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Posted by: Bluefish1973 November 26, 2021, 6:15 PM
48 years old. Smoked way too much for 30 years. Stopped about 6 months ago. Recently Smoked because my buddy wanted to. . No desire to smoke again. Naturally, I'm crazy depressed and miserable. Any suggestions?

Posted by: Bluefish1973 November 28, 2021, 6:47 PM
Ok, so maybe I'm too old or to boring for this site. I would love to talk about anything, whether it's about our weed problems or not. I've spent way too many years abusing to not help someone out. Im not going to say weed ruined my life. I'm happily married with a great daughter. As of 6 months, I'm straight edge. No drinking, tobacco etc. I got hit by a cab in San Francisco (2003) so I have a seizure disorder and some brain damage. I have to take a s***load of pills for seizures. No fun there. Despite having a family, I still smoked ALOT. I can't drive or work that much (brain damage). I have crazy head aches, which smoking absolutely helped with. I'm just done smoking. Total cold turkey. Had the crazy dreams, sweating, being super angry etc. I'm over that. Reading most of your messages, going 6 months dry is pretty decent. No wanting to smoke at all. I smoked once, actually outstanding stuff, I really felt nothing. I have few Crazy weed stories to tell, but I gotta get a response! I live in Philly now. I can get weed delivered right to my house. No lines at weed place, no license. It's too easy. Sure, I see a therapist, but he's not good enough. I started smoking in 1990, when I was 17. So I have been there and back. Plenty of drinking, lsd, mushrooms, coke. A zillion phish and dead shows. Big party college 1991-1995. Lived in San Francisco 2000-2008. Lived in Philly 13 years.
So I'm just losing it a bit. Help me out.

Posted by: Queenghost July 21, 2022, 3:35 PM
Hey There
I hope you are doing fine I think you may fail the first few attempts but will definitely make it if you find enthusiasm and joy somewhere else. I was struggling with weed for years but I realized I want to be normal and in sober state the reamaining time of my youth. There's a saying about drugs that goes like this: Whatever drugs give you with one hand they take away from you with the other. I wasted so much time and want to take hold of my life. This site helped alot since I didn't want to go to any program. It will be my 5 months of sobriety the day after tomorrow.