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Posted by: Ranne September 12, 2017, 5:34 AM
Hi all. New to this. I was prescribed 8 x 30mg DHC PER DAY for back
Pain. But I'm now taking at least 20- 30mg DHC per day.
I'm looking for advice please on the best way on tapering. I cannot go C/T as I have 2 kids and a job to hold on to. So could someone please give me say a weeks plan on taking 20 x 30mg DHCper day without having too much w/d symptoms. This was my plan :
10 am 10 pm for 5 days = 20 tablets per day
10 am. 9 pm for 5 days = 19 tablets per day
9 am 9 for 5 days = 18 tablets per day
9 am 8 pm for 5 days = 17 tablets per day
8am 8pm for 5 days = 16 tablets per day

Anyone think the above is ok? Or could I do it any quicker with similar w/d symptoms? The quicker the better

Any advice would be appreciated as I'm feeling very low and depressed as it's controlling my life

Posted by: tryinghard2 August 14, 2018, 5:42 AM
Hi Ranne, I had a N+ habit for about 4-5 years, 60 tabs a day! For the past 6 months because I can’t get N+ I’ve been taking 20 30mg codeine tabs- I personally can’t taper so I’m going cold turkey! I’ve been cold turkey plenty of times on n+ lasted up to a month then caved, tapering was to hard for me cause I still got withdrawals, while probs not as bad they were still there! I’m at the end of day 3 and i feel about 40% u just gotta push thru! I have got time off work
Due to my daughter breaking her arm but that means she is home with me! And I need to do almost everything for her- it’s hard but it helps, at least I’m not wallowing in my own self pity!! Best of luck with what you have decided!!