I'd let you know...Yup you said it, easier said then done, BUT it can be! Best of luck, and I can try to answer any questions you have as well..

Posted by: Mojo1 October 4, 2015, 8:24 AM
Longtimer - I was on methadone for 4 1/2 years and I am in my mid 40's my highest dose was 60 mg but for only about a year then the last year I was at 15mg per day. I am now on day 55 since my last dose I am having trouble sleeping but everything I have read says that is the last thing to get back.

You can do it but it won't be easy make sure you have a good support group to talk too and excersise if yo.u can. Drink lots of water and eat right

Posted by: jamie n October 4, 2015, 1:49 PM
Hi, I'm on day 3 of leaving the mrthadone clinic. I was on 80mg and I couldn't afford it anymore. Almost all my money was going into it so they decided to detox me there way that way I didnt have to pay for it. By there way they took me down 10 mg everyother day. So it took about 2 and a half weeks. The first week was great. No with draw. I felt like a new person bragging about how well im doing. Then I got to 30 mg and everything started to change. I started getting a lot of sweats i meat I already sweat more than normal bc i had a complete historectomy but this is embarrassing and i ache everywhere. Im soo alone. I have 2 wonderful kids and a husband but they really cant understand what Im going threw. I really dont know if I can make it threw another week. Im going on week 3 of my new job in a factory. 40+ hrs and i need this job. But Im so scared that Im gonna loose my job. I even left early to go todocs toget help with withdraw. He gave me clonidine and its not helping. What do I do

Posted by: Mojo1 October 4, 2015, 2:32 PM
jamie goodness that is a high dose to come down so fast and unfortunately your gonna feel bad for a while because methadone has a long half-life. Take hot baths for the aches and advil that should help and my wife was ver supportive but they don't not know what you are going through. I will be in prayer for you.

Posted by: jamie n October 4, 2015, 4:06 PM
Thank u for getting back with me so fast. Im trying to stay positive but I cant bc Im so scared and Im not strong enough. I look at my kids at think that they deserve better. Bc i just keep messing up. U thought that 80 mg wasnt as much as most. I was wrong. I always mess things up! Ive been trying everything but im so weak. I thought it was the right thing going there but i just feel like they making me do this on my own

Posted by: Mojo1 October 5, 2015, 3:15 PM
Methadone clinics are cold and that is why I got off this mess.

Posted by: guest2 November 18, 2015, 5:49 PM
hi everyone! I have been reading these for a while now. I am 30 years old and have been on methadone for 5 years. I was a pretty severe IV heroin user. Since getting on methadone, my whole life changed. I never had a dirty UA, paid on time, went to the counseling sessions. I took it pretty seriously. I went from being homeless on the street with my POS boyfriend to now married (to someone else obviously, haha) with a 3 year old.

Our son was not planned but i when i had him i was on methadone. I was so scared of him feeling withdraws after he was born. He didn't though, thank goodness. The highest I ever got was 95 mg. I have been tapering for about 2 years. Super slow. I want to have another baby but i don't want to plan another kid while on methadone. Like i said, my son was absolutely fine after he was born but the anxiety and guilt i felt for the first couple weeks every time he yawned or sneezed was unbearable. I thought it was starting.

I am now on 6 mg. So far, i honestly haven't felt much at all. Every now and then i'll get the chills for a second. Sleeping has been fine (granted i take Tylenol PM every night). I'm hoping i'm doing this slow enough that i wont go through much withdraws because i am a huge weeny when it comes to that (haha) and I have a full time job and a 3 year old to take care of. I don't have time to feel like s*** for days or weeks or months.

I have felt like within the last 6 months my clinic has been less helpful. When they finally saw that i was serious about getting off, every single person (nurse and counselors) have told me things like "well be prepared to feel some withdraws" "you might start feeling pretty bad once you get back __ mgs" I was getting so frustrated because, why would they put that in my head? I thought they were helpful for so long but now i'm starting to feel like they just want me to stay and keep paying rather than have a success story.

Posted by: marykat80 November 18, 2015, 6:29 PM
Hi guest..don't let what the clinic said get you negative/more nervous. If was a doctor saying that would be one thing. But the clinic, come on..they know you know your gonna experience witdrawl..meybe their extra attempt at keeping you there. Keep doing what you are doing, cause so far it sounds like your dealing alright , and it's worth it.

Posted by: Jason November 19, 2015, 10:09 AM
How did you keep your bottles every time? Who gives you your methadone? How long were you on and at what dose? I've been dropping 2mg a week and only down to 40mg tomorrow and I feel withdrawl every drop?? Your pretty lucky as far as I can tell. This is my third attempt to get off methadone. It's the hardest endeavor I've ever had to overcome.

Posted by: Mojo1 November 19, 2015, 6:46 PM
Guest you will start to feeling it about 2-3 weeks after your last dose. But it gets better I was on 60mg for 1 - 2 years then down to 15 mg for 2 years or so. Now I am 102 days since my last dose and things get better so don't let the clinic get you down.

Posted by: Chris December 5, 2015, 11:05 AM
hi there, I really need the advice from someone who has been where I'm at!

I have been at 100 mgs of methadone for about 2 1/2 years and feel I am ready to get off! I have gone down to 80 now and already am getting withdraw! I work full time an go to college as well, so this really is rough with everything I have going on! I just need some quality advice on how to approach this!? I know everyone says to go slow an take your time, but I feel like even doing that I still feel like complete s*** every time I come down an I'm not even to 50 yet! Are there certain medications that may help with this, or a certain way to handle coming down? I would so greatly appreciate any advice I can get as this is truly the hardest thing I have faced thus far! Thanks !

Posted by: Papa Bear December 5, 2015, 12:16 PM

And what will you do after WDs ?? Do you think you'll be "good to go"?
Do you think you'll be able to stay clean and live sober? Be at peace with yourself?

Maybe you will .....
but if you are like me and millions of other addicts your problems will just be beginning.

Why don't you attend some "open" NA meetings in your area.
Find out how millions of addict/alcoholics are living in AA/NA.

I wish you the best.

Bob R

Posted by: dan coles December 9, 2015, 1:25 PM
Can some one pkease help me im on 40 ml and nees offf Now for the best

Posted by: Shon December 15, 2015, 6:41 PM
Hello everyone. I am new on here. I came here because I am about to start methadone detox. I'm not sure how I am or exactly when. I've been on it for 4 years and it's saved my life. I was at 115 mgs and have got down to 55. I have been stable on that for a few months now. I am ready to go down further now. I have checked into detox centers and it doesn't seem the way I wanna do it. They do "cold turkey" with over the counter meds. The clinic wants to bring me down very slowly though. I know they do it slow for a reason. Any tips or vitamins or anything to help I'd greatly appreciate. Thanks everyone.

Posted by: Papa Bear December 15, 2015, 8:01 PM
Why were you on methadone for 4 yrs ??

Posted by: Mojo1 December 15, 2015, 8:19 PM
Shon I was on Methadone for 4 1/2 years but my highest dose was 60mg. I would start working out at a gym now because that will help when you come off. Taper down as far as you can for me I went through all the Wd's, drink lots of water, take magensuim for the restless leg syndrome, warm baths for the aches and talk to people like me for continued help. I certainly had help from God because it was tough to get off but I am now 126 days since my last dose.

Posted by: Shon December 15, 2015, 8:35 PM
Thanks for the support. I am very nervous as I begin this. I am open to any and all pointers. Thanks again.

Posted by: aliashere December 16, 2015, 1:46 AM
I am a recovery addict. I Moved from Missouri to get away from oxy and meth that i was doing daily (eventually). Came to California to pursue music and get away from the drug scene. Although i won't say I've made the wrong choice, boy did i not realize it was gonna be worse in la. For the first 7 years of living in san diego and la I was fine, getting of drugs was easy for me. Ive always just been able to use it recreationally when i want , i never considered myself a drug user at all. I got into a relationship with a girl with severe anxiety disorder, bipolar, hypochondriac , among other undiagnosed illnesses. 100 % of my relapse into drugs wasn't her fault , but about 89% of it was. During the birth and first year of my sons life i had started smoking heroine , recreationally at first , only to help numb the pain for ME , 26 year old boy, her 35 year old woman , working my a** of to pay for this girl and her driving my life crazy. Of course everything is for my son, so i used the heroin to help me deal with her while still being able to be a great dad and be able to deal with her, as weird as that sounds :/ I used heroin for only about 6 months tops, and realized ,damn it , I'm a heroine addict. Checked myself into a methadone clinic instinctivily and they started me at 40 mg, which in my mind was gracious, i slept great(real great) felt great, and most importantly , felt back to normal. Im now on 26 mg's (back up from 22mg ), and trying hard to come off of it. Im at a crossroads in my life where I'm trying to decide if methadone is something i should take for the rest of my life. I truly feel like it helps me and makes me the amazing father that i am, and without it, i would be s***. Im scared methadone will decrease my life span. I'm afraid i might be taking it the rest of my life, only because of how I'm having to take it, driving to this stupid clinic every single day at a specific time and if i don't go i don't dose. My mom wants me to see our family doctor in hopes she can prescribe me something that can help me . So this brings me to why I'm here, I'm wondering is there something that recovering heroine addicts / methadone users can be prescribed potentially for the rest of there lives. and is that okay ? is that going to effect my brain, my internals i already feel it does . any feedback would be great. I want to be healthy , want to be hitting the gym everyday . Do i need to focus on getting of every thing to be normal, or potentially do some people just need to be on something, and is that acceptable. Im not sure if there's even any md's in this field that will read this, but illl watch for feedback.

Posted by: marykat80 December 16, 2015, 5:04 PM
I replied on other thread you posted..

Posted by: help December 16, 2015, 5:59 PM
My nephew is on 45 of methadone a day and would like to detox. The clinic ask him everytime he goes in how are you feeling and do you think you need more. He was up to 95 and wanted to come off so he started saboxin. He couldn't handle it and said it tore his stomach up so he went back to methadone and is now on 45. They keep going up instead of down. We don't have $10-15,000 for rehap. What will work best? We don't want to end up in the hospital...

Posted by: help December 16, 2015, 6:02 PM
I forgot to put he is 22 and been on it for around 1 year....

Posted by: marykat80 December 17, 2015, 12:30 AM
Hi help, if your nephew is comfortable where he is and wants to come off, DON'T let the clinic bully him into going up. ESPECIALLY being on it for a year and at that dose if he's been good with that. If that's the case there is absolutely no reason they should talk him up...though they have there reason... $$$$$$

Posted by: missey89 December 31, 2015, 2:27 PM
hi 🙋 I'm looking for help in on methadone 17,18yts now not. Bothered about heroin. I'm detoxing from 125 now 56ml down 2ml wkly,I have 3 kids under 8 yr im34 and absolutely sooo terrified how I'm going to feel wen I am at my last 2ml coping to look and keeping my kids well they never saw my methadone so dey haven't a clue what mummys going through I want to be a non meth mum and give my kids the best I can in life ,,,,,, any meds for cramping ect ,on valium and sleeping tabs help xxxxxx and I praise u all who kicked der habit fair play

***Please do not post personal contact information.***

Posted by: Chelsdog January 4, 2016, 5:38 PM
Hey friends. Hoping to come off h by using the last of my prescribed methadone 5mg tablets. Took a total of 25mg today and feel ok.

Posted by: BeccaJoy January 4, 2016, 10:15 PM
Mojo - how long did w/d last? Just curious. My fiance is ending Day 12 off the methadone, I'm searching out to see at what point we'll be on the upswing of things. He's taking magnesium and vitamins to help, but he's so tired and nothing helps him sleep and it's messing with his head. Still determined to do this, but I don't want to encourage him that it will be better within a week or two if this will be ongoing. I saw you were 126 days off methadone. Just wondering at what point did you feel you were on the up side and started feeling better?

Actually anyone can answer this if you've quit methadone. At what point would you say it started getting better?

Posted by: Dougiequick January 28, 2016, 7:25 PM
I am prescribed 60mg per day but without even trying I have weened myself down to 30. I simply no longer want it, especially now that I am cured of hep C and my physical feeling of well being seems to improve daily. I forget things all the time including my methodone so without any effort at all I naturally have weened off by half! But when I start feeling the withdrawls I typically will take two at once and then 12 hours later or so I start feeling puny and take one more and I am totally now I want to make a REAL effort to lower even more and keep going till OFF Lord willing! So it looks like the next increment is to do 2 1/2 per day for a month or two until that is easy peasy?


Posted by: Mojo1 January 28, 2016, 10:11 PM
Decca it took about 75 days to start feeling a lot better but actually everyday gets a little easier. Now I still have trouble sleeping but I have always had those problems. Exercise is a big key to recovery.

Posted by: Dougiequick January 29, 2016, 5:24 PM
My own thinking about sleep is that I do not care WHEN I sleep. I am fortunate in that regard because I don't have to work a job anymore. I'm on SSDI still but basically being in my 60s now I am close to retirement age anyway. I very seldom ever try to force myself to sleep, I simply wait until my body begins to insist on it...if that happens to be the middle of the day? So be it, I nap. But with my wife waking me up with all her activity, and her offering me meals and a deluge of phone calls some days, it is so very rare that I sleep all day. A nice long nap though resets me and then sleep is postponed. So quite naturally most of my sleep time is pushed into the quiet hours of night with no concerted effort of my own for that to be. I refuse being control freak over my body's sleep and eating habits. I know it is the common things for people to bow to a regime doing the same things at the same times every day, but for me it produces frustration and misery.

Howbeit there is ONE thing I aim to control and that is the quantity of this methadone, Lord willing, down to ZERO!

Posted by: Dougiequick January 29, 2016, 8:09 PM
BTW I am just assuming that when some of you speak of your mdone dose as number of MLs that it is 10 mg per ml? It might really confuse someone if not all liquid ML dosages are the same mg per And I also should not speak of the number pills as I am sure there are other pills containing LESS than 10mg per pill and maybe? even some with MORE than that for all I know. So to keep everyone on the same page, should we not use mg of the drug per dose instead of number of pills of mls of liquid?

Posted by: Jen February 17, 2016, 4:38 PM
Hi there,
I'm getting off of subutex. I've on opiates for four years. Right after I quit using heroin I became pregnant and had to get on methadone. My highest dose was 80. My son was born very healthy but the detox I'm currently going through is ruining my life. I have no energy, I am constantly in pain, throwing up, my clothes are soaked from sweat. I tapered off of the methadone and then switched to subutex and got all the way to 6mg before going into detox. I thought the worst of my withdrawals were over but they are never ending. It's been almost a month and I feel like relapsing every day. I've been taking Kratom to try and regulate my body and give my enough energy to take care of a 1 year old, but right now I feel like I am failing as a mother. I can barely get off the couch, I can't work, and I literally can't even take my son out for trips to do fun things because of how hard this detox has been on my body. I know that I've been on opiates of some sort for around 4 years, but when will I feel better? I just need to know there's some light at the end of the tunnel before I get back on subutex. Please help

Posted by: Papa Bear February 17, 2016, 4:45 PM

Are you attending NA meetings?


Posted by: OneScaredUser March 11, 2016, 8:46 PM
Hi guys. I am 23 yrs old, I have been on Matheson 2 1/2 years. 3 in September (of 2016) I got on it bc I was addicted to opanas, and didn't want to go thru the w/ds. Boy oh boy I should've just went through them bc if I would've known then what I know now about methadone, I would've sucked it up. I had NOOOOOOOO CLUE how awful this drug is and how badly you get addicted to it!! I know like 20+ people that are on it and have been on it 7 + years. Not a day less. I thought it was bc the success rate was so high NOT bc it's so hard to come off of! I'm so mad that no one told me. All they kept saying I it'll make u have a free life feel free blah blah blah. Yeah right! I mean I do feel normal but guess what? It's SO bad for u and your health! It is IN your bones! It's SO strong and it is very potent! But the worst thing is it makes u gain a s*** ton of weight bc it gives you sweet cravings like a b****! I don't know not ONE person that is on methadone that is skinny not even some what! And due to those cravings, you get fat (I've gained 100+lbs!!!) It ruins your teeth, makes you constipated (24/7) yes u can take vitamins & all that to help all that but i can't help the weight gain. You also can't help how LAZY it makes u!! If I know Anyone who is starting this drug i will tell them how bad it ia for them andhope they listen! I wish someone would've done that for me! I'm on 130 but on level 5 (only go 1 day a week to clinic) and I only take 60-70mg
But as of this week I am going to go lower and lower 10mg a week. I hope it works. I am so depressed from this weight gain, omg its ruiningmy life!! I am going to try to come off it with suboxone or subutex. Pray for me please. I am NOT good with pain!! That's what got me in this mess, not wanting to experience withdrawals. I'm so scared! 😯

Posted by: Collisiongirl March 14, 2016, 10:35 AM
I have been on 30 mgs of methadone for 10 years now. My doctor is leaving and won't write my script anymore. He said I need to find a doctor to treat me. This isn't a easy task. I'm so afraid I have heard horror stories about withdrawals. I have always passed urine screens and pill counts. I'm lost on what to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by: methodoneWASmyway April 5, 2016, 7:46 AM
I have been clean now for almost a year and I do feel free of my old life and the awful addiction I had at one time. Methodone is the best way to get clean, well at least it was for me. Going to start a taper off of it at the end of the summer. Wish me luck. Thank you.

Posted by: JoeShmo April 9, 2016, 8:06 AM
Methadone withdrawl - 30 mils is NOT recommended. Get to at least 20-15 is best. A little benedryl and Advil. Warm bath/Shower(energy low then bath only or hot tub for those that have access).

17-21 days folks. The discomfort varies on how fast you "flush" the methadone out. If you are walking regular(more than 2x a day, FORCE IT if you have to) and drinking more than the average amount of water. then on one for the days between 17-21 days you will fall asleep with symptoms and wake up completely without them! For me it was the full 21 because I am not a "water" person. Hind-sight being 20/20 I would heed my own advice to the letter.

You are all superheroes! Recovering from drug addiction is one thing, but recovering from an addiction to the medicine that changed your life is EXTREMELY RARE. You ALL need to be extremely proud of yourselves. Once completed you can consider yourself apart of the "elite few" that recovered from an addiction to the power of two.

I tip my hat to you ALL!

I have Favorited this blog and will come back and see how you all are doing.

KEEP IT UP! 21 days has got NOTHING on you!

Posted by: Tracy April 10, 2016, 10:30 AM
Response to bigTmann...I've been on methadone for 2 yrs. And have been slowly tapering off . I am now down to 19 or 20, I blind dose down. I just wanted to respond to your post because I feel the way you are going about it could b disastrous! You need to taper down slowly and drinking half your dose some days as needed could cause havic on your system. Right now I dose down once a wk. At times I must take a break and stay where I am. I take no other drugs except seraquil, low dose at night for sleep. Please come up with a plan and slowly taper off, I really believe this method has the best outcome. Good luck to you!

Posted by: Aleetif April 19, 2016, 2:58 PM
Hello Everyone,
This is a great forum for me. Thank you to all that contribute.
I have been on methadone since 2002. I was as high as 90 mg the first year but have been at 48 mg for quite some time. I just spoke with my counselor today about tapering off. We have talked about this before, and because of my history of mental illness, I need a good foundation to taper down to. I am going to get prescribed something for my bipolar along with starting a very slow taper. She suggests 1 mg every 2 weeks.( I go twice a month and take home 13 bottles.) I don't use any other drugs so the only thing that can jeopardize me going slowly with my taper would be fees. I pay 100.00 every two weeks.
I do not regret going on methadone. i think it has worked really well for me to a point.It definitely brought a much needed structure and normalcy to my life , if you will. But I also feel I've kind of lost myself on it as well. I've gained 60 lbs. I'm not dope sick but I'm not sober either. it bugs me. I want to show myself that I am strong enough and worthy enough to live a clean life.
I've heard a lot of good things on here. I am going to start a workout program too. I know weight loss while tapering will help a lot as well. I want to flush this s*** out of my bones, muscles, tissue as quickly as possible.
I did do a rapid detox off methadone in 2000. I had only been on 50 mg for about 3 months I think. The detox wasn't too bad. Obviously I relapsed though. Ironically it wasn't dope I relapsed on but crack. Boy is that the worst drug ever. Anyway, dope came again about seven mon ths later.It's a horrible disease. As i said though methadone did allow me the ability to function again but now I am ready to take the next step and be done with it. I hope.
I've done many, many meetings.I've had sponsors and worked the steps. I've been to at least 3500+ meetings..AA/NA works great for those that are able to sitch their addiction to recovery.I believe those are the people for whom the 12 steps are successful.I will continue to surround myself with winners. I think support is very important. Thanks to all offering their support here. I hope to be some help to others as well. Blessings, aleetif

Posted by: Worried April 19, 2016, 10:12 PM
I have been on methadone for 4 years right now I'm on 24mg I really need to get off this. Please what can I do so I can be off this ASAP. I'm so done with this. But I do get legs pain, anxious, anxiety, sweats when I don't take it for 3 days what can I do. Please I need good advice

Posted by: Hollycapote April 20, 2016, 2:47 AM
Hey everyone
I think you guys are lucky and happy, becouse, beside the truble and suffering, you still can share your exp. and speack about it with others. It's not less important then taking off of mdone itself. It's a right way you're strugglin' and never give up. But i also appriciate the opinion that in fact taking mdone is not the worst thing could ever happen in our life and there shouln't be a doubt that if someone decides to live with it it's a choice and we have to respect this choice. And my own struggling is my husbands' . He still doesn't want to speack, or listen ,or share his feelings, he's trying his best but he can't. He stopped taking it from 40 mg and didn't take it almost three weeks, he was on program for five years. He doesn't take any other drug but pain relief pills and here in our country we got no medical support or clinics where he could be helped. I think he should take some other antidepressants too. I don't know how to help him, i even don't know the importance of family in that. If anyone can give an advice, pls reply me
Thank you all and god bless you all.

Posted by: Constantine2 April 20, 2016, 12:53 PM
Hey all,
Been a long time since I logged on to the board, use to be over on the heroin side ...not sure but I think it's been over 5 or 6 years now...feels so strange to be once again back on the rattle train...also coming off methadone...sick and miserable 6...just thought I'd pop in for a minute. .this board saved my life awhile back...glad to see it's still here.


Posted by: aleetif May 9, 2016, 11:00 AM
Hey all,
I started my weening down. I am going very slow. Mostly because I only am at the clinic 2x a month. I am withdrawing a milligram every two weeks.

Posted by: jadehodderunwin May 20, 2016, 7:56 AM
Hi, I do have a topic saying this but this looked like a good topic to join and maybe get the help I so desperately need... Original topic is Methadone, Britlofex, HELP! But I dont know if anybody can help.
I am 25 and was addicted to herion/ crack (speedballing) for around 7/8 years. in the last 2 years I began to take pre-gabs from a friend, morphine and other medicines inc diazipam, zopiclone.
I am no longer using illegal substances and After my sons dad was sent to prison yet again. I decided to uproot and move back to London to be near family. My son is staying with my mum where I was living over 200 miles away which is really hard.
I am on Mirtazipine for the depression and am down to 40ml of methadone. I decided enough was enough. there was too much abuse in the relationship (drug abuse and domestic/psyc) So when he was sent to prison yet again I decided i was going to leave. I have tried before and succeeded in getting clean for short periods but nevery really off the methadone... I also always went back when he was released.
I want to know what my options are when trying to get off of the methadone... I have heard of britlofex and would really like some information if anybody can help. do they work..? do they really help the withdrawal symtoms,,,? and how do you take them, I heard you take 1 one day , 2 on day two and 3 the next etc... then reduce again?
I have heard good and bad things about them and have looked online but its all wikipedia etc. I would like to hear from real people. I know everybody is different but i would just like to hear others' views. Britlofex is not actually legal in US i don't think but is here in the UK...
Sorry for spelling/ grammer mistake, i have to be quick.
Thank you and I hope somebody writes back :-)

Posted by: laura May 23, 2016, 5:38 AM
Hello there, I've found myself here through google search, I feel a bit stupid, as I don't really know what I'm doing and the post here seem really old, so I don't even know if anyone will reply to me?

So anyway... I'm staying in England with my French boyfriend who has been on a methadone program for quite some years now. Before that he started on heroin and later moved on to morphine. overall it's been 8years.

We have been staying with my mom for a couple of months now and since being here, he had to make the trip back to his centre in France once to get his prescription, because no one would help him here. Anyway, he's had enough! He just wants a normal life, he wants to be free from this and even though we do argue about it often, I've never pushed him to do a detox or lower his dose. He was reducing his methadone gradually and I've been helping him however I can. But he often slips up, usually after arguments, he'll take more...

Anyway, one of the centres that wouldn't help us with a prescription, said "why doesn't he try to detox" which at that point was not an option in his or my head. But I guess that sent the ball rolling... and he decided over the weekend to tell me that he'd spent three days thinking about nothing else but coming off, cold turkey!

Obviously, I was filled with pride ! I never thought that I would hear those words, but he says that in his horrible life (he's had a crazy f**ked up life I can tell you) he's never felt so safe and secure and therefore ready to go for a detox! But as well as pride I felt terrified of what is about to happen to his body and soul, through this evil journey! I want to know how best to help him. He has spent almost a week preparing his mind and now I have to prepare everything else.

Now, the thing is he is doing this detox from 80mg... and from what I gather this is very high. I just hope that he can physically do it? What are the risks? He is on his first day, where he's taken just half his dose, so 40mg... and the rest of the methadone he flushed down the toilet!!!!
which means, there's no going back! because he can't get a repeat prescription in England and going back to France in this state is out of the question. We are my friends, all systems GO!

He says to me that he doesn't want any "benzos", because he knows that he'll just be addicted to them as well after and he wants to be clean from everything. But I need to do something!!! I need to get him some sleeping tablets at the very least no? I am so full of conflicting emotions right now, fear, excitement, pride...

I could really benefit from advise from the people here, but please, please, no negativity. We are already going ahead with it. Well.... he is and I need info on how best to make him comfortable, get him to sleep properly... food... vitamins etc etc... I am sooo scared it's untrue, but I am not showing it, so as to be his rock!
Laura and Josh


Posted by: Methadone 4 10+ June 8, 2016, 7:48 AM
Hello readers,
I have been on mmt for the last 11 years. I can honestly say it has helped me regain a sense of normalcy in my life, Princeton's I can hold a job which I couldn't before I can pay my rent, bills, etc. I was even able to buy a new car while being on mmt. but I'm finding out now the negatives of the length of time that I've been on it. for those of you that don't know about methadone, it Rob your body of calcium that's why you see a lot of methadone users with no teeth. also, it has ruined my bones I have some form of bone disease called avascular necrosis and several joints due to the methadone use. now not only am I dealing with methadone but I have to have a steel rod put in my femur Steel Rod put in my tibia and a full knee arthroplasty. why methadone has some great traits to it like getting your life back together, it also Rob your body of calcium which can affect your teeth bones and all out health. I'm going to try not to ramble here but I just heard anyone who's on MMT to try their best to come off of it as soon as possible that way it's not detrimental to your health like it has been mine. best of luck to anyone reading me the struggle is real.
Respectfully yours,
mr. mmt for 11 years

Posted by: grownman scared hopeless June 22, 2016, 4:32 AM
Lpoking for help scared suicide option
??? !!!

Posted by: constantine June 22, 2016, 5:16 AM
Ok...just picked you up on your first thread...breathe to us ...what's your doc ? It's gonna be ok...if you can't pull out of the the someone....I just rode this train...I get it...did you taper or jump off your dose ? What happened?

Posted by: Reasonable August 18, 2016, 12:18 AM
Hi I read that your not a dr. But you are there for anyone needs support. I tried ya but said failure.

Posted by: constantine August 20, 2016, 5:22 AM
Dude...cut me slack a junkie...not always there...what's up ?

Posted by: jennyonfire August 22, 2016, 11:17 AM
I want to respond to Peezys post but Im having a hard time figuring out how to directly reply
.....This is the first time I have read such a healthy post about Methadone. I too am detoxing off Methadone....Im down to 6 mgs after tapering down the last two years very slowly. I needed to work my Recovery before I could get strong enough to want and push through this. I cannot find another person who eats healthy, does Yoga regularly (Im super fit), works hard and goes to 12 step meetings daily....and who is also on Methadone. I want to know how it feels after dropping off of 2 mgs? Thats when I will take my last dose. I do want to say Methadone SAVED my pill poppin life. I am on fire in my life and I cannot wait to be totally opiate free. I dont drink or take a single medication. Not even advil. Its been 5 years of living clean aside from the low dose of methadone. Withdrawals are a trigger for relapse...big time for me. That is why I have cushioned my fall and have dropped 1-2 mgs every week or two for a couple of years now. Im allowing the process. I didnt get here over night. It was 15 years of opiate will take me years to clean up....this has been my mind set. F*** what anyone thinks...Im going to do this. Yes I am in Recovery...going to meetings regularly and working a strong program on Methadone. Thats has saved my life. It has allowed me to get strong in Recovery in order to get clean....and i am almost there....Progress not perfection.

Posted by: Booboo August 26, 2016, 2:30 PM
What are some things I can do home to help with from withdrawal addictions? Actually, what kind I do period not just at home, what prescription or what home remedy can help with all withdrawals? Please help

Posted by: Booboo August 26, 2016, 2:37 PM
What are prescriptions or home remedies to help with methadone withdrawals?? Please help Soooo scared? Methadone withdrawals are Soooo hard

Posted by: a mom September 30, 2016, 5:34 PM
what I need to know is how to be helpful and how long does this take? I want to support and not sure I am doing the correct things!

Posted by: K2R JF October 2, 2016, 1:56 AM
I've been on methadone for 8 years. Less than 2 years ago I decided, or rather felt, that it was time to taper. I started tapering slowly from 175 mg. and stopped the taper process whenever I felt troubled. Almost in one long push, 3 mg. per week, I've been able to make it now to 11 mg.. The Dr. at the treatment center now has me at 2 mg. per week.
I keep busy, follow the rules, keep honest, and in the past have raised when I felt bad or had cravings. I've always told people that you will know when you are ready to taper and still thought that I would be at 175 mg. for the rest of my life. One day I woke up and just knew that I was ready to taper.
I have only had mild withdrawal symptoms on occasion, at which time I ignore and do something active or productive. I am not completely off methadone yet but I know I soon will be. The worst, and best, surprisingly is the overwhelming sensations and emotions. I cried watching a movie tonight, for the first time in my life. I love it! You can do it too!
Thank you all for your support!

Posted by: James beck October 3, 2016, 6:29 AM
Thankyou everyone one for there advice today was my worst day of detox and nearly gave up until i found this site i know it can be done now just need to be stronger mentally

Peace and love, becks

Posted by: MrMaDebbi October 27, 2016, 4:10 PM
I am looking for some help.. I have been on methadone for 35 years, yes I said years.. I want to get off of it now. I am on 65mg daily. I was on 55mg for about 15 years in the beginning then went up to 65mg daily. I am getting old, I am 57 years old and a female. I am in N.J. I am totally done with getting high and have been for many years I do go to the clinic twice a month because I have been clean for many years, I get 13 th bottles. I worked very hard to get to this point. My husband was a junky and a alcoholic he has since passed away (2005). He used to bring home the drugs for us to use. I dont know what way to go as far as getting off methadone. I feel I am breaking down, my lungs are not doing to well, I am getting very weak. I lost a lot of weight. Can I get off nethadone without to much pain? Can I go in patient under a doctors care Can I do it at home with medications? Can you give me answers?? Thank you from MeMaDebbi in NJ..

Posted by: constantine October 27, 2016, 4:31 PM
Yes...and to your doc and start a slow taper plan...slow is the key...don't taper large jumps...take your time. ..stop or pause if you need to and let your body adjust...don't rush it...drop the jumps out by two week increments or even 1 mg a month's not a race. ..listen to your body...and stay positive. of luck...


Posted by: Granny2 3 November 11, 2016, 5:55 PM
I have been on MMT for almost 23 years. I too have 13 take-homes and am enjoying retired life with my grandkids.
Please talk to your clinic counselor and your own personal MD before you detox.
I wholeheartedly agree with Constantine though that if you do detox, DO IT VERY SLOWLY.
If you are having medical problems it may be real hard on you and like they say" if it isn't broken why fix it?"
Talk to your regular MD, the clinic doctor and your clinic counselor and see what you decide is best for you.
good luck to you!


Posted by: Nathan December 8, 2016, 6:30 AM
I have had a drug addiction for about 12 years now. Although for the last 7 years I have been going to a methadone clinic. It was literally a life saver for me. Before starting there I was spending a minimum of $200 every day some days MUCH more on roxys and oxys. Needless to say I wasted a ton of money. About a year ago I made the decision to taper off Methadone after being on a stable dose of 75mg for 7years. I've come down 3mgs every two weeks. I'm currently on 12mgs per day and am eager and also anxious about finally getting off methadone. I've had a fairly painless detox so far. Just not sure exactly what to expect once I'm off my final dose.

Posted by: animal January 7, 2017, 6:45 AM
Methadone ruined my life. It's poison- get off it before it's too late. 7 months SOBER- my opinion you still have a chemical dependence which makes you in a far worse prison. Avoid the trap I jumped off at 60mg -I had been on it since 2012. You won't die , don't listen to everyone if you want something go after it. Good luck friends.

Posted by: Cyprille April 27, 2017, 6:15 AM
I have tapered from 50mls per day to 3.5mls and it's not been the loveliest of experiences although I still feel in control of my reduction.

What I am noticing is a decline in my mood. I am starting to feel quite depressed and am assuming this is because I am no longer experiencing the surges in mood that I got when the drug kicked in. I was one of those people who got a real buzz from the drug.

So I don't know whether to get some help for my mood or not. My GP has no clue I was/am using and it is out of the question for me to seek help. I obtained my methadone from someone with a script and I wanted to come off in case they lost their script. For professional reasons I cannot involve the health services.

I am planning to continue reducing my dose down until I get to 0.5mls then jump off. I hope there will be minimal withdrawal because I am not able to hide away until it is over.

Posted by: loulou080482 April 30, 2017, 5:15 AM
hi people am on 30 ml off methadone resly want off it what Is best way to do it as driving me nuts I have 2 kids dont wznt to be on it anymore would be grateful for any suggestions thanks lou

Posted by: alllwaysinhoth2o May 25, 2017, 4:39 PM
Thank all of you for sharing. Methadone still has a bad stigma to it by some but it saved my life. I have been on it for 4 years now, I am 50 years old with an opiate addiction for more than half of my life.

So, I have been at the same clinic all of these years and I feel chained to them. Any little mishap, ( I am on temazepam for sleep and the counselor had put an expiration date on my script so I came up hot for benzos. I am on a two week take home, they dropped one week and set me back from 130ml to 120ml. I talk to a counselor every month mandatory and they never went over my med list with me, I had no idea it was to expire six months after I turned in this ongoing script. No matter. Clean UA's for 3 years and it was still my bad. This is an example.)

So, I decide to try Suboxone. I have been weening myself off and am now down to 30 ml and going to see a new Dr in a different clinic Monday. Scared as hell! But I am so proud to have tapered down to 30 ml. Quite honestly, if it weren't for the temazepam, I wouldn't be able to do it. The anxiety from the withdrawal is the absolute worse for me because I am afflicted with it anyway. My appt is Monday which is 5 days away and I have opted to cold turkey it until then.

I hope Suboxone works for me as Methadone has. I just am so tired of feeling like the addict taking these little bottles home, calling in every day to pee test, bringing the bottles back for count and it is a strong opiate that will knock you on your butt if you take too much.

So, wish me luck out there in opiate addiction land! As I wish the best for all of you.

Posted by: SCOTT June 8, 2017, 9:00 AM
I've been on methadone 2.5 yrs up to 120 I've tappered down to 3 today I feel ok just really tired and restless legs and hard to take a deep breath I'm 50 yrs old with a high tolerance to pain if anyone can give an idea of what more will i go through if any do to the fact I've been on 3 for 2 days I started feeling really DIFFERENT at 20 please tell truth only sense I've tapered down is thus gonna be the worse or is more to come the 12th will be done off methadone

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Posted by: bshank July 26, 2017, 5:46 PM
I want off of this stuff so bad!!! I have only been on it since jan. of this year, and i am 95 mg. My mental state is so set of getting of this stuff, that i do not want to even taper down, and just want to jump off at 95!! please can I have some tips, advice, anything on what and how i should do this?

thank you

Posted by: glenn March 23, 2018, 5:30 AM
I seen a video where a guy used hemp oil to get off methadone and he had no withdrawals. I'm going to try it, can't stand having a drug control my life. Also what would happen if there is something that makes it where you can't get it anymore?

Posted by: Rob S. May 28, 2018, 6:38 PM

This is good advice, please read on...I started on pot (not to blame pot), progressed to black & white tiles (they called them trips) then speed, then someone introduced me to pethidine. I took the ball & ran with it, to heroin. When I couldn't support my habit anymore & the choice was crime, I turned to "done" (all my friends already had). After 2 years on done I got down to 7.5 mgs, then I got a job which led to take-aways...28 years later I finally got off done, the easy way. The second attempt, I got down to 10mgs & couldn't get any lower without hanging out, bad! My doctor wasn't much help as she would put me back up to a higher dose than I had been okay on, up to 15mgs (instead of 10). Then I yo-yo'd for a while because of hanging out & cracking. I started to stress out because I didn't know how to get down below 2ml (10mgs) without hanging out. The measured amounts my chemist would go down by were too large i.e. 1/4 of a mil was the smallest amount he would do & as the pharmacist had already told me, try to go down by 1/10th of your dose each time, which when you're on 2ml that's not possible when the smallest he would drop me by was 1/4 of a mil (1/8th). I spent a few days thinking/worrying & eventually decided to buy an eye-dropper...& take drops out, because after all what's a few drops. Luckily my pharmacist indulged me & I started taking 3 drops out each day. I would do that for 2 weeks. If you're going to hang-out, it'll take anywhere from 9 to 13 days to do so. At day 14 I believed I was safe, so I'd stay on that level for 2 more weeks to get use to it. Then (if I was ready) I'd start taking out 6 drops for 2 hanging, again I'd stay there for 2 more weeks. Eventually when I was taking out 15 drops, I'd see my doctor & go down a 1/2 a mil. I continued that way but, I stopped telling the doctor to reduce at 1 mil. (because the dose bottle will keep most of your dose) but kept taking out drops. I was so close to off I started "practicing" NOT having my dose. On the Friday I picked up my TA's & was dosed. Saturday I thought I'd go without, then on Sunday I decided to do the same. Monday turned out the same again (no dose). On the Tuesday, on the way to the chemist I made up my mind to get off...& I DID NOT HANG-OUT AT ALL. Yes, using an eye-dropper was very slow but, right from the start I did NOT hang-out...why? because the reduced amounts were so small plus I gave myself time to get use to it. So, from 2ml down I didn't feel a thing & the same for jumping off. I guarantee this method will work & if you're patient & stick to'll get off without hanging out. By the way, I also belted my done for 28 years (I gave that up at the same time). Don't think you can't do it, psychology is most of the battle. Most of us (including me) think if you miss 1 days dose you'll hang...BULL@#$%. It takes usually around 9 to 13 days. Stick to your guns. You didn't get to where you are over night, so why try to quit over night? Be patient, hope you have a good doctor & pharmacist who indulge you & you'll get off without hanging out, because that gets you no where. I gave up smoking the same way. Cut down slowly, not big jumps. Certainly on a high dose a big jump is possible but, when you get down to 2 ml...take out drops, it's easier psychologically. The funny thing about done is you'll hang-out pretty much the same whether it's 80 mgs or 2. DO IT SLOW! Screw the rest because nobody can get you off but you. If others tell you it's a waste of time, again BULL@#$%. I did it & its been 24 months now off. Good luck & keep trying. It's the old saying...never give up on giving up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm posting this again for the benefit of others...

Posted by: Ksh October 16, 2018, 12:50 PM
Here goes. I was up to 175 mgs of liquid methadone after six years at the clinic and I4 years of IV heroin use. I stepped into rehab on a Sunday afternoon after taking my last methadone dose. The detox was horrible!!! On top of quitting methadone cold turkey,they wouldn’t allow me to have the Celexa and kolonopin(which I was prescribed and taking properly,dangerous!). But,I went tru the program and endured the worst withdrawals ever. I am now four months clean of opiates/opioids. I’m told and have experienced recurring withdrawals which I’m told will occur for the next 10-15 years at anytime. Heroin was gonna put me in prison or six feet under and then the methadone was exactly what it’s nicknamed,’liquid handcuffs’. I couldn’t go on vacations, the bueracracy of getting even a week’s take-homes was outrageous. I had to stop this cycle of going to a clinic,every morning and pressing a button to get my dose. I never believed in rehabs(I was a psych major in college). But this place and my social environment saved my life and I no longer am chained to a clinic or a drug dealer. I’m not putting down methadone clinics-they help us when we’re in need. But they never should’ve let me get to that high of a dose. Instead we should have had a plan for tapering and I could’ve avoided the hell I went thru. I can never say I won’t use again-nobody can. But I’ve got well over 100 days and I feel very good about it. I’m gonna give you all the key to quitting-you have to want it and need a social support system. I’m lucky tho,I have a great,sober husband and a great relationship with my family and non-using friends. Without that,you’re odds of staying quit decrease exponentially. The main thing is you have to want it. I just hope this helps someone.