Synthetic Weed
Posted: May 17, 2015, 8:40 AM

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The worst of it will be over by the end of the first week. But you're still in for another couple of months before your body adjusts to "normal". That's my experience.

I smoked myself out of lots of good things in my life, too. Some of those things may never be restored. But it's worth it just to be clean. I've been off it since January 12, and my life is so much better, I wonder what I ever saw in synthetic.

Hang in there and keep letting us know how you're doing.

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Posted: June 11, 2015, 10:46 PM

Hey y'all, I'm a former addict of (mojo as they call it in New Orleans . To be honest I'm on day 3 and starting to feel a lil better that I have been. I've been smoking it bout two years now. I'm currently kicking it. Day 4 is 2morrow and imblooking forward to it. I just found this thread trying to see what I can do to cope with getting rid of this demon. I been having all the symptoms and side effects of the withdrawals. The stories on here are so close to my situation. I've actually seen friends of mines lose jobs and etc. One of my friends dad was smoking one day and fell down some stairs and is now paralyzed neck down. But I still insisted on smoking until I could not find it in the streets no more because no longer in stores but I been hurting the last few days. Now that I see a lot of people talking bout day 4 u will feel a lil better I'm looking forward to it in the morn. Thanks yall
Posted: June 11, 2015, 10:51 PM

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Hang in there, brother. It'll be the best thing you've ever done.

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Posted: August 5, 2015, 11:52 PM

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So i got put on probation and was still wanting to get high. My buddy turned me on to spice. It was the biggest mistake of my life. After spending nearlly 60,000 dollars on bag after bag in a 3 year period i was hospitalized and nearly died. It shut down my liver, kidneys and was constricting my insides. If i hadn't went to the hospital with 48 hours i would of been dead at 22 years of age! It is NOT worth it! It was really hard to quit but it was only 5 days of hell and after 2 i was able to sleep again witch was the hardest part for me since i carry a full time job. Much love and best of luck!

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Malete H.
Posted: October 9, 2015, 1:47 PM

Hello, my name is Malete and I wanted to post about synthetic weed . I smoked it only a couple times or so I thought I did or Im unsure about it . I was paying for real weed but the weed i got was green but when I broke it down ' it broke down like salt or something. I smoked it still' and after that I felt weird ' and I lost about 7lbs the same night ' and the next morning i wiped my hands in the weed and rinsed them with water ' and my finger tips were turning blue. Can you help me figure out what I smoked and if Im able to gain my weight back . By the way my hands aren't blue now it was just the mixture of the weed and water. Thanks to anyone that can help me.
Posted: October 23, 2015, 4:26 AM

Hi guys, I'm on day 5 now i think (I havent smoked since saturday 2am). But before i tell you
how bad it is. I feel like i should mention that im in a different country and cant really buy synthethic. Okay 5 days of purest hell out there, for or for anyone else for that reason.I'm 21 years old, male (but these 5 days, im not sure about the male part) been crying like a little b**** over the phone with my grilfriend. And she's is the only tning and this forum, that manage to get my mind of stuff for 5 minutes. Okay guys, for me the baddest f***ing thing is that i cant stop clenching and tightening my stomach and belly. No nervouse endins anywhere, and if i think hard about is i can dissmis it for 1 minute or so. Cant feel my d***, cant feel my anal when i have to s***. When i try to s***, the stomach and belly ar so clenched i wanna trow up. I think im dehydrated, because yesterday only drank like 1 litre of water. And for some reason my face doesnt sweat, but my palms do as hell. Does this mean i can be dehydrated if my palms are sweathing. And i cant eat more than 1-2 bites. Please give advice on relaxing the stomachn and belly feeling, i think i'm doing it all to my self. And what about the apetite thing, it's day 5? Can i survive more like this..
Posted: October 23, 2015, 6:22 AM

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Check out the entries on this blog: http://www.addictionrecoveryguide.o...ST&f=14&t=72939

It sounds to me like you are about where the rest of us were on day five. But take heart: Things are about to get a lot better.

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Posted: October 24, 2015, 11:09 AM


Don't give up. Honest to god your through the worst of the physical. I'm on day 15 and the physical symptoms are less. The mental, well I can't vouch for how long that takes because I'm just not there yet. Every day is a mental nightmare but you just have to keep going. It took about 10 days for me before the physical symptoms subsided. I still sweat like a pig every night when I do actually get some sleep, but I can tell you that my twisted gut has relaxed, I can actually stomach food again, and I can feel my p**** again (that was seriously concerning me and was something that for some reason I wasn't prepared to admit but I lost all feeling). I've had regular bowel movements the last few days and although my sex drive is still completely non existent feeling has come back! Have a look at the post Tom referred you to, I read it pretty much every day to give me strength to keep going. Your on track and he's right, your about where we all were on day 5, the physical does get better, you just need to find a way to beat the mental addiction long term. If your not able to buy synth then that will obviously help long term. Talk to your partner, be honest. Come here and post, we can help each other. This is an almighty battle that I'm really still struggling with too. It's the first and last thing I think about every day. But Im still going and you can too. There has to be s light at the end of the tunnel and I can honestly say to you there has been moments in the last few days where I've caught myself out not thinking about getting high every second of the day. That's an amazing thing, and gives me hope that I can be a normal functioning human being again. Stick with it, it's going to suck, I don't know where the end is, but you obviously have a beautiful partner who's prepares to help you get through this, and there's a lot Of people on this site who will support you all the way every time you need help. It does get 'better' it is better than that s***, even feeling half human as I do now. Talk to me mate, I need your help as you do mine, we can get through this together. Please don't give up, you've done the hard part. Now we just need to learn how to function as normal people again. Congratulations on going through those 5 days of hell. The fact that you've been through that hopefully means you can make it through this terrible affliction. I don't know where it ends but if I can help at all please let me know I check this forum many times a day and I really need the support of some one who is going through the pain too, so please help me too mate cause I haven't found it but I need it to keep going
Posted: October 28, 2015, 4:54 PM

Hey mate you really broke my heart, I will be here everyday for you. The problem
is i'm not sure the forum is good for me, because it calmed me the first two days when people wew saying it will go away afrter 3-4 days , ot atleast the worst part. But then i starter seeing posts about physcals going for weeks, and i think my f.cking brain is just making it worse, by thinking it willl be more for me. But that said , I do feel alot better, beacause i started eating again. And agaiin buut, i dont knwo if i mentioned but im here for a job course, and everyday we have classees from 7 to 7, and every 2 days there is a test. And I failed the first 4 f***ing exams because i had a tottal of 5 hours of sleep for this week. And they gave me last chance, this sunday is the next test and if i fail i go home. And i really want this job, beacuse its both interesting and very well paid. And I still cant sleep, and im pretty sure this is the end for me. I wont be able to sleep this night too. And yeah im jumping from one to another. The thing that makes me a little strange/afraid is that i down feel the urge the smoe this much, not to say at all. And the other main problem left is the nervous numbing of the whole body. And the never knowing when i have to take a s***. I think this is frol
me for now. Keep strong man, we're making it thorugh this s*** and I'm never ever touching this s*** ever again! For me im sure, seeing what it do to
me, it s scary! And im relly emotional still. Yesterday i played an Eminem song( Beautiful) where he says
But you'd have to walk a thousand miles
In my shoes, just to see
What it's like, to be me
I'll be you, let's trade shoes
Just to see what it'd be like to.

And it felt so close to me. I see the other guys stressing about the test( and im too, really) but now imagine the stress of test on which your future relies and amplify it with the synthetic abstinecse. A lot of different emotions, thoughts, at moments i really feel like
im going to loose it and just get depressed.
Posted: January 13, 2016, 12:17 AM

Hi all.
I've just stumbled across this forum, and want to say a big thanks to all, especially josh.
I've been a pot smoker from around 13, heavily, and as with most, found the 'legal weed'.
Who could resist a favourite thing, then becoming legal.
Well as it was stated, by josh, I believe, this "stuff" is so far from actual weed that it's not funny.
I've never ever gone harder than an ecstasy tab, but I would liken synth closer to meth rather than weed!
Anyways, to the point. At around 18 I was introduced to 'synth'. Being young and dumb, and high most of the time, thought this was awesome. I could go to a retail outlet and buy 'weed'. Oh how wrong I was!!!!
I'm currently on day 3 of giving it up. After smoking it daily, heavily for around 5+ years. It is pure evil. It has destroyed everything I had and loved,
I pawned all of my valuables. I stole of family members, I lied to family to get more money to go but synth to get off my face. But then it bacme more than that. It was all I could/do think about.
In the throws of withdrawals right now. Naseau, hot cold flushes, emotional wreck.
But after reading through this thread and also another one you started josh, I feel as though I can push through it. I have tried to give it away before, but was never committed 100%.
This time is different. It's so hard, but especially after reading about your experience coming off, makes it a little easier to know all of this is normal and not just something I'm going through.
The sooner that it's off the market the better. It's such a guessing game as to what is in the stuff. Playing with your life is now game.
I have a friend who recently hung himself whilst trying to seek help. His funeral was today. I didn't go. I couldn't go. I know that if I don't get through it this time, that I won't be far behind him. I'm am so lucky and thankful that not one of my immediate family members, even those I stole from, are standing by me and helping me through this.
And it is needed. I have no wallet or money at the moment, my dad has any car keys, and my sister who I board with is policing my medication. And I need all of that too. I'm basically a prisoner, and will be for at least the next 3 months. I need it. As I don't trust myself anymore and know if I had the access, I would be there in a heart beat buying a lil baggie. I tell you if it wasn't for such a strong support network, I would not get thorough this. Now reading these threads helps that little bit more.
I was also like you josh, have tossed all paraphernalia, anything that resembles anything used to smoke that stuff is gone. I've collected all the left over butts and slacked them and tossed them as I would have gutted the butts for the ash and left overs to roll it up and smoke it. Anything that had anything AT ALL is gone.
This so far in my 27 years on this earth (apart from 2 best friends suiciding, and a heroin addicted cousin driving into a river and drowning, then not being found for 2 weeks) is the hardest thing I've had to endure. But I WILL kick this demon this round. I have to. I doubt I have another round left. A relapse will be the end of me I believe. And I intend to
Keep that thought about the pure evil also as it helps to keep me away from it. Why or who invented this stuff I don't know, but they are not the type of people this planet needs.
And the problem in Australia is that they ban it one week, they alter the formula slightly so as to eliminate the banned part of the substance and make a slightly different blend, therefore making it legal again.
There have been 3 deaths from people who buy from the same place I buy from, I just thank
My lucky stars, I
Missed that batch (or maybe I didn't and I just have a high tolerance for it now).
So I guess I'm just dropping a line, I realise this is years after the thread was made, but your survival kit and advice have been a godsend as well as my family this far. So thank you for your help josh. I hope you get a good sleep tonight knowing you really are helping some of us get through a very dark shady period of our lives. Cheers mate.
I also am like you, quick metabolism ( I swear if I eat a burger, I poop it still in burger form, lol)
And suffer insomnia, which is a big part of my habit, smoking to sleep, but as you said it was to a point where I was waking up every 2 hours to roll up again just to fall back asleep.
This stuff turns you into a 'junkie' whilst I was living by myself right I the midst of it, not one clean article of clothing, not one clean dish, not one piece of in date food or drink in my house!
Every single cent I had was in synth. I'd pay bills by throwing my account into overdrawn. If pawn/hock things, take out small loans... It was ridiculous, and I was always so against drugs and swore I was never going to be... Well what I have become.
Not looking forward to these next few weeks/months, but will be coming to and from this thread to heed your advice and just generally help
Me through my low moments.
I guess I have to start looking for the things that make me happy again, like playing my drums (sold a $2000 drum kit for $400 to get high) or taking my dogs in adventures. That stuff I look forward to and is the guiding light I guess to help me through. It is amazing how fast these stuff can take away all your morals and princepals just like that. I feel like I need to be raised and taught everything I knew all over again. I don't regret much in this life, but I regret the day I pick up a bag of this horrible evil stuff. If only I could go back. But not time to dwell on the past or what ifs. What's done was done and now it's my turn to man up and push through this wall. And u will. As hard as it will be.
Again thank you for your help and advice and if your reading all of this and feel as though your in this boat, reach out, seek help. It's not something I would suggest to do alone. You will need all the help you can get. So t be embarrassed either. Your taking good steps in the right direction. Pat yourself on the back for finally making a darn good decision to better yourself. This stuff doesn't just effect you, it affects everyone around you that you love. Some won't be as lucky as me and have them stick around.
Best thing I did was open up to my family, and let them in, all they want, is to help me through this. I was/am very weird with emotions, I'm not always sure how to purvey it so I just keep it inside, which I've come to find is not a good idea. Doing anything alone is hard, but trying to kick the biggest demon off your shoulder is damn near impossible.
One more time thank you to all who contributed to this thread. Hold you heads high. You did it. And are inspiring others like me to do it as well.
Now the emotions are kicking me around a bit, I'm balling my eyes out, and I'm about to go hurl...... Withdrawals are far from done yet :(
Posted: May 29, 2016, 12:14 PM

My daughter and my son are both highly addicted on synthetic pot. My wife and I are very concerned. Anyone no what we should do.
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