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Side Effects Of Methamphetamine Use..

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Posted: February 5, 2019, 2:39 AM
I and my boyfriend are both meth addicts..he has been using it for at least a year longer than me...I have been using it for about 21/2 years..I never used a needle before until this drug m. we both have beat heroin and alcohol addictions..that is how we met. .we lived a wonderful sober life for 2:years together. .
We both have been clean off of them for 3 years for him and 5 for me. .but he started using meth behind my back and then introduced it to first the feeling was euphoric and as soon as you took a shot everything seemed clearer and at ease...we both built up a tolerance and had to use more and more each time and eventually the good feeling never came again. .this drug though is the worst demon either of us has tried to mentally has changed both of us..he does whatever it takes to get his dope..he has lied..stolen from me and my family and our friends..he has even propositioned a man for sex in trade of meth..i dont know if he actually went through with it or not.. but i contracted Hepatitis B abd had myself tested for HIV and am waiting on the results. After have we both been on it for a few days he gets delusional and sees things that are not there..he gets super paranoid and talks to himself...if I try to talk to him or get him to rest he gets very abusive verbally..he has taken a knife and sliced his wrist over and over again and I tried to stop him and he cut me accidentally but I couldn't get him to stop using or rest..I get very depressed and weepy and very confused and I sit curled up in a ball and rock and I feel as though my brain is twitching...once we finally lay down to rest we sleep for a couple of days and eat and both swear we will not do it again and cry and cry to each other but then the other side effects set in. .lethargic..flu like ache and depression... no crawling feeling..and we both want to use but don't want to tell the other one so we end up lying to each other..I have read up on this and know that it has permanently changed the dopamine in our brains and to feel normal again we need more..
It is a vicious cycle..right now he is in a treatment program and I talk to him every other day...he thinks that I have only used a couple of times but I have really been using a little bit almost every day t he only reason I didn't go in at the same time is that my niece is having a baby any day and I am the only one that she has to be in the delivery room..problem here also is that she also is a meth addict and child protective services is most likely going to step in when the baby is born...I get my meth from her free for doing odd jobs for her so it is hard to get away from it. ..I have lost my home my job my health. .II lived in a tent for about 8 months because my sister kicked me out because she found out we were using. .my niece lives with a friend and I am now back in my sisters house but she thinks and believe that I am clean now..she also think that my niece is clean..the truth is about to come out next Friday when the baby is born...I have tried to get my niece to stop using for the baby sake if anything . .I want to go to a treatment program too but am so scared of losing my family again but I am living a lie.. I can probably tell them that I am going in to get my mental medications straight because they know that I have struggled with this my whole life. . I have aged about 10 years in the ast 2 years people don't even recognize me. teeth are starting to rot and I have been hospitalized boyfriend had been hospitalized three times..once for acute hepatitis flare up...his liver shut down..while he was in the hospital he had meth delivered to him i was in for enzymes being released that showed a heart attack and my ekg were all bad my heart rate was abnormal and my bp was like so low
and they couldn't get it stabilized from using meth...while I was in the hospital my boyfriend left on the third day and never came back..I was all alone and scared to death. .he was out using and making home made meth called shake and bake with some other guys at our tent site..I read all of his messages...we have both done things that the real sober versions of us would never do for this demon called methamphetamine...HELP...I believe the only thing that can help us is Jesus Chrst...


Posted: April 16, 2019, 1:46 PM
So sorry you’re going through all of that craziness. I totally understand .
I’ve been an addict for over 20yrs and it’s so hard to quit.
The only time I was able to not use Is when I went out if atate and lived in New Hampshire.
I haven’t hadn’t any medical issues .. yet.
Not sure how long you and your boyfriend will be able to maintain .
I wish you the best of luck. I’ve never dated anyone on meth , I always hide it from boyfriends and family.
I think it would Be even harder having family members on it., maybe for the baby you and you’re niece can quit?

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Posted: April 16, 2019, 2:58 PM
My daughter is also addicted to meth. So I will tell you what I tell her.
Get to treatment.Go to rehab,long term rehab. After that go to a half way house.
You won't lose your family if You get treatment but you will definitely lose everything if you continue on this path.
People are much more willingly to help you when you help your self.
Your brain can heal, but it takes a long time. You can do this.
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