Nurofen Plus Addiction
Posted: June 3, 2013, 12:08 AM


Been on 30 NP a day n want to come off it 100% - the $$$$ aapect, the monkey on the back aspect....ETC.

I want i out of my life, i do hold down two jobs tho, i work in construction 5 days a week n drive a truck on a saturday.

So my life MUST go on, work pays rent food ec.....whats your reduction ideas very desperate, im prpared to go to chemists n fess up n ask hen BOT to sell to me anymore too.
Posted: July 10, 2013, 3:16 AM

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Hiya Straw,

Best to start a new thread rather than post on an old one - you'll get more responses. I was taking between 700-800 codeine a day, prob more some days. My doctor wasn't best in this area put me on 8 x 8/500 co-codamol, which were useless, then put me on 15mg x 4 - yep I get the feeling he did not believe how much I was taking even though we showed him all the packs....

Anyway i would suggest you start rith your doctor n if s/he is not helpful self refer to your local yourself to your local substance misuse centre. They may give you counselling or put you on a substitute like suboxone. I am now on 8 mg suboxone n it does relieve the cravings a bit but getting to the root of the problem is just as important.

Please take care of yourself ok
Evey x


Ignorance may be bliss but knowledge is power!
Posted: September 28, 2013, 3:24 AM

I've been addicted to nurofen plus for 4 years straight, at my worst I was taking 90 a day. I would travel a couple of hours everyday to get my fix chemist hopping everywhere. Most chemists had wisened up to me but I kept pushing and pushing them to supply me. I'd go get a script that should last me 3 months but it only lasted a couple of weeks. I pushed my body to the limit knowing that oneday these pills would get the better of me....and they did! I started getting pain under my ribs to the point of agony but I kept taking the pills. This lasted for a couple of months, I could hardly drive anymore cause the pain was unbearable but no I kept taking the pills. I noticed pins and needles in my arms at night and everytime I woke up in the morning I felt sick. I was admitted to hospital with a 'vomiting bug' I was spewing and pooing black stuff, the hospital put me on the drip then sent me home. A week later I felt breathless and my heart was going a mile a minute I felt exsuasted. I layed down and felt sick then suddenly I was in the bathroom throwing up blood clots, I passed out a few times and knocked over chairs and stuff to get to the phone and call ooo. Once in hospital they found I only had 1/3 of blood left in my body and my hemogloban count was 41, they flew me to Royal Adelaide and I had blood transfusions. An endoscopy showed an ulcer in my stomach bleeding and I was told if I had of left it any longer I'd be dead. PLEASE PLEASE people if you are addicted to nurofen plus get help! The withdrawl symptoms are horrible but its a fair trade off for your life.
Posted: October 16, 2013, 3:00 PM

Hi, was just wondering where you are at now in regards to quitting?
Posted: November 30, 2013, 6:43 PM

Hi - I am wondering how Jane the originator of this string is doing - are you ok Jane? hope you are. I am dealing with this addiction as well now for about 5 years. After reading all your stories, it has helped. Hope to be rid of it soon.
Posted: December 1, 2013, 6:40 PM

I am so too addicted too nurofinen plus . but because its not considered as a main stream drug
I feel shamed too talk about it. I take around 12 a day every day I don't like going too get them over the counter because I get asked loads of questions on why I want them. but I won't tell the truth of course . I once give them up aroud 4 years ago I went too Amsterdam and somked cannabis for a week too withdrewn it worked but then a year later had a injury and doctors that did not no any better give me codeine containing tables and set my addiction off again I am going too get help form a doctor thanks too reading these forms and I hope others do too .
Posted: December 31, 2013, 9:47 AM

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Hi all,
I am kinda turning to here as a last resort really.
I have been addicted to Nurofen+ for about 3 years now and take between 35-45 a day.
I have been to my doctors and talked to a drug counsellor, neither of them seem to comprehend tbe seriousness of this addiction.
It has literally ruined my life, my marriage has gone and I feel like I am living just to take these damn pills.
I thought when my wife threw me out that it would be the encouragement I needed to kick the things but as much as I tell myself I am going to cut back 1 at a time I get down to about 20 a day and end up back at square one.
Now I am getting the effects of taking so much, I have serious stomach acid pain and drink bottles of peptac a week and galllons of milk, kidding myself that it will protect me.
To be honest I dont know what I am expecting from here but just needed to tell someone who understands.
I know these things are killing me and yet I can't stop.
I am sorry for hijacking this thread but wasn't sure where I should put this...
Posted: January 7, 2014, 3:06 AM

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you still there DanR?
Posted: January 12, 2014, 5:44 PM

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Still here kiwi.
Posted: January 13, 2014, 2:25 AM

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Hey there Dan
First off just wana Say I do understand N+ addiction,I know it all too well.having been addicted for the best part of 5 years to N+
I can't belive that your health care workers have not taken this addiction seriously,it is super dangerous,as you know Im sure.anytime i told a doctor or addiction center they acted immediatley.and either put me on a replacement script to get the ibuprofen out of my system,or got me into a detox house to clean up.
I don't know what to tell you mate,I guess I just want to say you can get off them.I have done .many times! the trick is staying off them.It's a journey and one that I am actually enjoying now.currently just coming up to 5 months clean.I don't even think about drugs at the mo(pretty cool!)
For me cold turkey is the way to do it-the only way,otherwise i just go round in is unpleasant but doesnt last long.
Anyway if you wana chat or ask anything I check in here most days
Posted: January 13, 2014, 1:53 PM

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Thank you, and congratulations on kicking the s***.
I am currently a week into yet another tapering plan, I am also in the process of changing gps.
I am not sure I can do cold turkey, I think if I could lock myself away for a few days then I may have half a chance but unfortunately I work ridiculously long hours and its not really possible to take any holidays at the moment so I will continue with the tapering as best I can then once I have changed gps, will go and see them.
I appreciate your response and it is encouraging to see so many success stories here.
Aussie Deb
Posted: January 24, 2014, 6:51 AM

I’ve been abusing N+ for several years and for whatever reason I don’t know, have to take 6 at a time. The most I have taken daily for a long stretch of time is 48 a day. Two years ago, I started getting the abdominal pains. Turned out my iron/haemoglobin was dangerously low and I was referred to a gastroenterologist and a haematologist. It was thought I had Celiac Disease so got an endoscopy and Colonoscopy which proved I didn’t have Celiac Disease but didn’t show up an ulcer either (at that stage). The specialists were confused and so for a year I received blood transfusions and iron infusions about every 3 months. A year ago it all flared up again and I spent 6 days in John Flynn Hospital and another endoscopy did reveal several ulcers. In the last year, I got iron infusions twice but now both specialists have said that this cannot continue as there are other side effects which – over time –will be life threatening. I laid all my cards on the table the last time I saw the Gastroenterologist, saying that having this addiction is miserable and if I could stop taking the Nurefen Plus, I would. My Iron is so low. Had a blood test yesterday and GP called today saying to go to hospital as my haemoglobin is down to 63.
The Gastro Dr has referred me to a clinic that deals with addiction. I can go as an out patient. My appointment is for next Thursday – I’m really hoping this will be what I need.
Side effects I’ve had/have: Constipation (from the Codeine), terrible stabbing pains in stomach, dangerously anaemic, awful reflux (I have to sleep sitting up or very propped up) and of course a great big hole in my budget!!!!
DanR – I really think you need to be referred to a gastro specialist as it sounds like you have ulcers (the end game of ibuprofen addiction). I was going through a whole bottle of Gaviscon every day before I got a script for Pariet (Rabeprazole). It slows or stops the production of acid in the stomach.
Posted: February 27, 2014, 3:17 AM

hi all. like many of u ive been using N plus for a long time... 90 tabs daily for 15 years. atm im in hospital after having major surgery for a bowel obstruction, ulcers low potassium & many other things wrong due to the drug abuse. Have been here for 7 weeks in agony because ive built up a resistence to opiates & the docs cant fix my pain. i am in a living hell! ive quit twice before but always relapsed. This time i had no choice. i dont know how im going to go when i go home tomorrow & how not to relapse again seeing as im in so much pain. i really hope this doesnt happen to anyone else. so i wish all of you out there with the same addiction all the best because it will kill you it certainly nearly killed me. x
Posted: March 14, 2014, 5:33 PM

Hi everyone. Don't really know what to say...or do. Only I've been addicted to Nurofen plus,after being advised to use them for toothache,for over 7 years now and take anywhere from 64 to 96 tablets a day!! I have previously tried getting off them by weaning twice now! This being the third! I am sick literally to death of this! I have 3 beautiful children who don't deserve this! It costs me over £100 a week! And I really don't think I'm going to live for much longer! First started with occasional twisted bowels...hurts like hell...about 5 years ago. Constantly in pain now,with bowels...stomach ulcers...gall stones...bleeding stomach blood count is so low I've recently had to have blood transfusions! I regularly vomit...due to ulcers and ibuprofen overdose! I have lost so much weight and I'm constantly ill and completely drained! I know it makes me a terrible mother...rightly so. I feel so ashamed and weak,I just don't know what to do or how to do it!! :(
Posted: March 23, 2014, 3:19 PM

l, I too am addicted to nurofen plus. I have been addicted for about nine years. Unfortunately, I am in a bit of a black hole and have rather given up on life and I don't have any real desire to quit. It's utterly soul destroying.
Posted: April 1, 2014, 9:46 PM

Hi, my 4yr anniversary of being addicted to N+ was yesterday and I just feel so awful. I am going to taper down beginning today/now. I to like most of you, have kept this a secret. So your stories are so helpful to me and I don't feel so alone in this fight. My plan is to taper, meditate, vitamins, and read these stories to keep me focused.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, stories, and experiences
Posted: April 11, 2014, 2:32 AM

i m n+ addictive takin 7 a day in morning and in evening heavy alcohal father of 2 kids i am sick
to pick this addiction tried to stop and i stopped for 3 days but was bad i was sweating and goin to toilet cause gt loose motions due to this s*** and started again on 4th day because i was feeling so week i want to stop but dont know i m only33 years

Posted: April 18, 2014, 7:37 AM

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Best to go over to the pain pill board, there is alot more traffic and help on that site.
I to suffer N+ addiction and am trying to beat it.

Aussie girl
Posted: April 24, 2014, 7:50 AM

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hello everyone im new here but an old hand at nerofen pluss.........
i first started taking co-codamol from the dr for pnumoanier i remember the day i got home took two of them pills i not only got relife from the pain in my chest but i lay there feeling euphoric it was bliss after 3 months of being on repeat priscripsion i needed more so i went to the chemist got some n+ sometimes i was taking upto 2 32 packs a day 64 pills in one day ?
i feel like a joke reading that back.....? anyway i desided to quit and took ny last dose....after 12 hours i felt like death all the usual runny nose sweating aches and pains restless leg no sleep which lasted about a week before i started to get over it i said to my self i would never hurt my self like that again. but when you get over the wrost of it you start to think today i need something one pack wont hurt just one i'll have one pack to feel better then stop again ?
its NEVER is just one pack it never can be but after a week or two being back on them scares you so you do stop again but after years of abuse the withdrawal is the same as if you had been taking them for years......oh and by the way never drink exess of alochole at the same time...ive had two episodes of near death from this ? what happens is if you drink loads enough to make the next day a waste of time...and take your little white pills....omg i got up hung over got the kids to school got home and downed 16 n+ and within half an hour a heat came over me and i started to sweat feel sick my head was turning dark and i had to lay down i walked to ny bedroom and lay down. i didnt get up from that bed for three days ? three days of cronic anxiity sweating so much i soaked the bed in five mints flat couldnt sleep or eat and the wrost part was my kids and there mum did'nt know what i was doing they thought i had the flu but because i was so scared aswel she called out the dr....when she came she knew what i had she asked my partner to leave us and she said are you taking heroin i sade no but i do take 64 n+ per day she said to me no wonder you are feeling this bad n+ rot your stomach so when you drink alchole you have no tummy protection you are feeling like you have butterflie in your stomach but intensifi that a ten fold she called it a false fear and that was the key for me because for first few days even the thought of going out the house or cooking dinner was terrifing me now i knew now matter what i thought it was false and i also got told your body will heal its self you have lost the balance the natural equilibiam (sorry about my spelling) so i knew what i was feeling was caused by what i had done this was a massive realise and what got me over the wrost of it.....however it was this that keeps me comming back to n+ and im back here again i split with ex of 5 years and when i was at the train station there was a boots there and a big sign calling me nurofen pluss one pack wont hurt so i did it to ease the pain so here i am aqgain this is about 8th time of becomimg hooked on them again and i think the reason i keep getting hooked that i found a way to easaly get though the withdrawal even though i know these things are killing going to stop again now and if this way helps any of you then at least i had a little something to help just dont make the same mistakes i did and keep going's quite long winnded so bear with me.......
take your last dose the night befor you plan to quit
when you wake up next day eat a bannana or to withdrawal wont be with you yet so you can eat.....drink a pint of water an hour because lots of codine is out your system in should start to feel withdrawal comming on in the everning of the first day at that point take six immodum befor bed this wont harm you but you should get good nights rest without belly ache........the next day you wil wake feeling it now....runnuy nose aches and pains headahce back ahce weak no energy now when full on withdrawal kicks in it helps to remember thats how it works you have given your body a drug that makes you feel amazing you have over worked some areas eg dopamine path ways seritonin and other things in your brain now you have stopped put that rubbish in your body will begin to repair its self thats all that happning your body is repairing its self nothing bad is happening it might feel that way but your body is amazing we put them though all sorts then when we stop it naturally repairs its self again so just bear in mind if your feeling hurt your body is fixing that it wont be long till your healed if your frightened that is another trick of addiction you have given your brain a drug what opens up the feel good pathways in your it anywonder you feel depressed advise here is be like the buddha lol just notice your thoughts but keep reminding your self these thoughts are not mine the drug i took is making me have going to wait 3 days and just ignor them give your brain 3 days to return to normal function if you dont take any more its that quick to heal...try this buddhist trick
R recognise your thoughts and feelings
A accept those thoughts and feelings are there because of the drug you took.
I investigate those thoughts and feelings really look int your self and realise that its no worse that having a bowt of flu it might not feel nice but its there now and will be gone soon. thank you body for fixing the harm you do to it...
N NEVER means never take thinking seriosly thinking happens wether we like it or not so for the first few days just ignor your thoughts coz if you dont they will make things 100% worse if you cant do that then stop your mind completly this takes some effort but canbe done heres how......
when you look at your mind it shuts up it dont like eye look back at mind imagine you could roll your eyes back into your head so they are looking at you mind when youve done that ask you mind ? go on then what are you going to think next ? it will be dumstruck when you ask your mind to think it cant and it hates being watched even if you are walking around all day asking what will i think next ? do it you will be supprized how withdawa; feels with your mind interffing.........and always remeber every secound the passes your body is working to heal you nothing bad is happening only good
my wish is you all heal from these nasty life taking evil little pills just remeber today no nurofen+ withdrawal wont kill you and will be over when your body fixs you.
Posted: May 19, 2014, 4:46 PM

I'm currently taking 64 N+ per day sometimes 96 and have taken 128 a few times I think I've drifted this way because of crushing anxiety I'm even too anxious to tell a GP which I rarely visit anyway.. I'm stressed at work too. This originally started to relieve pain in an old injury but the feeling of calm made day to day life much easier this has been going on for 5 years now.. How do I tell my GP? Should I tell my GP? My anxiety effects every aspect of my life it's left me single for ever and socially awkward but ask any person and they'll say im the life and soul of the party... Nobody knows me and on top of all that these things are killing my finances... What should I do?
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