Good Suboxone Detox Story *only Way To Stop!*
Posted: April 9, 2017, 6:43 PM

Hey all!
Like most everyone else here, I was reading a lot of different stories online and watching detox videos on YouTube to gauge what to expect and how I should prepare myself. Although I have done pretty much the opposite when it comes to taking advice on how to take my current drug of choice (in this case- suboxone) I decided to listen to (I think the Thomas recipe) an online taper schedule and did that religiously. Before I go into the taper, here's a little bit about my drug background- I was unable to drink for most of college because I got in trouble for a fake ID and was drug tested as a result... with one of the things they tested for being alcohol, or rather some enzyme alcohol made that stayed in your body for 3/4 days.. so yeah it sucked, especially when I was in a frat and had a gf in a sorority... anyways that left me with faking injuries and whatever else I could do to figure a way to get my hands on some painkillers, I wasn't picky at first.. I would take my parents vicodene or Percocet.. then I would go in to graduate school and probation (yay!) but realized I was still on the pills.. don't get me wrong I was super sociable in college and people liked hanging out with me.. it wasn't until I graduated and moved to LA where I became hooked on OC.. I remember the first time, I only took a q**** because I wanted to "relax" ... 6 months later I was smoking between 5-10 blues a day (snorted them in between). Finally I was spending too much money and decided to take on subprime.. well that was 3 years ago and today I am happy to report I am on Day 4 of my suboxone withdrawal and am feeling absolutely great after being on PKs for 4 years then suboxone for 3 years, I feel great!

Here's how I tapered and some other tricks to a smooth, hardly noticeable detox strategy for you:
- you must taper down to .13mg (this is the smallest cut on 8mg strip in pics)
- once on .13mg for 4+ days comfortably, it is safe to jump (I tried jumping at 2mg and it was pure hell).
- get some Imodium from CVS / pharmacy. It's $10 and not sure if it is a reason why I feel great on day 4, but I took some on days 2 and 3.
- exercise- not sue how much this helps, but I have been exercising regularly for 2 months throughout the taper and it's helped.
I really hope this helps and please ask questions if you need help! All the videos and posts have definitely helped me!
Posted: June 18, 2017, 6:29 AM

Wow, good to know. Thanks for posting.
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