Please Help ... Begging
Posted: December 14, 2016, 7:36 PM

Hello I am a 42 year old single mom in Texas... Almost 2 years ago i owned my own business... As an interior designer / faux painter.  Today i am pretty much homeless, losing my 8 year old daughter, and with zero...It all started with me being attacked online by fake Facebook accounts and being stalked... I moved away to the place I grew up (very small town) to find HOME or what I remembered as home to feel safe. I have zero family left ... They have all passed away Life hit hard causing depression which led to me doing drugs .. To more depression and it just doesnt stop.  Forlast 2 months i have begged for help getting clean .  and i feel lost noone can help i dont have money for rehab and scared ... I stay in tears ... Please if you can help.    Anything toget me in a good rehab and help me keep my daughter .... I do have a strong faith in God .. but right now I a, questioning this world ... Women like me plead for help and friends tell me they dont have time to help ... that I need to go to a state fnded center ... which I have been turned down because I dont have insurance or cash .. or they have a waiting list a mile long .... Please if there is ayone that can help me ... Please I beg ...
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