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Posted: June 16, 2017, 6:25 PM

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Okay so not going to go into a ton of back story but I will start with, my name is Patrick and I'm 34. Had an injury 3.5 years ago that led to a small pain pill problem for under 6 months. Had withdrawals, became a whimp and was placed on 8mg of Suboxone film 1x per day. Stayed on 8mg for 2 years, then tapered to 6mg then to 4mg. Been on 4mg for 1 year. When I went to 4mg, I moved to a 2x per day dosing of 2mg. Recently moved and was switched to Zubsolv 1.4mg 2x a day.

So here's the deal, I realized about 4 weeks ago, HOLY COW!!! I've been on maintenance meds for 6x longer than on pain pills. What the heck am I doing!

4 weeks ago I had blood work done that shows hypothyroidism (I'm healthy, in shape and workout) and low testosterone (like really low). I hit a wall dropping my Zubsolv dose and was looking into why and that was the reason for the blood tests. Treating the low test and low thyroid and in the past 5 days I dropped from 4mg, then 3mg and yesterday started 2mg. I'll be here on 2mg for 4 days and will drop again. I have this drive that the low test took away and I am committed to be done with Zubsolv forever. I can't believe I got into this mess and just for your info. I have zero history of low test or low thyroid and I have not found a single study showing the effects of any Zubsolv or suboxone has on the endocrine system when using for long term maint.

I would like to say to anyone starting the medication get base blood work done so you have a solid reference down the road.

So I'm here to document this journey and talk with others going through the same process.

Thanks all

This is my taper schedule:

Day: 1-4- 1.4mg (.7mg am and .7mg pm)
Day: 5-8: 1.05mg
Day: 9-12: 0.80mg
Day 13-16: 0.60mg
Day 17-20: 0.45mg
Day 21-24: 0.34mg
Day 25-28: 0.25mg
Day 29-32: 0.18mg
Day 33-36: 0.1mg and .1 trying to skip days.

I have no idea how I'm going to get these doses out of these pills but I'll take suggestions. The higher doses will be easy to get but the lower will be tough.

Posted: June 18, 2017, 10:34 AM

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This is day 4 for me at 1.4 mg Zubsolv. All in all i feel good. Take the .7mg in the morning and don't "feel it" but when I take the pm dose I get a small kick from it. Never got this on the higher doses over the years so that's one weird thing. I am mentally prepared for this taper and getting off and that is a huge reason behind me not feeling any ill affects from the taper over the last 10 days or so. I know I will be a tad more tired during the day and a little more anxious. I work out everyday and that really helps doing so a few hours before bedtime. I take 100mg 5HTP daily so that helps too I believe been doing that for 2 months. Didn't want to start on any other prescribed antidepressants and I believe 5HTP works well.
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