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Posted by: Misterfied July 19, 2005, 3:34 AM
I am totally disgusted with my roomate. I knew he did powder cocaine occasionally which I thought was just OK because he still went to work paid bills etc. However, recently I found out that he "graduated" to crack cocaine. Although he is still going to work and paying bills, he acts differently when high on crack. First of all anyone who does crack to me has a serious problem. Cocaine is bad enough but to smoke it is even worse. I decided to kick him out(the lease is in my name). The reason he needs to leave is he "crossed the line" last Friday night. This guy was in his room smoking crack. Then all of a sudden he knocks on my bedroom door. When I opened the door he was breathing heavy and told me he just took a massive hit. I told him to go back to his room in his condition. He then proceeded to try to grab my privates. Then asked me if he could give me head!!!
I almost punched him dead in the face, like I would do any guy who would try that. However, I knew he must of been high out of his mind because he is not gay. He and I used to go out and bang girls all night. At any rate, I immediately pushed him away and shut my door. I am stunned and shocked because this is way out of character and I am afraid this punk may try to disrespect me again. I don't want to end up in jail. My girlfriend told me that she heard that alot of guys that smokes that crap gets horny and turns to gay sex when high. Is that true? I had no idea that guys would get that horny smoking crack that they would have sex with men!!! When I approached him the next day, I told him he had 1 week to get out. He then begged me to give him more time and that he would seek help. He told me that the drugs makes him gay. I am totally confused. Would someone tell me if a str8 man would turn gay from smoking crack? At any rate I cannot live around a gay dude nor a crack addict so either way he is gone. I just feel sorry for him if the drug is making him gay. THIS IS MAKING NO SENSE!!!!! my co-worker gave me this site and told me you guys talk and help each other. I feel stupid and embarrassed telling you guys all of this but I cannot ask anyone else for fear of embarrassment!


Posted by: The Silent Partner July 19, 2005, 4:01 AM
First of all, having a sexual encounter with a male does not "make" you gay. A high percentage of str8 men will have a homosexual or homoerotic encounter sometime in their lives.

The answer here is that (a) his inhibitions were reduced due to being stoned and acted on a fantasy of having a sexual encounter with another guy or (b) he was so affected that he did something out of character.

No need to make a big deal out of it.

Posted by: Alex July 19, 2005, 2:46 PM
Hi Misterfied, welcome to the board. I just wanted to tell you that there is no reason to be embarassed and you have come to the right place to talk about this. I suggest you read the thread titled Sex and Coke. If I recall correctly a couple people shared about similar situations, maybe it will help you understand the way we act a little better.


Posted by: BUG July 21, 2005, 12:32 AM
Get that loser out of your life while you can. There is nothing to be gained by living with an active crack addict.....repeat nothing to be gained and everything to lose. You will save yourself a lot of pain in the future. Kick him out now.

Posted by: Misterfied July 21, 2005, 2:33 AM
Are you saying that crack effected you that way also? Did it make you horny for gay sex? I don't understand because if you aren't gay then why would one "turn gay" after smoking crack? Is it that much of a sexual stimulant that if you are with your buddy smoking crack you would end up having sexual contact with him?

Posted by: Tough Love July 21, 2005, 10:40 AM
Misterfield, The Silent Partner answered correctly when he/she wrote about inhibitions being taken down by the drugs. It happens all the time, even to me.
So you need not look further for the truth.



Posted by: Back door man October 30, 2020, 3:04 PM
I am not gay, nor do I have any desire to be intimate with any man. My story goes like this; I am 55 yrs old, and due to heartache in my life I began hanging out with people who regulary smoke crack. We would party and when offered I would turn it down. Months went by and one night I decided "what the hell" Ill try it. I liked it. Over the next few month I would smoke it by myself (cheaper that way) and only once or twice a month. Then I began thinking about anal sex, Ive done it with women and wondered what it would be like for me. I was experimenting on myself using sex toys, and found that I actually enjoyed the feeling. No man will ever get entrance there but I do enjoy the stimulation, and only when I smoke crack. Doesnt make me gay, Ive come to terms with it and now I am seeking a woman that is into "Pegging". Hope this helps anyone with the same desires.

Posted by: Davidb0814 February 16, 2021, 7:45 AM
I did not understand how truth inhibitions thing really affects a man.When I smoke it, I am very horny for a man. My friend, a man, smokes meth. this make him horny as hell. So when we get together, he hits the meth, gets horny as hell. I smoke the crack, get horny for a man. I love anal sex when high. Usually he orgasms 2 or 3 times inside me. I really go wild, and am somewhat of an exhibitionist when high.
We can have sex until the sun comes up!
I diid not understand this at first, but now I am cool with it- The gay sex is soooo good!