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Posted by: kima207 May 25, 2016, 11:27 AM
Update Day 3:

I didn't end up falling asleep until 3 am, but I don't feel as tired right now as I expected last night. I got a good workout in this morning and I'm feeling ok. I'm still thinking about smoking every 30 seconds, so it's affecting my productivity in school. I'm worried that I will fall behind. I have two assignments due tonight, so I'm hoping I can zone in and concentrate.
I live in NYC, and it's hot today (high of 89) and my AC is broken. I'm keeping the curtains shut which is something I don't like (I enjoy daylight), but it's one less thing to be distracted by (I live on a busy avenue with plenty of "people watching" opportunities).
I love drinking tea, so I am happy that I have plenty of caffeine-free options there. I will not make the mistake of drinking caffeine today, it made me miserable yesterday. It's unfortunate that the tea is hot on such a warm day; but I'm drinking it anyway. I have a ginseng tea for concentration, and a calming tea with chamomile and lavender. I did plenty of reading last night when I angrily couldn't sleep, and many people recommend melatonin. I have some at home, and plan to take it tonight in an effort to get better sleep, though I recognize that melatonin is a short-term fix. I also plan to get another workout in today.
I'm weirdly emotional with no real explanation so I'm assuming this is another symptom of withdrawal. I've lost some weight, which is great. I've been logging my diet into a fitness tracker to ensure I'm getting adequate nutrition.
I still want to crawl out of my skin. My eyes feel so strange... does anyone else experience this? Right now it feels like I will never feel "normal" again.
My boyfriend is quitting with me, even though marijuana use doesn't hinder his day-to-day function. He wants to support me. I apologized for keeping him up last night with my tossing and turning and he was incredibly understanding. I look forward to his return from work (in 6-7 hours).
I want to be strong, but I've seen some people discuss "weening" yourself off and I wonder if that might be a better way to avoid these side effects. Thoughts?