How Long My Withdrwal Gonna Last At Home Recovery
Toby texan
Posted: June 14, 2017, 4:20 AM

Hey i really help as i have decided to recover from crystal meth addiction and i am doing it all by myself ..its really hard for me and i am so scared i dont know how i am gonna feel and behave i am doing it with my family living around me normally and they dont know anything and can never tell them and this thoughy of "what if they knew" is what makes me most scared of all but i really really wAna do this so lets try this i have been using meth since 10 months and my daily intake amount is about 1of 4th part of gram per day ..i take it by smoking it through water filter bottle i am totally unaware of how much i am addictive to it or how much it has affected me and i really need to know what is condition of my intake and how much time m gonna need to get out of it ..just need support and more hope ☺️
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