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Posted by: Shawn581 May 18, 2017, 10:28 AM
I am currently addicted to pain medication. Oxycodone. It started off because i hurt my back and I was given oxycodone to help. Lets face the facts they do work because they make you very happy. Well my need was legit and I took them for quite some time and than I stopped. It was hard and i'm sure everyone in my shoes knows how bad it is. We,ll im addicted to this crap and its something I really want and have to stop but I cant. I was able to stop for three weeks i tried cold turkey but because I took them for so long I was having really bad withdrawls. I felt better after two weeks but than the withdrawals started again. I was not able to take it so of course I was able to get them and i'm back. This has gone on for a awhile and I have to quit. I messed up a lot of things in my life and i'm kind of rock bottom. I have two issues and i know your going to think I just want more meds but this is not the case. I really want to stop. but I think I need to try something in its place so i can get off that maybe for 5 or six weeks. It has to be different that what i was taking. Now one more question. I unfortunately am going to have major surgery soon. My question is once I tell the doctor who is treating me that i'm addicted to pain killers. what happens god forbid i really need them down the road. For example. will they still provide me with pain meds if i need them I know it would only be for a week too two weeks tops. I have to have hernia surgery and its inguinal so its painful. So my question. Once you go to rehab in home does the data base get filled out with that info. Of is it confidential. Now I know it sounds like im looking to get meds again and i am but just for when I need them. Now my wife who never even takes aspirin knows and is helping me. So I asked her to control the mmeds after my surgery and only give me what prescribed and that we need a taper and we need to go back to my doctor that is going to treat me for addition problems. Now I also dont think I can do this without a ween off plan. The problem is I have no prescriptions for the meds i get now. Its not important how but lets just say I can get them. I want to try to do this with methadone because i have tried so many different methods all taper with the same pill or cold turkey which lasted about three weeks than "Paws kicked in and I could not handle it" Please i am 100% serious about getting off these horrible pills forever. I just need a doctor that can help me and I dont want it blasted all over it has to be 100 % private is that possable.Also will the doctor be willing to give me meha done for a month or so so I can get the oxycone out. Pleae help I juat start a new job and cant lose it. If I stay on the meds I will lose it. This is a really once in a life time job and I cant mess tis up. Please please someon help guide me. I want to stop one med yes and go to anohter. I have tried everything else and I know tjey are diffrnrt but I also know there is addiction issues with both. I was thinking if I took it for just one and a half months took a vacation I can suffer in please that last week than I think with help and more theropy I can do it. Will a doctor be open to this.

Posted by: 12 stepper May 19, 2017, 7:55 AM
No one can give out your medical info without your consent. That's HIPPA. On the other hand, I work in a detox and I see people withdrawing from methadone and it looks harder than any opiate. Methadone gets in your bones and takes a long time to detox from. If you feel you must use something I suggest suboxone. There is still withdrawal but not as long.
Along with that it may be a good idea to try a 12 step program or counseling. The physical part of withdrawal is one thing but the mental and emotional part is a whole new ballgame. If you don't work on your thinking nothing will change.
Good luck

Posted by: lillian4848 May 19, 2017, 6:38 PM
I took Ibrpum after my hysterectomy. And I was excuses..stop!! yes you look forward to the happy mental thing. Please you don't need them take sub and yes if you tell your doctor ..he will give you meds, but do you really want them ,,yes you do the happy thing will always be there and you chase it.sorry its sounds really mean. But its the truth.lil,you have a awesome wife because you are a awesome person.

Posted by: lillian4848 May 19, 2017, 6:46 PM
and in time you will get that happy feeling back it just seems like when you wake up in the morning ,,life seems to be god you want that happy feeling. The thing is it will come back waiting for it is the big issue my friend. Can you wait wait and wait. I did and it did come back now I take has prescribed for when I need them never.

Posted by: NyToFlorida May 22, 2017, 9:06 AM

Posted by: lolleedee June 2, 2017, 3:45 AM
I understand the fear of facing surgery if you tell your doctor you have an opiate addiction. You have to make the choice...what is more important..your sobriety or the few days you will get to have opiates after your surgery?. I suffered a spiral tibia fracture, broken fibula, broken ankle of the right leg this year at Christmas and had sugery to install internal fixation. (aka hardware) and I only used Advil and Toradol (not to be confused with Tramadol, which is also addictive). It was a huge surgery, but I survived and you will too!

As for methadone, using methadone to get off of oxycodone is like killing an ant with a rocket propelled grenade!! Overkill!!! Methadone is a great medication for maintenance but it is not meant for short detoxes. The shortest detox with methadone is usually 6 months. It is an old wives tale that methadone "gets in your bones." That is a myth that gets spread around the methadone clinic lines because when you are detoxing from methadone, you get leg aches and pains. This is just a withdrawal symptom and is NOT because it gets in your bones. Medicines are not metabolized that way! Also, you would have to go to a methadone clinic to do a detox..doctors in the USA are not allowed to prescribe methadone for addiction treatment, only for pain. Methadone withdrawal is a long, long process. It takes many months of slow reduction to wean comfortably. If you tried to cold turkey off methadone you would be begging for the oxycodone withdrawal! It is much shorter and you bounce back in a week or two instead of months.

HIPPA will protect your privacy but be very careful and read closely the entire form, as they differ from place to place. Most say they are allowed to share information with insurers to facilitate reimbursement. There may be a section about sharing information with your current primary care physcian or specialists treating you. If you do not agree, cross out the section you do not agree with, initial it and have the person who is going over the forms with you to also sign and date the ammendment to the HIPPA form.

Addict or not, your pain will be addressed if you are in a catastophic accident that causes pain. I was offered all kinds of drugs when I shattered my leg, but refused them, which is your right to do. This is where recovery comes in...which path will you choose?

Remember, that not taking opiates is only the very first baby step toward recovery. Addiction has very little to do with the substance and everything to do with how we think and behave and relate to those around us. Try 12 step meetings or non 12 step programs like SMART recovery, Lifering, SOS or individual counseling. You will need the support to get through those uncomfortable days. You can also try medication assisted recovery with Suboxone or even methadone but be aware that they both have a long half-life and a long weaning and withdrawal process. Unfortunately, when trying to kick opiates, there is no free lunch!

Good luck with surgery and staying clean. Addiction is a b****, recovery is hard, but life is better on the other side! You can do it!!!

Posted by: HeavenSent. June 2, 2017, 9:06 PM
I too was hooked on pain pills that also started due to a back injury. it started out with getting the script from a doctor and taking them as prescribed to a full blown addiction. I would buy endless amounts on the streets and still maintain things with my doctor and get that 120 a month script. I have been addict for 10 years so I understand the struggle and the burning desire to quit. but lets be real, its hard and its scary and its not easy. especially if you don't have support. I started going to a methadone clinic about a year ago, and im gonna be really straight about choice I ever made. I was hesitant to go for many years, but then I had a few family members and old using buddies that started going. they would tell me, you should'll be really good for you..and blah blah. well like every addict, you aren't gonna stop until you are ready to. and I was ready to quit at that point. so I made a few phone calls to methadone maintance treatment centers and I got an appointment within 2 days. I was really nervous and a little iffy about it but I figured, id go to any lengths to get my dope and get high so I should be doing the same thing to get sober. so my first day was really easy and they walked me through everything and explained how it was gonna go and told me all about the medication. normally they'll tell you to start your detox 1-2 days prior to your intake appointment, but I didn't and a lot of people I know didn't. and that kinda makes it easier to just slide into the treatment, you don't have to be dope sick in order to start. cuz lets face it, you'd go out and get more dope to avoid that and probably not make it to the appointment. but anyways, so I got all my intake stuff done and was on my way to recovery. they'll set you up to see the doctor on that first day, he'll do a few things and ask you what kind of user you are and its best to be totally honest. don't be embarrassed cuz every single person in that clinic has said probably the same thing you will..or worse. so he'll get you set up on a dose, usually you'd start between 20-30mgs. you can always go up or down if you need to, and you'll need to go up from that and find a dose you feel stable at. your the driver of your own body, so they will let you go up or down whenever you want to, as long as its safe to do so. which it usually is, in at 120mgs daily where you have no cravings or withdrawls what so ever..its a really awesome feeling. so after the doctor, they'll get you going with a counselor who will help you work on the mental end of things. cuz addiction is both physical and mental. methadone takes care of the physical and counseling takes care of the mental. you'll see the counselor once a week for the first 90 days and then only twice a month. as you go through the program, every 90 days you'll get to "phase up" which is less counseling and "take home" medication. as long as you pass frequent drug tests and keep up with counseling. so if you do the little bit of work and are genuinely trying to get your life back, its not that bad. and eventually you'll get to a point where you only have to go in once a week to get your take home medication. so that's the whole lay out of what it'd be like if you went the methadone route..i personally, think that its a really great program for people that take recovery seriously and have tried getting clean on their own with no success. it gets you off the streets and gets you out of the crazy lifestyle using drugs brings. it honestly saved my life, I thought that I would never be able to get back to my old self. thought I did to much damage to my brain and my body and that id have to stay on the crap just to function. its such a relief to wake up every day and not be dope sick or have to hit up all my deals to get my dope. I strongly recommend this to everyone that struggles with opiate addiction. I hope this was helpful and that it helps someone out there to get into a methadone clinic. save your own life.